Son Discovers Videos of Mom

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Chapter 1 — Hidden Tape Found

Cheryl was busy cleaning the house while her son, Scott, was at school. Scott was a Senior and her only child. He had told her he would be home late. Being the typical popular high school senior Scott had a busy social life. He was 18 years old and had only three months left before graduation. Cheryl had good reason to be proud of him.

Jason, Cheryl’s husband, had been killed by a drunk driver who ran a stop sign and broadsided him on his way home from the office one evening. Over three years had passed since then, and the loss of her husband still left a big hole in Cheryl’s heart. She missed him very much.

She had just washed a load of laundry and had finished folding the clothes. She was taking Scott’s things into his room to put them away. She opened his underwear drawer and saw something she hadn’t expected. From under clothes in the drawer she saw the corner of a VHS video tape.

Scott was into video editing and had even worked on some projects for his school. She had seen he had hooked up an antique VHS recorder/player to his TV but hadn’t thought much about it. What she didn’t understand was why a tape would be at the bottom of his underwear drawer under some folded clothes.

Moving the clothes her heart almost stopped when she saw the label on the tape. In her late husband’s handwriting she read, “Hotwife Tape

.” She stood there a few moments in shock. Taking a seat in her son’s high back leather desk chair she held the tape and stared at it as memories came flooding back.

She knew this tape very well. It had been years since she had viewed it, but it seemed like only a few days had passed. The tape contained a compilation of videos Jason had personally recorded then transferred to the tape she now had in her hands.

Her son had acquired his love of video photography and editing from his father who had worked for one of the local television stations as a video photographer. At this particular station the photographers were responsible for editing their own videos. Cheryl fondly remembered watching her son sit for hours next to his father watching him edit videos while at the same time patiently taking the time to explain to his son each step as to what he was doing and why.

Cheryl remembered the day Jason told her he wanted to share her sexually with other men. She had been a bit shocked and asked him to explain. After he had finished, she remembered thinking his end goal must be for him to have an excuse to fuck other women. When she told him of her suspicion, James assured her that wasn’t the case and that the only woman he had any interest in was her.

She remembered they had a great sex life and Jason was constantly telling her how gorgeous she was. She was well aware of the fact men found her to be attractive. She liked that she never had any problems turning the heads of men she passed by. Unlike some women offended by this sort of overt attention, she found the attention excited her. This excitement almost always transferred to their bedroom with her husband being the benefactor.

Seeing the video tape reminded her of her husband’s response when she said, “I’ve never said NO to anything you’ve asked me to do when it involves sex. I went to the nude beach when you wanted us to go. I have to admit that was a lot of fun. When you wanted to put your cock in my ass, I didn’t argue. You have tied me up and fucked me, used nipple clamps as well as other toys on me and not once did I say no. There is nothing I can think of that you wanted to do that I didn’t try at least a couple of times. I even liked most of the things you suggested. Are you not happy with me?”

“NO, Babe, it’s just the opposite. I love you more now than ever and I have no doubt you love me. I couldn’t be happier.”

“Well then, why is it you want to share me with other men and give them permission to fuck me?” asked Cheryl.

She remembered him saying, “Honey, it’s hard to explain, but I’ll do my best to explain. Let’s say I owned that little foreign sports car we saw on TV a couple nights ago. You remember the one, it was that little two-seater we both thought was hot.”

Cheryl remembered the car and nodded her head as she said, “Yea, I remember the car, but what…”

“Give me a minute and I’ll explain. Imagine for a moment I owned that car, and when I drive it every man stops and watched me drive by wishing he was in the driver’s seat. He wonders what it would be like to be behind the wheel if only for a few hours or maybe even a day or two. Now imagine I pull up into the parking lot at work and when I get out there is a group of guys standing there staring at the car, practically drooling. At that point I toss the keys to one of them and tell him to take if for a drive. I tell him he can do anything he wants as long as he doesn’t wreck it. I then tell him when he has to return it to me. We both know the car belongs to me, I’m just letting him see what it’s like to drive such a dream car.

“Imagine the sheer excitement he would get as he experiences the same thing I feel each time I drive it. Girne Escort It is a car he knows he will never be able to afford, but for a brief moment I’ve allowed him the experience something only I knew, up to that point. When he returns the car, he thanks me and I’m confident I’ve given him a memory he cherish the rest of his life. He will also never forget I was the man who allowed him to experience such a thrill.

“Babe, now think of yourself as that car. Not only does my friend get a taste of what my life it like with you as my wife, he knows I am the luckiest man in the world as every night I crawl into bed with you. You also get something out of this by having the opportunity to have variety by experiencing other men. Let’s face it, I know I don’t have the largest equipment when it comes to satisfying a woman. Before you say anything, I know you have never complained, but I’m sure you’ve wondered what it would be like to have a man with a cock so large it would barely fit.

“Trust me when I say I don’t want any other woman. That’s not at all what I’d get from sharing you. I’m not saying it would be every time, but I can’t imagine anything more exciting that watching another man enjoy you, watching his cock slide into you, and watching the pleasure you would receive being with him. Does any of this help you understand why I’m asking you to do this?”

Cheryl remembered how she had still been hesitant, but what Jason had said helped her understand where he was coming from. Several months would pass before she would eventually agree to what he wanted. She had only one condition and that was she didn’t want to know the identity of the man her husband had selected to share her with until the moment he showed up at their door for the date. She felt it would make the date more exciting and easier for her to handle, especially if she knew the man. She was afraid if she knew who it was, she would be too nervous.

It didn’t surprise her when Jason told her he wanted to video record her with the man. She had agreed if he would promise ahead of time to destroy the recording if she didn’t like it. She didn’t mention it to her husband, but she thought there was a good chance the men might not want to be recorded. As it turned out this was not a problem for most of the men since the alternative was that Jason would not share her without this agreement. Not all dates ended up being recorded. Later when she went on dates away from the house, Jason wasn’t there to record them.

Glancing back at the video in her hands she could almost see the playback of the tape in her mind. She knew this particular tape contained almost two hours of her being fucked by Paul, the bachelor who lived next door back then. James had recorded the video over two consecutive Saturdays. She remembered how Paul was eleven years younger than her. A smile came to her face as she recalled how excited he had been when he came over to the house and saw her.

After he had gone back home Jason told her how at first, he didn’t believe what Paul was offering was true. At first he had accused Jason of screwing with him. Jason told her when he finally convinced Paul he was serious the man confessed to fantasies of seeing Cheryl naked. She oftentimes wore short shorts and a skimpy halter top when working in the yard. Accustomed to men looking at her in that manner, she had never noticed their neighbor paying any undue attention to her. Jason confirmed, Paul had confessed to doing just that.

A smile still came to her face when she thought back to the evening Paul showed up at their front door the first time James shared her. Scott had been a toddler and Cheryl had arranged for her parents to watch him for the evening.

Cheryl remembered being nervous and not sure what she should wear. At one point she remembered asking Jason who he had invited to their house. She wasn’t happy when he reminded her it had been her idea for him to not tell her. Later she was happy he had stood his ground and not told her. From that first time through all the men he shared her with, Jason never told her ahead of time the identity of her date. The only thing he did tell her was if the date was at their house, a hotel, or somewhere she would be staying the night with the man.

This first night when she asked him want to wear, Jason told her to wear anything telling her whatever she wore would be fine. She wasn’t happy with his answer because she wanted to impress whoever he had invited. As she was getting dressed Jason kept himself busy setting up the tripod and video camera. She asked, “Did you tell this guy, whoever it is you have coming over, you want to watch and that you were going to video us together?”

“Yes, and he is excited. I told him it was just for us and we would not share it with anyone else.”

That night after Paul left she remembered how they had watched the video over and over. Cheryl had almost forgotten about the box of tapes. The one her son had was one of several she kept in a box at the back of her closet. Several times she had thought about destroying Kıbrıs Escort them. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of the tapes, but she didn’t want Scott to see them and then have to explain them.

She would never forget the time Paul was fucking her and Jason said, “She loves it in her ass. Have you ever had your cock in a woman’s ass?”

As it turned out, he hadn’t and after he felt how tight her ass gripped his cock he practically became addicted to using her ass and quite often wanted to take her that way. She loved Paul’s youthful enthusiasm and desire to try new positions. Once he’d even asked her if he could spank her. She surprised herself when she told him, “You need to ask my husband. I belong to him.” Needless to say one of the videos showed that first spanking with her draped across Jason’s lap. By the end of the video her ass was cherry red. Her ass ended up with a red glow in more than just the one video. She found herself to be incredibly wet after being spanked.

The tapes spanned several years with the last one being recorded a couple weeks before Jason had been killed. Jason had never gotten around to editing the last two or three. There were at least fifteen or twenty men in the tapes. She had multiple dates with most of the men.

After Paul moved from next door, Jason found other men to share her with. She had to admit each man offered something different and she had come to enjoy the variety. Her preference was a man with at least an average length cock that was well above average in thickness. She liked large low hanging balls and a well-defined smooth hairless chest. She liked a firm ass and thick muscular thighs.

When it came to the size of his manhood, her husband wasn’t a small man. He was about average, but somehow almost every man he shared her with had a cock and balls well above average. Some were even huge. She remembered there had been a couple she had serious doubts she would be able to accommodate when she first saw them undressed. In the end, with lube and patience, she had managed to get all of them at least partially into her pussy. She was able to handle the girth, but her pussy was only so deep and those with overly long cocks could not get all they had inside her.

Now that she had found the tape she wasn’t sure what to do next. She didn’t particularly like the idea of her son having the tape, but she didn’t want him to be aware of the fact she had found it. She knew he had found the tape in the box with all the other tapes and if she moved the box there might be questions and Scott might suspect she had found the tape. She understood this was something she would have to address with him, but she wanted to be able to pick the time and place for that discussion.

In the end she reluctantly decided it was best to put the tape back in the drawer where she had found it. She would think about it and decide on her next move.

Chapter 2 — Do You Want Me to Help You With That?

Two weeks had passed since Cheryl had found the tape hidden in her son’s underwear drawer. It was Friday night and Scott had a date with a cute girl Cheryl had met. Sitting home alone Cheryl’s thoughts drifted to her husband thinking about and how much she missed him. She had to admit she also missed him sharing her with other men. The fist couple dates had been a bit awkward, but she found what her husband had said was true. Her love for him had grown even stronger and she enjoyed the variety.

She divided sex with Jason and sex with the men he shared her with into two categories. She referred to sex with her husband as ‘Making Love.’ It was almost always tender and passionate. He treated her like a princess. His primary concern was her pleasure. She almost never faked an orgasm with him unless she was just unable to have one and would be force to fake one. Only then did she fake it because she knew how important it was to him that she experience this pleasure.

Sex with the men he shared her with was what she referred to as ‘Fucking.’ She enjoyed being ‘taken’ by the man she was with. In their arms she was much more submissive and enjoyed them pounding their cocks into her hard and fast. The feeling of being helpless enhanced her submissive side. During these times there was very little emotion involved, it was almost all about the physical sexual act and nothing more. On occasion Jason would take her like this, but more often than not he was gentler with her. She told him what she wanted, and he had tried, but never seemed to be able to bring himself to give her the type of physical domination she desired.

Beginning with the first blow job she ever gave when she was a cheerleader in high school, she had always swallowed the man’s semen. The first time it had been totally accidental. She had been inexperienced and had not realized how close the boy was. Before she realized what was happening, he had begun shooting his load and she soon had a mouth filled with semen. Not knowing what to do with it, and nowhere to spit it out, she swallowed it. That was when she saw how much the boy had Kıbrıs Escort enjoyed the fact his semen was in her stomach. Seeing his excitement made her understand this was how blow jobs should be given. She even learned she liked the taste of semen, from most men.

She had three DVDs she had purchased for times like this and one Jason had made. She retrieved the one Jason had made and inserted it into the DVD player. The DVD was one Jason had shot of the two of them. She was reclining on the couch wearing a sexy nightie Jason had bought her. She was just a few minutes into the DVD and was watching the part where she was naked, kneeling at her husband’s feet with his cock in her mouth. She was looking up at the video camera Jason was holding. She liked how Jason’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth, covered with her saliva was glistening from the lights begin reflected off his hard cock. She always like this part and was about to slip her hand down into her panties when she heard the door of a car slam. It was close and she knew it had to be in their driveway.

In a panic she glanced at the clock she knew it was too early for Scott to be home from his date, but there was no doubt someone was just outside the house. She quickly turned off the television and before she could get out of the living room the front door opened and she could see it was her son, Scott. She wasn’t sure which of the two of them was surprised the most. She could see Scott was staring at the sexy lingerie that made a poor attempt to conceal her body. It was made of red satin and black lace. The bra was lace and if you looked close you could see her nipples through the lace. The panty was actually a G-String and it barely covered her pussy. It was easy to see from the skin that was visible she kept herself shaved. The lingerie was not functional other than to make her look sexy. Wearing it brought back memories of how wearing it had always turned Jason on. Now that he was gone, it made her feel sexy when she wore it. The last thing she had expected when she put it on was for her son to come home and see her in it, but that is exactly what had happened.

Scott said, “Mom!”

Attempting to maintain a certain level of modesty she covered herself with her hands and arms before saying, “Honey, I thought you had a date. I wasn’t expecting you home this early. What happened?”

With a grin he said, “Obviously.” After a brief pause while taking in the view of his sexy and practically naked mother, he said, “It was horrible. I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say I won’t be asking her out again.” Nothing was said for a few moments then he said, “Mom, you look amazing! I’ve never seen you wearing that.”

He could see she was embarrassed as she said, “Thanks Honey. It’s something your father bought me. I was just headed to bed. We can talk about all this tomorrow.”

With that said, she hurried out of the living room and into the master bedroom. This is when Scott noticed the remotes for the TV and the DVD player had falling onto the floor in front of the couch. He bent down to pick them up and that is when he saw the case for the DVD. There wasn’t a label on the cover to let him know what had been in the case. He started to turn the TV on to see what was in the DVD player but changed his mind and put the remote controls and empty DVD case on the cabinet next to the large screen TV.

He was too pissed off from his date to be interested enough to turn on the TV to see what his mother had evidently been watching. Instead, he locked the front door and made his way down the hall past his mother’s room and toward his own bedroom.

Pushing his door closed he stripped out of his clothes, down to his boxers. He found himself laying on his back on his bed staring up at the ceiling. He was upset his night ended like it had. The girl he had asked out was hot. They had been on a couple dates, both of which had been good. She had been a tease and by the way she’d been acting he was confident she had the same ideas he had for their date this particular evening. He had a condom and had been shooting for fucking her, but when she refused a blow job and even a hand job he took her home and dropped her off without even a kiss. He said he needed to go home and would call her later, even though he had no intention of calling her.

His cock was still hard as he thought of what he had been looking forward to all week. With his cock not getting any softer he got up and pulled out the tape he’d found in a box in his mother’s closet. He had hidden it at the bottom a a drawer so she would not know he had it.

When he found it he’d seen the box was full of others. He grabbed the one marked

in black marker on the slip case. Pulling the VHS cassette from the slip case he’d seen a label and recognized his father’s handwriting. He wasn’t sure what a ‘Hotwife’ was but it sounded like something worth investigating. He had seen just a little of the video and had been shocked at first wondering why his mother would be in such a video. He wanted to watch the full video and had every intention of watching all the other tapes in that box. The tape was damn good and his mother had been a lot younger when the video had been made. He’d already jerked off a couple times to what he’d see so far. He had every intention of relieving the persistent erection he had as he watched more of the video.

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