The Adventures of Erica and Gabriel Ch. 03

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Erica awoke to an incredibly pleasurable sensation. Her whole body was tingling, and her nipples were hard. Rising from the foggy depths of sleep, she realized that Gabriel had moved between her legs and was licking her pussy very softly. She moaned quietly, still half asleep, and moved her hands down to his hair, stroking him gently. He continued licking, sucking her clit into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it, his hands busy caressing her thighs. Before long, Erica had a series of small orgasms that built into a bigger one, and eventually she came so hard that her head and shoulder lifted off the pillow and her thighs clamped on either side of Gabriel’ head.

After thirty seconds or so she slowly relaxed, breathing deeply, and Gabriel popped his head out from under the sheet. “Good morning!” he greeted her with a big smile. His lips and chin were absolutely drenched in her wetness, and he licked it from his lips happily.

“You missed a spot.” Erica pointed out, and guiding him up she kissed his mouth, tasting herself on him. Gabriel lay down next to her and Erica lay back, still basking in the glow of her orgasm. “That’s one hell of a way to wake up.” She said. “I could get used to that!”

“Oh, if I could be there every night, that’s how you’d wake up almost every morning!”

“Only almost?”

“Well, sometimes I would change it up. I wouldn’t want it to become boring!”

“Oh. Good thinking.”

“I like to plan ahead. I’d hate for you to grow tired of me!”

“Hmm. I don’t think we’ll have the chance to find out.”

“I know. But I’ll take what I can get, Erica. A weekend with you is still better than not spending any time at all. Though not waking up next to you is going to suck so hard.” Gabriel looked glum for a moment, then he brightened. “Let’s go get some breakfast! While I already ate,” – and here he paused and gave her an exaggerated leer, making her laugh – “I’m still hungry. Both for food, and for you, but let’s do food first!”

Erica laughed again and got up to have a quick shower. Gabriel was tempted to follow, but knew that if he did, they would never leave the hotel room. He wouldn’t mind, but he knew Erica had plans for them, and he didn’t want to ruin those.

After she was done, he took his turn in the shower, quickly washing, then drying. When he got out, he noticed that Erica had already gotten dressed. He stood stock still, his mouth gaping open, the towel dropping from his hand.

“You like it?” Erica did a little twirl, showing off her dress. It was another sundress – but this one was a little longer, coming just over her knee. It was a light blue in color, and it was cut quite low at the front, showing off her cleavage beautifully. She looked stunning, and Gabriel drank in the sight of her.

Pleased at his reaction, Erica smiled impishly and said: “Are you going to stand here all day? I’m getting hungry!”

Shaking himself, Gabriel mumbled something incoherent. Catching himself, he tried again. “Sorry, you just look incredible. You always do – you could make a plastic trash bag look sexy. I have always admired how effortlessly beautiful you are. I mean, I know you work hard at keeping your body in the incredible shape it’s in, but you have a natural beauty to you that takes my breath away. But when you get all dressed up, that beauty comes through even more. And this dress… wow. It highlights all of your perfection. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to be staring at you a lot today. And I suspect that I won’t be the only one.”

Erica beamed at him and moved closer to him, looking him up and down. “You’d better get dressed, because between you being distractingly naked, and saying such nice things about me, I am in danger of taking my clothes off again.”

“I wouldn’t complain, normally, but it would be a crime to take that dress off too soon. I’m getting changed! Don’t do anything yet!”

Within ten minutes they were downstairs at breakfast, and 45 minutes later they were outside, getting ready to do what Erica had planned. She led them to a bakery / deli from which emanated an incredibly enticing smell. Gabriel looked at her quizzically. “Look, I know you work out a lot, but surely not even your metabolism is this fast?”

Erica laughed. “No, this is for later. We’re going to have a picnic!”

“Nice. It’s another perfect day for it. Also, there is the prospect of being naughty on a blanket with you!”

“Somehow I knew you were going to go there.” She sighed in mock-exasperation.

“Oh, don’t even pretend. You had this planned exactly that way!”

“I can neither confirm nor deny your accusations!” Erica grinned.

They went inside – where the smell was even better – and Erica ordered a variety of sandwiches, some pastries and cakes, and a few drinks. Helpfully, they also had picnic baskets – and yes, blankets. Erica insisted on paying, playfully threatening him with withholding sexual favors if he didn’t go along with her. Gabriel pouted, then smiled, and took the full basket while she paid.

Back maltepe escort outside she led him to a cab, and told the driver where to go. “Where are we off to?” Gabriel asked.

“Do you know how to swim?” She asked.

“I’m Dutch. I grew up in Ireland, surrounded by water. I used to be a lifeguard. What do you think?”

“Yes or no would have been enough.” she grinned. “In any case, that’s good. Hopefully you won’t need to, but it’s better to be prepared. We’re renting a rowing boat and paddling out on the reservoir. There’s a little island called Goose Island, where people don’t generally go. It’s small and there is nothing to do, but I think that it will be perfect for our needs.”

“That sounds awesome, actually.” Gabriel said with enthusiasm. “I love being on or near water, and being alone with you on a small island sounds as close to heaven as I’m ever going to get!”

Before long, they got to their destination. Erica talked to her contact at the boat rental place, while Gabriel looked out over the reservoir. He thought he could just make out the island, off in the distance. He looked up when Erica walked over with a man, who showed them which boat they could take. They loaded it with their supplies, obediently put on their life vests when instructed to do so, and Gabriel took the oars.

“I haven’t done this in a while” He grinned, struggling for a moment or two to work up the correct rhythm. After a few abortive attempts he got back into the swing of it, and they were off. They made surprisingly good time, despite the fact that Gabriel kept staring at Erica. Sitting on the bench, her hair blowing in the breeze, looking off into the distance, she could be in a painting. As always, he felt his heart beating faster at the sight of her, and he sighed in wonder at his incredible good fortune to be here with her.

“What’s the sigh for?” she asked, turning back towards him.

“I was just thinking how incredibly lucky I am to be here with you.” He said earnestly.

“Luck had very little to do with it, Gabriel. I wouldn’t be here with you if I didn’t want to be.”

“Fair enough. Either way, I still have a hard time believing this is real. I’m pretty sure my arm is bruised from pinching myself so often. How often do you actually get to be with the woman of your dreams like this?”

Erica smiled at him. “You’re sweet, Gabriel.”

“How would you know? You haven’t tasted me yet!” he leered, the seriousness gone from his eyes. Erica laughed.

“We need to remedy that some time soon.” she pondered.

“No rush. Of all the things I want to do with you, that is quite low on the list.”

“Oh? There’s a list?” Erica raised an eyebrow.

“Well, nothing formal. It’s not like I have a spreadsheet somewhere entitled “Ways I Want To Bang Erica” – although, now that I think about it, maybe I should start one.”

Erica laughed again. “God, now I want you to start that and show me. That sounds great.”

“It might take quite a while, mind. There are a LOT of things I want to do with you.”

Gabriel kept rowing, and they could see the island getting bigger as they got closer. A few minutes later they pulled up to a little shoreline, and Gabriel hopped out to pull the boat onto land. After that, he helped Erica out, easily lifting her and putting her down carefully.

“You know I could have jumped it, right?” She smiled, nonetheless appreciating the little gesture of gallantry.

“What, and miss the chance to get my hands on your body? Don’t be silly!” Gabriel grinned.

Erica knew that while there was an element of truth to what he said, he did care for her and genuinely didn’t want her to get wet. Again, she was struck by how hard he tried to show her in lots of different ways that he loved her. Perhaps if they had met under different circumstances they might have ended up together, but as it was, this would have to do. Life was complicated, and while they were certainly making it more so, this was as far as they could go without things turning really ugly.

Shaking off the thought, she put the basket down on a patch of grass by some shrubs. Gabriel pulled the boat further up so it wouldn’t float away – calling for help in this situation would be hard to explain – and then joined her. Together they spread the blanket, and Gabriel lay down on it. Erica followed suit, lying at 90 degrees to him, with her head on his stomach. They enjoyed the silence, each other’s company, and the warm sun for a little while. Gabriel idly ran his fingers through her hair, causing Erica to murmur contentedly. They chatted for a bit, then Erica got up and knelt next to him. He looked up inquiringly, and she leaned over and kissed his lips, then worked her way down his jaw, his neck, until she got to his shirt. Her hands, in the meantime, had started working their way over his shirt to his pants, where a noticeable bulge had started. She smiled and undid his pants, pulling them down to expose his cock – already throbbing and very hard. pendik escort She made an appreciative noise, admiring how it always seemed to be ready for her when she wanted it.

Erica leaned down further and with her tongue traced the outline of the head. Gabriel gasped, and his eyes closed in pleasure. Encourage, Erica took the head into her mouth, then started bobbing up and down on it, sucking lightly. Gabriel put his hands on her head, urging her to go deeper, to take more of him into her mouth. Obediently, Erica went down further, until she felt the head of his cock pushing against the back of her throat. Gabriel moaned louder, his hips thrusting upward slightly.

She sucked him for a little while, getting his cock wet, enjoying the feel and taste of it in her mouth. Then, he motioned for her to stop. She made a little disappointed sound, and looked at him questioningly.

“It feels amazing, it really does, but I have something else in mind first. The list, remember?”

She nodded, intrigued by what he might have in mind.

“OK, first, take off your panties. You can keep the dress on – it’s sexier that way.”

She obliged, sliding her panties off and presenting them to him. He took them with a grin. “I should keep those for later.” he laughed. “Ok, now slide your gorgeous little cunt down over my cock. I want to be deep inside you right now.”

Erica nodded, looking forward to feeling his throbbing cock inside her again. She straddled him, rubbing her wet lips up and down the shaft as it was pressed between her pussy and his stomach. She then lifted up slightly, reached down and guided the head to the entrance to her pussy.

“Fuck, yes, the feels so good!” Gabriel moaned. “Now take it all inside you in one go!”

Erica gasped as she impaled herself on his cock, feeling it suddenly penetrate her deeply until his balls were pushed up against her pussy. Being stretched around him felt so good, she sat there for a moment, savoring the sensation. Gabriel put his hands on her hips, and after a few moments she started moving up and down, riding his cock, grinding her clit against him every time she bottomed out.

Again, Gabriel motioned for her to stop. Frustrated, she let out a half-moan / half-growl. What was he doing?!

Grinning slightly, Gabriel moved her off him and told her to get on all fours. “I do have a plan, don’t worry.” he said. “You will get fucked hard and deep, trust me!”

Erica nodded, feeling eager and slightly impatient. She got on her knees, her ass up in the air, framed beautifully by her blue dress. Gabriel positioned himself behind her and without pausing rammed his cock deep into her. Erica gasped again, once more loving the sensation of being filled completely. Gabriel growled softly, leaning forward and reaching around to play with her breasts through the fabric of her dress. Quickly she pulled her dress down to expose them, and moments later felt him cupping her tits, pinching the nipples a little harder than she was expecting. Not that it felt bad – quite the contrary. She felt her pussy clench as he pinched them, and was rewarded with another moan.

Gabriel kept slamming into her, fucking her pussy harder than he had done up to now. He continued playing with her tits, pinching and rolling the nipples while his cock entered her over and over again. Before long, Erica started moaning and gasping as she felt her cheeks flush, a familiar sensation filling her pussy and radiating outwards. She moaned louder and suddenly cried out, her pussy spasming around his cock over and over, squeezing him hard.

It was all Gabriel could do to keep from coming inside her as she clenched around his cock. It felt incredible, but he had other plans.

Erica felt his cock withdraw, and moaned again in disappointment, still coming down from her orgasm. Next, she felt a pressure at her ass, and she gasped, knowing finally what he had in mind. Gabriel’s cock was by now completely coated in her saliva and the wetness from her orgasm, and he used all that lubrication to good effect, very slowly pushing against her ass. Erica eagerly pushed back, feeling her ass slowly opening up with the added pressure. She was grateful that he didn’t push too hard, too fast, but she definitely wanted all of him in her ass.

His first inclination was to ram himself deep into her, but common sense – and a concern not to hurt her too much – made him control himself. He slowly, inexorably, pushed deeper and deeper, until every inch of his shaft was buried in her very tight ass. She made a sound that was half moan, half growl, and he took that to indicate that she was enjoying the feeling. Gabriel certainly was, too. The heat and pressure inside her were incredible, and before long he was slowly moving in and out, growling and moaning in pleasure with her. He leaned forward, kissing, then biting her neck while keeping up the rhythm. She moaned and panted for him to go faster, and he obliged, thrusting into her harder and faster. She felt her kaynarca escort ass relaxing more around him, allowing her to enjoy the sensation of it being filled even more. She started pushing back against him, following his motions, and was rewarded with another moan. She felt his cock swelling bigger inside her ass, causing her to gasp at the increased pressure. He gasped her name, and told her he was getting close.

“Cum for me, Gabriel.” Erica told him. “Fill me with it. I want to feel you explode into my ass.”

Gabriel groaned again, and she felt him jump inside her, shooting his cum deep into her ass. She loved how he felt in her ass, and loved the heat of his cum filling her. Her face flushed and her breathing rapid she had another small orgasm while he came into her.

Eventually, breathing hard, Gabriel slowed down and stopped moving. His cock was still buried deeply inside her, occasionally jumping a little.

“Fuck, Erica. That was incredible.” he said.

Erica let out a contented murmur of agreement. He felt amazing inside her. She relaxed slowly, not wanting him to withdraw just yet. They enjoyed the feeling of this amazing intimacy for a few more minutes, then slowly they separated, and lay back on the blanket.

Gabriel sighed happily. “Just when I think things can’t get any better, they do. These last few days have been incredible. I kinda wish we had far more time together, though even if we did I don’t think this frequency of sex is sustainable.” he laughed.

Erica laughed too. “Yeah, really. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this, but I’m definitely beginning to get a little raw in places. Not enough to stop, but we would have to take a break after a few days, I think. Let’s just enjoy what we have, and just take it as it comes when it comes to whatever happens in the future.”

Gabriel nodded. This was a common theme to their conversations. It’s not even like he disagreed. He felt himself to be incredibly lucky to have spent time with her as it was. But part of him couldn’t help but wonder how things would be if they had met earlier in life, and in different circumstances.

He shook his head, then said: “So, what kind of deliciousness did you bring for me to eat? Apart from the obvious, that is.” He very obviously looked at her pussy as he said that. Erica rolled her eyes at him, albeit with a smile on her lips.

“Let’s see, there are sandwiches, some cake, coffee and some cold drinks.”

“I’ll have a water, please. All this work has made me thirsty. And a sandwich sounds good, too!”

They ate together in companionable silence. The sun was warm, the breeze pleasant, and the food was good. An inquisitive bird came by, eyeing their sandwiches, and Gabriel threw it a small piece of his bread. It gobbled it up greedily, screeched at them, and took off.

“Great, now it’ll go and get its family and friends, and before you know it it’ll be The Birds all over again!”

Gabriel laughed. “We’ll have to arm ourselves with the oars and try to beat them off.”

“Speaking of beating off…” Erica said, trailing off while looking at his cock.

“Ha! Now who’s got the one track mind?”

“I never claimed otherwise.” Erica grinned.

“Fair point. What about beating off?”

In response, Erica went down and wrapped her hand around his cock, slowly rubbing it up and down. Gabriel closed his eyes and lay back, enjoying the sensation. He didn’t take long to harden, and Erica rubbed a little faster.

“It’ll take quite a long time for me to cum, since it’s only been a few minutes.” Gabriel said, eyes still closed.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Erica said slyly. Gabriel grinned in response, and pushed his hips up a little.

“Whatever, just keep rubbing.” He said, clearly enjoying the sensation. Erica obliged, her free hand moving to her pussy. Gabriel, sensing the movement, opened his eyes and looked at her.

“You know, I’ve always loved watching you do that. You are so incredibly sexy when you touch yourself. It never fails to get me hard.”

Erica spread her legs wider to give him a better view, and started to rub her clit, once in a while dipping one or two fingers into her pussy.

“Fuck, Erica. You are so hot.” Gabriel breathed. She felt his cock harden a little more, and she spread her pussy lips open to give him an even better look.

“How about you let me lick you while you rub my cock?” he suggested.

Enthusiastically, she swung one leg over him, straddling his face while she was facing his cock. She immediately felt his tongue begin exploring her, and she moaned softly. She continued rubbing him wanting to pleasure him as much as he did her.

Gabriel didn’t think he would cum again, but focused on licking her, tasting her still-soaked cunt eagerly, lapping at the wetness. He pushed his tongue into her, then focused on her clit, alternating between those two for a while. He could hear Erica whimpering softly every so often, and he grip on his cock would waver.

Erica loved what he was doing to her. Before too long she felt the familiar sensation pooling below her stomach, a liquid pleasure that seemed to radiate out, fill her up completely. She gasped and Gabriel felt her pussy spasm over his mouth, and he greedily licked and sucked at the juices flowing from her.

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