The Awakening: A Lesbian Encounter

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It’s been a fantasy for as long as I could remember. Yes, I still loved men…but as I got older and more secure with my own sensuality, I desired a woman’s touch. I certainly didn’t want to give up men. I didn’t even consider myself bi or even bi-curious. I just wanted – for once in my life – to feel another woman.

My man had told me many times that one of his fantasies would be to watch me with another woman. He got hard just thinking of me squirming and moaning and groaning beneath a woman’s touch. But we didn’t act on these fantasies. Until now.

We started off at a local club, drinking wine and dancing. The night had gotten away from us. It was midnight and the place was ready to close. I wasn’t ready to stop drinking or dancing. I was feeling wonderfully warm and sexy. So on the way home, I placed my hand on his thigh and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Let’s go to the Fox Club”.

He smiled and turned the car around, knowing that this would be a night to observe, and hopefully remember. The Fox Club was a strip club – one of many around town. I’d enjoyed myself a few times at strip clubs here and there, watching a sexy woman give my man a lap dance…and then continue on and do the same to me. We’d come very close to a threesome in Vegas – at a very exclusive and expensive strip club that specialized in “back room specials” for couples. In the end, I had chickened out.

But not tonight. Tonight would be different. I reached under my tank top and removed my bra. I had not worn panties under my long, flowing skirt. Tonight, I was ready.

We walked hand and hand into the club, and found our way to a table near the back. We ordered drinks and watched the scantily clad women come and go on the stage.

“Nobody is exciting you, are they?” He asked, with disappointment in his voice. At that moment the DJ announced dollar lap dances, and I showered my man with woman after woman, grinning at his growing cock and obvious pleasure in being rubbed up against and teased by so many women. As I sipped my drink and glanced around, a very sexy, very real young lady walked up to us. Her shift had just started and she walked straight up to me and smiled.

“Where have you two been? I have been dreaming of someone like you two – hoping I’d find a sexy couple to entertain and dance with. You both are so hot.”

And so was she. She had a perfectly beautiful hourglass figure. She had warm brown eyes and long brown hair. She had large, beautiful breasts that bounced when she walked. She was secure with herself, and I wanted to see more. Grinning at my man, I slipped a dollar under her bikini bottoms. She slid in front of me and proceeded to give me the lap dance of a lifetime. The music changed, I slipped her more cash, and she kept on sliding against me, kissing my neck and gliding it around to the top of my cleavage. Is this what it felt like? It felt so natural and sexy and soft. I wanted more. And apparently, she did too. She had on a very thin bikini top and when she rubbed her breasts against my chest, I felt the hardness of her nipples. She slid up towards my face and stuck one of her hard nipples right into my mouth. Even through the thin cloth I could feel how excited she was. I couldn’t believe she was doing this, full aware it was against the rules, but then it didn’t matter; I started nibbling and sucking on her hard, round nipple, getting her bikini erzurum escort top wet with my desire. Her breasts were large; firm yet also soft. She grabbed my hand, and with a toss of her hair to my husband, guided me to the back room.

I numbly noticed my husband following, another dancer taking his hand in hers and guiding him towards the same back room. My lovely partner pushed me down on the leather sofa and proceeded to remove her panties, leaving her only in a tiny g-string that left nothing to my imagination. I’d never been this close to a woman’s vagina.

I wanted to see more. I wanted to feel more. The rules were I had to keep my hands and mouth to myself. My husband sat nearby, a cutie bouncing her boobs and ass up and down on his hard cock. He was excited, but I could see he only had eyes for me. He got even more excited as he watched another girl sensuously slide up and down on his woman. I believe he was more interested in watching us than in the dancer on top of him, much to her dismay. We made eye contact several times, but I was lost in my own lust as my sweet young thing kept rubbing her body up against mine.

I lost track of all time, not wanting the sensation to end. Our time was up, and my husband paid the lovely ladies. His left and moved on. Mine joined us at our table for a drink. She could not get enough of me. At first I had thought this was all an act, and that she was just doing her job – which was to make all the customers feel special. But then I started talking to her. I found out her background and how she was new at dancing. She was older than I thought, and we talked to each other as if girlfriends on a lunch date.

She leaned over to me as she talked and would brush her nipples on my arms. I got goose bumps. I forgot I even had a man sitting by my side. The music was loud, so I had to lean in to hear what she was saying. As I did, she grabbed my head and stuck her tongue inside my ear. My nipples were already hard, but this gesture sent me over the top. I tentatively put my hand on her thigh, and when she didn’t pull back, I became a little braver. I ran my hand down the side of her leg, my fingernails gently raking across her soft calves. I wet my index finger and let it glide against the softness behind her knee. I whispered in her ear that I had never been with a woman before. She stepped back and looked at me surprised. She then leaned forward and, brushing her breasts on my arm, said that she found that hard to believe, because my touch was driving her wild. She moved her chair closer to mine, and brushed her thigh alongside mine. The feel of another woman’s touch was more exciting than I had ever dreamed possible. She was so soft. She was so incredibly sexy. And she was so “into” me. She kept gazing into my eyes and reaching up to touch my hair. I could not believe this was happening.

After another drink I announced I wanted to go into the back room again. This time, alone – no man. I turned to give my husband a wink, and blow him a kiss. Surprisingly he didn’t follow.

She took me by the hand, went to the farthest room and settled me in a soft, oversized leather chair. She then proceeded to lift up my top until it clung right above my breasts. My nipples were already swollen and hard, and her hand cupped one of them as she leaned in to kiss my neck. I knew this was definitely against club rules, but bodrum escort by now I truly did not care – I reached up with both hands and grabbed both of her breasts, and kneaded them as if there was no tomorrow. She groaned and slid up my body, allowing me to taste her sweet nipples. They were my first. And I loved them. I sucked them and bit them and buried my face deep within her cleavage, trailing my tongue from one breast to another, until she reached down and grabbed my face.

She slid back down my body, and started rubbing my tits with hers. The feeling was amazing. Totally amazing. My nipples were brushing up against hers. Our breasts were making love. It was incredibly erotic. She smiled at me and while my face was in her hands, leaned over and softly kissed me. I caught my breath. I’d never kissed another woman. It was amazing. So sexy and exciting and tender. She slid her tongue into my mouth and gently explored it. She sucked on my tongue until I couldn’t stand it, and I grabbed her head and sucked her tongue like it was a cock, gently bringing it in and out of my mouth, twirling the tip of it and enjoying the texture and taste.

Wanting more of her breasts, I licked my way down to her hard and excited nipples, gently biting them until she moaned. The official lap dance was over; the sex had begun. Not caring if anyone came in or what the rules were, I grabbed this sensuous woman by her voluptuous ass and felt her soft globes. She squirmed around allowing me access, and there it was. Her pussy. My first. I whispered in her ear, very softly.

“Can I?”

“I will die if you don’t,” she gasped.

Very tentatively, I slid my finger inside her G-string, only to be greeted by wet, soft lips. I kept probing, until I found her sweet, sopping pussy, and stuck a finger inside. It was so soft – like velvet! I loved the feel of it – I loved her moaning in my ear. I loved her boobs being squished against mine – I loved the feel of her hands on my thighs. I loved being with a woman. Wanting more, I gently stuck another finger inside her pussy, and she gasped approval.

Not wanting to miss anything, I placed my hand against her soft, round behind, and probed her other hole, questionably. She squirmed – sighing yes, as I slowly rubbed her hole, pumping my fingers into her pussy, and licking her breasts. Was this really happening to me? It was heaven. Wanting to feel another woman’s clit, I removed my hand from her ass and gently searched for her nub. I felt it’s hardness against my fingers. I took my hand out of her sopping hole and gently rubbed my finger up and down length of her entire pussy. She bit my neck, trying not to yell. I dipped my finger inside her again, wetting my finger and then slowly rubbing her clit, making gentle circles as she made small mewing sounds. I made the motions on her that I love to do to myself…I figured if it felt good to me, it would also to her. I loved feeling her squirm. I loved the power I felt knowing I was doing this to her.

I didn’t want to stop. I loved this woman’s body. I loved the softness, the roundness, the vaguely familiar feel. I took my fingers out of her pussy, and as I had done to myself on many occasions, put my finger in my mouth and tasted her sweet wetness. I wanted her to cum. I had to make this young, beautiful woman cum. I was in control. She was the paid dancer, but now, I was the one eskişehir escort calling the shots.

The music changed. I knew I only had one song left to fulfill my goal. Oh, how I wanted to push her back on the chair spread her legs and run my tongue softly between her pussy lips. I wanted to stick my tongue deep inside her and fuck her. I wanted to lick her clit – circling it with my tongue, teasing it until she screamed with pleasure. But I also knew that right now, that was impossible.

So instead, I placed my hands inside her thighs. I spread her lips apart and pulled her up to my face. I looked at her sweet, shaved, dripping wet pussy. I gazed long and lingering, seeing up close for the first time, a real pussy. I took my finger and sunk it deep inside. I put in another. And another. I had three fingers inside her and she was gasping and squirming and begging me for more. I wet my thumb of my other hand and slowly ran it back and forth over her clit while I pushed my fingers deep inside of her vagina…pumping her hard and fast. My own pussy was aching. My nipples were so hard I thought I would die. I was so excited I wanted to tear off my clothes and give my whole self to this soft, sexy and sensuous young woman.

I thought I couldn’t take much of this closeness anymore – I didn’t think this teasing would last. I was going to go crazy and do something I would regret. I wanted to bend her over at her waist and run my tongue up her legs and thighs and deep into her ass. I wanted to lick her from behind while I stroked her pussy. I wanted to taste every part of her female body. I wanted her to do the same to me. All at once she grabbed my shoulders and leaned in; whispering in my ear that she was coming and she didn’t want to scream. I leaned forward and she buried her head in my chest, whimpering and quivering… sucking on my skin. She came so hard my hand was soaking wet. Her muscles clinched my fingers. Her whole body was shaking. I held her close in my arms, allowing her to savor the long, hard, sweet relief of orgasm.

She sat up and smiled, and pulled my top back down.

“I am not through with you,” she softly whispered. It’s your turn next.”

Not knowing how or when, I looked at her with a question in my eye. At this point I was so hot I couldn’t take it. I wanted to sit on the couch and stick my own fingers in my pussy. I needed to rub my clit until I came. But instead I just asked, “How and where?”

“Not to worry,” she said. “I am going to work it out with your guy. Unless of course you just want me for yourself?”

I looked at her blankly. Was she really coming on to me? She took my arms and hugged me. She kissed my check. She kissed my lips. And then she said something that made me shiver:

“I am the real deal. You can trust me. I find you so hot and attractive. I love talking to you. I just love being with you. These few hours were just the beginning…right?”

I hugged her back and kissed her again, with so much tenderness. Her tongue reached in questionably and I took it again, sucking it and relishing in its feel. I didn’t want to leave her.

“We aren’t finished,” she said. “We’ll be together when your man wants to watch…and then, well, who knows? Right?”

And with that she ran out of the room with just enough time to jump on stage.

I went searching for the restroom, and while in the hall passed the DJ booth. As I glanced inside, I spotted them – the club owner, the DJ and my guy – all watching the monitor that displayed the hidden camera in the backroom. Well, if they liked to watch I’d give it to them – there was plenty more where that came from, plenty more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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