The Company Party

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The party was beginning to wind down a bit.

I was watching her on the dance floor with one of her young coworkers. Bob loves to party. And it was no secret that he was trying to fuck his way through every married women in the building. He considered them easy and safe.

The dj had everyone cranked up dancing to a frenzied beat, and as I watched, Joann never took her eyes off him, devouring every inch of his body with them. She seemed to be paying particular attention to the area just below the beltline. When the song ended and suddenly changed to a slow song, she wasted no time in moving in close, draping her arms over his shoulders, her face against his neck. I was a bit surprised to see his hands drop to her gorgeous ass ad pull her hips tight against his. I was even more surprised to see her grind back against him. They must have felt invisible in the darkened room, because the next thing I see is his hand slip under her skirt and hers go for the bulge in his slacks. Their eyes locked, and their lips followed in a long, steamy kiss there on the dance floor. It was so hot, I was starting to get hard just watching. The song ended, and the finally managed to detach themselves and Joann walked back to the table where we’d been sitting. All the chairs anadolu yakası escort were taken, so I gladly pulled her onto my lap. We were doing the last minute chat as everyone was getting ready to leave. I thought, this would be a good opportunity to see if that really just happened. I slipped my hand under her skirt, inching my way up. She was wet. Not just wet, dripping. As my fingers approached her wet lips, she parted her legs under the table to allow access. A finger slid easily inside. I really can’t imagine how she was able to carry on a conversation as I fucked her with my fingers and massaged her clit, but she hung in there.

Finally, time to go, we made our way out to the parking lot, I said, “have fun”?

“Mmmm Hmmm…” she replied. “His cock was soooo hard!”

She looked down at my crotch and smiled. Reaching her hand down, feeling my own bulge and said, “just like this….”

I opened the door for her and walked around to the drivers side, getting in, starting the engine. “I’m just going to let some of the crowd thin out before we go.”

She reached over, placing her hand on my now throbbing cock, and started to stroke it through the fabric. I pulled atalar escort her face close to mine and placed my own long, steamy lingering kiss on those gorgeous lips. The windows defrosted, most other guests already gone, I put the car into drive and pulled out onto the road. It’s Early December, after midnight, on a dark country road. We have about a 20 minute ride to get home. You okay? She says.

“Yeah, baby, I’m fine.”

“Good” she says with one of those looks, and proceeds to unzip my fly and undo my belt, setting my hard, throbbing cock free. She lightly trails her fingertips up and down the shaft, around the head… wrapping her little fingers around the shaft, stroking…

She lowers her head, and I feel her wet lips engulf the knob that is the head of my cock. Sliding her mouth slowly up and down the length, alternately sucking softly, then sucking just the head as her hand pumps the shaft.

We’re about a mile from home, but I say, “baby, I can’t take any more of this, I’m gonna cum…”

“Stop the car right now!” she says.

I stop in the middle of the road, she release the seat latch on the driver’s seat, the seat slams back, she puts the back in recline ataşehir escort position, and in what seems like one smooth motion throws her leg over and slides her dripping pussy onto my throbbing shaft. Just a couple of strokes and the headlights of a car come around the corner behind us. I realize we’re right in front of the neighbors house, so I put the car in drive, and almost lying down, and her impaled on my rigid pole, pull into the driveway. As the car passes, Joann rolls off to the side, I jump out, going around to her side open the door, and turn her sideways, legs out of the car, drop to my knees and slip my tongue into her delicious wet pussy. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her as wet, before or since. I slip a finger into her, going directly for her special spot and suck on her clit with my lips as I lick with the tip of my tongue, almost immediately, her thighs tighten around my head and she starts to shake, saying “fuck me! I need you to fuck me right now! I want that cock deep inside me!”

I pull her from the car, bending her over the front fender, slide my throbbing rod deep. I start to fuck her hard, thrusting deep inside with every stroke. I doesn’t take long before I’m ready to explode, driving hard with three or four thrusts, pumping my hot cum inside her with each thrust, finally, one last hard thrust, collapsing above her, sated…

As I pull out and see her lying on the car, her shaved pussy glistening with cum in the moonlight, I can’t resist leaning down, licking up her inner thighs, along the slit of her dripping lips… giving her a long, deep kiss as I escort her back into the car…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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