The Discovery: Prison Inmates Ch. 04

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The story is a complete work of fiction and story contains erotic situations between consenting adults, sometimes of the same gender. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.

Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author’s permission.

Copyright – Poshbillionaire 2010


Lady Mary Callaghan, Head of the Home Civil Service, had for the past few months been meeting with frontline staff at prisons all over the country as part of an action plan to assess the impact of recent changes and cuts to the budget across government. She had left HMP Margan for last as she planned to address the horrific tales that had been going round about the infamous prison.

The HM Inspector of Prisons was currently investigating the allegations made by a good number of prisoners directed mainly against the Warden. A few officers were said to be involved but it was suspected that this might have been at the go ahead of the Warden. Warden Albert Cutler, Governor of the prison, veteran officer, a recipient of a good number of recognitions and awards including an MBE for his work over the years.

He was a powerful man with a great deal of friends in high places. This was the reason the investigation was taking so long. Everyone was threading carefully. No one wanted to be on the wrong side of him.

Warden Cutler had been informed of her impending arrival over a month ago and at the time a date had been set amidst threats of closing his prison down. She had not turned up after all the time spent on preparations. Another appointment was rescheduled and missed again.

He had promptly lost interest after that, putting it down as a bluff. He told himself she was just a stupid woman touring prisons to see the work being done there to help rehabilitate prisoners and thinking above herself.

Now she was here, messing up his whole existence with one ill-timed visit. He was angry at himself more than anything. He should have been more alert, there was an investigation going on, of course they would want to sneak up on him and catch him in the act.

She had actually watched the live action and now was waiting to see him. Big bloody mess. Much as he hated to admit it, there was only one way out.

Bloody fucking mess.

The huge prisoner was brought into the room and pushed into the seat as if he could not manage it by himself. He grimaced but said nothing, not wanting to aggravate an already bad day. The guards stepped back at the Warden’s signal until they were out on the other side of the door.

Squeak stayed behind for a second to whisper something in the warden’s ear. “She said to let you know she’s decided to do a tour of the prison as she waits for you. She’s starting with inspecting some of the work in the old rehabilitation centre. You can join her anytime, she said. She has apparently already talked to staff supervising prisoners having lunch on A Wing.”

“That’s good Squeak. Wait outside.” Good, that bought him some more time to deal with Rhys and nip this problem in the bud.

Rhys faced Warden Cutler, wary at all that was going. He hated being out of the loop like this. He was so used to being in charge, being in prison had seriously changed his outlook on life. It was like he had been pulled tight on a bow and couldn’t get his body to relax. His mind kept ringing, banging on about Jamie, if he was okay, how he was dealing with the strange circumstances.

The warden was restless which was a surprise. He had never seen him as much as bat an eyelid in discomfort. Maybe this was good?

He could only hope.

But it was better than he could have dreamed.

“I have a proposal for you.”

Rhys took a deep breath, trying to keep the dread at bay. “A proposal…” he prompted.

“Yes,” Warden Cutler said with a frown, leaning forward menacingly. “I have the Cabinet Secretary in the prison as we speak. She has seen footage of what just happened in the theatre. We both know the kind of conclusion that would have been reached, both by her and her entourage. I’m sure they went in with her. That, amongst other things is not good for my reputation. We need to correct that.”

He paused for a bit. Rhys said nothing, waiting patiently for his point.

Warden Cutler continued, “So… I will be telling her that you arranged the show for us, like a movie of sorts, seeing that you are a famous actor and all. You will meet with her to confirm and correct whatever misconception she has. Is that understood?”

Rhys stared hard at him as his dread dissolved into almost painful relief. He hid it damned well though. “Understood,” He said quietly, seeing his chance. “but…”

“But what?”

“Only on a number of conditions…”

The warden was not surprised; he knew he would not get away that easy. Not after what he had put him through. “Let me hear them.” Rhys opened his mouth to continue but the warden held Pendik Escort up his hand to stop him. “You better not be asking for release, because that has nothing to do with me at any level.”

Rhys nodded. “Fine, I understand that. You leave me alone. You leave Jamie alone. No more ‘dates’ or ‘sex’, whether in private or in public with each other or anyone else. Ever. And Ace leaves Jamie alone as well. You and him, and all your goons, stay out of our way. We’ll do what we have to do as prisoners but no more.”

“Fine, I can do that.”

“In writing…”


“I write pretty fast, you sign it. We’re done.” He held his breath. “That way we both can be held to keep our word.”

“No, what you mean is so I can be held to keep my word.” Rhys said nothing. This was the condition, simple as. He knew he needed to stand his ground.

The warden stared at him for a while, and then slowly nodded.

“What about Jamie?” Rhys asked. “Shouldn’t he be here?”

Warden Cutler raised his eyebrows. “I doubt if he is in the right state of mind or body to do this, don’t you agree? He might just break down in front of the damned Secretary and mess things up.” He held a hand up to stop Rhys’ protest. “And believe me, this plan will only work for you if it works for me. Investigations take years, mister. So even if anything goes wrong and you don’t make things stick, it will be a long while before they can do anything about it. Enough time to have my fill of you both. So keep your dick in your pants and let’s get on with this.”

Rhys pursed his lips in resignation, knowing the warden was right. It would be his word against the warden’s as well as those influential guests of his. Investigations would take forever. “One last thing…”

“What is it Foxton? I haven’t got all day. And you are really beginning to piss me off. Again.”

“I need to speak to Jamie after this. He would be in his Wing now and he still needs to know what has happened. We’re in different wings so I won’t be able to see him today. I would like him brought to my cell so we can go over all of this.”

“Fine. You will need to speak to the Secretary first.”

“That’s not a problem, but my solicitor has to be there as well.”

“He can’t get here that fast, and besides, he cannot be present when you’re speaking to the Secretary. That would be fucking obvious.”

“Oh yes he can. Believe me,” Rhys said knowingly. He had a solicitor in the city, ready to cover any immediate needs at all times. Money did that. “And he can wear a guard’s uniform. I just need a phone.” Warden Cutler narrowed his eyes at Rhys in anger.

A mobile phone was pulled out of a jacket pocket and handed to Rhys. Rhys raised an eyebrow at this. Everyone knew mobiles were taboo in the prison, in prisons in general. It looked like the warden had clearance above all else.

He rang his solicitor and just as he said, he was on his way in minutes. The solicitor arrived within the hour and on his advice, he requested a copy of the incriminating video itself to make sure the warden kept his word. Rhys could see the warden cringing as they were handed the video. He couldn’t wait for it to be all over so the solicitor could get out of here and get the video to safety.

The warden went off to meet the Minister after the agreement had been written and signed.

* * * *

The Secretary was seated patiently when they arrived in the Warden’s office. She stood up politely to shake his hand, as did her entourage even though the look of exasperation remained.

“Good day ma’am. Sorry about the delay, but you know running a prison is time consuming. I had a few stops to make; there was an altercation that could have gone out of hand without my intervention.” He was polite but his eyes roved wickedly over her body, despite the fact that she was somewhat older and dressed conservatively.

It had the desired effect of making her look uncomfortable. Standing up, she walked over to the cameras and stopped. She was taller than he had expected, hips a little too slim for his liking. Her backside was a lot less appealing than her front. She had a broad back, so thick it almost seemed like she had a hunchback, though from her front you wouldn’t know it. But then again, maybe that was just his irritation working.

“I see,” She murmured with interest in a soft Yorkshire accent, nodding her head. “You have done some impressive work on the rehabilitation centre so far. I can see that the prisoners would benefit greatly from all the activities.”

“Yes they will,” he coughed. “If we can get them to attend that is.” They all laughed a bit uncomfortably. “We’re working on it though.” He clarified, shifting in his chair.

“Oh, I’m sure you can get them to do what you want. Considering what I saw on these surveillance cameras of yours earlier.” She jerked her head unnecessarily towards the cameras high up behind her but in full view of the warden’s desk. Nothing of interest was happening on any of them now. “Can you tell me about Anadolu Yakası Escort that then?”


“You know what I mean Cutler…” her voice was clearly stern now. No more games obviously.

“You mean our play?”

She turned to face him again in disbelief. “Play? As in theatre?”

“Yes.” He acquiesced, smiling. “We have our very own claim to fame here. Rhys Foxton, the famous actor.” He beamed further as she began to look impressed, her creased forehead spreading and flattening out. It was working!

“So you’re telling me that was Rhys Foxton entertaining you all in there.”

“Sure it was. Did you not know he was serving a sentence for drink driving?”

“I did hear something like that but never gave it much thought. I had no idea he was in Margan. Strange location to put such a high profile person, wouldn’t you say?”

“It is all very low key and… he holds his own pretty well. No worries there. You can meet him if you like. You know, clarify any issues you have, maybe get an autograph thrown in. He’s a good lad. Helped us a lot with the centre you just inspected. He is always happy to do the shows, no matter the genre if you catch my drift.” Warden winked. “Have you seen his movie The Holding Room? It made over £100 million? Won 5 Oscars…”

“I think so… He got a nomination for that, didn’t he?” She had actually seen most of his movies.

“Exactly! So you would know that our play was actually from that movie…?”

“I se…” she turned slightly to one of her staff, the one she had introduced as Miss Bellwood, her Personal Assistant. Very ‘middle aged mother’; plump, a little plain and mousy brown in a severe dark brown suit that made her lank brown hair even more so. Nothing of interest the warden concluded. She nodded eagerly though, an obvious Rhys fan. She wished.

“Shall I get him then?”

“Yes,” She said firmly. “I think that would be a good idea.”

Now normally the warden would have simply clicked his fingers to summon a prisoner to him but because of the situation, he was dealing with everything himself this time.

Shuffling his large frame out of his chair with difficulty, he made his way to the door. He heard someone clear his or her throat loudly and turned round. It was the damned secretary. He raised an eyebrow.

“Not forgetting the other party in the play. I’d like to see him too.” Was she smirking? He thought.

“Without…” he coughed. “Without any props or special effects, our scenes are for the most part live, you know, really acted out. He might not be so happy to be dragged out here…”

“All the more reason why I should see him, I would think.”

“It might take a while. He might be having a clean up. Shower, bath, that type of thing.”

“We’ve got time, don’t worry about that. Just make sure they’re in here at some point. Together.”

“Fine. I’ll be right back.” He knew what she wanted to do. The bitch.

“Don’t go too far mind. After this, we still have some other issues to address. I’m sure you know what I mean Mr Cutler.”

Warden Cutler tried hard not to slam the door behind him as he made his way to Rhys, stopping to bark an order at Squeak. Thankfully, Rhys’ solicitor was ready and dressed in an appropriate uniform. Rhys was standing beside him, looking so fucking calm. Majestic bastard.


Rhys nodded, straightening up. “We have a bit of a hitch. She’s asking to see Jamie.”

Rhys cringed. “I told you –”

The warden stopped him with his raised hand. “Act.”

He followed Warden Cutler back into the large office. There were about three people surrounding the Cabinet Secretary, all seated. And that did not include the two guards. He was obviously not introduced to any of them. The office was big enough to carry so many people without appearing stuffed at all.

He got the usual stares like he did from fans on the outside, although they were a bit constrained as the people tried to contain themselves. He beamed at them for good measure; sure he heard a giggle.

“Can I speak to him in private please?”

Warden Cutler looked suitably reluctant. Rhys had to struggle to keep from laughing. “If you say so…”

She turned to the guard who had come in with them, wondering why he didn’t leave with the other two. He looked at the warden.

“I think you should let him stay.”

“This is a private convers —”

“For your own safety, my dear. You can never be too safe with prisoners; I assure you… no matter how many staff you have with you. They learn to move very fast in here. And Mr Foxton, for one, is a very fast learner.” No one needed to tell Rhys what the warden meant by that.

She looked at Rhys in surprise and he shrugged, giving the impression that he may actually need protecting from. She nodded quietly for a moment, trying to compose herself before she spoke.

It was all quiet for a while as she took him in, appraising. He did the same, pushing feigned admiration to the fore. She was alright İstanbul Escort for a woman her age, a bit too broad around the jaw and shoulders that her bouncy long blond hair couldn’t hide, though it softened her look a bit. The magic of a stylist he assumed, making her hair her best asset. She looked like she worked out too. Good for her.

“So, Mr Foxton. I understand you do plays for entertainment in here?” She smiled a little and it made her lips appear a bit thicker.

He smiled and nodded, relaxing into the chair and spreading his long legs so they were almost on either side of her chair. She winced and switched to the smile, but not before he caught it though.

“I like to…” he said seductively. “For as long as possible, whenever I can…”

“So what you’re saying is you enjoy having sex with another man to entertain others? You were not coerced in any way?”

Rhys laughed softly. “It was actually my idea. No women in here, so the obvious choice is a man. And believe me the auditions were crazy; it was like all the men in here want a piece of me. Or a stint at acting when they get out, I guess. We could hardly use a female prison officer now could we? That would have been too, mmh what’s the word… inappropriate. We use a different guy each time, to fit whatever storyline and all.”

“I see. So you suggested it. No one made you do it?”


“And the people watching? Who were they then?”

“Oh we get a number of ‘well to do’ fans to come in every now and then. They make welcome donations. People will pay a lot to get a private showing from a world famous actor, you know. I would’ve been too busy on the outside for such plays. But here, I’ve got all the time in the world. And the prison don’t have to wait for the government to drag their feet in providing the funding we inmates need to prepare us for release, especially with all the crazy cuts lately and disruptions of regimes. We can add you to the list if you’re interested.” She shook her head immediately as he expected. “It all goes to the fund for the rehabilitation centres in here,” he smirked. “My contribution to society.”

She looked suitably impressed at that and he knew he had hit it. Even the stern PA raised an interested eyebrow and tried not to nod. “Sounds like a good idea…”

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it?”

“You understand that there may still have to be an investigation into this?”

“I know how things in this sector work now. I guess its fine. If it’s got to be done, it’s got to be done right?” he beamed.

She frowned just a little, looking unsure as he continued.

“We were meant to hold another tomorrow actually. It’s meant to be based on my movie Laws of Power but I understand Mr. Cooper, the Labour leader can’t make it. We hear it’s his favourite movie, so we’re waiting until he can. That would be a coup don’t you think… would put HMP Margan right on the map. Would be nice if you could watch me in action…” he leaned forward suggestively, teeth flashing to maximum effect.

Lady Mary blushed at the attention, clearing her throat.

“How about I get an autograph instead,” she said finally with a smile.

“I can do that!” He beamed in relief, taking the notebook she held out and signing in it with a flourish.

She read what he wrote – To the most beautiful MP I have ever met. Call me when I get out, maybe? 0711331***** – and her face lit from the inside out. She had never had such a young, handsome man look her way before, even when she was young. And an actor to boot.

“I can do some for your staff, too, if they’re interested? What do you say guys?” he addressed them.

As if on cue the quiet group of people squealed in pleasure and jumped out of their seats. They began to scramble all around him while the Secretary laughed and called the stern looking PA to her side. His solicitor smiled.

Warden Cutler heard the laughter and heaved a sigh. The bastard had done it!

The Secretary’s PA came out the door, awkwardly looking around. She nodded when she spotted him, “Lady Callaghan said there will be no need to bring in anyone else. She’s okay with … Mr Rh– this offender. You can come back in now.”

He smiled. The woman didn’t.

* * * *

Jamie tried washing himself to get the vicious memory off his mind. The stupid sink in the cell wasn’t enough to make a difference, even though he stripped and scrubbed everywhere. It wasn’t enough. He knew he could try a shower but that wouldn’t help either. Only one thing could.

Guards came to the cell. Jamie was told he needed to go along with them to a different wing to discuss some issues. His head was so fuzzy he did not pay any attention, just got dressed and went along. He couldn’t think straight at all. He hadn’t even said a word to Roger since he got back in and thankfully the kind man had left him alone with his thoughts.

He wanted Rhys.

That’s all he could think about right now. He couldn’t bear his other thoughts.


He didn’t absorb his surroundings or that he was taken to the restricted area where the Warden was based. He didn’t hear the conversation between the warden and the guards. He didn’t hear him telling them he did not need Jamie there after all. He didn’t even hear him say to take him to a certain man’s cell.

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