The Haristocrats Ch. 1

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I worked for Lord Algernon Cuthbert Gordon Gower, the Lord of Harrisfield a few miles from Huddersfield in Yorkshire. The Aristocrat was a debauch who lived on his estate with his wife Lady Constance. Their 350 year old 400 acre estate was the envy of the town but what went on inside was all night orgies. The Lord had only one thing on his mind – how to get his cock sucked. Mind you he was not good at much else. Lady Constance (Connie to all of us behind her back) was a complete slut. She had managed to ensnare Lord Gower but now she wanted big cocks in every hole of her body. The whole establishment was filed with sex slaves and I was the head of them all. Lord Gower (Al as he was called had just one obsession all the women on the estate could not shave their underarms or pubes and every new recruit too was made to leave their underarms unshorn.

There were at least twenty-five women on the estate and their armpit hair varied from he jet-black to platinum. They had one thing in common they were extremely hirsute. From the teenagers to the 40 year olds you could see the varying quantities of armpit hair and they were compulsorily to move about in sleeveless tops. Lady Constance though was the hairiest of them all. The Lord had married her 15 years go mainly on her cock sucking skills and the enormous quantity of jet-black bushy hair in her unshaven underarms. The hair in her unshaven pits was unbelievably long thick and very coarse and I doubt if any woman or even a man had such luxuriant bushy hair n their armpits.

The Lord called me to his den. He was sitting next to the fireplace with three nude women knelt on the floor in front of me. I knew the women especially the young 21-year-old Babette who I had brought in from Italy last week. She was an expert cocksucker and the jet-black bushy hair in her underarms was bushy and almost rivaled the masses of hair in Lady Constance’s bushy underarms. Her mouth was on Lord’s massive member while he was going through the morning papers. Another of the maids had cupped his balls while Janet his personal masseuse was holding her arms aloft in case he wanted to gaze towards her unsheared pits. They all had sizeable bushes on their pubic mound to. The Lord looked up when I walked in as Babette rocked her mouth up and down his massive dong. The Lord said “Janet hold my dick for Babs to suck so that she can raise her arms for me to see the thicket in her hairy armpits”

Babette had serviced mersin escort me in Milan and I knew she loved having a dick in her mouth She had developed a very strong, uncontrollable desire to suck and fuck a large cock. It didn’t matter to whom that cock was attached; it just had to be big and thick, like a hunk of salami. She raised her arms and the Lord looked at the thick armpit hair cascading down in to masses of jet-black hair as he started pumping his dick into Babette’s mouth. The other girl was massaging his balls as he let go a torrent of cum deep into Babette’s waiting mouth. I knew that she wasn’t satisfied and that she would come looking for me later. I packed quite a weapon, which as about a footlong but if I could rid my self of the constant need of Lady Constance I would fuck this fecund woman.

The Lord told me that I needed to get some papers signed by Lady Constance immediately. I set off towards her suite of rooms. She was obsessed with monster cocks and I knew she would have Brian the Chauffer and Larry the gardner in her room, as they were her current obsessions. Each of them had cocks that rivaled my fuckmeat

Both guys were younger than me and were both huge, and about the same length, but one was a little fatter than the other.

When I walked into her room Brian had just pulled down his zipper and whipped out his salami. It was only half-hard and huge he ordered her down on her knees to suck it. I knew that she wanted that monster and he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Her wonderfully bushy underarms came into view. While Babette was hairy; Lady Constance was a barber’s delight. Her armpits were filled with jet-black bushy hair. The lush carpet in her unshaven pits was extremely bushy as she stared at his gorgeous piece of man meat. She took the head into her mouth and began sucking on it in earnest. I was getting hard too as I watched her keep slurping and sucking away. It wasn’t long before he came with a series of mighty grunts as she swallowed every delicious drop.

Larry had still to be dealt with and Lady Constance the great cocksucker would suck every drop of her I was sure. She knelt in front of him and undid his belt, top button and zipper and lowered his pants she looked directly at the large bulge in his briefs, it was huge. She placed her hands on both sides of his briefs and slowly lowered them until his large kocaeli escort cock sprang out, fully erect and looked straight at the bobbing monster, lustily. I was extremely aroused as she raised her underarms for Brian to tongue as beads of perspiration had matted her bushy underarms.

She reaches under his trunks, exposes his rock hard cock and started sucking on his big prick, spit oozing from around her mouth. I could not hold back any longer. I walk into the room and Lady Constance looks at me with Larry’s big boner stuffed in her mouth. I whip out my cock and slap in near her face. She spits out Larry’s big prick and takes in my footlong. allowing my cock to sink deeper into her mouth. I could hear her breath noisily escaping her nostrils. I felt her pushing herself down further and further on my cock. Larry has positioned himself near her hairy underarms. Though he has a huge prick it quickly disappears in the hairy rug in her underarms, I cant believe that such a huge dick can get lost in the masses of black hair in her luxuriant armpits. Lady Constance starts to move back down to suck me some more of my massive prick as a drop of precum oozed out of my cock.

I feel her warm wetness wrap around my cock, and I stifle a groan. She pushes her head down further and further on my cock. I could feel her tensing up a bit as my horse cock is stuffed right down her throat. But she is no ordinary cocksucker. She has taken many a might sword into her hot and eager mouth. Larry is pressing his dong deep into her armpit forest drilling his cock through the hard and heavy hedges in her armpit fur. She has started building up a rhythm a she literally eats my footlong, I’m about to cum! I feel her move back up toward the tip of my cock, so that she could swallow normally, and then I feel my balls start to spasm. I felt my hot load quickly travel up my length and spill into her mouth. She quickly swallowed it, so that she didn’t get so much in her mouth that she would choke or gag. She kept swallowing and swallowing as spurt after spurt filled her mouth. Larry however starts groaning as he too lets slip loads of jism into her sweaty hairy armpits. Torrents of white cum fly into her wild tangled untrimmed underarms.

Brian is still hard and as I look around Tim the electrician too enters the room along with his assistant Mark. Their stiff members throbbing in their hands. Constance has to constantly samsun escort suck cocks. The slut screams, “I want to suck more cocks” Tim pops his thick cock into her open mouth. I don’t think she even looked up at his face as she started gnawing on that dick as though her life depended on it.

Babette has come searching for me and looks jealously as I stare at Lady Constance sucking on the huge prick on offer from Tim. “I bet I can suck your dick as good as she can.” The idea of having her blow me while my Lady Constance blew Tim and Brian was appealing. However I am not sure how Lady Constance would like it as I put my hands into Babette’s armpit jungle. Its very hairy but compared to Lady Constance’s amazing black forest it comes a poor second

We watched in as she sucked Mark whom I have never seen before. His cock is so large that it was a challenge just to get the head in her mouth. She has found at last somebody who can challenge her cock sucking skills. I can see hat Lady Constance is thrilled by the massive monster dong of Mark as she salivates at the prospect of giving him a blowjob. Brian has his mouth plastered in her unshaven underarms licking at the sweaty hairs plastered against her skin. Her head bobbed rapidly as her lips caressed the ultra-sensitive area at the top of his cock. She sucks on his massive dong as if her life depends on it. Mark holds her head and fucks her hot willing mouth.

He moves in and out of her mouth as all of us watch in amazement at this hirsute woman sucking this massive dick. Even Babette is amazed as she holds my erect phallus and slowly starts jerking it. Her eyes are fixed on Lady Constance as her head bobs up and down her mouth stretched wide as she takes in the huge prick of Mark. In and out he drives his monster dick as Babette wanks my dick furiously. Lady Constance is face is flushed with excitement as saliva spills out of the corner of her mouth. Larry has stuffed his dick in her matted armpit forest as Mark thunders to a climax. Jism flies all over the room s Mark first deposits his cum in Lady Constance’s mouth and I cum in Babette’s hand my cum flying towards the erotic spectacle. Larry finally deposits his seed into her bushy underarms.

The “Hairistocrats” have a debauched lifestyle. Word has come to me through the hirsute Becky that the Lord needs me at once at his den as I ask Lady Constance to sign the papers. She bends down and envelops my limp dick into her mouth as she takes the pen(is) into her hand and with a flourish to sign off. As I walk away she has got both Larry and Tim in her hands and poised to put it in her mouth. Though her pussy s sopping wet she hasn’t yet been fucked. But the day has hardly begun in the Manor! I knock at the door and enter the Lord’s den and…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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