The Wicked Tower Pt. 11

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

The library was a safe, quiet place. At least, now that the queens were gone. Cassia sat at the crescent table and poured over recent history. There was very little written about the queens, until about twenty-two years ago. Only that the king’s sister gave birth. Much to Cassia’s disappointment, nowhere did it say how many children she birthed, or the sex. But, twenty-two years ago, there was suddenly much fanfare about Princess Minicia’s cousins. It was noted that they were twins over and over, and that they had barely survived a stone-fall from one of the relic towers. After that, there were reports on their studies, and how they loved and looked after their infant cousin, Princess Minicia.

The twins then lost their parents to a wasting disease. And a little while later, their aunt and uncle, the king and queen, succumbed to the same disease. The twins became queens regent, committed to rule until Minicia came of age.

It was frustrating. There were no clues as to the deformity Cassia had witnessed on the library stairs. She tried to find out more about the accident, and found that the twins had been too close to the only relic tower at the palace, the Eagle’s Roost. A stone had fallen and injured them both, but they recovered. The type of thing that happened to children all over the Surround in the past decades. Apparently, history could not account for that extra appendage.

Muffled laughter came from beyond the heavy library door. Cassia looked up from her reading just as the door burst open. In spilled her son and daughter, laughing and clutching at each other. They were quite the unlikely pair. Vel always reserved, Naevia ever adventurous. Her nineteen-year-old son insanely tall and pale for a man of the Surround. Her eighteen-year-old daughter a normal height, and maybe paler still. Whatever their differences, they’d always been inseparable. And even more so in the weeks since their return across the Inland Sea.

“Mother.” Vel sounded genuinely surprised. “It’s late. What are you doing here?”

“Trying and failing to help your father.” Cassia sighed. She closed the tome and stood, stretching out her back. She yawned, ceased her stretch, and crossed her arms. “What are you two doing up so late? Shouldn’t you be in your beds? Vel, you’ve got saber lessons first thing in the morning.”

“Vel and I come here to… read sometimes.” Naevia looked down and pointed her sandaled toe at the stone floor, twisting her foot back and forth. “He has a lovely reading voice.”

“I know. I’ve heard him.” Cassia couldn’t help but beam with pride. “I am tired and will retire now. Would you two be so kind and return my reading to the shelves?”

“Yes, of course.” Vel stepped over to his mother and hugged her goodnight. He was careful not to touch her bare skin with his. He watched her backside as she walked over to his sister and hugged her as well. “Will you be coming up to the library often, Mother? More research?”

“No.” She made her way to the door and turned back toward them, her arms folded over her chest. “I’m afraid I’ve exhausted our material on my subject of interest.”

“What is the subject?” Vel thought his mother looked tired, but still quite pretty. Her brown curls bobbed around her shoulders as she looked from one of her children to the other.

“I cannot say at present. But once I turn it over in my head some, I may seek my Duke’s advice.” She nodded at Vel, and then smiled at Naevia. “And that of his distinguished Lady sister. Don’t stay up until the cockerel calls. You will ruin your tomorrow. Goodnight.” She turned and left the library.

“Goodnight, Mother.” The siblings called after her.

They waited a few minutes in case she returned, and then Naevia closed and locked the library door. “Could you be any more obvious, Your Grace.” Her smile mocked Vel good-naturedly. “Will you be coming to the library often, Mother?” She said in a singsong. “You might as well have told her we’re up to no good in the library.”

“We are up to no good, Naevia.” Vel closed the distance between them, picked her up in his arms, and gazed into her lovely green eyes. He felt her legs lock around his waist. “No reason to hide it.”

Naevia laughed, enjoying the fresh heat of his breath in her face. “If Mother found out, she would make me a nun to the chaste Diana. And she might geld you. Not to mention all the other catastrophes should our love become known. Seeing as that is how it is, I think we might have to play it close to the chest, Vel.”

“Seeing as that is how it is…” Vel parted his robes, lifted his tunic, and pushed his underwear out of the way. He could see Naevia hurriedly lifting her stola to her waist and reaching down to pull her own undergarment to the side. He loved the frenzy in her movements, making plain that another second without his cock in her was a second wasted. He moved her hips away from his about a foot to give him room to Avrupa Yakası Escort line up with her pussy. Then he slowly pulled her back toward him, sinking deep into her wet warmth. “You are the… best, Naevia.”

“You’ve only… known… two women. Are you… uggghhhhh… comparing me to our cousin, Your Grace?” He hit a spot deep inside that nearly melted her. She knew she must have been making ridiculous faces at him. “Because that would… uh… uh… be an honor. She is married… and she has… had lots of… practice. Before you… I only did it a few… times.” The last word she said an octave higher than the rest. He was already pulling her to peak pleasure. She hit bottom, resting in his arms several feet above the floor, her feet now pointing to each side. Suddenly, her first orgasm took her. “Oooohhhhhhhhhh.” Her mouth formed a little happy rictus, and her eyes rolled back.

“Our cousin is good, but… uh… uh… uh… you are better.” He grabbed two handfuls of her ass and bounced her with a slow rhythm. She weighed little, but he didn’t think his muscles could support anything too vigorous. It strained him as it was, especially as her body cantilevered away from him at the top of each stroke.

“It feels like I’m… sitting on that relic tower.” Another surge built up in Naevia’s nerves. She was going to blow over again. “But could you… pull my hair?”

“Sure.” It was easy enough to do, with her neck arched back, her hair dangled close to her butt. He reached up, grabbed a handful, and used his forearm to support her butt on that side.

“Yes… yes… I’m yours, Vel. I… am… yours. Aaaahhhhhhh.” She came again. They humped standing up in the library for a while longer. She surged through crest after crest of pleasure. Eventually, she begged for his seed, and he gave it to her. She had given up all pretense of safety with the access she now gave him to her womb.

Not quite yet at the cockerel’s hour, but far into the night, Vel lay on the smooth silk of a sofa. His sister lay between his legs. She lovingly worked one testicle with her mouth, and then the other. All while working his long penis with her hands. She had been smart to put her stola underneath her so as not to stain the antique furniture with the stuff that consistently leaked from her pussy. With a pop, she spit out the ball that was in her mouth. She tilted her head to look around his pole up into his eyes. “Do you desire more women, Vel?”

“Me?” Vel could only see one green eye, the other hid behind his cock. He was going to play this as dumb as dumb could be.

“It’s just… I would want you to know that I… um… wouldn’t be jealous.” She leaned forward and kissed one heavy, wrinkly ball. “And you have the most ridiculous, happy expression on your face right now watching me tend to your sacks. I am a smart girl, Vel. I wonder if you’d like to see another girl doing this. Besides Dellia, I mean.” Naevia’s laugh was a nervous one. Even with their closeness, this seemed a topic fraught with danger.

“Um… yeah…” Vel’s nervous laugh matched his sister’s.

“Anyway. Think on it.” Naevia’s laughter died away and her face became serious. She held the mighty cock right before her eyes and examined the veiny shaft closely. She pulled his cock toward her and engulfed the head in her mouth. She pumped him and bobbed, determined to satisfy him once more before they returned to their respective beds.

“I… will… think…” Vel leaned his head back onto the arm of the sofa. She had gotten so very good at that.


“Did you miss me, Spurrius?” Dellia tried to be playful with her husband. Since his return to her father’s home earlier that day, he had been taciturn and reserved with her. It had been weeks since she’d disappeared with her cousins from Kart Hadasht. Although she had insisted to the queens, her father, and her husband that they had returned by boat, Spurrius seemed least interested in believing her. “Would you join me in bed?” She lay naked on the sheet on her side, hoping that the gentle slope of her hip would entice him out of his melancholy.

“I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me you were leaving.” Spurrius slowly removed his robes and unbelted his tunic. “And you arrived back at Ostia Novus without more than two days at sea.”

“It was a fast ship.” She twisted her torso up, so that her tits would roll more into his view. Despite everything, it was good to see him. She had found passion with Vel, but she loved Spurrius, even if she had chosen to undermine their mission. Things were quite complicated in her head. Maybe if her husband would just take her as he was supposed to, she would find passion with him and that would clarify things. “Anyway, we lost Gallio for the moment. But at least my cousins will help us now. We can maybe set a trap in this city for him? That way, we wouldn’t have to leave our bed so far away. And speaking of our bed, come here, Bahçelievler Escort husband.” Dellia beckoned him with her fingers.

“Maybe.” He pulled off his tunic and saw his wife’s eyes on his naked torso.

“You are built like Apollo, Spurrius. Now come melt me like the sun.” It was true, as she studied him, he was well muscled and quite lovely to look at. Not pale and thin like Vel. She tried to put her cousin out of her mind.

“Maybe tomorrow we can tussle. I am ill at ease.” He watched her rise from the bed, moving in that manly way of hers. He felt her arms fall around his shoulders, and then suddenly he was off his feet and flying through the air. He landed squarely in the middle of their bed, a bit stunned but not surprised. She had, of course, bedded him like this before.

“That’s better.” Dellia jumped onto the bed, tore his underwear down his legs, and grabbed his cock. She pumped it fiercely, trying not to let her disappointment show. She had become so used to Vel that she had inflated her husband’s tool in her mind. Confronted with the thing in person, she couldn’t help but feel let down. She could fit only one hand on its hard length, and it did not fill her grip. Not to be deterred, she mounted him, put her hand on his mouth when he tried to say something, and slipped his cock inside her. She got her hips into rhythm. He was her husband and, by the gods, she would enjoy this.

“Wow… Dellia… you’re on fire tonight. My absence was perhaps… ugh… a good thing.” She had never ridden him so vigorously. Her face was painted with determination. The coupling made his doubts melt away. Maybe this is what he’d needed all along. Although… despite her vigor, her pussy didn’t seem to grip him the way it should. Maybe it was a side effect of the force with which her hips worked. Even with the loss of sensation, he was going to cum soon. The overall effect of her desire was just too much. “I’m going to…” He tensed up.

“No… no… no.” Dellia rode harder. She needed to feel something with him. He couldn’t finish before she even got started. She ground her hips into him, hoping that if she didn’t thrust, he wouldn’t climax. She prayed that he would hit some pleasure spot, but the only joy she felt came where her clit rubbed against him. She might as well have been fucking a woman. Vel had indeed ruined her. “No. Fucking look at me, Spurrius. Do not cum yet. I said… noooooooo.” She watched his stupid face go limp and felt him tremble out his ending. Her hips slowed to a stop. Well, at the very least, Vel’s sperm had some competition.

“I feel better… my wife.” Spurrius closed his eyes.

“I do, too,” she lied. She dismounted him and lay next to him on the sheet. “My strong Apollo.” She waited for him to sleep. It didn’t take long. When the snoring started, she stood, blew out the lamp, and returned to bed. Her hand immediately returned to her clit and she finished what Spurrius could not.


The poor little man was inconsolable. Brynhild almost felt sorry for him. “There, there.” She reached down and awkwardly patted him on the back. “Perhaps she will return.”

“Perhaps?” Nicias’ weeping reenergized itself. “You… were… friends with her… were you not?”

“Well… um…” Why did she suddenly care for this sad servant? There was no way for Brynhild to gently say she had been fucking his wife. “She worked… um… closely with me. And… I appreciated her companionship.” This was true. The queens really had hurt her when they’d stolen Merope. The scullery servant had been so sweet, and pretty, and… willing. “Your wife is a good woman.”

“Can you not… summon some magic… to bring her back?” Nicias said between sobs.

“I dare not go against the queens regent.” Brynhild didn’t mind lying to Nicias, even if she felt sorry for him. She had no problem planning against the queens, the issue was an imbalance in power. And now she knew that they had magic beyond what she had thought. Beyond what anyone else had in this shell of a world. Brynhild had tried to even the odds. Biding her time. Recruiting the Dukes of Ostia Novus. But about the best that had come of that was she hadn’t been caught. “But I will do all that I can to retrieve your wife. You have my word on that, Nicias.” This was not a lie.

“Thank you.” He wiped at his eyes. “Thank you.”


“Might I have a word with you?” Brynhild found Vel stepping into the castle from his saber lesson. She thought she’d find him alone for once, but his younger sister seemed to appear out of nowhere and take hold of his hand.

“You may.” Naevia said.

“I meant to have a private conversation with the duke.” Brynhild’s platinum hair shimmered in the morning sun, held back from her face by a Northern circlet that looked like it was carved from ice. “If you’ll excuse us, Lady Naevia.”

“I will not.” Naevia arched her eyebrows up at the giant of a woman. The sorceress Bahçeşehir Escort was still quite unsettling, but not nearly so creepy in the morning light.

“Your Grace?” Brynhild looked to Vel for support.

“Come join us on the veranda, Brynhild.” He walked with his sister to the left, stopping at a stone railing that looked down on the eastern meadow. The cool tingle of evaporating sweat tickled his face. “We should have plenty of privacy here.” He squeezed his sister’s hand, and they turned to face the ageless woman. “What did you want to talk about?”

Brynhild followed them out and looked around. There was no one about. She sighed. It was harder to push two, and Vel had already shown resistance to her earlier suggestions. “You two will go to the Royal Palace, and seek contact with the Princess Minicia. You will also locate your servant Merope and –“

“You’re trying to influence me again with magic.” Vel cut her off, his pink face turning red. “I told you not to do that.”

“That wasn’t my intent, Your Grace. I was only asking you to collect information.” Brynhild pulled the loose dress tighter around her. Maybe it was her sow’s body that made this spell so ineffective. Her old stature was so commanding. She now looked like something waiting to be bred. She shuddered at the morning chill. “I cast no spell on you today.”

“I am your duke, sorceress. It is I that asks you to collect information. Not this other twisted thing you have in your mind.” He had never before felt more like a duke. “My mother seems to be interested in the childhood of the queens regent.” Vel and his sister had read over their mother’s research before returning it to the shelves. “You will collect information of the queens and report back to me.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” Brynhild curtsied and stepped closer to Vel. If she could touch him, maybe she could properly gain the upper hand.

“Vel?” Naevia watched the sorceress approach. She didn’t like the way the woman moved. It was too… innocent. When had Brynhild ever done anything innocently. “Vel, watch out.” But the woman moved at them fast, and they had backed into the railing. A surge of panic hit Naevia. In a split second, it gave way to a wave of calm. A flash of azure light flooded the veranda and knocked Brynhild back.

“You…” Brynhild stumbled and fell, her round butt cushioning her landing on the stones. Her blue eyes looked up at the teenagers with wild surprise. Her focus narrowed on Naevia. “You did that? How? You have no magic. I’ve known you since you were born. You’re as magical as a rock. What trickery is this?”

Vel laughed at the way the sorceress looked sitting on the flagged stones. He couldn’t help it. The woman, with her large bosom heaving and her legs splayed, was so undignified.

“I didn’t do anything.” Naevia joined in her brother’s laughter. She put a hand over her mouth. The woman had turned from threat to buffoon in the breadth of a hair.

“Gather all you can on the history of the queens regent.” Vel stepped around Brynhild, not offering her a hand up despite the fact that she looked like she could use one. “Then we will see what further use we might have for you.”

Brother and sister ran off into the castle, still laughing. They looked at each other and both knew that whatever had just happened with that azure light had primed them for more mating. They couldn’t put it off.

“The library?” Vel tried very hard not to kiss her as they ran down the corridor.

“No.” Naevia didn’t know if her mother might continue her research by day. “My room. My room should be safe.” And off they ran toward Naevia’s chamber.


Bouncing on top of her brother like she was driving a horse at Circus Maximus, Naevia hunched forward. She faced away from Vel, a new trick they’d learned and called the reverse saddle. Her knees dug into the mattress every time gravity asserted itself, and then left the sheet all together when she launched herself back up again. If she could have seen herself, she would have wondered that such a small woman could take something so large with such violence. But at the moment, she wondered nothing. She only bathed in the joys of mating Vel.

“Quiet… ugh… quiet.” Vel would have covered her mouth with his hand, but she was facing the wrong way. Instead, he lightly slapped her ass to get her attention. But that seemed to have the opposite to the desired effect as she only rode him harder.

“Vel… Vel… slap me again.” The bedframe groaned like a ship at sea.

“Quiet.” He said it louder and did not slap her again.

“What?” She heard the urgency in his voice, and looked over her shoulder. Then she saw the concern on his face. And then, she heard the knocking on her heavy, oak door. Her hips slowed. She was no longer going airborne, just gently undulating. This was also spectacular, because his head consistently nudged the very entrance to her womb, and her button pressed against him. “Should I tell them to go away?”

“No,” Vel whispered. “Say nothing. It’s best if no one knows we’re in here together in the middle of the day.”

The knocking stopped. And then, to the siblings’ horror, they heard the sound of a key scratching at the iron lock.

“I’m in here. Don’t come in.” Naevia shouted at the door. She dismounted her still tumescent brother, and they both hid below the sheets.

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