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I waited for this for some time. Long before we went out, when I was starting to get myself ready, I was thinking of what would come later (including me!). Drying myself after my shower, blow drying my hair, highlighting my face with just touches of mascara, blusher and lipstick – not too much just the way you like it – sliding into my black, subtly patterned, silky underwear and zipping up a figure hugging black dress with the swirly calf length skirt you love so well, my thoughts were all of later, my emotions all to do with anticipation.

Finally I pulled on the sheer, black, thigh length hold-up stockings, smoothed them down and completed the outfit with high-heeled, patent leather ankle boots. I briefly checked myself out in the mirror, twirled round to make sure that the dress swung freely, touched my lips with the tip of my tongue and smiled lasciviously.

I sensed that you shared the same sense of expectancy. When we got to the rather ordinary dinner dance we had reluctantly agreed to attend for charity, you kept touching me, gently stroking my shoulder or placing your hand on the small of my back. I confess you looked very handsome, tall and dashing in your white tuxedo. You raised your wine glass to toast me more often than was strictly necessary, once or twice with a grin I can only describe as wolfish. After the dinner you got up and asked me to dance without prompting, and when the music slowed down you held me close, your cheek against mine, breathing in the scent of my hair.

I also noted you flirting to an unnecessary extent with the attractive woman sitting on the other side of you at the table. Although I admit to having felt just a hint of jealousy, I confess it was also rather exciting, and I did wonder whether you might be having some illicit fantasies you might share (or even act out) with after we get home.

I admit that the situation made me behave uncharacteristically as well. During the meal I felt your hand touch my thigh and then slide up my skirt, until you were stroking my stocking tops through the thin material. You started, very gradually, to hitch my skirt up with your fingertips, to get to the soft flesh beneath. I waited until you had almost reached your goal and then, laughing as if at a joke you had told me, I pushed your hand away teasing you by delaying your gratification.

Then, something I have never done before in public, I reached out myself, put my hand in your groin and cupped your package. I could feel you swelling under my touch and I gently ran my fingertip along the length of your penis, caressing it through the material of your dress trousers. Without pausing to worry I pulled down the zip and slipped my fingers inside, ignoring your stifled gasp, uncaring whether it was pleasure, worry about being observed, or just fear of coming in your trousers.

For a few seconds I worked on you, teasing and encouraging, and then, with a good imitation of your own wolfish grin I withdrew my hand and turned to flirt with the man on my other side, as if nothing had happened.

You were driving and so you stayed sober. I wasn’t, so I had a couple of glasses of wine, perhaps more than a couple, and I think this may have been why I started to behave a little more outrageously. I pressed myself against you while we were dancing slowly, moving my hips slightly to rub my stomach against yours, my groin against yours. At one point, sitting at the table, I deliberately dipped my finger into the cream on my desert and then licked it slowly and lasciviously, sucking the tip of my finger, in a gesture I knew you would understand, and at least some of the other guests Acıbadem Escort might recognize.

On the way home I continued to tease, although I admit that the anticipation was also pleasing me. I would not let you touch me, and insisted that you kept your hands on the wheel and concentrated on your driving. I, of course, did not follow my own advice. I reached across and unzipped your trousers, slipped my hand in to free your cock, which was already almost fully erect. I stroked it gently and then, sliding down the seat, I leaned over and took the swollen tip into my mouth. You gasped and I felt the car swerve very slightly before you regained control. There are times when I am very grateful that you are a careful, controlled kind of person.

I might well have continued to enjoy myself and tease you all the way home, but I was forced to draw away when you pulled up to stop at a well lit junction, the red light against us, and I decided that it would be better to get home without being arrested.

When we arrived home it was you who began to tease. You unlocked the front door and let me in but then left me while you went back, pretending you had forgotten whether you had locked the car.

I walk into the living room, then stand and look at myself in the large mirror opposite. My face is a little flushed, unsurprisingly, and my hair somewhat disarrayed from where you ran your hands through it while we were dancing. I cup my hands over my breasts and caress them softly through the thin material of my dress.

I continue doing so when I hear you come in through the front door, and as I watch you approach me in the mirror, looking so tall and handsome in your tuxedo.

You come up close behind me, nuzzle your face into my hair and reach round to cover my hands with yours, all four cupping my breasts. You press me against you and I feel you, even through those layers of clothing, hardening against me. You lower your head, nip my earlobe with your teeth and then begin to kiss me on the side and back of my neck, softly, your warm breath giving me goose bumps. Still you keep your hands over mine, so that I cannot respond.

Eventually you shift your attention to my shoulder, your lips and teeth gently nibbling at my skin. You move your hands away from my breasts, sliding them down across my stomach and thighs to the side of my legs. With your fingertips you hitch up my skirt, inch by inch, slipping it over the sheer black of my stockings until you find the smooth soft flesh of my thighs. As you caress me I am able to release my own hands and move them behind me, exploring.

Somewhat to my surprise I find that your zip is still open and my hand slips inside your dress trousers and easily frees your cock, now fully erect, pulling it out of your trousers and into my welcoming hand.

Your hands close firmly round my hip bones and you pull me back against you, your cock pressed firmly against my backside. All that separates us now is the thin material of my panties. I move my hand away to allow you to rub yourself against me. Your breathing is harder, and you move more urgently as I feel your teeth bite more firmly into my neck.

For a moment I think you are just going to take me, then and there, from behind. You, however, always have more control. You lift your hands away, placing them on my shoulders and caressing gently. You stand straighter, moving slightly away from me. I can feel your fingers on my neck, unbuttoning the clasp of my dress and sliding the zipper down. The dress falls away from my shoulders, slips down my body and collapses in a heap on the floor. I make a slight move to Acıbadem Escort Bayan step out of it. As I do so I feel your fingers on my bra, and again the straps slip quietly off my shoulders, allowing the filmy black garment to fall to the floor.

You place your hands on my hips, gently this time, and push me forward. I go where you indicate, moving towards the sofa which dominates one wall of the living room, opposite the large mirror.

You turn me round to push me gently backwards so that I sit down, my legs moving apart involuntarily. You smile as you kneel before me and reach up to pull my panties down across my thighs, over the sheer material of my stockings, unhooking them from the ankle boots I am still wearing.

You are still fully dressed. I am excited by the sight of your naked swollen penis emerging from your dress trousers, when otherwise you still look so formal and contained in your dress clothes.

I expect you to lean forward, as you would usually do, to lick my pussy and to suck my clitoris. I am surprised, but also pleased, when you stand up, kneel astride me on the sofa and press yourself against me. I can feel the material of your jacket and trousers against my stomach and breasts as you offer your cock to me, close to my lips. Obligingly I open my mouth and close my lips around the tip, relishing the slight moan of pleasure this draws from you.

For a moment you simply stay there, unmoving, before, very slowly, you begin to push yourself further in, and then withdraw, fucking my mouth in the gentlest rhythm possible. I love this, and you know that it always makes me hot and wet, and causes me to ache to feel your cock in my cunt. For the moment, however, I content myself with these sensations, using my tongue to tease and massage the tip of your cock, closing my eyes to relish the feeling of you in my mouth, and to imagine you being driven almost to distraction by my attentions.

This seems to go on for an eternity, although in truth I could not tell you how much time has passed. My eyes are closed, my fingers reach between my legs and I caress my clitoris slowly, longing for the moment when I can open my self to receive your cock deep inside me.

Eventually you withdraw from my mouth and lower yourself down my body. You still want to delay things, and instead of heading straight for my sex you pause and place your cock, still moist and slippery with my saliva, between my breasts. Obligingly I press my breasts together with my hands, enfolding your cock, allowing you to fuck me again, in yet a different place. This time I open my eyes and watch you, above me, as still formally dressed, your bow tie neatly tied, your tuxedo immaculate, as, eyes closed, you rock backward and forward enjoying the sensation of fucking my tits.

Finally you again withdraw and slip down on your knees between my legs. I long to feel you inside me but still you tease. Holding your cock in one hand, while squeezing my breast with the other, you rub the tip against my clitoris, in a slow, sensual almost circular motion which, if you go on long enough, we both know will make me come. Meanwhile your thumb caresses my nipple in the same gentle rhythm.

You do not allow me to come, however. You lower your cock very slightly and place the tip against my lips, pushing inside just the tiniest bit. I can feel you, I want you, I long to have you inside me, I need you to thrust further and deeper. Almost desperate now I lift my legs and wrap them around you, trying to pull you into me trying to force you to fuck me hard. You lean back, stronger than me, resist, tease. We look into each other’s Escort Acıbadem eyes and you smile.

And then, suddenly, almost without warning, you lean forward and the full length of you slides sweetly inside me, filling me. I utter a loud moan of pleasure and close my eyes as you begin to thrust regularly against me. You do not move too far, concentrating on rubbing yourself against me, stimulating me, pressing against my clitoris, urging me to orgasm.

I feel my pleasure rising and I begin to moan louder, I cannot resist, and I start to come, rhythmically, thrusting myself against you, feeling you inside me and against me. A small part of my mind can picture us, me almost naked, you fully clothed thrusting into me. I am not sure how long my orgasm lasts, but again it seems like eternity. When the feelings subside you lean over me, kissing me gently on the lips, smiling and murmuring quiet loving words, those little endearments which let me know that you love me and that you enjoy me as much as I enjoy you.

And then you lean back and again you grin wolfishly. I know exactly what you want. I grinned back and whisper “turn over?”. “Oh fuck yes” you respond, halfway between begging and growling. In a series of quick movements, all the easier for having practised them many times before, you pull out of me, I roll over and you thrust deeply into me once more, this time from behind.

Again there is a part of my mind that is almost detached, watching us in my minds eye, seeing my naked back and round backside beneath you, a view you sometimes say you love more than any other. Somehow my nakedness seems greater because I’m still wearing stockings and boots, this way I seem somehow even more exposed and vulnerable. While you, still fully clothed apart from your cock pounding into my cunt, seem so strong, so powerful, so much in control.

The images are oddly dreamlike, crystal clear yet strange, everyday yet unfamiliar. There is also the dreamlike sense of being totally involved, feeling and experiencing everything that I am watching, but somehow simultaneously detached. Whatever the experience is, it is definitely exciting.

As I watch, and as I respond physically, I hear you, still only in my mind, describing what you see, what you feel and what you are doing in the words that you only use when we are together like this. I hear your voice saying “flanks” and “haunches” and “arse”. Almost at the same time as I hear the last word one of your hands cups my arse and I sense the tip of one of your fingers pressing against my anus. I know you love to tease me there, and you know that I love you to do it.

Your voice continues in my mind – “Cock … Sexy bitch … Cunt … Shaft” …. oh yes, you are shafting me, you are shafting my cunt, shafting … cunt… shaft. .. Cunt ….

Oh yes, shaft me! Shaft my mouth, shaft my tits, shaft my cunt, shaft my arse if you want. The pleasure of my previous climax had barely started to subside, and I can feel it rising again, sense myself riding the waves towards another orgasm. I feel pleasure again coursing through me, filling me, lifting me and I give in and allow myself to be carried over the edge of pleasure and delight, my screams muffled by the cushions of the sofa

You are not delaying now, or trying to tease me. Your hands are on my hips, your fingertips in the curve of my hipbones as you hold me while you thrust into me, with long strokes, almost pulling out each time before sliding deeply back inside. Even through the rough material of your clothes pressing against me I can feel your muscles start to stiffen just before you come. I hear you make those sounds, those inarticulate words, those moans of pleasure which tell me that you are about to let go and join you, my own pleasure flooding over me as you flood into me, deep inside me, warming and caressing me physically and mentally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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