Jackie Loses Control

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69 Position

The two couples had been meeting up together for about a month now, Dave and Jackie, Joanna and Peter. The meeting had happened through a conversation on an adult website, which mostly at Joanna’s behest had gotten rather raunchy. When they realised they lived within a few miles of each other a meeting was always inevitable. All parties enjoyed what happened at the early meetings, and each couple found the other was quite uninhibited. New ground was broken every time, and some quite interesting scenarios ensued.

At the third meeting they determined that one of them should act as leader for the session, and direct the course of events in any way they cared. Each person knowing if things went somewhere they didn’t want to go they could stop immediately. Each of them except Jackie had taken a turn at leading a session, and tonight it was Jackie’s turn. She had a strange fantasy that really turned her on, but wasn’t sure if it might go a step too far for the others.

Jackie loved experimenting with pee, she and Dave did so often, but she also could hit a wild orgasm if she could relax her ass while cumming. She had cum this way a few times when masturbating by herself, and a couple of times with Dave, but the thought of doing both in group sex was driving her wild. She had discussed it with Dave, and they both agreed he should talk it through with Peter and Joanna, just in case either of them might be grossed out by it. Jackie confirmed with Dave just before the agreed meeting time that she was going to be in the right bodily state if proceedings were initiated and it wouldn’t be long before she needed to function in all departments.

When the three of them entered the room to join Jackie she found herself the centre of attention. Dave smiled at her, and Peter whispered in her ear that they were quite intrigued to see how big an orgasm they could make her have. Joanna showed her enthusiasm too, taking a lead in stripping Jackie naked as she was kissed, stroked and fondled erotically by all three. Once naked, hands were everywhere as she was simultaneously stimulated by all of her friends. Dave had already given instruction that Jackie should be aroused as much as possible, but until she was really desperate to function and bursting to hold things in, she shouldn’t be taken near orgasm. Eventually therefore play stopped and she was placed naked in a chair in the centre of the room so sex could continue around her without directly involving her.

Jackie, assuming her leadership role asked the boys to put on a show, and do a sexy strip for her and Joanna. Joanna moved behind the chair and reached around Jackie so she could play with Jackie’s breasts as the boys undressed. The strip was sexy, each man was quite well muscled and had a fit figure, and they stripped slowly, rippling muscles and impressing, leaving their bulging mini briefs till last, then unveiling their fully fledged hard erections.

Naked, each of them knelt in front of Jackie, while Joanna presented Jackie’s breasts to them, one each for them to suckle. As they sucked, Joanna presented Jackie with a pint glass full of water, and suggested she drink. As she drank the two boys began handling her pussy, casino oyna feeling her wetness, spreading her juices out of her love hole and slit to make her clit slick and to lubricate her anus.

Finishing the pint, Jackie asked the boys to strip Joanna for her while she watched. The strip was slow and sexy, every part fondled before it was revealed, then licked and sucked once exposed, breasts, aureoles, nipples, navel, clitoris, anus, love hole each addressed in turn. By the time her pussy was reached Joanna was soaking. With her panties removed, Dave parted Joanna’s pussy lips so Jackie could see them glistening in Juice. The sight turned Jackie on so much, and she really wanted to kneel and eat. But she knew it wasn’t time to get involved yet.

Jackie asked Dave to kneel and lick Joanna out and make her cum while she watched. She asked Peter to stand behind Joanna and fondle his partner’s breasts while supporting her through the oral orgasm. Dave knelt and persuaded Joanna’s feet further apart before pressing his face between her moist thighs. Joanna moaned, and settled into the journey to orgasm, relaxing herself to Dave’s mouth. Moans deepening all the while, Joanna began savouring the sensations on her clit and at her nipples. Jackie massaged her own clit slowly as she watched, feeling sexy, and feeling the pressure building against her anus and in her bladder. Presently Joanna began to shake. Peter held her firm. Orgasm washed over her body, as one climax followed another, Dave licking clit expertly throughout. Joanna screamed as she came.

Jackie was turned on as she played gently with herself, feeling even hornier than ever, but resisted masturbating hard as she wasn’t quite ready. Deliberately Jackie hadn’t used the bathroom much that day. She had resisted her normal pattern of shitting before taking a shower this morning, and had felt her bowels needing motion at several points during the day but resisted in anticipation of what the evening might offer. She hadn’t peed since early morning, and had been drinking coffee steadily through the day. The caffeine had her high, and the liquid was beginning to make avoiding peeing difficult.

Joanna cumming before her eyes, at the behest of the two men was making holding things together interesting, she was becoming desperate to pee but she knew her anus wasn’t quite under enough pressure to start the main event yet. Joanna stood up through her entire orgasm. Well stood was stretching it a bit, as she had been supported through the latter stages by leaning into Peter behind her to prevent herself falling as she spasmed and screamed. The scene had turned Jackie on as much as she had imagined it would earlier in the day when she had thought it up. She had even masturbated herself to a small orgasm in the ladies room during her lunch hour while she thought it through, biting on her handkerchief to stop herself from moaning and being overheard. Peter had done a good job too, and she knew now that her own fantasy would be in safe hands with Peter supporting her once she was ready.

Following her orgasm Joanna was allowed to sink to her knees and fall forward. Dave kissed her deeply as she dropped forward onto canlı casino to all fours, and allowed her to recover for a few moments. As she regained calm and her breathing returned to normal Dave pushed her back to her knees. Dave stood up, and took a step toward her. Standing right in front of her he pressed his cock against her lips. Joanna’s mouth opened instinctively to allow his erect member to enter.

Joanna teased his thick hard cock at first, licking it, and slurping at the knob, then as her racing pulse began to subside she relaxed into sucking it. Peter’s slightly thinner, but longer, cock appeared by her mouth too, and after a couple of minutes steady sucking she moved to him. Again she started with licking, and slurping, and then steady sucking. Peter started to moan in pleasure, but, not wanting the boys to cum too quickly she released him and returned to Dave. Joanna sucked steadily once more, before reverting to Peter.

Jackie, stroking her clit lightly all the while, enjoyed the spectacle in front of her eyes. Joanna was kneeling facing her, and Peter and Dave stood either side of her facing each other, so as not to obscure Jackie’s view. Joanna had an arm around each boy’s leg, reaching in so her hand could cup his balls. Joanna continued to suck them alternately, and playing with the balls of the one not being sucked. Each time she swapped she picked the pace up slightly more.

Joanna moved back to Dave for the fourth time, and this time took his cock deeper. Swallowing, she deep throated him. Dave groaned, and fucked her face harder. Joanna squeezed his balls, and she felt them begin to contract. Dave entered orgasm, his cock pulsed, then Joanna felt his balls begin the ejaculation and a shot of spunk hit the back of her throat. Another shot followed quickly as Joanna swallowed, then another, and another, as she struggled to take all his cum and gagged slightly. She pulled away, and the final string of spunk ejaculated across her face.

Peter grabbed Joanna’s head and directed her mouth back to him, taking his wife roughly, and making her deep throat him in the same manner as she had done for Dave. The response in his balls was almost instant, and he too discharged deep into the gagging Joanna. Joanna pulled away once more to avoid choking, and her husbands spunk shot onto her face and across her breasts.

Jackie was beside herself, so turned on but not allowing herself near orgasm. She beckoned Joanna to her, and Joanna stood up and moved to her. Jackie reached up and pulled Joanna’s mouth to hers so they could kiss and share the spunk on her lips and in her mouth. Jackie broke the kiss, and began to lick her friend’s face clean, before turning to her breasts to do the same. By the time Jackie reached Joanna’s nipples and began to suck on them Joanna was dripping wet once more.

Now, about an hour into their playtime, Jackie announced that she was ready. Her bladder was at bursting point, and she could hold on no longer. Dave suggested they all go to the bathroom and took Jackie by the hand. Peter and Joanna followed. Jackie explained that she wanted to crouch down low, and get into a position where she could both pee and release her kaçak casino anus easily. She asked Peter to stand behind her and hold her as she crouched. Peter moved in place, kneeling, and cupping a breast in each hand as Jackie began to crouch.

As Jackie sunk lower Peter took her weight on his arms as they passed under her armpits. Jackie then asked Joanna to lie on her tummy on the tiled floor, and prop herself up on her elbows so she could move between Jackie’s open legs and begin licking. Dave knelt behind Joanna, playing between her legs as she licked at Jackie’s clit. Jackie held things in while Joanna worked her toward orgasm. It was a desperate battle, her position now making it less easy to control the pressure on her anus, and the liquid in her bladder trying to escape. She had already dribbled a little, and Joanna had licked up the drips, telling her how gorgeous she tasted, as the droplets of pee amalgamated with her vaginal secretions.

Joanna’s own pussy was on fire as Dave teased it with his fingers and her clit with his thumb, and she new she would probably cum again as Jackie performed. Dave had started penetrating her with one finger, but now had three within her, and she pushed her pussy back against each inward thrust.

As Dave fingered Joanna chewed Jackie’s clit intensely. Jackie knew she was almost there, and unable to hold any longer began to pee. Not a dribble, or even a normal flow, the pee gushed out in a steamy jet, and Joanna directed it onto herself, her breasts initially, then her face, then placing her mouth hard against Jackie’s pussy to take the full flow, drinking and swallowing but losing much of the liquid as it flooded her mouth faster than she could deal with. As she swallowed she almost choked; Dave’s whole hand had just penetrated her pussy, making her gasp.

At that moment, seeing what Dave was doing, Jackie hit orgasm, pee still flowing. Joanna chewed hard on her clit once more, letting the pee flow free. Somewhere around this point Jackie lost control altogether, shaking, and spasming, and as she did was no longer able to direct any of her lower body. Her legs were jelly, and she was helpless supported only by Peter’s arms. He had moved from caressing her breasts in his hands to teasing her nipples, and as she orgasmed, he was now tweaking and nipping them hard. As he did so Peter pressed his cock against Jackie, rubbing his hard member in the top of her ass crack just as it gave way to the inward curve of her lower back. The pain at her nipples, and the biting of her aroused erect clit, encouraged her to begin screaming out. In the midst of it all her anus relaxed, and as the screams of the intense orgasm got louder her bowels unloaded uncontrollably.

Turned on by the immense orgasm happening right before her, and being fully stretched by Dave’s fist Joanna hit orgasm too, shuddering as her body lay on the now drenched tiled floor. Jackie felt the pulsing of Peter’s cock as it ejaculated, and heard his moans in her ear as his hot semen splashed up her back. Joanna moaned into Jackie’s cunt as she continued to eat, spasms still wrecking through Jackies body.

Finally spent and exhausted, Peter laid Jackie down on the floor to recover. Joanna’s orgasm continued beyond this as Dave continued to fist her hard, and free of a pussy to eat she concentrated fully on her own pleasure until she too was exhausted and could cum no more.

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