Lonely Desires

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Cindy walked along through the local mall looking at the stores and watching other people passing by. She passed the Victoria’s Secret store and saw the sexy variety of women’s lingerie available. She remembered when she had modeled some of her own for her last boyfriend. It had really turned him on, and before she knew it she was lying naked on the floor with his head between her legs! But that had been years ago. It had been a long time since she had been with anyone. At 35 she was still attractive and always interested in sex. She looked up and noticed a young couple kissing passionately. Then the guy reached down with one hand and cupped her ass.

“Umm, wish that was me!” She thought to herself.

The couple broke the kiss, and the girls looked at her man with love in her eyes and smiled at him. They walked off with arms around each other’s waists. Cindy realized that she was suddenly hungry, and walked toward the food court to get a sandwich and a soda. She sat down by herself munching at her food. Loneliness began to surface in her as well as unsatisfied desire. She needed some attention, and was tired of waiting for it.

Cindy was very attractive, but just hadn’t meet anyone she was interested enough in lately. She stood 5’10” at 125 pounds. Her green eyes were deep and beautiful, and her long wonderfully red hair was soft and radiant. Her body was voluptuous, shapely, and soft. She always dressed to kill, and it always turned heads.

At that moment she noticed a tall man with dark hair sit down at the table across from hers. She had been staring at him for a few moments admiring his looks when he looked up and saw her. Their eyes meet and both smiled at each other.

“Hi!” She said friendly.

“Hey there!” The man said to her smiling. “You have a great smile!”

“Yours isn’t bad either!” Cindy flirted. She thought it was so sweet when she saw him actually blush at the compliment.

“You don’t have to sit alone. Come keep me some company over here.” He offered.

She wasn’t about to refuse this charming gentleman, and moved to the seat across from him. They chatted with each other so long and intensely that it took them an hour to finish their food. They learned from each other that they were both single and both hadn’t had much fun lately. His name was Roger. His job was being a fireman. He had worked for the station for 6 years. It also kept him in shape. She told him that she was a high school teacher.

“The kids never pay attention and are always fooling around in class.” She said. “In fact, that’s not so far from the truth. I turn around to find a girl and guy sneaking in a kiss more often than you’d think! So it’s not really correct to call them kids.”

“Yeah, I hear you. I use to be kind of wild when I was younger.”

“Really? Give me an example.” She asked.

“Well,” he thought to himself for a second, “When I was 10 years old I kissed my babysitter!”

“Wow! That’s pretty daring.”

He smiled, “She was so pretty and always smelled nice. One day we were sitting on the couch watching TV. The show was boring us so we turned it off and started talking. We were laughing a bunch and her great smile bursa escort was making her so beautiful that I took a chance. I leaned over and put my lips right on hers. Her eyes got really big and she was about to break away, but she didn’t. We kissed for 10 minutes, and even used our tongues! Then the more responsible side of her took over. She told me not to mention it to anyone and then went off to clean up the house. It was the first time I had kissed a girl.”

“How old was she?” Cindy asked.

“Fourteen.” He said. “What about you? Have you done anything wild before?”

She laughed. “Too many to remember! But as for when I was a teenager, one thing comes to mind. When I was in my youth, my sister and I made out for an hour!”

Roger looked shocked and excited. “You made out with your sister?”

“Yep! We were out camping in the wooded mountains near where we lived in California with her older brother one weekend. The warm summer air was wonderful, and it was a really nice evening. So we asked her brother Tim if we could take a hike. He was to busy making a fire and told us to go by ourselves. So we went off together to explore. We walked through the woods for about an hour, and then decided to wonder off the path. Bad idea! We got lost and after wondering around for hours it was night and we were scared. In the darkness we huddled close to each other, and hugged each other for warmth and security. We felt so safe and warm holding each other that we started getting turned on! We started cuddling and touching each other. Our hands got braver and soon we were exploring each other’s whole bodies with them. We were kissing each other’s lips passionately, and then we were exploring other lips! We really explored our bodies for at least an hour. Satisfied and radiating sexual heat, we started looking for a way back to camp again. We walked in one direction for 30 minutes and were in luck. We found the road that lead to the campsite and followed it back. Tim was furious with us and wanted to know what the hell had happened. So we told him the truth that we got lost and had to find our way back. We smiled at each other thinking of the secret we didn’t mention to him.”

“I think that beats my story!” He said.

Now both of them were really worked up with all these wild thoughts. They stared deeper and deeper into one another’s eyes, falling into each other. Before either of them knew what was happening their lips were pressed together and then their tongues were sliding along together. They took each other’s hands and head off for their cars. They didn’t even talk about what they were doing. They weren’t ashamed at all either. On the contrary, they were really aroused and happy. They agreed to meet at his place and took their own cars since they didn’t want to leave them at the mall.

She drove her red mustang faster than the law allowed with spicy thoughts in her head and wetness growing between her legs. In ten minutes she was at his house. It was a nice well-kept house, but she wasn’t paying so much attention to that. Roger stood in the driveway anxiously awaiting her. She noticed the smile on his face, and then the bulge in his pants. She walked bursa escort bayan over to him and grabbed that bulge and squeezed it.

“Let’s get inside and get busy!” Cindy cooed in his ear. He couldn’t say no to that mischievous little grin on her face. As he was unlocking the door Cindy reached down and grabbed a handful of his ass. Soon they were inside and tearing off their clothes. Cindy was wearing some nice lingerie underneath that was revealed once her outer clothes had been removed. She was wearing a black embroidered cotton bustier, a matching black silk lace tanga, and a black garter holding up pantyhose. Looking him in the eyes moved her hands along the sides of her body from her chest to her hips and back again. Then she sexily and slowly removed each piece of clothing left on her. Roger had only to remove his underwear now as they fell together kissing sensuously.

Their hands roamed over one another’s bodies caressing and feeling. Roger’s hands played with and admired Cindy’s large shapely breasts as she reached down and got a handful of man flesh squeezing it and pumping it playfully. Roger’s fingertips felt Cindy’s large nipples and rolled and kneaded them between them. She squealed with delight when he squeezed on them. Her hands went up sliding along his muscular abdomen and then his strong chest.

They started kissing one another in different places. Ears. Cheeks. A forehead. The chin. Their kisses moved to the neck and then lower. Roger moved down her body slowly tasting each bit of flesh she had to offer. His lips were soon on a breast. He dragged his lips all over her globe finally arriving at her areole and nipple. Taking it in his mouth, he put suction on it, letting it swell a little. His teeth closed together around her nipple and he bit lightly. She loved it. When he was done with that one he moved to the other and did the same.

“More! I need more!” She moaned at him.

Roger moved further down, pausing at her navel to lick it. Then he was at her mound. He inhaled her musky excitement and noticed sometime else. Her bush was red!

“I didn’t think you were a true redhead!” He said. “That’s really sexy!”

“Do you like it?” She sighed. “I’m all natural. Are you ready to taste my strawberry?”

With a lusty grin Roger lovingly brought his mouth to the lips between her legs. First he lightly kissed them, her soaking wetness coating him. Eagerly he went further taking his tongue as far inside her as he could put it. He moved it back and forth, up and down, side to side, and in circles. He used his tongue in a come hither movement. Sweet sexual moans were escaping Cindy’s mouth, her body grinding against his face, which was now covered in her strawberry juice. Roger began to lick her clit like a small ice cream cone. He nibbled on her clit while working one, then two fingers inside her cunt giving her double stimulation. Her moans were louder now, and her body glistened lightly with sweat. He worked her faster and more urgently. But he never lost the tenderness in his passion. The next thing he knew she was reaching the edge.

“Ohhh! Umm! Oh, yeah! Yeah baby! Ohhh! Here it comes! Ohhhhh!” Cindy screamed escort bursa with passionate release.

A flood of hot sugary cum splashed him in the face! A lot got in his mouth, and he savored her nectar as he drank it like wine.

Roger looked up at her covered in her juices and said, “Yum! You’re delicious!”

“Fuck me stud! I want that big cock inside me now!”

Roger hadn’t come yet, and was horny as hell. So he wasted no time. He got on his knees, lifted her legs over his shoulders, and entered her with his massive manhood. He took himself all the way to the hilt and lingered there for a few seconds. His cock twitched inside her.

“Do me, now! I need to cum again so bad! I want to make you come too baby!”

Roger got into a good steady rhythm, and kept it up for several minutes never stopping. Lusty grunts escaped his mouth as he rammed into her again and again. She was expressing her ecstasy with dirty words, guttural groans, and breathy sighs. Roger loved how vocal she was being, and how tight and wet she was around him. Her pussy muscles hugged and squeezed his dick with pleasure. Cindy’s full tits bounced and jiggled with every thrust. She was surprised at how long he was lasting, but was ready to come again.

“Fuck me harder! I need it more! Give me all you have!” Cindy begged him.

So he went faster, and then even faster, picking up his pace so they could both get off. Repeatedly he furiously pounded his meat into her hot hole. Her body writhed around wildly as sweet dirty words poured from her pretty mouth. Her eyes were like a wild animal’s. The point of no return drew near. Both braced themselves for their powerful orgasms. Then it happened. They reached it together without even trying. Electrifying pleasure rocked through each of their bodies, and both gushed their cum, his filling her completely and hers spraying all over his cock and waist. After their loud moaning and dirty words they fell into one another’s arms and caressed and kissed each other for ages. They lay there together all hot and sticky resting.

Through the window they saw that night had come. Cindy got up and headed for the kitchen. Her ass bounced lightly as she stepped.

“Where are you going Cindy?” Roger asked her.

“Be patient. I have more in store for you!” She winked at him, and then entered the kitchen. A few moments later she returned carrying some items in her hands. She had a can of whipped cream, some chocolate syrup, and some grapes.

“What do you have in mind for all of that?” He asked with a pretty good idea.

“Well baby, let’s just say that we won’t be getting much sleep tonight, and we’re about to have some really interesting dessert!”

They made love to each other like they hadn’t done for years that night. They used food on one another’s bodies, licking it off with their tongues. They fucked at least twice in several different positions. They got into a 69 position and pleasured each other with their lips and tongues. And after that they took a nice bubble bath together, playing with the bubbles and each other’s bodies. When the dawn came they were totally spent. So they did the only thing left to do, they laid down on Roger’s king size bed holding each other in their arms.

“We may never see each other again, but I will always remember the love we shared tonight.” Cindy softly said smiling.

“I will too.” Roger said. “Sweet dreams!”

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