My Dream Job as a Dentist Pt. 05

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14 pm, end of lunch break. The afternoon patients were about to arrive, and every dental team had to return to its dental office. Dr. Monica and Jessica seemed to be looking forward to seeing the first patient.

Dr. Monica: The nurses should be arriving any time soon with our first patient girls.

For “naughty or problem patients”, the latter are directly walked by two nurses to an examination room. They are just told that it is a routine check-up. Their role is to prevent the patient from deciding to avoid the appointment and to sedate her if she shows any sign of resistance.

Usually, these patients are opponents of the feminist government who fight to return to the old society. We could often see them protesting in the street and creating panic movements.

The dental office’s phone rang.

Nurse at the phone: Laura is here ladies, get ready.

Jessica: Great, bring her in.

Shortly after, the door opened, and two dental nurses in the usual short white latex dress walked in with Laura. Laura, what a miserable creature, she was a 25-year-old brunette, and an anti-society advocate. She was wearing a baggy blue jean with a black top and sneakers. She had a heart tattooed on her right forearm. She was vulgar in the way she talked and dressed.

Dr. Monica: Hello Laura, lay down on the chair please.

Laura: I’ll sit only if I feel like it, I do not take order from a f****ng dentist. By the way your “outfit” is ridiculous.

She eventually sat a few seconds later. I was so irritated, how dare she talked to Dr. Monica like that.

Laura: I don’t know why you called me in for a check-up, my teeth are just fine. you definitely like to waste honest people’s time.

Dr. Monica did not reply but turned the laughing gas on and looked at each one of us. With an extremely quick and firm gesture, she slipped the mask on Laura’s face. As she was doing so, we secured her very tightly to the chair, leaving her powerless. The only part of her body that she could jigolo seks hikayeleri move were her frightened brown eyes. We were amused at her hopeless shaking in the chair.

Laura: What are you doing?! You can’t do that, release me or I will scream as hard as I can!

Dr. Monica: Why are you so afraid my dear Laura? We are just going to take care of your teeth, you should rejoice, not everyone has this exclusive chance.

Dr.Monica’s lovely face was showing a devilish smile which disappeared when she put her mask on. That time, she was wearing precision glasses. She slowly slipped her tight latex gloves on and turned on the vibrator-equipped stool in maximum speed. Me and Jessica did the same. She picked a mouth mirror and a sharp explorer.

Dr. Monica: Open wide sweetie. Let’s see if your teeth are as perfect as you say.

Obviously, Laura refused to open.

Dr. Monica: I thought so. I guess that we have to do this the hard way.

I handed her a steel mouth-spreader. I was looking forward to taking part in her punishment. She definitely deserved it. She pinched Laura’s nose and as soon as she grasped for some air, the dental spreader was forced in. There she was, at Dr. Monica’s mercy. With the mirror and explorer in her gloved hands, she poked each single teeth, noticing the ones that made her moan in pain.

Dr. Monica: What a naughty girl you are my poor Laura. Your oral hygiene is terrible, we surely have to drill many teeth. It is going to take a while.

She sexily crossed her legs highlighting her stockings and stilettos and took a sadistic pleasure in applying pressure on an infected upper right molar with the sharp metal piece, provoking groans of pain. The dental gag prevented her from speaking clearly but she was surely begging Dr.Monica to stop. The scene was so hot. This was the authority I had been looking for my whole life.

Me: Shall we begin the drilling Doctor?

I managed to say these words with the pleasure coming from the vibrator stuck between by thighs.

Jessica: Ready for your orders Dr.Monica!

Her delicate gloved hand picked up a highspeed drill as I turned the suction on. The buzz of the instrument filled the room. She slowly approached it to the unfortunate patient’s mouth who tried hopelessly to escape.

Dr. Monica: Ho, I forgot to tell you, this room is totally soundproof, you can cry as much as you want, nobody will hear you. And by the way, it will only please my ears.

When the drill started digging into the tooth, perforating the enamel and the dentine, Laura burst into crying. Her squirming became much faster from the torment she was being subjected to. However, Dr. Monica’s aim was not only to inflict heavy pain to the patient but, above all, to improve her oral hygiene. She was just dealing with her nasty cavities and the root canals without the use of any anesthetic. Laura was exhausted and after 30 seconds of drilling, which should have been an eternity for her, her shaking became much slower and her breathing faster.

As expected, even though she was performing on a naughty patient, Dr. Monica’s work was extremely precise and professional. Me and Jessica were handing her all the necessary instruments. As always, my eyes were analyzing all the details about the procedure, it was obviously also the occasion to take a look at her white gloved hands, her black stocking tops and her tanned angelic face. Even though her mask was on, her piercing blue eyes were sparkling. I could sense that she was paying attention to me as well.

Just as we were about to start the drilling of a third teeth, Laura passed out from the immense pain. Her damaged teeth had been repaired in the most magnificent way.

Dr.Monica: Where is all the fun if our main star isn’t even conscious? It was her last tooth!

The devoted Jessica started filling a syringe with a stimulant to wake Laura up. As she started to inject it, Laura woke up suddenly.

Me: Welcome back Laura! We didn’t want you to miss the end of the party, did we?

Without allowing her a single instant of reprieve, the drilling resumed. Laura was strengthless, she couldn’t squirm anymore but only emit a weak monotonous cry.

As the procedure was about to end, I could help but notice a very slight change in color in both sides of her gums. I decided to lower the vibrations of my stool.

Me: Dr. Monica, I think that we should schedule her for her wisdom teeth removal.

Dr. Monica: What impressive sharp eyes you have Victoria, I knew that you would notice.

She turned to Laura. The tip of her gloved fingers was slightly red and on top of that, her orgasm was about to kick in. It resulted in a heavy sigh of pleasure. Ho gosh, I wanted to be the one to give her that orgasm.

You heard Nurse Victoria. You will spend the night at the center and tomorrow morning, you will be assigned to Dr. Linda’s dental ward for the extraction of your wisdom teeth. Do you have any protest against that?

Laura shook her head submissively like an obedient dog when she saw Dr. Monica approaching with explorer.

Good, Jessica, call the nurses and tell them that the procedure has been completed.

The nurses that came earlier stepped in a few seconds later with the same wheelchair to take Laura away. At least, her smile had improved. I was wondering how the marvelous Dr. Linda would lead the procedure.

Dr. Monica: Victoria, you have really impressed me!

I felt honored at her complimenting me. The next patient came in 20 minutes later. Her name was Elise. She wasn’t aggressive as was Laura just before her, but we could sense the feeling of disgust in her eyes as she sat in the chair. Not saying one word with an air of superiority. I can assure that after her extractions, that air instantly disappeared.

After being treated at the DRC “naughty or problem patients” are taken away by the secret feminine police and placed in a detention center to do enforced public works.

Now you know all about my first day as a dental nurse in the DRC. The beginning of a thrilling journey.

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