Teasing Ilse Ch. 03

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We shared a few courses that day, such as maths and physics. This time, however, we mostly went about our day as we normally would. Physics was the last class before the first break, at eleven o’clock. Ilse was sitting with a group of girls on one side of the room, and I kept with my friends on another side. For the first part of the day, we were both diligently doing our schoolwork. Although the year had just started, you had to take it seriously to make it through the exams during and at the end of the year. I say that, but not everyone shared the same sentiment. As usual, Alex was sitting beside me, showing the perfect counter-example to the previous statement. He rarely did anything when we were in class, shamelessly relying on me whenever he quickly needed to catch up to what had gone on in class, while he had been chatting up to some classmates near us. Even with this attitude, he didn’t underperform me in exams. It sometimes irked me a bit, but after the years I could only let it be. His antics didn’t bother me anymore though, and sitting next to him was rarely boring, so I went along with it.

It would still take a few weeks until actual exams were planned, which meant that so far, the atmosphere in the room was relaxed. I figured that this wouldn’t take too long, especially for the beta subjects like maths, physics, and science. I decided to just enjoy it while it lasted, trying to at least take in some of the lectures that the physics teacher was trying to give. The guy was a bit of a doofus, making me wonder how he had ever come up with the idea of becoming a teacher. Although summer was on its last legs, he was still walking around in shorts and sandals. It was hard to take him serious like that, which was clear from the amount of attention he was getting from his students. Most were just chatting in cliques, others were on their phones. From the ones that were listening, most looked like they were on the verge of dozing off. I already knew most of the things he was talking about today because the subject was just a repetition from the previous year.

I started to look around out of boredom. My eyes eventually ended up on the group of girls in the front, where Ilse was sitting. She was sitting sideways in her chair and cheerfully chatting with her friend, not even pretending to attend the lecture. Before long, the girl she was talking to caught me looking their way. Eva prodded her and pointed to me. I just smirked and waved, seeing Ilse sigh in response across the classroom. Eva was definitely going to pester Ilse into telling her what that was about, so probably hadn’t done her a favour. I felt someone poking my side, so I had to turn back to listen to what Alex had to tell me so urgently. Of course, that guy was asking me if the teacher was talking about anything useful. I reassured him that it was just a recap for that day. Like I had predicted, he didn’t feel the need to do something for the rest of the period, sitting practically reversed in his chair for most of the time. I didn’t doubt that he would be fine for the exam, however, even if he decided to sleep through the rest of the quartile.

Ilse also seemed to be doing just fine. She had to wait until lunchtime before her check-up. This wouldn’t be relieving in the slightest, because I wasn’t planning to let her get out of her cage. She would be locked up until after detention was over, so she couldn’t prematurely quell her urges. Nonetheless, something came to my mind when I was sitting in class, which I had to ask Ilse about. Although her cock was locked at the moment, she still had her pussy ready to play with. If she could get an orgasm from just fingering her pussy, we would be back at square one. She had been pretty open about her “condition” after I had shown interest, so I hoped she would tell me about it in a bit more detail.

All in all, it looked like Ilse was holding out a lot better than she had done the previous day. During the first break, I was trying to decide how I would reward her at the end of the day. She hadn’t even contacted me up to now, in shrill contrast to last time. I didn’t know how long this would last, however, especially after the second break. We just had to wait and see.

We didn’t share the two classes between the two breaks. I was a bit disappointed because I wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on her. It had been pretty entertaining last time to see her squirm. As much as I wanted to tease her, though, I didn’t want her to have a bad time, so I was also a bit worried. I couldn’t focus in class for the last twenty minutes. We were practising for the listening test we would be having in the next week for one of my foreign languages, but I noticed that I had completely lost track of what was being said. When there were just a few minutes left before the break, I got a message from Ilse. She was asking where we should meet up. I smiled, imagining that her patience had to be running thin. I looked up from my phone to see if the teacher would mind me being on my phone during the test, but she was just sitting behind her desktop doing god knows what. I turned back to my phone. The problem tekirdağ seks hikayeleri was that we couldn’t go to the bathrooms again during the break. There would inevitably be people in them, and there would also be too many people walking around in the hallways for us to sneak into the same bathroom unnoticed.

I suggested that we met up in the east wing of the building. This was quite a bit removed from the cafeteria, which would be the busiest. There was a small stairway leading to just a few rarely used classrooms. That should suffice in giving us privacy for a bit. As planned, I made my way to this remote side of the school immediately after the bell rang. Just like last time, Ilse was already waiting for me in the hallway leading to the east wing. She didn’t look quite as calm as she had a while ago. When I arrived, I joked that she was uncharacteristically punctual these days. She replied that a certain something had managed to considerably increase her motivation to be on time. She tried to say it with a straight face, but a smile was already showing on her lips. I was glad that she could see the humour in the situation.

During our walk to the abandoned staircase, I decided to ask her about the thing I was wondering about. I knew it was a bit brazen to ask, but I wanted to know how masturbating worked for her. Could she get an orgasm by just simply stimulating one of her sexual organs, or did she need to hit both spots at the same time, as I had seen her doing the previous time? She was rather embarrassed by my sudden question and looked around to see if nobody had heard what I was saying. She delayed her response until we were standing on the abandoned staircase.

I was pleasantly surprised that she openly told me about the details. Apparently, she could indeed orgasm by just stimulating her pussy, but her climax wouldn’t nearly be as intense as when she was also stroking her male part. Her desire would also persist, making it not that relieving. It was obvious that she knew why I was asking. I surmised that the cage would be fine for now, but I had to come up with another idea in the future.

Standing on one of the turns in the staircase, I ordered her to pull down her pants. I was standing close to her, and while avoiding my eyes, she pulled them down just enough to make her cage visible. It had filled up nicely, bulging a tiny bit out of the airgaps but not as much as before. The ring was tight around her balls, making them look a bit red. Overall it looked fine, so I ordered her to pull up her pants again. I was relatively sure that she would be able to make it from now until after her last time of detention. I was getting ready to get back to my friends sitting at the cafeteria, but Ilse on the other hand had clearly expected more from our meetup. She now met my eyes, pleading with me to not stop there. She did pull her pants up, but more out of embarrassment than the willingness to move on. I stepped closer, putting my hands on her waist. I softly told her that if she would be a good girl, she would be released at the end of the day. She got ready to protest, but opted out and simply nodded.

We were walking back when Ilse asked me to not stare too much at her in class again. Her friend Eva had noticed it and was now urging Ilse to tell her if there was something going on between us. I asked her if it was that bad if people got some ideas, trying to actually look disappointed. This flustered Ilse and she immediately tried to justify that she just didn’t want people to know what we had been doing and that it was definitely not about me. I couldn’t hold it anymore and started laughing, making it clear that I had been joking. I did tell her that I was glad that I qualified to be seen interacting with her. This led to Ilse getting grumpy and me being called a jerk. I honestly couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. This time, though, she kept walking at my side up to the cafeteria. She still didn’t want us to be seen by her friends, so I just let her go in first. I didn’t particularly mind if someone were to get some idea about us, but I also didn’t want Ilse to feel bothered by it.

I saw Ilse again at the end of the school day. We shared this last class, after which Ilse would have to attend her last day of detention. Like before, we sat on different sides of the classroom, both in our cliques. She was doing great in my opinion. As much as she had struggled yesterday, she seemed to be holding out a lot better today. Or maybe she was starting to hide it better. If I looked closely, I saw her shifting in her chair again. She was chatting with the girl next to her, but I could see that her shoulders were tense. I secretly enjoyed the fact that she still had to fight her urges. It would of course be no fun for me otherwise.

At the end of the lesson, I again got a message from Ilse. She wanted to make sure that I would wait for her after detention. Normally I wouldn’t voluntarily stay at school for much longer than I had to, but today was an exception. I assured her that she could find me in the library after she was done with detention. I wished her good luck, and with that, the class came to an end. Before I headed to the library, I overheard Ilse parting with her friends. They were trash-talking the science teacher for giving such a severe punishment for merely being a bit late. Ilse just awkwardly laughed, probably because she knew that it had some merit. It certainly wasn’t the first time that she had been late, so it was at least a bit understandable that one of her teachers would eventually be fed up with it. They said their goodbyes and Ilse started making her way to detention. For some reason, she looked back at me watching her. Being caught, I sheepishly gave her a thumbs up. She sighed and simply turned back around. I did catch a faint smile on her lips though.

At the library, I worked my way through the pile of homework we had received today. Because it was the start of our last year, the teachers had for some reason unanimously decided that we needed even more homework than in the previous years. Time flew by for the first hour, up until I had done everything for the courses that I had brought with me. With nothing left to do, I started to fiddle around with my phone. In the corner of the library where I was sitting, there probably wouldn’t come anyone that would care. This however was also not enough to keep me busy for long, so I started idly walking around the shelves to search for a quick read. I was quickly reminded why no one did this because the books available were just horrible. I ended up flipping through a small booklet out of sheer boredom. I mused that Ilse must have been struggling even more than me to get through the day. After two hours, I looked up at the clock hanging next to the library exit, seeing that Ilse should probably be let go by now.

Only a moment later, the door to the library flew open. It clanged against the wall, the noise echoing loudly through the silent room. Ilse was standing in the doorway. The librarian on the side of the entrance gave her a foul look for disturbing the peace in her cherished library. The few students that were still in school also looked up to see what was happening. Ilse’s cheeks were getting flushed rapidly, her eyes darting around until she found me sitting in the back of the room. She kept her head down while she hastened in my direction. When she got close, I motioned her to sit next to me. She did as I asked while averting my eyes. When she was settled down, I looked around the room to see a few people still staring at us to see if something interesting would happen. When we made eye contact, though, most of them reluctantly turned back to their own business.

Just as I turned back to face Ilse, I found that she was already looking at me with pleading eyes. She whispered that she really couldn’t hold it anymore and if she could please be let go. I now noticed her ragged breathing and the blush on her cheeks showed her anticipation. She had shifted in her chair and put her face close to mine, her blue eyes staring into mine. She had undone her ponytail, so now her dark brown hair draped over her shoulders. She hadn’t worn it like that a few hours ago, so she must’ve changed it before heading to the library. All in all, she was looking staggeringly attractive. If she was asking me like that, I would normally have caved in. However, even if I wanted to release her at that time, it wasn’t possible. The school was closing soon, so it was expected that the students would get back home by now. Most of the people that were still in the library were getting ready to head home. They probably stayed a bit longer to see if something would happen with the girl that had stormed into the room.

I explained to Ilse that I couldn’t unlock her at school. She frantically tried to change my mind, whispering so loud that I was glad that the library was almost empty. She promised me that she would be super quick and finish in no time. I told her that I still didn’t think that it was a good idea. It was clear that she was getting anxious. She insisted that she would be done in a flash and that no one would see us. She grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes begging for release. I gave her a firm ‘No’ in response but followed that up with an alternative. Maybe she knew a good place where we could have some private time. She looked puzzled, but she soon started to rack her brain. She was still holding my hands in hers, but now she was looking down.

If she didn’t come up with something, I was planning to swiftly unlock her right there and send her home, but still wanted to tease her. I said that if she didn’t know a single place, she had to wait until the next morning for us to meet at school again. She shot me a panicking look, after which she made an unexpected suggestion. She softly said that we could go to her place because she lived really close to school. I secretly had hoped for her to say that but didn’t actually think that she would do it. I gladly accepted it and gently pulled my hands out of hers to pack my bag. I had to put the book I was reading back on the shelf, so when I was taking my sweet time to find the right spot for it, Ilse was standing beside me fidgeting impatiently. On our way out, the librarian gave us a suspicious look. We pretended not to notice.

We walked together through the empty hallways. It was obvious that Ilse couldn’t wait much longer. Her pace kept overtaking mine, so she grabbed me under my arm and urged me to hurry up. At the bicycle storage, I had already gotten my bike, but she was still struggling with the chain. I put a hand on her waist and told her to relax. In just a bit, she would have her relief, and it would feel amazing. She took a deep breath and managed to untangle the chain. Together we cycled to her house. I knew she lived close, but not even five minutes later we arrived at her home. This again made me wonder how she managed to be late for school so often. She lived in the middle of the city, a beloved location for most people. We stood in front of a fairly large terraced house. We put our bikes in front of the house and went inside. She told me her parents wouldn’t be home for another hour.

She ushered me to follow her upstairs, surprising me with her boldness. On the second floor, she swung open one of the doors and we stepped into her bedroom. It didn’t seem like she was feeling embarrassed to have me there at all, but that could have also just been repressed by how horny she was at that moment. While she sat down on her bed, I looked around the room. It was fairly spacious and bright, with three big windows on one side to let the sunshine into the room. Her desk stood in front of the windows, filled to the brim with schoolwork and magazines, and in the middle of the mess was a laptop. The rest of the room wasn’t tidy, but not as messy as her desk. Her bed was a bit bigger than one for a single person, with a colourful duvet on top of it. All in all, It was a cosy room and I felt that it suited her.

Ilse interrupted my musings, asking if I was going to look around for much longer. I sat down beside her, putting my hand on her leg. I asked her how it had been to be locked up for an entire day. She told me she had never been this horny. She had been fantasizing the entire day about the moment she would be unlocked. I asked her if she had touched her pussy to get some stimulation. She looked me in my eyes and assured me that she hadn’t touched it at all. I was pleasantly surprised by her self-control and complimented her for it. I then set back a bit and spread my legs. I motioned her to sit in between them. She obediently did as I said, and put her big hips in between my legs. I told her that she could take off her pants now. Without much hesitation, she put her thumbs behind her waistband, lifted her behind up and pulled her pants around her big butt. Meanwhile, I was getting rock hard in my pants, which she certainly was going to notice when she sat back down. I caught a glimpse of the white panties that she was wearing. You wouldn’t call them sexy, but with an ass like that, it could make anything appealing.

Just as I had thought, the moment she sat down, she turned around and looked at me startled. I told her she wasn’t the only one getting riled up in this situation. Then I wanted to ask her one more thing. I still hadn’t seen her without her sweater on, so I asked If she wanted to take it off. She asked me if that was really necessary. I replied that she didn’t have to, but that I would like it if she did. She showed to be willing to take things a step further today and went along with my request. Her hair fell down again when she pulled off her sweater. Underneath she was wearing a white undershirt, which was slightly see-through. The outlines of her bra were clearly visible. Looking back at Ilse from behind, I saw that even her ears were starting to get beet red. Her legs were pushed together and her hands were in her lap while she was sitting between my legs. I decided that she had waited enough, so I got my keychain out of my pocket and found a tiny key on it. I leaned forward, putting my chin on her shoulder. I put my hands on her thighs and whispered in her ear that she had to take away her hands for me to be able to free her. She immediately did, putting them awkwardly to her sides.

This revealed just how extraordinary it was that she still hadn’t touched her pussy. Her dick was trying to push out of all the orifices of its tiny cage. Her balls were red and swollen, at least as much as they had been the first time. It was a wonder that the small plastic device had withstood all this pressure. The moment the lock clicked, Ilse let out a big breath of air. I removed the lock, and the cage was moving away from the ring straight away. Ilse was just staring at it, so told her that she could take it off now if she wanted to. As if she had woken up, she immediately tore off the cage and removed the ring. Not even a second later, she was sporting the erection of a lifetime. I put my hands on her hips, preparing for a good show. She put her right hand at her cock and the other dug under her balls after her pussy. She didn’t start stroking right away, though. Before she did, she asked softly: “Can I?” This made my heart skip a beat. My erection was getting at its peak, pressed against her lower back. She truly knew how to get me excited. I whispered in her ear: “Go ahead.”

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