A Christmas Present Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is not fiction. The events and persons mentioned herein are factual.

Christmas period, 1985, I just graduated from college. I was bored. I did not have a girlfriend. The phone call came, and my dad told me that his sister, my Aunt Jackie, needed to paint her flat and wondered if I could stay over at her place for a week or two to assist her. Her kids – my cousins – had gone over to another aunt’s place to stay. Arthur, Aunt Jackie’s husband, was an accountant, he came home late. Anyway, their marriage was undergoing some problems, because Arthur was having an extramarital affair. I was happy to oblige. I had always fantasized about Aunt Jackie. She was 40, milky-fair complexioned, and was not typically beautiful nor was she particularly fit; but she was slim with fleshiness in the right areas of her body. Her face had the kind of sexiness that you see of models in the dirty magazines in the 1970s. She was also religious as compared to the other aunts and uncles I had. I also knew she had a lovely patch of cunt fur. Once, during a family gathering, I sat across the living room opposite her; she wore this old-fashioned short dress and when she obliviously parted her thighs, I had a good look in between and saw the hairiness beneath the fabric of her light coloured panties, even with some strands sticking out through the sides. I got engrossed in the beauty of it till she caught me looking, but thank God she kept quiet, gave me a wicked discreet grin and resumed the ongoing conversation with my dad and the rest of the gang.

The next day I arrived at her place in the morning. She greeted me with a kiss on my cheek and I returned one too. I loved what she usually wore at home – this translucent nightie that showed the bra and undies he had on under. If the nightie was of an especially light colour, you’d enjoy the bonus of noticing the dense dark patch under her undies too if you focused. This time round however, she was wearing just a loose transparent skirt, panties, a loose transparent blouse and bra. It was not especially revealing, but when I got into the house, she told me to change into just my underwear so my clothes would not get stained. She too removed the skirt and blouse, and said she had already ruined a blouse and skirt the day before. At once I could not help but stare at her strong, fleshy, fair thighs. ‘What the fuck was Arthur thinking about fucking another woman outside when he had this fuckable-looking woman to fuck all day?’ I thought to myself. Anyway, we got down to painting immediately, as Aunt Jackie took one wall and I did the adjacent. Naturally I had ensest hikayeler a bulge in my underpants that felt like popping out anytime, and I tried to stand at an angle that would not allow my erection to be obvious. I glanced at her back every now and then, observing her thighs.

We each had a pan which we filled with paint from the main container. We finished the paint supply at about the same time and walked towards the container between us. I tried to avoid direct eye contact with her, embarrassed by the obvious bulge. Her voice interrupted my train of thoughts.

“You know, it’s not something I haven’t seen love!” She said.

“Huh? What? I feigned ignorance.

“Your cock. It’s alright. I have seen my son’s and Arthur’s too.”

I could only respond with an innocent smile.

“Sorry. I just can’t help it.”

“I am flattered.”

I suddenly felt the boldness to express myself more.

“I have always found you attractive”, I confided.

“I know. It’s normal. You are at that age.”

“No, it’s not just that. I fantasize about you all the time!”

Silence, a polite smile from her.

“Am I that attractive? I am your auntie, I am 40.”

“That’s what makes you even more sexy.”

“This is ironic.”

“What is?” I ask.

“My husband is fucking an 18 year old outside, and my 18 year old nephew thinks about fucking me!”

“He’s stupid.” I say.

“But I am your auntie.”

“That’s why I feel closer to you even more.”

“Do you know what’s incest?”

“It’s a name”, I said, “a word like any other, that can make something good or bad.”

She was taken aback by my clarification.

“It IS bad!” She insisted.

“Well, I trust you Aunt Jackie.”

“And what do you expect me to do? Have sex with you? Are you mad?”

Our conversation was having a stimulating effect that made my erection grow even more.

“Aunt Jackie, don’t get upset. I am not suggesting anything. I just wish we could sit down and let me tell you all the thoughts and feelings I have about you. Let me end this once and for all. You don’t have to touch me. Just watch me….please. That’s all I ask.”

“Watch you do what?” she asked.

“Just sit with me first.”

I moved to the long couch and slumped myself down. She walked slowly, sat herself down beside me, but leaving a little space between us.

“Closer, please.” I pleaded.

She hesitated, then moved.

“Closer, if you want this to end once and for all, just this once move closer. Help me with this.”

She moved.

I plucked my rod out from my underwear, my other hand pushing my underpants down over my thighs as I lifted my hips, my legs outstretched in front of me. The glistening cock head stood tall and inviting. She looked at it.

“No fucking way I am going to touch you!”

“You don’t have to. I will just fantasize you are sucking it.”

I began stroking my shaft up and down gently.

“Tell me about you.” I said.

“Tell you what?”

“Tell me how you are in bed…how you are between your thighs….how you are when you suck Arthur’s cock, when you piss, when you let him ram in and out of you!”

“You are disgusting! That’s private!”

“Make me come!”

“I am watching as you asked!”

“Just say something to my ear! You don’t have to touch.”

“Say what?”

“Talk dirty…please!”

She was reluctant. But I knew she wanted to get it over with too.

“Look, it’s pointless having you watch me if I can’t see your face and my cock at the same time!”

“And what am I supposed to do!”

“Show me your snatch! Stand in front of me, talk dirty, show me your cunt! Are you frigid? Is that why Arthur is fucking a younger bitch out there!”

“You bastard! You little bastard! How dare you talk to me that way you filthy bastard!”

“That’s good. You are so fucking sexy when you talk that way!”

My strokes were getting faster, but I squeezed tight to prevent myself from coming before I could find out what this could develop into.

“Just this once, stand, show me your fur, let me come fast, and it’ll be over. Just talk dirty! Please!”

“You fucking bastard! Just this once! You are never doing this again ever, you understand me!”

“Yes, that’s a promise.”

I slowed down with the stroking. She got up, moved in front of me, placing a leg on each side of my outstretched legs. I wanted to reach out and pull her panties down, but she retreated.

“Touch me and I am fucking off!”

“Sorry…ok…just move in closer, ok?”

She moved in closer, above my thighs, her legs apart, and she pushed her panties down, revealing the most beautiful and provocative sight. A dense bush, with cunt lips that looked so seasoned and inviting peeping through the growth.

“That is so fucking beautiful! It’s my Christmas gift!”

She brought a hand down to cover her bush.

“Where is the dirty talk?”

“Stroke your cock….look at this”, she began, showing me more of her pussy, “this is where Arthur’s cock has been inside.”

“Have you fucked others?”

“I wanted to, but never since I married the bastard.”

“Well, has he fucked you since he fucked his girlfriend?”


“You allowed him?”

“I thought it’ll make a difference.”

“Has it? How does it feel knowing his cock has been in another cunt and now with the flavour from another he puts it in you? It’s like putting the girl’s cunt juice inside you!”

She seemed aroused by what I said. She looked up above me, her fingers parting the lips of her entrance.

“Look at my clit.”

“Show me.”

She used a thumb to hold up the button.

“This is it, say ‘hi’ to my clit.”

“Hi. You should be in my mouth or on my cock.”

“Mmmm….no…not with you. You’re my nephew.”

I was pumping my cock with my fist harder now.

“Without touching me or coming into contact with me, bend your knees, bring your cunt closer.”

Her eyes were half-shut as she played with herself, but she acceded to my request, and came forward more, bending her knees, lowering her hips further down. I wanted to eat her so badly. Her dense black bush was so inviting, I just wanted to pull her down on my cock. But I did not want to take things for granted. I wanted her to trust me. Maybe my subconscious was telling me that if I played my cards right, we would have an ongoing relationship, and my aunt would be my first steady girlfriend.

“Aunt Jackie…I am going to come!”

“Yeah? So soon? That’s a naughty cock!”

“Lower yourself please.” I begged.

She brought her cunt close to the tip of my blood-gorged cock, and to my surprise, she used both hands to pry apart her cunt lips, showing off it’s gaping hole.

“Want me to come there?” I whispered.

“Yeah….let it spill all over it.” She whispered back. I knew she had trouble keeping her knees bent that long. The weight was straining her knees. Suddenly, I felt my jism rising, and without hesitation, I grabbed her ass-cheeks with both hands and pulled her on me, my cock stabbing into her hole as her knees gave way and her weight came bearing down on me.


Too late. Load after load of my jism erupted within her, and I jammed my middle finger into her rectum, my other hand pulling her face to mine so I could kiss her mouth. My tongue slithered between her lips and she opened her mouth to reciprocate. She began bouncing up and down as I came into her. The new smell of our mixed sex-fluids filled me with such awe, the occasion was so overwhelming, tears rolled down her cheeks.

End of Part 1.

My relationship with my Aunt Jackie continued following that first ice breaker, even till I got married and thereafter. Together with my wife, we made a video. But as for what happened next, read part 2, out soon.

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