A Strange Encounter

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Big Tits

It had all happened by accident. Colin had been in the wrong place at the right time. As an eighteen year old he had been very interested in girls for a number of years. He had tried to get a peek at his sister and her friends when they were around, always unsuccessfully. His older sister Sue who was just nineteen, had been positively unhelpful about leaving doors open, or not closing blinds and curtains. He had tried to watch from outside her window using a telescope in the shed (For his hobby as a stargazer he told his mum) but had seen nothing. Then one day fortune smiled on him and he was let into a world he never knew existed.

It was bright day in May, he had skipped the last two lessons and was walking home through the small copse which lay between his house and school. He stopped to look at something when the sound of snapping twigs came from a thickly wooded area just in front of him. Walking carefully so as not to make the same sounds he crept to the thicket. Looking in he could see the outline of someone wearing the same style of clothing as him. He tracked closer and went round towards the left hand side, where a small gap appeared in the undergrowth.

Creeping in he found he was able to see into the clearing which had previously been hidden. It was obvious that this area was well used as the whole area was trampled down. He was amazed as he thought he knew the area so well, yet this was unknown to him.

In the clearing he could clearly see some of his sister’s friends. They had also sneaked out, They had their school bags and raincoats slung over a low lying thick trunk, which had several sharp broken branches sticking out. Colin thought they might have been deliberately snagged to provide hooks, as handbags and satchels hung from them. The three girls were chatting and giggling. They lit cigarettes and smoked in a very practised way, stubbing out the ends on a tree stump that stood by the coat tree.

A new round of snapping twigs saw Colin’s sister Sue appear, she threw her coat with the others and hung her bag on a “hook” that was free. They chatted and giggled and then his sister said something which made the others scream with laughter. She moved off to a slight dip and hoisting her skirt up, she pulled her knickers down then stepped out of them. Picking them up she held them in her hand then grinning undid the waistband and whipped her school skirt off, throwing it and the knickers at her friends, who clapped and cheered. Colin stared in awe at her bald pussy as she waved to her friends. Naked below the waist, except for her shoes she squatted down, legs apart, almost facing Colin. A jet of piss erupted from her pussy and thundered into the ground. She sat on her haunches smiling as her bladder drained. One of the other girls, began to peel her trousers and knickers off, before joining Sue in the dip.

As Colin watched she too began to piss on the ground. Colin saw she had a small vee of hair on her pussy, like an arrowhead pointing to the prize. As Sue finished she stood and wiggled before moving off to retrieve her skirt and knickers. Dusting them off she dressed again and began laughing and talking to the other girls. The other girl finished, stood, wiggled and walked back to the others. Colin felt his cock straining in his pants and tried unsuccessfully to unzip his trousers without moving. Realising he couldn’t move without attracting attention he stayed down in the hideaway until the girls moved off again.

He wandered home in a daze, he replayed the sight of his sister and her friend stripping and pissing, over and over again on his way back. He trudged home surprising himself that he had reached home so quickly. Opening the rear door he went in and hung his coat up next to his sister’s. So she was home too. He went upstairs and saw her room door was closed. He knocked and waited.

“Who is it,” she yelled from inside.

“Me, Colin, you’re home early, are you alright?” he yelled back.

The door swung open in his face, and Sue’s red face appeared.

“What do you care you squirt, piss off and leave me alone.,” she went to shut the door.

“Pissing is a funny thing isn’t it?” he said, unconsciously hooking into her words.

“What’s that mean you little shit?”

“I saw you! I saw you and the other girl pissing in the woods.” he said and looked her in the eyes. “Got any leaves on your skirt, you güvenilir bahis never know some of them might stick even if you brush it.”

“You evil little sod, what do you want then, come on you perv, I know you’ve been trying to look at me naked. Want to see my tits then, since you’ve seen my pussy?” she sneered at him, small specks of saliva forming at the corner of her mouth.

“No I want to watch you piss again, but from much closer.” he smiled and looked at her.

Whack! He felt the blow on the side of his face and his ear started ringing, he staggered back and sat down with a thump.

“wha’fuck was that for?” he shouted, holding his hand to his ear. “I’m fucking deaf now you stupid cow, you’ve really hurt me.” He hauled himself up and turned away, still holding his ear. He almost started to cry the pain was so bad but instead he pulled himself upright and walked away.

“Wait, Colin, sorry, wait I’m really sorry.” she stepped out of her room, he turned and realised that apart from no shoes, she looked exactly like he saw her earlier. From the waist down his sister was naked.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked, staring at her smooth pussy and the dimple in the centre.

“I was jerking off you twat and you stopped me, I lost it alright, it was wrong but I was so close when you knocked.” she hung her head, but made no attempt to cover herself.

“I can see your pussy, it’s beautiful,” he said drinking in the sight of his nearly naked sister.

“Take a good look, it might be the last one you see,” she smiled, “I bet you’ve got such a small dick that no one’s going to want it near them anyway.” she mocked.

“You wish, look it’s bigger than you think.” he unzipped his trousers and tugged his dick out feeling it grow in his hand.

“Not bad, little fella, not bad at all, must be all of five inches,” she giggled. but continued to watch it fascinated.

“So I’ve not seen a real live pussy, but I bet you’ve never seen a real live cock?” he said staring at her.

“Til now,” she said and walked closer. “If you let me touch it, I’ll let you see me piss again,” she suggested.

“OK, but I decide how close I get?” he said.

“OK but you have to take everything off now so I can see it properly.” she said in response.

“Okay,” he pulled his jumper off and his shirt, unbuckled his belt and pulled trouser, pants and socks off in one go. She looked unimpressed with his speed.

“Wow,I thought it would be smooth with the cockhead peeping out, why have you got all those dimply bits around it?”

“Do you remember as a little kid I couldn’t wee properly and I had to go to hospital?”

“Ohh yeah, mum said you’d been circumcised, I never really knew what it meant.”

“They cut the foreskin off, the little bobbly bits are where it used to attach to my cock.”

“Ooer fuck that, they really messed with your cock Col.” she looked at it closely, seeing the small pubic hairs running up the underside.

“But I’m alive so that’s the good bit.”

“Yeah and pestering me! OK get closer I want a feel of it.” she beckoned him towards her. As he approached, she pulled her jumper off and then her bra. Her small tits were like tiny hills on her chest, with little pink cones at the centre.

“well you’re naked, I thought I might as well be.” She shrugged at him.

Colin smiled and walked up to her.

“your bodies far more interesting than mine, you’ve got tits and a pussy and it’s all smooth and curvy, I reckon I get the best deal on this.”

She laughed and reached out to his stiff cock, running her finger over it. Closing she put her hand round it and moved it up and down his shaft. Colin smiled as he felt his cock stiffen again. Sue massaged his cock slowly, squeezing her hand up and down it. She bent slightly and wrapped her other hand round his balls hanging down in their sac. Squeezing gently she massaged his cock in time to her ball squeezing. She pointed his cock at her belly.

Colin felt the pressure building and knew in a matter of seconds it would all be over.

“Sue I’m gonna cum!”

The words were barely out of his mouth before his cock shuddered and six thick globs of cum spewed out in ropes that hung in the air, before thudding down on Sue’s belly. She continued to pump gently until the last of his cum dribbled out of his cock and güvenilir bahis siteleri ran down the underside onto her fingers. Colin visibly sagged and put his hand out for the handrail at the top of the stairs.

“Bloody hell that was awesome Col, look how much cum is on my belly.” Looking down she rubbed his cum into her skin.

“My mate Julie, the girl who had a piss with me, says that it’s good for your skin, keeps it soft and supple.” She looked at Colin.

“Fancy starting a business, ‘Colin’s Cum Company-from my cock to your spot’ .” she giggled.. Still rubbing his cum in, she walked to the bathroom, “come on then sexy, I need a piss.”

Colin walked behind her, as he entered the bathroom she stood waiting.

“Okay little bro. where do you want me, boring on the toilet. Sexy in the sink, or showing my power in the shower?”

“How do you do it in the shower?” he asked fascinated.

“Stick my leg up the wall and let it go,” she said.

“and the sink?”

“I sit on the unit and straddle the basin.”

“Can you do it standing up?”

“No I tried, but it wasn’t very successful, most of it dribbled down my legs.” she laughed and shook slightly. “Yukky wee all down my legs and dripping off my cheeks, I had to have a shower after.”

“Well how about in the sink?”

“Right, good call, stand back whilst I get organised.”

Sue climbed onto the vanity unit then arranged herself so her pussy just sat over the sink, she placed her legs either side of the basin. Colin saw he couldn’t really see as her leg was in the way.

“I can’t see through you leg,” he said, trying to stand so he could see round.

“Why don’t you sit down on your knees and look through the gap?” she said.

“okay,” he knelt down and could see perfectly, her plump bare pussy lips sitting over the basin.

“Watch out,” she said giggling as a burst of piss speared into the basin out of her pussy.

Colin moved forward and she raised her leg, he pushed his face against the edge of basin, as her leg settled on his shoulder. He could smell her piss as it ran round the basin, tiny spots landing on his face. He leaned in and she laughed causing her stream to dip and rise in the basin. He felt spots of piss on his face.

“Shit Col it must be splashing on you,” she said, gazing at her brothers face over the basin.

“Don’t worry just keep it coming it’s fantastic.” he said, trying to spot where on her pussy the stream came from.

“Sorry she said, I’m running out.” as she said this the stream tailed off and a few dribbles dropped to the basin, then a couple of drips.

“Can you get some toilet paper so I can wipe myself she asked, digging her toes into his shoulder.

“Can’t I lick it?” he asked gazing at the little drops on her lips.

“Gross, Euurrr, no way: Would you, would you really lick it off? she asked wonderingly.

“You bet, I’d love to taste it.” he replied, wondering what she would say.

“Hmm, okay, give it a go, but be careful, I’m a bit unbalanced like this.”

Colin stood slowly, Sue’s leg dropping over his shoulder down his back. He leaned in and sniffed her odour, his cock starting to rise again.

“What you doing you perv, are you smelling me, that’s evil.” she giggled and waggled her arse.

Colin put his tongue out as she pushed forward, touching her lips and tracing their outline with it. Sue sighed and sat back against the small wall behind her. Colin pressed a little harder with his tongue where the two mounds met and was rewarded as his tongue slipped inside. Sue gasped and tried to open her legs wider, using the heel of her foot to push him closer. Colin responded by flattening his tongue and dragging it along the length of her slit. Sue moaned and Colin watched amazed as they opened and revealed her inner lips, clitoris and opening.

“Fucking hell,” he murmured, “Sue this is so fantastic, you’re really beautiful down here big Sis.” His tongue dove into her and licked along her inner lips from back to front, finding the little bud among the folds. He licked and twirled his tongue along over and each side of it. Sue was pushing her pussy towards him and moaning, her bottom rising from the unit as she tried to push herself onto his face.

“Where does the piss come out,” he asked entranced by her pretty pink vulva , he licked back and iddaa siteleri forth, Sue felt the rush of her orgasm.

“Keep licking my clit, stick a finger in my hole and I’ll show you later,” she moaned, desperate now to cum.

Colin obliged and Sue lost it completely and came, Colin felt his finger squeezed by the waves of her love tunnel muscles and licked her clit for all he was worth.

Sue screamed and Colin froze, he panicked and tried to move away, Sue’s leg pushing him back towards her.

“Finish it, please finish it,” she yelled, as he dipped his head once more to her pussy.

Lapping for all he was worth he jammed two fingers into her opening. Sue grunted and squirmed, bucked and screamed ecstatically, all the time pushing her leg into Colin’s back keeping him against her. Finally she relaxed and moved her heel out of his back.

“Sorry little bro, but that was an amazing orgasm you gave me. Do you do weekends too, I want to block book you for the foreseeable future, probably beyond.” she rubbed his back with her leg, then raised it to his shoulder.

“Time to get down Col, I’m getting marks on my arse from this unit.”

Colin sank down and under her leg. Standing he cupped his hand so she could put her foot into it and he moved round to put his other arm round her waist, helping her hop off the unit. He carried her effortlessly into her bedroom and settled her on her bed.

“Better sluice the bowl round to get rid of the smell of my piss.” she said, lying back. Colin nodded and went back to the bathroom. He spent a few minutes swirling water round the bowl, watching its circular exit down the drain. He walked back to Sue’s room picking their clothes up on the way. He looked at her bra label 32A, wow pretty small then, he thought. But he knew they were perfect on her thin athletic form. He entered her room and saw she was sleeping. He sorted her clothes, placing them on her chair.

He pulled his clothes on, then took her duvet and rolled half of it over her. He pulled her blind, closed the curtains and left, closing the door quietly behind him. He smelled his fingers and licked them. It was a taste of pee, honey, musk and something else. He smiled it was Sue, he realised his mother would probably notice it on him so he went back to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later showered and dressed, he went to his room and tried to concentrate on his book, but all he could think of was Sue naked and pissing into the hand basin, him licking her and the amazing site of her opening like a flower as he did so. He felt his dick thicken again and cramp in his pants, held fast against them and his jeans.

There was a knock at his door,

“Who is it?”


“Come in then, don’t wait outside,” he said, twirling round in his chair.

Sue came in, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. The logo on it said “2Sexy4U”.

“That’s true,” he said and laughed. Sue glanced down and blushed red.

“Bro, I came to say thanks for putting me to bed, and covering me up, that was really sweet of you.” She smiled and touched his face.

“You’re welcome, I had a really good time and it was the least I could do, are you OK? You were really screaming when you came. I’ve never seem you like that, it was awesome and frightening at the same time, I thought I’d hurt you,” he said.

“No way little bro, that is the most extreme orgasm I’ve ever had, you’re hired, I ache now, but it was so worth it. I also should say sorry again for whacking you, that was uncalled for and I’m really sorry: forgiven?” she held her hand out.

Colin took her hand and shook it, then lifted it to his lips and kissed it.

“Of course you are, it’s fine now, no worries sis.” he dropped her hand and she sat on his bed.

“Mum’s due home soon, so I guess we should cool things, but I’m not due in til midday tomorrow, you got to go in?”

“No I’ve got a study morning, I should go to the library and read up on some stuff. But I can do a bit here and catch up later, as long as I’m in class by two, they won’t miss me.” he smiled at Sue. “what do you have in mind?” he asked.

“No little bro, you’ve got to wait for your surprise, no peeking. By the way, just for you, no bra.” she lifted her t-shirt to her chin and grinned, looking down at his jeans and seeing the bulge in the top.

“What you hiding in there, little bro?” she said, dropping her t-shirt and standing.

“I know it’s a salami, and oh! I was wrong about the size, it’s perfect.” she turned and walked out closing the door behind her.

Colin sat back and smiled, what a funny day.

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