A Tribute to My Daddy Ch. 02

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I swallowed. I knew exactly how she wanted to spend that time. And I knew how I wanted to: slamming my cock into her pretty eighteen-year-old cunt over and over, until I filled it up with hot cum. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted her. Her birthday present was just the beginning; I wanted the real thing, tight and wet around me. I began to follow her upstairs, knowing that once we made it into her bedroom, nothing would stop me. I, her daddy, would fuck her, not caring about the consequences, not caring what might happen later. The only thing on my mind was sex, plain and simple.

Just then, however, I heard a car in the driveway. As much as I wanted my daughter, as much as I wanted to fuck her every which way I could think of, her mother’s arrival home stopped me. The last thing I needed was for her mother to catch me cheating on her, and with our own daughter no less. To be fair, I still had every intention of making my daughter mine in every sense of the word. My plans would just have to be put on hold for a while.

As Audrey, my wife, walked through the door, I made my best attempt to act nonchalant. As frustrating as it was, I tried hard to ignore the throbbing in my cock and the thought of my lovely daughter upstairs, probably masturbating frantically before we went out for my birthday dinner.

“Hi honey,” I said, straining to make my voice sound normal. With Audrey and I only having sex once or twice a month, at most, it had become harder and harder for me to keep my cool around her. I hadn’t cheated on her — yet — but the urge was growing. The fact that my intended target was my own daughter just heightened my frustration.

“Happy birthday Alex,” she told me. Audrey had begun using my name, rather than any sort of endearment, and I wondered what was going on with her. Despite all my attempts to talk to her about both our sex life and her recent mood changes, she hadn’t opened up. I still loved my wife, don’t get me wrong, but some days it was harder to like her than others. But this was my birthday, and nothing I did was going to spoil it. If it went wrong, it wouldn’t be my fault.

“Thanks,” I said, leaning in to kiss her cheek. “No one at the office remembered. Other than you, the only person to say something was Jamie. She gave me a nice card. It’s sitting in on the kitchen counter.” I neglected to mention the fifteen-minute-long video Jamie had also given me. I didn’t think my wife wanted to know that her daughter had been up making dirty videos for her daddy, videos of her fucking her ass and pussy, essentially telling her daddy that what he wanted, he could have. I, however, couldn’t get the sight of Jamie’s orgasm out of my head. It was all I could think about, even as I greeted my wife.

“I need to change, then should we go out to dinner? It’s your choice; after all, it is your birthday.” she said.

“Jamie’s upstairs somewhere,” I said. Probably finger-fucking herself nice and hard, I thought. “I should change out of these pants myself. But I think this shirt can stay on. Say, fifteen minutes?”

“If you say so,” she said, her tone sounding rather dubious. “Fifteen minutes it is. And once we’re in the car, you better have a destination in mind,” she said, an uncharacteristic laugh accompanying her words.

By the time the three of us piled into my car, I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner. “Indian it is,” I said. I’ve always loved curry. The spices, the bread, the vegetables, they’ve just got something for them. And besides, aren’t spices supposed to be an aphrodisiac?

We drove the couple of miles to the restaurant, my wife complaining nevşehir seks hikayeleri about my driving the entire way, as usual. “Let me drive your car for once,” she said. Now, you should know that I don’t let anyone but me drive my car. Not even to pull it out of the driveway. With the way Jamie and Audrey have been fighting, I need my personal space, and I’ve made the car it.

Anyway, dinner was fairly uneventful. I managed to steer the conversation away from Jamie’s (lack of) college decision, and kept everything light and fun. I was actually enjoying myself by the time dessert came around. Thankfully, my wife and daughter had apparently gotten the message, and no waiters came around and sang. I ate my dessert in peace, glad to have a nice and easy birthday celebration.

Or it would have been nice and easy except my mind kept roaming back to what I had seen that evening. Jamie’s pussy red and swollen from the vibrator, her ass pulling the dildo deeper into her, and most of all, what she didn’t say. What did she want from me? I knew she liked it rough, so did she just want her daddy pounding into her? If that was all she wanted, that was enough for me. If she wanted more, even better. But I decided that if I got one chance to cum all over those tiny tits, I’d seize it. Any chance to fill up her bald pussy or tight ass, I’d seize it. I wanted my own daughter. I’m sure I should have been ashamed, but I wasn’t. All I wanted was my little girl.

At some point, Audrey went to the bathroom. That was perhaps the hardest part of the evening. Knowing that a beautiful teenager was sitting right across the table from me, a beautiful teenager who wanted me. Wanted me badly. Wanted me right then. I couldn’t quite look her in the eye. Her foot brushed against mine at one point, and I swear it was on purpose. But in a fairly crowded restaurant, I don’t think my Jamie was going to give into her urge to fuck her daddy.

Somehow, I made it through dinner, and the three of us made it home. The rest of the night was routine, or at least as routine as birthdays go. Audrey gave me a nice card, if not as nice as Jamie’s, even without the accompanying video. She even surprised me with my present: two tickets to four baseball games. I’m an avid Cincinnati Reds fan, and I go every chance I get. “Take some of your friends, make it a little bit of a guy’s night,” she said. I really did appreciate her gift. Since her own birthday — where I had given her tickets to the ballet, her favorite, among other things — she’d not been nearly as loving to me. But my birthday almost made up for it.

Eventually, things wound down, and we all headed to bed. I have to admit, there was a point in the evening where I almost didn’t go up with my wife. But, it would have been a little suspicious if I hadn’t at least tried for something special. It was my birthday, after all. However, I turned my mind away from my daughter, if only for a few minutes, and went up with my wife.

That turned out to be a disaster. “I know it’s your birthday,” she said, “but I’m just not in the mood. Work’s been so stressful. It’s just killing my desire.” I rolled my eyes inside. I knew it was just another excuse. I was pretty sure she wasn’t sleeping around — at least, no evidence had come to light that I knew of — but this perennial no sex thing was too much.

“Well, I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do,” I said, playing the caring husband role I do so well. “I want something though, and lately, it’s been hard, what with you not wanting any.”

“If you need…relief…so bad, then take care of it yourself. I’m sure there’s something on cable or the internet to help you out,” she said.

I was stunned. Rather than even making an effort on my birthday, my wife was basically telling me to go masturbate and come back to bed when I was done. I was positive there was no way Jamie would have told me that. She would have made sure I went to bed satisfied, relaxed, and most of all exhausted from the night’s fun. But I knew better than to argue with my wife over sex, especially tonight. It just wouldn’t work. I have to say, I was pretty pissed off, but I wasn’t going to go to bed on my birthday without a nice hard cum. In fact, I knew exactly what I was going to watch. Jamie’s little video was going to get an encore.

I went downstairs, fully intending to work out my frustrations with another viewing of Jamie fucking her ass, of her moaning “Daddy” over and over. But somehow, I ended up sitting on the couch. I was angry. I deserved sex, from my wife, on my birthday. I was a good husband. I did everything the family needed. And while she might appreciate my providing for her, my work around the house, and all of that, she wasn’t appreciating me as a man lately. Jamie was, though, and that was a little confusing to me.

I turned on the TV, thinking that ESPN2 would help me calm down a little before I went to watch what I was sure would now be my favorite video. Trick bowling was on, you know, where the ball has to go between the legs of a chair or something. Weird stuff. But then I heard footsteps on the stairs. I turned my head, half-hoping, half-fearing to see Jamie.

And it was. Wearing only the yellow panties I had seen in her video. “Can’t sleep, Daddy?” she asked, almost innocently. She made no effort to cover her breasts, letting me see them in all her glory. “If you’re not sleeping tonight, I would think it’s because Mom’s keeping you up. But then again, she hasn’t been lately, has she?”

I blinked. I knew Jamie wanted me, but I was still having problems thinking she would be this frank with her own father. Even if her daddy did want to stuff his cock down her throat, into her pussy, and into her asshole, not necessarily in that order. Even if her daddy wanted to use her like the little slut she seemed to be inside.

“I just can’t sleep tonight. That’s all, honey. Why don’t you go back to bed?” Here I was, lusting after my own daughter, who was practically throwing herself at me, and still trying to be a responsible father. I knew my resolve wouldn’t hold out forever, and I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

“Are you sure that’s what you want me to do, Daddy?” she asked. “Isn’t there something I can do to help you sleep?” She smiled at me, batting her eyelashes a little as she did. “Didn’t you like my video, didn’t it give you all sorts of ideas?” Wow, she was cutting right to the chase. She knew I had loved it; she must have loved making it too, if she wasn’t beating around the bush at all.

“I loved it, sweetheart,” I said, suddenly too turned on to really try getting her back to bed. “I loved every second of it. But your mother’s home, in bed, and I think she might have a problem if I fucked you right here and now. I’ve never cheated on her, and I’m not sure tonight’s the night to start.”

My beautiful Jamie laughed, her hair cascading as she did. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Reaching out, she tugged down my boxer shorts, letting my hard cock free as she did. “I can just suck a little. Surely she can’t complain about that. You don’t have to do a thing, Daddy. All you have to do is cum down my sweet throat.” I gasped, certainly not expecting that from my daughter.

And just like that, she knelt down in front of me, opening her mouth wide to swallow my cock. It was velvety heaven almost instantly, her tongue darting around to explore. “So good,” she murmured, through a full mouth. “I need it, Daddy. I need to suck your cock. I need to taste your cum. You’ll let me, won’t you?”

My hips were moving involuntarily, fucking her mouth slowly, even as she bobbed her pretty head. I reached down with one hand, squeezing one of her little tits, pinching her nipple a little. She moaned around my cock as I did, sucking harder, like it was the oxygen keeping her alive. Her head moved in time with my hips, and after a couple of minutes, I felt my cock begin to swell.

“Oh babydoll,” I told her, “I can’t hold back. I need to cum already. I need to cum in your mouth. Is that what you want, babe?” I was almost embarrassed by how easily she was making me cum, how good she was at sucking my cock. I wondered how much practice she had, how much she had sucked off other guys and dildos, just wanting her daddy. It didn’t matter; what mattered is that my lovely daughter had her lips around my cock, and I was about to cum.

She nodded, a blissful sensation as she sucked. I shut my eyes, relaxed, then tensed as I began to squirt cum into her mouth. It felt amazing. Jamie swallowed each time, a smile on her lips, still wrapped around me. Once I was done, she licked the tip, cleaning off the cum, eagerly tasting it.

“Daddy?” she said, getting my attention as I slipped out of my orgasmic high.


“You taste so good. Yours is the only cum I want. Promise me I can have more of it?”

I nodded myself, a little bit stunned by her request. But if I was going to cheat on my wife, my own daughter was the best candidate. She had just as much to hide as I did, and I didn’t have to waste time going to seedy motels or “business trips.” All I needed was Audrey to go grocery shopping, or something.

“All you want, my little girl,” I said, reaching down to stroke her hair, even as she began to lick around me once more. I shuddered with delight; she had hit that little nerve center right below my tip that I loved having licked. And, the thought recurred to me, it was my own daughter licking my cock. She had made me cum within a couple of minutes, cum down her throat, and I loved it. I wasn’t exactly sure where this would go, but I was loving it.

Suddenly, she stopped, and climbed up on the couch. She sat next to me for a second, then climbed into my lap. “That’s better,” she said. She nuzzled my neck, then sucked on it for a brief second. “I need to tell you a couple of things, though, Daddy,” she said. “First, you should know that I don’t want anyone but you. But you probably knew that already. Second, there’s something else I need to tell you: I don’t want to go to college out of state. I want to stay here, where you can fuck me every day and make me your little…” she trailed off. “OK, I’m having problems saying it, but here goes. I want to be your little slut. However you want to use me, that’s what I want. I want to be yours, entirely. I want to be your little girl in every way you want to make me. And if Mom finds out, well, we can deal with that then.”

I laughed. “If that’s all you need to tell me, then we’re good. After today, I’m not sure I’ll be able to think of anything but fucking you senseless.” She looked up at me. “Promise?” she said, kissing my neck again.

“I promise,” I told her, and with a swift motion, pulled her face to mine, kissing her softly, tenderly, not as a father, but as a lover. What the morning would bring, I wasn’t sure, but the night had brought me much closer to my daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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