A Week with Memaw Ch. 02

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It was late in the day as I made my way around the house, looking for my lover.

Having just emerged from a wonderfully refreshing and reinvigorating shower, I was dressed in nothing more than my bathrobe. I had not bothered to even tie that robe closed, in fact, and was showing off not merely the valley between my pert boobs, but also my shaved twat. If I moved just right, I could even offer up a very nice flash of nipple!

It would have been unthinkable just this morning for me to be so casual about how I dressed in my grandmother’s home, but I had a lot more latitude now that Memaw and I had fucked.

My search for the other woman would not be a long one, I soon discovered, as all I had to do was follow the sound of singing.

Coming into the living room, I found her over by her curio cabinet, keeping herself busy by making sure all of her little knickknacks were in just the right place. She had not noticed my arrival yet and so I took advantage of this opportunity to enjoy looking at her.

She was practically floating on air, I noticed. In all my life, I have never seen this woman look happier that she was right then and I cannot deny that I felt a little jolt of pleasure from knowing that it was all because of me. She had been in the shower before me and had gone to all of the trouble of putting on one of her nicer skirts and blouses while I was bathing, not to mention a pair of low heels. I had to smile over the fact that she was dressing up for me now.

She heard my footsteps as I moved into the room and stopped singing as she started to turn, so anxious to see me that she accidentally dropped the angel figurine she’d been holding. It banged off the cabinet and shattered when it hit the floor, but neither of us paid any attention to the fate of that angel just then.

I managed to reach her before she could turn to face me, sliding my arms snugly around her middle.

As I nuzzled at her neck, thoroughly enjoying the aroma of her strawberry scented shampoo as I squeezed her tight, she let out a very happy whimper, “Oh, Anna.” Reaching up and back with one hand to tangle her fingers in my hair, she put her other hand back on my thigh, quickly maneuvering it inside my robe to find bare skin.

“Oh, Memaw.”

“You know, I can hardly believe what’s happened today,” she murmured, pushing back into me a little better. “Not only have I just cheated on my poor, sick husband, but I’ve just committed incest with my eighteen year old granddaughter!” She heaved a deep sigh as she considered that. “I never imagined that I would be capable of doing anything like this.”

I gave that nothing more than a noncommittal grunt, occupied as I was with working on that neck.

Memaw continued, “Every last thing I’ve ever believed tells me that I should feel just awful about this – like I’m some kind of pervert or something – but I don’t.”

That caught my attention as I had been expecting to have to deal with her guilty conscience either now or later. I mean, she had crossed some pretty serious lines today, after all. Still, there was no point in giving away just how curious I really was.

Moving my head so that I could nibble at her ear next, I simply asked, “No?”

“I was way, way overdue, honey,” she explained, shivering with pleasure as I went back to work. “It had been so long since I’d gotten laid that I was sure that I’d forgotten how to do it.”

“Trust me,” I told her, my voice rather muffled as I didn’t take a break from what I was doing to say this, “you didn’t forget anything.”

She flushed warmly and I could clearly hear in her voice how overjoyed she was to have my approval. “Thank you, dear. You were nothing short of incredible, by the way. That was some of the best sex I ever had.” She hesitated a long moment, then shyly added, “As sick and depraved as this sounds, I certainly hope I’ll be able to make love to my favorite granddaughter a lot more in the future.”

“I’m your only granddaughter, Memaw,” I reminded her, tracing the shape of her ear with my tongue, “but I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t keep right on fucking.”

She let out a sharp gasp when I dropped that F bomb, complaining, “Anna! You really shouldn’t use language like that!”

I found her outrage at my use of a bad word so funny that it put an immediate end to my efforts on that ear and suddenly I was not embracing her so much as I was hanging onto her to keep from falling over as I laughed long and hard. Considering all of the rules we’d already broken today, it seemed quite silly for her to be so upset over a little cursing.

Her face flushed and a sheepish laugh escaped her, but my grandmother really didn’t seem too insulted by my outburst. “Well . . . I mean . . .”

It wasn’t easy, but I managed to slowly pull myself together, wiping the tears from my eyes. “Sorry, Memaw. I’m all better now.” I got my feet back under me again and moved away from her at last.

Throwing myself onto the couch, I was quite ordu seks hikayeleri careful about how I ended up. I made sure to arrange myself in a way that would leave the most bare skin visible, especially those wonderfully long legs of mine. On the other hand, I had also draped my robe around myself artistically so that the most intimate places were teasingly concealed. My grandmother’s eyes devoured me and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

“So,” she ventured eventually, “shouldn’t you be getting dressed? I mean, you did say you were going to go next door to . . . seduce Naomi, didn’t you? You don’t want to go outside practically naked.”

“What,” I grinned at her playfully. “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

I couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t sound very pleased with the notion of my leaving her to go see another woman for awhile. For whatever reason, I was not nearly so amused by her jealousy as I was by my step-mother’s, but I could certainly understand how she could get a bit possessive over a hot little number like me.

“It’s already getting late,” I explained, “and I am going to be here for a whole week. I can go and visit Mrs. Carroll tomorrow. Tonight, though, I think I’d rather spend a little more time with my grandmother.”

Her smile lit up the room and she took a step towards the couch, but I quickly stopped her with an upraised hand. “First, take your clothes off.”

I was amazed when this old woman actually tittered like a little girl, giving me a saucy wink. I had never seen her like this before, but then again I hadn’t been sleeping with her before either.

In any case, she did not hesitate for a second to start unbuttoning her blouse, even putting a little effort into it by swaying slowly, doing a bit of strutting. She might not have been a professional stripper, but I certainly couldn’t take my eyes off her.

That blouse was tossed aside carelessly, ending up draped over the top of her TV. This left her naked from the waist up except for a bra and I found the sight every bit as enjoyable now as I had earlier, her breasts looking big and full and absolutely fabulous in their lacy confinement.

Continuing to swing and sway her way back and forth across the room, she next reached for the hem of her skirt, releasing the fasteners so that it plunged to the floor. Stepping out of it with one foot, she used the other to kick it away, sending it crashing into that curio cabinet and knocking over about a dozen of those figurines. We both utterly ignored the damage that had been done.

My grandmother was left in nothing more than her bra and panties – not to mention her heels, of course. As I sat there and admired the view, wondering how much better this would be if we had actually turned on some music for her to dance to, I had to congratulate myself on the decision to seduce this woman. My body was certainly responding to her striptease and I had to suck in a very deep breath to keep myself from spoiling it by making a grab for her before she was finished undressing for me.

Her glittering eyes and wide smile told me that she knew full well how entertaining I was finding all of this. Running her tongue slowly and sensuously over her lips, she gave me another wink.

Reaching around behind herself, Memaw undid the catch that held her bra together, but made sure to quickly cup her breasts so that the garment did not fall off just yet. Watching me carefully to make sure I was watching intently, she dipped one shoulder and then the other so that the straps slipped off. She teased me a little longer, continuing her dance, but then dropped her hands and let her bra slide off at last.

Her full, if sagging breasts came swinging free and I thrilled to the sight of them. Scooping them up in her hands, she spent a fair amount of time caressing them firmly, using her fingers to make sure the nipples were as hard as they possibly could be.

She went for her panties next, pulling down the front just enough to give me the briefest glimpse of her pubic hair, but then backed off again. A small groan escaped me before I could stop it and she grinned, delighted to know that her teasing was having such a strong effect on me. Instead of the last of her underwear then, she got her shoes off next.

She kicked one shoe off and then the other, though not with the fluid grace of the rest of her striptease. As a matter of fact, she stumbled and might have fallen had she not caught herself in time! Giving me a somewhat sheepish grin, she went right back to work.

Swinging and swaying again, making those big boobs bounce and jiggle in the most mouth-watering ways, she returned her attention to the last article of clothing she had on – her panties. I don’t mind admitting that I sat up a bit straighter, very eager to see the last bits of flesh that she was hiding from me.

Again, she started to pull down her panties, only to once more deny me her most intimate place at the last moment – this time by turning away from me.

She tugged her panties down just a little to start, just enough to reveal the top of her butt crack. I sat up a little straighter on the couch, eager and ready to see my grandmother’s ass, but she chose to indulge in a little more teasing by pulling her underwear right back up.

Swinging around to face me once more though, she caught sight of something that made her stumble again, grinding to a stop.

Glancing down, I realized that the robe I had so artfully draped around me had moved a little more than I’d known when I sat up. I was now showing her all of one of my breasts and the erect nipple at it’s peak and her eyes were glued to it, her mouth hanging open.

Yeah, I thought smugly to myself. Oh, yeah.

“Thanks for the show, Memaw,” I purred, running my fingers lightly along the slope of my pert boob to make sure her attention remained on it, ending by catching the nipple between two fingertips. “I really enjoyed it! I get the impression that you’ve done it before.”

She shook herself out of her trance, but did not start dancing again and could not take her eyes off my tit. “A few times,” she confessed, her voice breathless and her cheeks a warm red. “I first taught myself how to do it as a surprise for my husband on Valentine’s Day. It never failed to get your grandfather all riled up!” She chuckled softly, enjoying a few memories. “I haven’t done it in ages, though.”

“Take my word for it,” I told her sincerely, “you’re still very good at it and it still has the same effect.” I gave my nipple a little pinch, offering up a gentle groan that was echoed by a much deeper one from my attentive audience. “Why don’t you just go ahead and take those panties off, though.”

She did it without hesitation, pushing her underwear down until they slid right down her legs on her own and she could step out of them. I noticed that her eyes never left my breast during this, though I do not deny that I did take a moment to enjoy the sight of her wet and aroused pussy as it was finally uncovered. By the time she managed to pull her eyes up at last, I was again watching her face with a wide smile on my own.

Releasing my nipple, I motioned for her to come to me now.

My grandmother let out a shuddering cry and rushed the couch, throwing herself at me so enthusiastically, so exuberantly that I could not help but laugh.

She pressed me back so that I was reclining against the arm of the couch, lying half on top of me and pressing a seemingly endless series of passionate, searing kisses to my mouth. One of her hands, meanwhile, found that tit she had been so interested in before, squeezing and fondling it so roughly that she quickly had me whimpering and moaning my way through all of those deep, wet kisses.

With one hand on the back of her head, my fingers tangling themselves in her hair, I used the other to return the favor, grabbing one of her breasts. The kisses ended abruptly when I did, my grandmother arching her back and lifting herself away from me slightly at my touch.

She took this opportunity to scoot down my body just a little, grabbing hold of my firm little breasts with both hands and pushing them together. Sucking in a lungful of air, she growled as she buried her face in my cleavage. I was happy to just wrap my arms around her and let her do whatever she liked to my bosom.

Memaw spent a good long time working on my tits with her strong fingers, her full lips, and her skillfully darting tongue, doing nothing that didn’t shivers of pure pleasure coursing through me. She raked my nipples with her teeth, making them so hard and erect that they ached, nursing on them hungrily and making me shout hoarsely. She was doing such an excellent job there that I was actually a bit put out when she suddenly stopped.

Stretching up to give me one more lingering kiss, she slid off both me and the couch then to settle on her knees on the carpet. With both hands, she spread my legs wide open to expose my juicy twat, crying out softly with joy as the sight and smell of it assailed her, her eyes lighting up.

Instead of just diving into my crotch face first like she had earlier today, my grandmother showed me how quick a learner she was by jumping at another opportunity to do a little teasing.

Starting down at my knees, she made her way up the insides of my thighs ever so slowly, moving back and forth between them and applying everything from lingering and feather-light kisses to sharp little nips with her teeth. There could be no denying and no hiding the effect all of this was having on me and, by the time she finally arrived at what was now the pulsing, dripping center of my being, I was writhing all over that couch and tossing my head wildly. I wonder how Naomi next door didn’t hear all of the noise I was making, too.

Memaw recognized that I would not be able to take much more of this and so she had better quit tormenting me and do what she had gotten down there to do.

I think my whole body may have just levitated up and off that couch when I first felt her mouth on my pussy. I reached down with both hands, grabbing hold of her head and shoving her face even more firmly into my crotch as she devoured me, bringing me to an orgasm of such strength and intensity that I swear I blacked out for at least a moment or two.

I needed a few moments to recover in the aftermath and, as the world slowly came swimming back into focus, it was to find my father’s mother back on top of me and looking very proud of herself, slowly stroking my twat with one hand.

It took every ounce of what little strength I had managed to recover, but I once again managed to grab hold of her by the head with both hands, this time to give her what may have been the longest, deepest, fiercest kiss in all of recorded history, tasting myself on her mouth. I collapsed limply again after that and she was happy to just lay her head on my chest and rest with me in a lengthy moment of silent intimacy.

“I love you, Memaw.”

She started, her head coming back up. It made me wonder just how long it had been since I’d said something like that and really meant it. I felt happy though, not to mention connected with her in a way unlike anything I had ever experienced before with anybody. It was quite a sweet moment for me.

She gazed deep into my eyes for several long moments – then a slow smile appeared. “I know, sweetheart. I love you, too.”

A moment later and I had gotten her up and off me again, getting a very odd look from her when I instructed her to get down on all fours on the carpet right there in the middle of her living room. Even so, she did not object or ask any questions, arranging herself just as I had instructed while peering back over her shoulder to see what I might be up to.

Sliding down off that couch at last, I knelt down beside her on the floor facing her bottom, wrapping one arm snugly around her middle as I made sure that her legs were far enough apart for me to do what I intended to do. Once everything was perfect, I looked back to give her a smile, which seemed to reassure her. Indeed, she went so far as to put her head down, making her ass stick up into the air even higher for me.

I turned my attention back to my work, determined both to try something new and to give her just as much pleasure as she had just given me.

Ducking my head to give her full moon a little kiss, I ran a slow and caressing hand all over the smooth skin of her buttocks and thighs. The deep, happy sigh I heard from behind me was ample proof that she was enjoying my touch and, with that encouragement, I started to pay attention to the hot and drooling cunt that lurked just below her big ass. The sensation of my fingers stroking the swollen lips of her nether regions was enough to evoke a very loud groan of appreciation from her that was music to my ears.

Now that I was absolutely convinced that she was aroused and ready for it, I began to press my fingers into her swampy pussy.

As more and more of my fingers sank into her, she grunted and whined as she tried to figure out how to relax the right muscles to keep this from becoming uncomfortable for her. Most probably, she imagined that I merely meant to finger-fuck her, though if that were true, she must have wondered why I seemed to be pushing so much of my fingers into her. All would soon become clear to her as I kept right on pushing and pushing and pushing.

“Oh . . . my . . . God . . . Anna!” she moaned huskily. “Are you . . . trying to . . . get . . . your whole hand . . . in there?!”

“Yes, I am.”

“But it . . . will never . . . fit!”

“Of course it will.”

I had seen enough internet porn to know that this really was possible, though I had certainly never tried to do it before. It had struck me that it might be interesting to find out just how much fun it really was, but I knew that I could not let my grandmother know what a rank amateur I was at this or she might panic and be injured. Thus, I kept my voice calm and quiet, my answers brief and matter of fact, in hopes of keeping her relaxed and reassured.

In any case, I would soon prove her wrong when I managed to fit my entire hand inside her, sinking in right up to the wrist.

Now that I had succeeded at last, I naturally started by doing a little experimenting to see just what I could and could not do. I twisted my hand this way and that, I wriggled my fingers and made various gestures, and of course I worked my hand back and forth, all the while gauging how she was responding to each. To my delight, I found very little that she did not seem to enjoy.

Reassuring myself that I was not hurting her in any way, I set to work pleasuring her.

Closing the hand I had embedded inside her, I set about pumping that fist with steadily increasing speed and force, even twisting it to the tight and left and varying the angle. Memaw was soon shoving her body back to meet me every time I punched the hand inside her forward, grunting with the effort and letting out periodic shrieks of ecstasy.

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