Affairs Assistant Ch. 05

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Aidra Fox

I was alone with my daughter’s boss, Lynnae, in her childhood bedroom. She was panting after running up the stairs to escape a fight that had broken out in front of us. She smiled at me. “That was pretty wild, huh?”

“Your dad punched that guy,” I breathed.

“He had to protect all of this,” she said, gesturing to her toned naked body. “My dad lets people look but not touch.” She sat on her childhood bed and crossed her legs and kicking off her heels. I reached up and took off the collar from my neck and stood in front of Lynnae in just my garter belt, stockings, and stilettos.

“Your dad let me touch you,” I said, trying to gauge how she felt.

She tossed her hair and arched her back, displaying her perky dark nipples. “You don’t count,” she said dismissively.

“Why not?” I asked, smiling. I could feel myself flirting with her, being drawn to her young body and her full lips.

“You’re a girl,” she reminded me.

“I know I’m a girl,” I reminded her. I took a step forward and put one of my knees beside her, as if I was able to straddle her lap.

“But you’re a girl,” she giggled.

“Yeah?” I said, leaning in and putting my hands on her bed on either side of her.

“So it doesn’t count,” she laughed.

I brought my mouth to her throat and gave her soft, tanned skin a long, warm lick. I flattened my tongue against her neck enough to feel her racing pulse and then kissed the wetness on her skin with long, slow kisses. Her body trembled but she was silent.

“You don’t like that?” I asked.

“I-” she stammered.

I raised my head to slide my tongue into her mouth and use her kocaeli escort for deep kisses. She made the same moan I had heard her make downstairs. I held my mouth open as she sucked on my tongue, even though I wasn’t forcing her to. I let my saliva run down into her mouth and she swallowed it as if it were nectar.

“You do like it,” I teased.

“I’m not a lesbian,” she said shyly.

“Why?” I asked, turning my head. “‘Cause daddy won’t let you?”

“Don’t call him ‘daddy’,” she said, annoyed.

“I wish he was my daddy,” I sighed, looking down at Lynnae’s nakedness, admiring her stomach and hips.

“He is now,” Lynnae said and threw her head back with laughter. “You’re his assistant, after all.”

“What does that make you to me?” I asked, laying my body on top of hers, forcing her back flat on the pink bed spread.

“My sister?” Lynnae said, with an inquisitive tone. She smiled nervously.

I ran my hand down Lynnae’s body and cupped her soft pussy in my fingers, making her gasp. “Hi, sissy.”

“Don’t,” she giggled.

I turned my fingers inward slightly, pressing through her slit just a little bit. She gasped.

“So a guy can slide his dick head into you but you’ll gasp at this?”

“I’m still a virgin,” she breathed.

“You danced with those people downstairs like you had sex before,” I told her.

“Just with a toy,” she murmured.

I turned my middle and ring finger further inward, pushing into her pussy. She sucked another gasp into her mouth.

“Let’s have sex,” I whispered.

“Jamie,” she whispered back, pleading.

“Sissy?” I teased.

And kocaeli escort bayan then I kissed her again, tasting her delicious pink tongue and pushing my two fingers knuckle deep inside her. She moaned loudly into our kiss. When I pulled my fingers out and pushed them back in, a rush of her wetness covered my fingers and dripped out from her body. With my fingers now slippery, I thrust my fingers deep into her and back out over and over. With my palm still curled over her waxed pubic, I pressed my hand into her clit and let the motion of my fingers move my hand in an up and down rub against her clit.

Her legs spread open as I did so, moaning into me again. Her tongue emerged from her mouth, ropes of both our spit hanging from it. Her eyes were rolled back and her cheeks were flushed. “Aaahhh,” she moaned, with her legs open.

With my hand still working on her most private parts, I leaned down to her breasts and took one eagerly into my mouth.

I had fantasized about fucking girls before. But I had never acted on it. I knew this made me bisexual deep down, but I had never had a chance to see what was my sexuality and what was just a curious fantasy. With her nipple sliding on my tongue and her soft skin inside my mouth, I knew I “liked” girls. This was a certainty now.

Though the girls in my imagination always had large breasts with full and dark areolas, Lynnae’s small breasts made my pussy feel hot when I touched them. I was able to pull almost the entirety of each breast into my mouth. When I released her breast, I let my teeth graze on her nipple. I sucked on each one hungrily and Lynnae izmit sınırsız escort thrusted her pussy involuntarily each time.

I was able to fit four of my fingers into her pussy if I cross some of my finger over each other. I was fucking her knuckle-deep with each thrust and she reached above her head to grab a handful of her childhood comforter as I pounded her soft skin.

Her moans stopped being girly and breathy and started becoming deeper, more desperate. I stopped thrusting inside her and just held my fingers inside her pussy as I used my palm to rub expertly against her clit. She liked it up and down like I did. That made it easy.

I brought my bare pussy down to hers, grinding against her and my own rubbing hand. A surge of pleasure burst through me so strongly, I shuddered with a small orgasm instantly. But I couldn’t stop. I wanted her so bad. I was finally giving into my obsession. I was having my way with a girl, and it was my boss’s young daughter.

Lynnae’s moans silenced as her body trembled violently and pushed into me. Her mouth moved but no sound came out.

Then, suddenly a loud moan, almost a scream, came from her small body. She climaxed violently, her pussy clenching and then unclenching around my soaking fingers. Her shoulders shot up off of the bed as the orgasm rolled through her. Her eyes were back and her tongue was out again and I leaned forward to take it into my mouth and she cried out in the smaller orgasms that followed the first. My palm only stopped rubbing when she rolled over and forced her knees together, her clit just couldn’t take any more.

I rolled her back over, looking down at her. I straddled her face and held her hair in my hand, forcing her to lick my pussy in return. I started feeling the beginnings of orgasms as I grinded on her tongue when the door to Lynnae’s room flew open.

Her dad, my boss, stood in the doorway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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