An Anniversary Present Regifted

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An Anniversary Present That Just Keeps Giving.

Seven years ago I gave my wife to another man on our wedding anniversary. It was our first cuckolding experience. He took her to the room we had reserved and fucked her all night. The next morning he finalized my humiliation by making me watch him fuck my wife and then cleaning both his cock and her pussy. The rest of the weekend was more of the same. I was fully and totally cuckolded. My wife Paula has never been the same; she is more confident and has become much more dominant over me. We like it this way and I have never complained. She still loves me but has often gotten her sexual satisfaction outside of our marriage. I knew she had continued to fuck Steve after that initial weekend, but I thought that was a thing of the past till I got a text from Paula at work.

Rachel’s home from school early, and Steve (yes THAT Steve) just stopped over. I think you better get home quickly because I think he fully intends to fuck our daughter.

I texted furiously back and got no response. I was in a meeting I could not leave if I still wanted to be employed in the future. I am a University professor and this was a committee meeting that I was running. My heart raced, but it also knew, Steve would do what Steve wants to do. My wife won’t stop him, I won’t stop him, and my guess is my daughter won’t either. 20 minutes later I was fully convinced Steve was fucking both my wife and my daughter, and the worst part was I was rock hard because of it. I was trying to run the meeting while my brain and cock were otherwise engaged. The meeting concluded and I had to stay just to avoid being seen with a tent in my pants!

I texted some more, still no response. Finally, just as I was about to leave my phone vibrated. It was from my wife’s phone, but it was Steve.

Sorry your wife couldn’t respond, she was sucking me hard and then stripping your daughter for me. Damn your daughter has great tits and a tight cunt. But no worries, I have begun the stretching out process. Come on home, I now have your daughter sucking me so I can fuck her mom. I really do love your family. Everyone so eager to serve. Rush home cucky, my cock isn’t going to clean itself!

I just stared at the message. I can’t believe my wife gave him our daughter. Then again, I can. We both can’t say no to Steve. But my daughter. This was messed up, but it also had me stupidly aroused. After a moment I realized my only real option was to go home and add my service to the mix.

I was home in 10 minutes and as I entered the house I heard my wife moaning in orgasm. I walk into the living room and Steve has her spread out on the coffee table and is pounding his way thru her orgasm to his own. Paula never looks up, she is too engulfed in her pleasure to notice me.

My daughter, sitting completely naked on the couch is watching intently as she sucks on her own nipple and fingers herself. It is surreal. I look from one scene to the other. Both are incredibly hot. I shouldn’t be looking at my daughter the way I am, but damn she is sucking her own nipple with a pouty expression while her fingers are knuckles deep in her own pussy. And on the table, Steve’s masterful fucking of my wife is amazing. His large, thick cock, the one my wife has often called “perfect” is effortlessly sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy as she bites her own lip and massages her own breasts. I think I might cum my pants just watching these two shows. I am finally broken from my trance as Steve loudly proclaims that he is cumming. Paula wraps her legs around him and pulls him as deep as possible as he explodes inside her.

Steve pulls out, his cock dripping with his cum and Paula’s juices, he smiles and looks at me and said, “Ask me nicely!”

I know what he is doing. He always made me ask, even beg to clean his cock after fucking my wife. I quietly say, “may I clean your cock for you sir?”

Steve loudly replies, “Oh speak up Cucky Boy, make sure your freshly fucked daughter can also hear what you really want!” He loves humiliating me, but the reality was also that I love getting humiliated.

With my volume improved I ask, “Master, may I clean your perfect cock for you in front of my satisfied wife and daughter?”

He laughs and says “clean away!” I get quickly to my knees and begin licking and sucking on his perfect cock. It has been years since I last worshiped at his feet and it is like finding an old friend again. It feels so right in my mouth. As my wife has said; it is perfect. I am totally enjoying getting to know his cock again and he isn’t complaining either. As I look out of the corner of my eye I see my wife and daughter cuddle together on the couch and watch me serve our Master. Enjoying my service, Steve lets out a long, satisfied moan, turns to the ladies and says, “I really do love this family!”

Imagine the humiliation of having to service my wife’s lover in front of my balıkesir seks hikayeleri grown daughter. To hear her laugh at me while she cuddles with my just fucked wife on the couch while I clean my wife’s juices off his cock. I not only clean his cock, but I get it hard again. I am loving my task. It is a privilege to be granted access to his cock.

Steve is encouraging me and talking to my daughter especially. “He’s really good at this you know. Perhaps I will have him teach you his tricks of his trade. Would you like to learn how to give great blow jobs from you dad!” Steve finds this train of thought funny. He continues mocking and humiliating me, “Why yes, my daddy taught me to tie my shoes, ride my bike and give great head!”

This continues for a while and then he speaks to me, “Hmmm where might I stick it next. Should I give your wife another go, or perhaps enjoy your daughter a second time? You won’t stop me either way, will you?”

I burn with shame and can’t speak so I just keep sucking. He laughs and says “I didn’t think so.”

He pulls away from me. Walks up to the girls on the couch and asks, “who’s next?” In unison the girls say “me!” Steve laughs and says, “perfect, let’s go upstairs and put the master back in the master bedroom! Giddy up my sluts!”

He turns towards me. And says “wait! I just realized cucky boy here hasn’t seen his daughter be the slut she is.” He turned towards me and continued, “you want to see me fuck her, don’t you!”

I burn with shame, but say yes.

Steve turns to my daughter who was almost to the staircase and says, “crawl back to your real daddy and let’s put on a show for your wimp of a dad.”

She smiles, drops to her hands and knees and crawls back over wiggling her ass as she goes. Steve laughs and jokes, “what a good little slut you have there cucky boy!”. She rises onto her knees and his cock quickly disappears into her willing mouth. After enjoying her attentions for a while, he brings her to the couch, bends her over the back of it and positions his glistening cock at the entrance to her pussy.

He looks at me while teasing her with the tip of his cock. She keeps trying to push back onto him, but he won’t play along. She is moaning and panting. He asks, “do you want my cock little slut?”

“God yes!” is her enthusiastic response. But I know that won’t be enough. He simply looks at me and I get up and walk over. With more shame then I have ever had, I ask, “Master can I stick your perfect cock into my daughter for you?” He smiles and moves his hands off her hips. I grab his cock and guide it into my daughter’s waiting pussy as she lets out the most erotic moan I have ever heard.

Steve grabs me by the chin and says “Your daughter, like your wife is mine now and I will fuck her anytime I want. Understood?” I shamefully answer, “yes Master.” He takes that moment to grab her by the hips and pull her fully onto him. Rachel’s moaning is continuous now. He tells me to go back to my kneeling position.

He is fucking her hard! He keeps alternating between straightening her up and fondling her breasts, and pushing her down and really pounding her from his commanding position behind her. He comments how he and his friends are going to fuck her regularly. She is fully his and keeps looking back at him with the most lustful gaze possible. At one point she looks ack at me and smiles a wicked smile. He has her bent over, holding her arms behind her for leverage and he is simply fucking her like an animal as she explodes into orgasm, She blabbers and moans and her whole body shakes. He looks over at me as he thrusts into her and says “ask me to cum in your daughter!”

I am so caught up in the moment that I immediately start begging him to cum into her. “Make her yours Master!” I practically scream as his face contorts and I know he is filling her with his seed. He slows down and jabs his final streams of cum into her and then pulls her up against him and kisses her passionately. He caresses her cheek and tells her, “I am your daddy now, cucky over there just gave you to me.”

She simply lets out a moan and replies, “fuck me anytime” and they reengage in a passionate kiss.

After a bit, she breaks off the kiss and walks over to where I am kneeling on the floor and presses my face to her cum soaked cunt and instructs me to clean her. She speaks with my wife as I eagerly lick her cunt, “I understand now why you give yourself so completely to Steve. But at least dad has some purpose around here.” She pushes me away and laughs, “go clean my room you pathetic wimp, mom and I have a real man to fuck.”

Steve looks at me and says “it’s going to be hard to decide whether I should fuck your wife or your daughter when I come over here. So I am guessing I will do both! I don’t think anyone in the household is going to tell me no!” With that he laughs, grabs both my wife and daughter by the hand and the three of them head for the master bedroom. The rest of the evening I hear the obvious sounds of sex. I fitfully fall asleep in the guest bedroom alone.


A week later I find myself up early servicing Steve. He has basically moved in and taken control of our household. It is 7am and I am completely naked and on my knees in the kitchen with Steve’s cock in my mouth. Steve’s lovers are still upstairs getting ready for their days. They happen to be my wife and daughter. He has been using them as his fuck toys pretty much continuously since he reappeared in our lives a week ago.

As I suck his cock, I think back to the first time he entered into our lives. He went from stranger at the bar, to fucking my wife in about an hour. I watched as he charmed my wife and then I watched them walk off together to our anniversary suite for a night of best in life fucking for my wife. I remember him telling me that he was going to make her his slut and I wasn’t going to stop him. It was all true and all these years later he was back, fucking my wife and adding my grown daughter to his collection.

I focus back on his cock. I focus on his pleasure. His cock is truly a work of art. I hold it, lick it, and suck it. I understand why both my wife and daughter are this man’s property. His shaft is thick with delicious veins that I trace with my tongue, But his perfection is the chiseled head that is guarded by a strong and pronounced ridge. I am in heaven as my lips slide over this ridge and take him deep into my devoted mouth. He shares his cock with me and I am thankful. It is the cock that pleasures both my wife and daughter and thus I focus on my task as a way to thank Steve. I am lost in my task, solely focused on pleasing him ….

I feel a pat on my head, as my daughter stops, kisses Steve passionately and laughs, “I see you are being kind to cucky and letting him worship you. Just save some for later, I only have two classes today and plan to spend the afternoon at your office bent over your desk getting fucked by that perfect cock!”

Steve grabs me by the head and starts to face fuck me as he reminds my slut of a daughter, “I have a meeting this afternoon with a client, so come if you will, but expect two cocks in you.” She laughs and says “Ah, double the fun!”

As he is pleasuring himself with my mouth my wife walks up behind him and presses herself against him and says “I don’t know why you waste your cum on him?” With that comment he uses both hands, grabs my head and impales me on his cock as it starts to shoot his cum down my throat. He finishes, turns over his shoulder, kisses my wife and says, “cause he gives great head and neither you or your daughter were down here fast enough. I was horny!”

I clean him as he softens and finally he pulls out of my mouth and tucks himself back into his work pants. He grabs his cup of coffee and walks over to my daughter, slips his free hand under her shirt and up and around her breast. “Don’t forget, you are the guest of honor at Poker tomorrow night. My buddies are going to love feasting on your young body.”

My daughter smiles while enjoying Steve’s attentions and says, “Yummy!”

My wife laughs and says, “Time for all of us to get to work or class.” She turns to me and said, “get your chores done quickly, I will be home at 4pm and Julie is coming over for a glass of wine and I want this house immaculate!”

“Of course.” I respond, still on my knees.

Paula walks over and kisses Steve passionately and says, “If you make it home by 5pm, I am sure I can have Julie primed and ready for you. Especially after I make cucky masturbate for us. She gets pretty horny watching porn and this will be even better! She will be easy pickings for you.”

Steve smiles and says “then I will see you at Five. Adding Julie to my fuck toy collection will be perfect.”

Paula exits and Steve turns to my daughter and proclaims, “I think you are going to be late to your class today, get naked, I am going to fuck you silly! Your dad’s blow job was good, but nothing beats the wet and warm confines of your young pussy!”

Without hesitation my daughter starts to strip and she throws her clothes at me. “Cucky, fold those nicely.” She then turns, jumps up on the kitchen island and spreads her legs and excitedly tells Steve, “Enter at will, my pussy is yours!” I watch them fuck for the next 20 minutes. She gives herself fully to him and while he pumps his superior cock in and out of her pussy she enjoys berating me. Rachel reminds me that a real man wouldn’t give up his wife and daughter. That a real man wouldn’t sleep on the couch while his wife sleeps with her lover in the master bedroom. That a real man wouldn’t suck cock. Rachel is absolutely correct; I am not a real man.

As she climaxes she screams “THIS is what a real man does!” And as she calms down, Steve pulls out and she beckons me over and say, “and certainly a real man would never clean off a man’s cock after he had just fucked his daughter, would he? But you are going to do that, aren’t you?” I look at her with humiliation and say, “yes” as I take Steve’s cock into my mouth once again. She walks out of the room saying “what a pathetic wimp you are.”


I couldn’t argue with my daughter’s assessment and her words rang in my ears as I spent the day cleaning the house according to my wife’s strict instructions. I have become the house boy, there to clean and cook and watch the real man fuck my women. I obey my wife, and my daughter and ultimately Steve. He is my master.

The house takes me numerous hours and during that time I keep repeating the words “pathetic wimp” and forcing myself to accept those words as true. I clean with care and energy to be sure that I please my wife, but knowing full well that her real pleasure was coming from Steve. My daughter was right, I was pathetic.

I just finished my cleaning when a text arrived from my wife: Will be home in 20 minutes, Julie with me. Be naked and standing submissively in kitchen. I have been telling her about your complete submission and she wants a demonstration, so DO NOT disappoint.

I had not been wearing clothes since early this morning so being naked was easy. In fact, I hadn’t worn clothes in the house this whole week. Steve’s order. I also had strict orders not to masturbate. Earlier in the week when I confessed that I had cum while listening to him fuck my daughter, he made me beg to be punished. He hit me 10 times with his belt. It was not playful, it was painful. I still had some welts on my thighs and butt. Since then I have been very obedient: often hard, but no relief.

I bounced back out of my head and texted back, Mistress, I understand and will be ready to serve. My wife preferred I keep things short and she demanded I always called her mistress. She told me I should only speak when spoken to, and even then I should respond simply and with complete deference.

I finalized my cleaning, put the supplies away and went up stairs to take a quick shower. Just as I was about to get into the shower I received a text from Steve.

The text was a photo of my daughter looking lustingly up at the camera with a large black cock in her mouth. The caption read: Today she went black!

A second later another text came in: My client wants to know if you want him to cum down her throat, or decorate her face. Answer quickly, he is ready to blow!

I marveled at the humiliation and the arousal and typed: Her Face.

The reality was I was hoping for a photo. Being the sick wimp that I was, I was hoping I would get a photo of my Daughter with this man’s cum on her face. And sure enough a few minutes later a photo of my beautiful daughter came thru. Her face was covered in cum and she was smiling. The caption read, Good Choice!

I was so hard and wanted to jerk off, but that was not allowed so I (cold) showered quickly (I was only allowed cold showers, Steve’s orders) and made it to the kitchen just in time to hear the garage door opening. I spread my legs to shoulder width, put my hands behind my back and bowed my head to the floor. I was about to live one of my ultimate fantasies, serving my wife’s friend Julie.

My wife walked in with Julie. Neither acknowledged me. I saw their shadows and occasionally their feet as they moved around the kitchen and discussed their days. They decided on a white wine and then finally I was addressed. “Wimp of a husband, open the Pinot Grigio and bring us two glasses of wine. We will be in the living room.”

They exited and I got the wine and poured it into the glasses and headed to the living room. The ladies were sitting on the couch and accepted their wine. I kept my gaze down and did not speak. Julie broke the silence as she asked my wife, “Will you ask your husband to massage my feet, it’s been a long day.”

“I won’t ask, but I will tell.” She spoke to me, “Get on your knees and worship Julie’s feet. Start by licking her shoes, then kiss her feet and then ask permission to begin the massage.”

I quickly got to my knees and bent over and started to lick her shoes. I so wanted to look up at Julie’s legs and hot body, but I kept my eyes down like the wimp I was and licked away. I removed each shoe gently and then began kissing her feet. After a few minutes of this, while keeping my eyes down I asked, “May I please massage your feet Mistress Julie?”

Julie laughed, “wow, he is well trained!” She added, “Yes you can you pathetic excuse for a man, massage them well but don’t you dare look above my feet. Your eyes don’t deserve my body.”

She was right, I didn’t deserve even a glimpse of her lean and tight body. I focused on massaging her feet and she seemed to enjoy it. The ladies went back to discussing life and ignoring me. I once again found myself focused on doing my wimp job well reminding myself this was all a wimp like me could hope for.

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