Animal Café Ch. 32

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How did this happen?

This morning, Lucy called me because Oreo got a cold and said she would like me to cover for her. Since I didn’t have school today, I accepted, but I didn’t think things would turn into this catastrophic drama.

After traveling to the café from the pethouse, everything was normal. I walked into the Cakes and pets and greeted Lucy before heading to the costume room, where she helped me suit up for the day. Oreo and I were the same size, so I didn’t have any problem squeezing my small butt inside the stretchy black and white cat skin, and it felt great to know that I could wear something my girlfriend loved so much. Usually, I was not that interested in being a pet because I preferred just to hang around them, make them drink and eat, and cuddle with them, here in the lounge or the capsule rooms upstairs. But the latex cat costume even smelled like Oreo, so it made my experience a very enticing one.

This happy mood of mine yielded dividends. All morning, Lucy said, “Good Job, Clara. The client was very pleased!” so it made me happy. With all the pet coaching I have received from my friends, I finally saw myself becoming freer as a pet, particularly when it came the time to communicate with new people without my voice. I even managed to incite a client to pick food from the new menu that Asha had put together a couple of weeks ago.

But then, as the day progressed, my good experience came to an abrupt halt, and things took a grim turn. There was a TERRIBLE accident at the café, and I was the main victim of it.

Here I was, lying on my back in the middle of the lounge, unable to move my limbs, and on top of that, I couldn’t see anything anymore. I could hear the client’s voices rumbling throughout my sudden darkness, but it was too confusing to make anything out of it. On my inert body, I could feel cushy paws compassionately patting and rubbing my latex encased body, but they couldn’t do anything to help me. My situation was too dire for them to help. Even Accalia, our future nurse, wouldn’t have known how to react.


Why me?

I came from so far and faced so many hurdles, worked so hard, just to build something precious, something I called a life. All those friends I made, all those experiences, bad and good, that forged who I was today. I even started school recently and curiously enjoyed it. Finance wasn’t something I knew anything about, but I discovered that I was pretty good with numbers. Before this horrible accident, I had dared to allow myself to dream and believe that I could have had a bright future surrounded by my friends.

So why? Why now of all time?

Why did this accident happen to me? Why did I have to lose my sight when I was so young and full of potential? Being unable to see would change everything. How would I be able to study if I couldn’t see? And if, on top of that, I got paralyzed, then what? I would spend my days in a wheelchair at the pethouse, facing the big window wall in the living room, only being able to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin without the possibility to admire its magnificence. My friends would occasionally sing songs in my ears to keep me company, telling me how much they loved me.

But in the background, I would still hear my girlfriend Oreo having wild sex with everybody else because I would be unable to satisfy her anymore.

Yes, why?

Life for me was over. And here, on the floor, immobile, I couldn’t even moan my sadness because of this squishy gag in my mouth. I needed help but couldn’t call for it.


My mind screamed, but no noise came out of my mouth. And it was also difficult to breathe. Not enough air reached my lungs, and they started to burn badly.

Fortunately for me, the lounge door slammed open, and Lucy’s familiar voice, comforting voice, reached my ears, piercing through my aura of distress.

“What is going on here!? What is this mess!?”


How can one ask for help while being paralyzed and mute?

“All of you! Get off Oreo right now!”

Of course, I was acting Oreo today.

“Get off her right now! Can’t you see she can’t move? Let me take care of her, quick. Aaah! Oreo. What happened to you? Poor cat.”

Suddenly, brightness.

As Lucy rubbed her thumbs over the big black eyes of my mask, I regained my sense of vision.

“Aaah! You probably can’t see anything with all that cake smeared over your eyes. Come with me. We will go upstairs and clean you up.”

She pulled on my arms, and magically, I was standing, not paralyzed at all, and I could see again even if everything was blurry.

Okay, maybe I overdramatized what happened a bit earlier.

I couldn’t move because the other pets were pinning me down to the ground, and I couldn’t see because I had some cake all over my eyes. Oh, and about the burning lungs, it was probably just some icing clogging one of the vents in my ears. When I blew really hard, siirt seks hikayeleri it seemed to have resolved the problem.

Simply put, I was just fine and uninjured.

So, about this terrible accident. Lucy had asked Vix to carry this big vanilla cake to table number four because it was a client’s birthday, but after she let her in the lounge with the cake in her small arms, I didn’t see her and bumped into her. I got the whole cake in the face and fell over on my back. And then it was so embarrassing that I began making up stories in my head as if it was going to help. Maybe I went a bit too deep in my delusion.

Lucy led me out of the lounge and then upstairs to the costume room. I wondered if she would be angry at me. It was a bit my fault for not having paid enough attention to where I was going, but I really wanted to sit with Accalia, who seemed lonely, and carelessly crossed the lounge resulting in this unfortunate collision.

Lucy made me sit on the stool.

“Alright, Clara. Stay here for a moment. I’ll come back in a few minutes. I just have to clean this mess in the lounge first before the pets walk in it and spread crushed cake everywhere.”

Oh, I had a very good memory of something similar that happened when Lucy had asked me to take care of the café on the day Trixie broke her arm. While trying to fix my mistake, I had spread cake everywhere in the café, and Elizabeth had to rescue me. So I nodded and obediently placed my cushy cat paws on my lap.

While I waited for her to come back, I looked around. On the shelf was the Misti costume next to the Apricot one. Misti was probably taking care of Oreo at the moment, which was reassuring. But that dog costume, nobody had worn it since Kitty. Kitty was now our cute cheetah, and nobody really requested Apricot after that. The animals that Lucy chose to put to work on any given day had a lot to do with their popularity. Like Trixie and Vix, Oreo was a costume that people absolutely wanted to see when they visited the café. This was why Lucy asked me to impersonate Oreo today and not the dog.

From afar, I looked at myself in the mirror located in the corner of the room, and it was a bit odd. Not only was I covered in an impressive amount of cake, but I was also a legit pet. Personally, and I thought about it lengthily, I didn’t want to be a full-time café animal. I was just happy to be Clara and mostly came here to get some comfort from my friends. On that aspect, I was very much a typical client. It didn’t mean that I hated wearing this tight latex suit and helping around occasionally. It felt safe.

Since Lucy told us about the origin of the café and where our costumes really came from, things were a bit different around here. Not in a bad way, though. It was all because we discovered that Lucy, despite the tragedy she went through when she was younger, had developed this kinky side that she had never told us about. Even to this day, I doubted she would admit it.

Seriously, the costumes she designed and commissioned from Elizabeth were quite something. At first, I thought all the animals were just very cute, but now that we knew that Lucy had intentionally made them this restrictive and kinky, it made us all a bit hotter. Sexual hormones were running high at the café; except for Trixie because hers had always been high.

I got off my seat and walked to the full-length mirror. Oreo stared at me. I placed my cushy paws on the smooth surface, and she did the same. This was convenient. I missed my girlfriend, but I could communicate with her like this even if she wasn’t here. It was the first time I put on her costume, and I quite liked it. Those big black eyes and cute cat muzzle were just adorable. It was impossible to tell if Lucy had done this on purpose when she designed her costume or not, but Oreo’s face always looked a bit angry, like when she was out of costume. It was the cute kind of angry that made me have a crush on her. The same expression translated on this cat mask was adorable.

Ack! A pair of small rubbery arms wrapped around my waist, startling me a little.

Oh, it was Vix. She, too, was covered in cake, and Lucy must have sent her upstairs so she could clean her at the same time.

There was something very special about Vix, and now we all knew why. Well, we already knew about her terrible childhood accident that had left her with some nasty scars on her face, but we didn’t really know how important it had been for her to wear this costume. It was the way she had chosen to reintegrate society and gradually rebuild her self-confidence.

I patted her on the head, and she grabbed my waist.

It was funny how two pets communicated. There was no need for words. Most of the time, I couldn’t understand them or make myself understood, but it didn’t matter because touching each other like that showed us the essentials; we liked each other and wanted to feel good. Vix had such a special way to beg for hugs, a way that prevented everybody from refusing. Nobody totally knew how she managed to do that, to be so cute. She could defeat the most resistant anti-hug person.

I wrapped my arms around her, and she bounced up and down, happy to have obtained what she had asked for. Her flat belly against mine felt warm and made me appreciate being a pet even more. This wasn’t the kind of thing I often did while wearing civilian clothes. Being a rubber animal was a great excuse to gain physical affection.

“Would you stop that! You are making my job harder! Clara! What did you do to our mirror! Come on! It’s full of icing now.”

Oops. Lucy was back and didn’t appreciate us playing with each other like that. We were smearing cake all over our bodies. She grabbed Vix by the wrist and yanked her toward the stool.

“You first, little mischievous fox. Couldn’t you watch where you were going? You just cost me a full cake, and the client was super sad that you couldn’t sit with them anymore.”

Vix pointed at me, trying to shift the blame to me, she had a point, but Lucy knew better.

“Stop that, Vix. Clara didn’t know you were on a mission. You had to look where you were going.”

Vix’s shoulder dropped, and her head lowered. Lucy generously sprayed her with soapy water and began cleaning her with soft towels. As the cake disappeared, her fiery red latex suit retrieved all its vibrancy. The most complicated part to clean was obviously her face because of her beautiful mask’s details. All the nooks and crannies were full of delicious sugar.

As Lucy made good progress, it made me realize that she could have asked Vix to remove her suit to make the cleaning easier, but she didn’t even consider it. Once more, I wondered why Lucy seemed to like Vix as a fox so much.

I remembered the story she told us the other night, the part when her young daughter had created an imaginary fox and named her Vix. Could it be possible that Lucy thought our Vix was really that same magical Vix that her daughter had imagined? And did it matter? If it felt good to her, then it was okay. The real Vix didn’t seem to mind. She just appreciated the attention, after all.

Once Vix was clean, Lucy dragged me to the stool in the same authoritarian manner. She sprayed me with soapy water and began working on my case.

“And you, Clara. You have to look where you are going. It’s a café, not a playground. Can you imagine what would have happened if it had been me with a tray full of hot coffee? I know you are not a pet often, but you still have to be careful.”

I nodded and lowered my head. Why were we so vulnerable to criticism when we were in costume? Was it because Lucy was always right?

I regained my full vision after she cleaned my eyes. It was much easier to see when my black lenses weren’t coated in cakes. I could even see Lucy smiling discreetly, which was strange. Despite our mistake, and despite having scolded us for it, she still seemed to get a lot of joy out of taking care of us. It made me think.

Since we knew Lucy had lost her child, was it possible that she used us in a way to experience all the good moments she couldn’t have with her daughter? I had to admit, most of us, the café pets, were very immature. Outside Asha and Meeka, we were very childish. We gave Lucy prime material to interact with girls possessing a mental age of ten. Maybe that was what she liked so much about us.

“Okay, all done. But you’ve done enough for today. The café is closing in less than an hour, and I don’t want you to cause more trouble. I want the two of you to get in one of the capsule rooms until I come to get you later.”

Oh? Really? Vix and I looked at each other briefly, but we were totally on the same wavelength; this was not a punishment at all. But we were clever and didn’t want Lucy to know we were happy about this spontaneous decision.

So we arched our backs and looked down at our feet as if to pretend we were sad.

“AH! Don’t give me that attitude. I’m not an idiot. I know you are both happy about this. I just want you out of my way until we close. You’ve ruined my afternoon. Go! Before I change my mind. Or else I’ll lock you up in the washroom.”

She saw right through our amazing strategy. How could she do that so easily? In any case, we didn’t want to be locked up in the washroom, so we trotted out of the costume room in a hurry and headed straight to the bottom capsule located in the room next door, our usual one. Vix went in first, and I followed her. After making sure our tails weren’t in the way, we slid the door behind us and isolated ourselves from the world.

It was cuddle time.


The good thing about dreams was that they were dreams.

“Vix! Come! Let’s take a look at this hotel!”

“A hotel? Where?”

“Here! Can’t you see it?”

“Ah, yes. I see it now. Look, Clara. It’s called Critter Inn!”

“It sounds fun! Let’s go in.”

With our rubber tails wagging and ears flicking, Vix and I, hand in hand, trotted into the hotel. It was not that big, but it had a warm vintage atmosphere with candles everywhere. Behind a massive dark oak reception desk was a pretty lady, about one head taller than us. She was wearing a very nice red hotel uniform, the one with the small round hat, and greeted us with a smile.

“Hello! You are very cute. What are you?”

“I’m Clara, a rubber cat, and this is Vix, a rubber fox.”

“Fantastic. You two are adorable. What can I do for you?”

“We would like to visit the hotel.”

“Visit the hotel? You mean, rent a room?”

“No, no. Vix and I want to visit it. It looks like a fun place.”

“Aaah! A fun place. Of course. What did I think? Here. Take these and have fun!”

Lucy opened a drawer full of keys, randomly grabbed a handful of them that she dropped on top of the desk. Vix and I briefly looked at each other, smiled, and then we hurried to pick up all the keys before the lady changed her mind. There were so many.

Once we put the keys in our nonexistent pockets, we ran toward the elevators.

“Thaaank you, Lucy!”

“Not a problem. Enjoy your stay!”

Vix was so amusing. With her little rubber fingers, she pressed all the buttons on the control panel until the elevator started moving up. When I looked above the door, there were a series of lights indicating what floor we were on. The first one that turned on had a raccoon face printed on it instead of a number. Vix and I bounced from excitement. What could this mean?

The door parted and gave us direct access to a beautiful vintage room.

“Woooah! Vix! Do you see what I see?”

“Yes! It’s amazing, Clara! It’s like we are in the forties.”

“Ah! I want to jump on that small metal bed!”

“Me too!”

Without any concerns about our strange location or our equally strange behavior, we rushed to the bed and climbed on it. After bouncing a bit on the springy mattress, I fell to my back, and Vix ended up on top of me.

“I love you, Clara! You are so pretty as a cat.”

“Aww! I love you too, Vix. You are the most cuddly foxy I’ve ever met!”

“That’s because I’m the only foxy you’ve ever met.”

“Ah, yes. That makes sense.”

We engaged in a deep kiss. I always loved sliding my fingertips on the small of her back. It was so rubbery, so warm, so sexy. Her tail was swaying left and right, betraying her happiness. Visiting this strange hotel was such a great idea. Her kisses made me feel so good in my lower belly too. I wanted more.

But before things could escalate, a voice interrupted us.

“Hello. I suppose you are visiting the hotel?”

“Aaah! So… sorry. Lucy gave us keys and said it was okay, so…”

“No, no… It’s alright. You are welcome to my room.”

Her room? In front of us, next to our bed, was a beautiful raccoon girl entirely made of latex, like us. Her cute black paws and little mask just made her look so unique. She also wore this amazing black and white satin french maid uniform. Her short skirt and tiny apron were just too adorable, and the way she kept her hands crossed in front of her crotch made us melt.

“I’m Meeka, by the way. I’m your servant. Do you need my help with anything? Would you like some very special cuddles?”

Vix raised her hand.

“Oh, I love cuddles! But, I want you to give Clara the first ones. It was her idea to come here.”

“Not a problem. Please, Clara. Make yourself at ease. I’ll take care of everything.”

What did that even mean? I was already very comfortable in this room with my friend Vix. Meeka, the maid, walked to me and the apprehension turned me on a bit more. Why? It didn’t make sense. But since it was my dream, I could let her do what she wanted just for a little bit… just to see what would happen next.

Meeka gently pushed my knees apart and reached my crotch zipper with her black latex fingers. She pulled the tab down, gradually exposing my pussy, and some of my juice dribbled down. I got the feeling that this would be very fun. I was curiously wet and ready for whatever she would decide to do.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and witnessed how soft her incredible french maid uniform was, and let my head fall back on the pillow. Vix wrapped her arms around me, making sure to massage my burning breasts, and Meeka started working on my crotch with her lips.


“Clara! You taste so good. Because I’m a maid, I have to clean you up very well. Would that be okay?”

“AAaah! Yes! Meeka!”

How could I have said no? How could she be so good at it? It was like she had done this a million times before. Would it be reasonable to assume that, as a maid working in this hotel, she had many opportunities to please clients and build an expertise? It was her role, after all… I thought it was… She was Meeka, the french maid.


“Are you close already, Clara?”


“We love you, Clara.”

My mind got very fuzzy, and my body tingled non-stop. It felt good. So good. We should visit this hotel more often.

My back arched, and my brain exploded. It was the best orgasm ever, even if all my orgasms were always the best.

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