Aversion Therapy

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“Babe, do you look at other women?” Jim’s gorgeous girlfriend asked from the kitchen.

Now, as every man in the world knows, there is no way to win in this scenario. Men are men and cannot help but look at other women, and all women truly do know this despite their continual shock at discovering this fact of nature. However, women also need, and deserve, to be cherished by their men and the fiction that “he never looks at other women” needs to be maintained even though all humans on earth know it to be a lie.

“Of course not Mandy” Jim nervously answered back. “You are more than enough woman for me”.

Hearing an appreciative “awe” coming from the kitchen, Jim was relieved that the subject seemed to be dropped.

Tonight was Thursday, and every week this was the time for a girl’s night out for Mandy, and Jim was looking forward to being alone in the apartment. This was the one day of the week that he had to himself, and he took this opportunity to catch up on watching porn, drink lots of beer guilt free and generally veg out in his man-cave. While she went out with her friends, he was going to wallow in as much bad (but legal) fun as he could while he had the place to himself.

Mandy and her three gorgeous girlfriends however liked to go out and do different things on their girl’s night out and all looked forward to it all week. A couple of years ago they had taken an art class and even tried their hand at belly dancing classes a few times, but most weeks they at least went out to dinner or a movie, each week trying something new as it appeared the men in their lives were less adventuresome.

She and her girlfriends also loved starting their evening by having a few drinks at a local bar before the night’s fun began, normally all free as the attention they received from the guys at the bar all charged their egos. They never took any of the propositions they inevitable received seriously, but they all secretly enjoyed receiving them. All of four of them were stunningly beautiful and every man’s head always turned when they came into the room. This particular night, Maria, Mandy’s hot blooded, an incredibly curvy latin friend suggested they go to see a Wiccan Priestess for this week’s new journey of self-discovery.

All of the girls were intrigued by the idea and thought of all kinds of things to ask the Priestess to perform for them. As they had dinner before their meeting together with the priestess, the night turned rowdier than expected as the margaritas flowed quite freely. The meeting with the Priestess wasn’t scheduled until midnight and so the girls had quite a bit of time to kill and kill they did by putting a serious dent in the tequila reserves of the bar.

As they got drunker and drunker, the subject of conversation turned to men again and Mandy related the conversation she had had with Jim earlier in the day as all of the other girls rolled their eyes.

“Listen Mandy, I am sure Jim is not cheating on you, but he is a man after all and I am sure he looks” Marie chimed in as the conversation continued.

All of the other girls agreed and related their own stories of how their men had wandering eyes, tossing back drink after drink as the tales were swapped. By the time the third pitcher of Margaritas had arrived, all of the girls were getting pretty pissed, having worked themselves up into a stew over the faithless “eyes” of their men.

“Aren’t we enough for them!” yelled Suzanne as she also relayed stories of her boyfriend’s visual infidelities.

“You are right girl” interrupted Marie “It is so humiliating, especially when they do it right in our presence. My boyfriend Rene and I were at the beach last week and I swear he had a hard on the whole time looking at all of those whores in their string bikinis on the beach, I could not even have a conversation with him without his eyes darting around, feasting on all of that semi-exposed YOUNG flesh. I really was humiliated and it does not seem to matter to him at all!”

The girls just samsun escort got madder and madder and drunker and drunker discussing the situation and when they finally got to the Priestess for the reading, they could barely stand. Finally arriving, once they entered the girls were ushered into a small back room, very dark, with only candles for light. In the corner was a stone statue of a beautiful woman with large oversized and quite alluring breasts with four pairs of arms all outstretched in a gesture of offering. This shrine was dedicated to the Goddess Sabina, the VooDoo Goddess of lust and desire, and she was the chief deity they would commune with that night.

When the Priestess came into the room, the girls were nervous but curious and their liquid courage opened them up enough to ask various questions as each were quite curious as to what to expect next. Listening patiently to the drunken ramblings of some bored suburban yuppies, the Priestess finally spoke, and stated that the Goddess Sabina had heard their requests, and after a small sacrifice of honey and wine to the altar, the Goddess would grant their wish.

The girls looked at each other puzzled, as none had made any verbal request, but went on with the sacrifice anyway. After it was over, they chalked the whole experience up to being a bust, as it was not exactly what they expected. Certainly the evening ended with a whimper and not a bang, and it was decided that next week they would go to a palm reader instead, at least THAT usually entitled something happening.

The next day, Jim, as was his habit, decided to go for an early morning jog. Handsome and extremely fit at 31, he liked to keep his body in shape, not only for Mandy, but also for the occasional flirtation from other women that definitely stroked his ego. As he was jogging he grinned when he ran into Samantha, a fairly attractive woman who lived in his and Mandy’s building, with an ass on her that Jim often fantasized about. She was a biker and also in top shape, often riding on the same trail that Jim jogged.

This was no accident as Jim always loved running into her so he could enjoy checking out her body so he made sure to jog the trail where he would most likely stumble across her path. He was not looking to cheat on Mandy, as this was not a scheme to actually hook up with Samantha, but, as men are men, only an opportunity to catch a quick look every once in a while. As they politely chatted as “neighbors”, he had much to look at today as Samantha was looking quite fine in her black sports T, tight running shorts and long muscular bikers legs as well as of course her spectacular ass.

Right as he was in the middle of talking to Samantha Jim suddenly felt hands, feminine and delicate, but still amazingly powerful hands, start to rip at his at his clothing. He was at horrified at this ghostly attack and his mind could not comprehend what was happening. First his shirt was shredded and he was flipped onto his back as his shoe and socks flew into the air as he struggled but there was nothing he could do as he was assaulted by 8 pairs of phantom hands. His mind was a blur as he desperately tried to make sense of what was happening but despite his struggles before he knew it his invisible attacker had rapidly stripped him completely naked. Stumbling to his feet he quickly tried to cover himself but he felt his arms restrained behind his back in an obvious show of force, but also to humiliate him.

His mind was racing as he tried to understand exactly what was happening but it was no use, this was beyond rational understanding. Although he was obviously under assault from some very powerful foe, there appeared to be no one there and the whole situation seemed impossible to explain. Whatever was attacking him was invisible and he was completely helpless to stop it and Samantha, watching this display could not stop laughing despite her fear. Neither she nor Jim could reconcile what they were seeing as the clothes escort samsun ripped from his body, and then once he was completely naked, lifted into the air and shredded before them both into a million pieces.

Standing there paralyzed in disbelief as he was stripped and humiliated in front of his hot neighbor Jim quickly came to his senses and reflexively tried to cover his dick with his hands, but again they were held back. To make matters even worse, now he felt the hands slowly start to stroke and tease him, causing him to spring a very hard and humiliating erection in front of the increasingly amused hottie.

Jim’s face burned in humiliation as this was obviously the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to him, and as he turned and started to run for home his brain was in overcharge as he tried to figure out what could possibly be causing this. Seeing him run off, Samantha just whistled as his tight dimpled ass wiggled off down the road. As he ran, the stroking and teasing on his cock kept increasing causing him to occasionally drop to his knees and start to moan and thrash uncontrollably from the sensory overload. Despite his terror and humiliation, he had never been so horny in his life, and the fact that he no longer controlled his body both horrified but also oddly excited him. Running while being stroked is not easy especially as he was barefoot (barefoot all over) and the hot concrete burned his sensitive soles as his hard cock swung wildly along with his now throbbing full testicles.

Women on the street at this early hour wore shocked expressions on their faces as they could not believe what they were seeing. Before their eyes was a hot young guy, running naked, with a throbbing erection, down a major street in the middle of the morning and his streaking adventure brought mixed reactions. Some whistled, some screamed at him for being a pervert, some even took pictures, but none could look away from his nude run.

Jim was completely red now as his humiliating jog now turned into a dash to save whatever remained of his dignity. Finally, after about 30 minutes he reached his apartment, and to his great relief, found the emergency key under the fake rock he had just set out last week. Once he entered the apartment and closed the door behind him, he exhaled loudly in relief.

Mandy had run out for coffee so was not home when Jim arrived but she would no doubt have been astonished at his state. Unable to touch his own cock, and continuously stroked and teased, he fell to the middle of the living room floor and just writhed in agony as the teasing attack on his cock not only continued but increased in intensity. Not only did he feel eight pairs of hands stroking his cock, teasing the head and tickling his balls; now they were joined by two phantom tongues swirling up and down the sides of his dick. The combinations of these teasing sensations on his meat drove him completely mad with lust and for the next two hours Jim just bucked uncontrollably on the floor of his apartment, desperate for release but denied as he throbbed and moaned.

When Mandy came in from her coffee, the sight that greeted her both aroused her and frightened her. Jim was covered in sweat, his whole body shaking and was completely naked on his back thrusting his hips to the ceiling as his cock was visibly throbbing. When she entered the room he crawled over to her and laid his head at her feet, almost collapsing in exhaustion.

“Mandy, you have got to help me. I don’t know what is going on here, but I can’t” and with that he moaned again, not able to complete his sentence as the stimulation was too much.

Mandy’s mind raced and she was stupefied by the scene as her brain rapidly filled with unanswered questions. What is this, has Jim gone crazy? Does he have some sort of weird neurological disorder? What am I going to do to help him? Watching him writhe on the floor had almost put her into an erotic trance and when her cellphone rang, samsun escort bayan it broke her paralysis. Looking at the caller ID she saw that it was Marie and quickly answered it. She needed help, and maybe Marie could offer some advice.

Answering the call, she quickly discovered that at Marie’s house a very similar scenario was being played out and she was calling to ask HER for help. Marie had just gotten home from her jog and discovered her boyfriend also naked, shaking and desperately trying to hump the silk sheets on their bed. His computer was still on, and it was obvious he had been looking at porn while she was out. Mandy put 2 and 2 together and figured they all needed to make another trip to the Priestess of Sabina as it appeared that both of their men were under some sort of spell.

Listening to Marie, Mandy reached out to calm Jim and when her hand felt his throbbing cock it felt like a glowing radiator, waves of heat flowing off of him. Once she grabbed his manhood however her touch seemed to break the spell and Jim at once erupted all over the living room and collapsed unconscious on the floor. Telling her what had just happened, Marie performed a similar operation on her boyfriend, and they all decided to call the other girls.

All had had similar experiences and were quite distraught when they finally met with the Priestess. She explained that the Goddess Sabina had heard their requests, although the request had not been verbal, but that from now on, the divinity would punish their men if their eyes strayed. Once their men’s eyes filled with any kind of lust other from their woman, they would be immediately stripped naked and teased by the Goddess and denied release for as long as the spell lasted.

The spell could only be broken when they touched their man’s cock to grant forgiveness, but If they decided not to, the sensations would continue and only grow stronger and more intense with time. Hearing this revelation, the girls all started to giggle as they now understood what was going on, although it was hard to comprehend. They did believe however as they had seen the evidence of Sabine’s magic with their own eyes and as the ramifications sank in they all started to giggle even harder. Each looking at one another in astonishment, evil grins formed on all of their mouths simultaneously as they realized how this would radically change the power balance in their relationships.

“Well!” exclaimed Marie in obvious glee “I finally have Rene by the short hairs. He is finally going to learn to behave.”

The other girls each had similar plans for their own hapless boyfriends and agreed with Marie’s sentiments and after the meeting with the priestess, they went out for more Margaritas and plotted how best to use their new powers.

When Mandy got home, Jim was still asleep. When he awoke, she explained the whole situation and his eyes got as big as saucers as he also immediately understood the implications of this curse.

“Jim, I love you” Mandy said tenderly “But I want you to be faithful to me, not just physically, but visually. This first punishment by Sabina was a freebie. Your release from this curse is completely in my hands so if it happens again, I will leave you like that for a whole day. If it happens again after that, it will be a month and after that, a year!”

Looking at her boyfriend’s increasingly worried face she giggled as she was thoroughly enjoying her new power. “And you certainly don’t want to know what happens after that” she said evilly as a shiver went up Jim’s spine. “Now, all this built up male lust has gotten me quite horny, so get naked and on your knees, you are going to have to earn back my trust”. Despite his concern, he smiled as Mandy pulled her sundress over her head and spread her legs before him, gently directed his head to her dripping snatch.

As his face was coated by the delicious honey of his girlfriend, he sighed contentedly as he heard the first little mew of appreciation as he kissed his way back over her quivering bud. His blood ran cold however when he heard the next words from Mandy’s mouth.

“By the way Jim, I thought we would go to the beach tomorrow” she whispered as he continued to lick. Hearing this, his mind again raced in panic. How on earth was he going to avoid looking at all those women on the beach.

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