Bait , Switch: Girlfriend to Bitch Ch. 02

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I thought I’d never get to sleep after all the excitement the evening bore. But, quite the opposite, I slept sound like a lamb at the foot of Robert’s bed, curled up into the smallest ball I could manage. I didn’t want to take up any more room than was absolutely necessary.

“Mary!” My name was being called from far away, perhaps behind several layers of glass. Somehow I seemed to have forgotten my name over the course of the previous events.

“Mary had a little lamb, little lamb…,” I hummed in my mind’s ear.

Then…CRASH! FLOOR! I opened my eyes to oak slats and Robert’s feet; or, my place: beneath. Robert had pushed me off of the side of the bed to rouse me from my persisting slumber.

“Get up, my little lamb,” Robert cooed, “Your duties have only just begun. Wash your face and then it’s straight to the kitchen with you. Make a hearty breakfast for me– you’re going on a strict diet starting today. The rules of the diet are really simple– I’ll tell you when you can eat from now on, at least until you’re well trained enough to be trusted with such matters. Now, get going and don’t forget to set the table nice and pretty for your Man.”

My arousal from last night had never been attended to and surely was showing no signs of attenuation. Dreams of getting pounded by Robert’s thick cock haunted my sleeping and waking thoughts. I thought if I fulfilled Robert’s wishes perhaps he would deign to use me in such a fashion… So, I practically waddled to the kitchen after freshening up with a growing hunger between my thighs.

I opened the fridge to see what I could whip up. Robert is a voracious eater (so in bed, so in the pantry, I suppose), so I seized about six eggs and the same number of bacon strips. I knew every action counted at this point in Robert and I’s new relations, and I was determined to prove myself in the bedroom and out.

I diced a few vegetables and the bacon and concocted a bountiful scramble, which I topped with cheese. Then I carefully plated the monster (even garnishing it with Paprika and a sprig of parsley!) and laid out some bread and a hard sausage on the side. Robert is part-Italian, so the kitchen is never lacking in rich cheeses and meat…

“Woman, I’m hungry. You almost ready to serve me?” Robert called from the living room where he was watching TV.

“Almost, sir!” I called back.

“Well, you have two minutes.”

So, I straightened everything out, put a carton of orange juice table, and stood stark naked– save a waist-apron– and leaned against the counter with my hands clasped behind my back and my head down.

“I’m coming in. Everything better be done.” He muttered as he walked through the door.

“Yes, sir, everything is ready for You. Please sit down and help Yourself. Let me know if You need anything.”

Robert picked up a fork and began stabbing the mountain of eggs, meat, veggies, and cheese, shoving large bites into his mouth, and chewing brusquely. He didn’t say anything for a while and the suspense was trying. The silence could have meant anything!

“Hey,” he addressed me finally, “Don’t just stand there, be useful! Pour me a glass of orange gaziantep escort juice and then get your ass under the table and suck my knob. These eggs aren’t terrible, but they’d be much better with a BJ.”

“Yes, sir.” I replied. I was getting good at taking orders!

Without a moment of hesitation, I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the table, which was covered with a long, white linen table cloth. Once I was under the table, all I could see was the lower half of Robert’s body. He was only wearing boxers so I decided it would be easiest to access his cock by sliding it through the little slit in them. I can’t even describe what a joy it was to think that I was helping Robert experience such different types of pleasure all at once…

Anyway, I slipped his mostly flaccid penis through the hole and and took the whole thing in my mouth, sucking languidly at first, and then steadily increasing the pace. I could feel his rod grow harder in my mouth and could even discern the veins on his shaft as they began to bulge.

From above, I could hear Robert still joyfully chowing down the hearty breakfast.

“I’m gonna train you good, yes I am. I’m not gonna mess up with this one, nooooo siree.” Robert muttered to himself. Even hearing the sir in ‘siree’ made me quiver all over with excitement.

Then he said to me, “If any scraps fall down to the floor, I’m giving you permission to eat ’em– with no hands.” He chuckled for a bit, probably imagining how pathetic I would look lapping up breakfast off the floor, and then he “accidentally” dropped about one sixth of a piece of bacon on the pretty tiled ground.

I lunged for it– I hadn’t eaten in roughly 24 hours and I was starving. So, I pressed my face to the floor and inhaled it. It was truly a quarter inch of bliss, particularly because it was a gift from my owner…

“WOMAN!” Robert angrily yelled. I bristled and let out a cross between a whimper and a yelp. “Mind my cock while you stuff your face, piggy. Don’t forget whose pleasure is at stake here. If your mouth is occupied, use your your hand, but never, ever forget about your Master’s cock.

“Yes, sir! Forgive me, I was so hungry and fooli–”

“Be quiet, woman!”

I fell right back to sucking, with increased gusto to make up for my infraction. I tried to suppress my gag reflex the best I could and let his cock slide all the way down the back of my throat; I accepted this penetration as a favor from Robert. He wasn’t just allowing me to suck His perfect cock, He was taking the time to train and cultivate me…

The more I thought about how lucky I was to be under Robert’s command, the easier it became to cram all 8 inches of Robert’s meat in my mouth. My lips created a tight suction around his shaft while I used my right hand to gently stimulate his balls. After a few minutes, Robert became more reactionary, jolting a bit in his chair, to thrust deeper into my throat. Suddenly he drew his chair back and seized my forearms with his strong, callused hands.

He dragged me out from under the table, and I looked up at him with humble inquisition. konya escort “I’m ready.” I thought.

“I want your other fuck hole,” Robert said. “Stand up, turn around, and bend over the table like a good girl. Present that pussy to Me. It’s time to really own that cunt.”

I did what he ordered, all the while feeling a surge of warmth and wetness flowing from my pussy. I arched my back and stuck my ass high in the air, inviting my Master to do whatever he wished with it.

“Ohhh, good pussy,” he cooed, “It’s time to stuff you and seed you. You want to get stuffed and seeded, little slut? You want My cum deep in your hole?”

“Oh yes! God, yes!” I cried. The idea of being flooded with cum– of maybe even having the honor of carrying my Master’s baby– was almost too much too handle. I felt like I was going to burst.

His fingers began exploring my pussy hole as I moaned low. One finger– two fingers– three– oh! In and out, in and– then I felt him gently stroking my engorged clit.

“Oh!” I cried, “Please fuck me with your magnificent cock!”

“You want it, huh?” Robert queried deliberately slyly.

“So badly, sir.”

I guess my desperate pleas worked because I soon felt the head of Robert’s cock probing the entrance of my sticky hole, then gently sliding in as I writhed in ecstasy. First, he thrust slowly and shallow, only allowing a few inches of himself into me. I could feel my pussy lips hungrily clinging to the thick head every time he removed his cock, only for it to plunge in again, slowly, methodically. He knew the build-up was killing me, and he enjoyed the torture he was inflicting.

“Yes! More! I need it so bad.” I cried.

“You need it? So you’re a cock slut then? For who?? Whose cock do you need??”

“Yours, Robert! Just yours! I worship your– your cock.”

Just then Robert slammed hard into my pussy, causing me to shriek in pain and pleasure. Now there would be no reprieve; Robert unleashed a torrent of violent thrusts into my cunt as he gripped my hips.I could feel his fingernails digging into my supple flanks.

Robert’s pounding was like a symphony’s crescendo– I could almost hear the cymbals crashing around me. Just as I was nearing an uncontrollable climax, the thunder stopped. I felt Robert’s cock slide out of my drenched hole, while I shuddered in shock.

“Don’t you dare turn around,” he warned. “It’s time for you to show me what a dirty little meat slut you really are.” I opened my eyes a crack and from my position, slumped over the kitchen table, I saw Robert reach for the extremely thick hard sausage I had laid out for breakfast. My mind was trying to comprehend but– too late. The greasy meat stick was being stuck into my pussy, stretching it far beyond its capacity. The whole thing wouldn’t quite fit and it hurt like the dickens.

“I’m gonna get this in your little hole even if I have to tear you a bit. And you’re gonna be a little meat slut and take it. And like it.” Robert said as he tried different ways and angles to stuff the stick in my cunt.

And then, “Oooooooh!” I cried as Robert finally kayseri escort jammed the whole meat stick into my pussy. It felt as though my insides had caught on fire.

Robert simply laughed and pushed the meat dildo in and out of me as fast as he could. “My girl, you’re bleeding. You was a meat virgin!” Robert laughed again, uproariously. Beyond the blazing pain, I sensed that my clit was still throbbing wildly and that my pussy was even wetter than before!

“Oh, Robert! Oh! I’m your meat slut. Thank you so much for stretching me.”

“Gooood girl,” Robert said as he continued to pummel my pussy with the sausage, “Now you’re gonna get a real treat. After another few minutes, the battering stopped. I opened my eyes again and saw Robert’s hand reaching over me and scooping up some butter from the table. My pussy was on fire– I didn’t know what was in store, but I felt I couldn’t stand much more without passing out…

Before I could exhale three times, I felt a cool sensation on my anus– Robert was rubbing a small globule of butter on my asshole and then pushed it in with his finger!

“Aiiiiii!” I screamed, “It hurts! Please, no!”

“What did you say??”

“Robert, I want only to please You, but I don’t think I can take it. Please forgive me.”

“Bitch, you will do what you’re told. I was gonna go slow, but now you’re gonna get it.”

Robert covered my mouth with one of his hands to muffle my cries. I heard what I think was Robert lathering up his fat cock with butter. Without warning, Robert plunged himself deep in my ass while the sausage was still burrowed in my pussy.

“I told you you’d take it, you dirty slut.” He hissed.

I sobbed from the searing pain in both my holes, but Robert only tightened his grip around my mouth to stop me from crying out. He pushed his cock rapidly and mercilessly into me, slamming his hips into my soft buttocks. My body was enduring what I thought was utterly impossible.

Amid the shock and pain, I was acutely aware that my intense arousal was now a mounting orgasm, though I felt unworthy after my ghastly disobedience.

When I stopped trying to scream, Robert removed his hand from my mouth and I exclaimed, “Robert, tear my holes up! They’re Yours, all Yours! Do what You wish with them and forgive my awful behavior.”

“I know they’re mine, stupid bitch. Now it’s time for me to mark my territory. The brisk pounding became even faster as Robert approached orgasm. He grunted and sweated and grabbed my arms out from behind me so he could really go at me. He began thrusting and swearing in a maddened frenzy– I knew it was time.

“Fuuuuuuuck! Take my load, bitch!” He yelled. His cock violently spasmed and shot cum all over my insides. While he filled me with his sticky goodness, I was doubly shaken by the addition of my own orgasm that racked my body with convulsions.

“Oh oh oh!” I cried long and loud until I collapsed into a limp heap on the table.

Robert pulled his softening cock out of my ass and the sausage fell out of my pussy and onto the ground. I guess I had been stretched so much that the meat stick didn’t even fit snugly inside of me anymore! My whole groin area felt even more aflame than before, now that the adrenaline rush was wearing off.

“Don’t you even think of resting yet.” Robert said when he caught his breath. “It’s time for you to straighten out the kitchen like a good wifey. This place is a mess. Shame on you!”

To be continued…

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