Baraka: Slave to the Sheik Ch. 04

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Like rubber bands popping under excretion, the crushing vice of her pussy released the numbing grip on the intruding cock. Her body shook with pain as his steely rod tore into unnatural depths. The trembling rippled the muscular passage massaging the invader to brink of orgasm. The first stroke is the sweetest on a new slave. With a groan, he withdrew all thirteen inches wanting to hear Baraka beg for his cock. He knew her voice had returned from the screams she had not been able to contain.

Master reached under her body grabbing the hanging breast. The hardened nipple scraped his palm before he crushed it like a grape. Baraka began to breathe heavily, but remained silent to his displeasure. With his other hand, he traced the jagged tear along her cunt with his finger. The blood filled the wrinkles in his knuckles. The contact made her wince and jerk away. Releasing her breast, he extracted the paddle from the ground to bring it down hard against her cheeks.

“I know Baraka can speak, now,” Master instructed Baraka. “Baraka will count out her blows and thank her Master for his instruction.”

“One, Master,” she croaked out in a hoarse voice. “Thank you, Master.”

Again, he touched the broken skin excited by his destruction. She began to moan, but did not move. His cock had become so anger in its erection the area behind his glands had gone numb from denial. Release, he needed release. Inhaling the sweet smell of musky ginger, he moved his hand up from her bloody hole to the crack of her ass. Locating the tiny pink pucker, he shoved in a finger. Baraka stiffened with discomfort, but did not resist. He knew her heart though he could not see her face. She was sensitive and learning early to enjoy his bursa escort pain. Slowly, he began moving it in and out as she muffled a whine into the purple satin pillow covering her burrowed face. She moved slightly to get away from the intrusion, but he grabbed her golden main of curls.

“No, bitch,” he spoke harshly. “Stay still. This is nothing compared to what will become of Baraka if she doesn’t obey”

As to punctuate the point, he pushed two fingers in to the first knuckle. Baraka cried out now for all the time the powder had kept her silent.

“It hurts. Please, Baraka is afraid, Master,” her tongue was clumsy and swollen. “I want to please you. Stop. Baraka will do as Master says now, Master.”

“Baraka will not speak without my permission,” he growled.

Placing his arm across her back, he pinned her onto the ground as he slowly pushed two more fingers into her sphincter.

“Yes, Master,” she choked out as tears caught in her throat. “Thank you for instruction, Master.”

He withdrew his hand and released his grip. Baraka pulled up from the ground onto all fours waiting for his next command. Master walked back to the silk covered table. Removing his thobe and coverings, his caramel colored body glowed with wet perspiration and raw masculine strength. Scars from past wars and eager lover did nothing to mar his natural allure. The massive cock curled above his navel into the curly black hairline expanding over a well muscled chest. Baraka breathed in the air of his perfection. The musky scent of his sweat overcame even the thickest incense. She could do this for her Master. She would do this for her Master. Anything to malatya escort feel his love again. The sting of her injured sex ached to be ripped apart by Master.

He smirked when he saw her eyes roving over his nude form. Immediately, she turned back down to hide her disobedience. He walked back over to her kneeling form. He placed his leg over the small of her back. She understood what was coming.

“Baraka will not look upon her Master without permission.”

He brought down the studded paddle with crushing force. A satisfying blush rose to her cheeks. His cock swelled to even greater stiffness as he heard her muffled cry.

“Oh, her punishment is such a divine gift,” he whispered.

He, then, began spanking in earnest until her ass bleed from the starry red patterns of welted love. Her voice counted and thanked him for each strike. He could not hold on long with the glory of Baraka’s quivering with each blow.

“Will Baraka control her evil ways?”

“Yes, Master” Baraka replied weakly. “Thank you for instruction, Master.”

Baraka’s beautiful red ass poised in the air before her Master. He kneaded her cheeks for a minute smearing the blood down into the valley. His massive cock jerked up and down in anticipation. Nudging into the wet crack, he pushed the swollen tip into the tiny ring.

“Oh! My master,” Baraka screamed in desperation. “Master, may I speak?”

“Baraka may not speak,” he replied frustrated.

He pushed in farther listing to her squeak like a pierced swine. Her sobs enflamed her Master’s desire as he drove into the resistant flesh. Feeling the opening split as it accepted his cock, he pushed her shoulders çanakkale escort down hard forcing her face into the ground. Then, he stopped moving for a minute to keep himself from erupting too soon. Slowly, controlling the depth of penetration, he moved in her ass feeling her flex and release the muscle to accommodate his girth. The ridges of his cock scratched the lingering ginger. Sliding into her tight grasp, her cries of pain gave way to moans of ecstasy as she rocked to match his thrust. For a few minutes, he enjoyed watching her let go and give into the sensation. She threw her blonde mane back and pushed her tiny chin into the air. Her eyes closed to the world. Then, he could not wait any longer. Baraka’s ass was the tightest, sweetest place his cock had ever been. Master reached underneath Baraka grabbing her massive heaving tits pulling her up to smack against his chest. Thrusting with all his power, he drove into her core. His balls smacked against Baraka’s pussy as her orgasm drenched his sack. Her screaming submission and gushing salute drove him into a frenzy. His hands crushed her waist as he began fucking her like a feral animal. His head was spinning as his cock moved in and out. His hips thrust hard against her bloody ass. He drove against her, and everything faded away. Nothing existed, but the feeling. All he knew was he needed to explode in her beautiful white ass.

Baraka screamed as he convulsed in his madness. His fingernails cut into her flesh as his hands clamped down. He drove his whole being into her ass. The feeling of his wet balls slapping against her echoed in his ear as he cock swelled with the finale. His cum shot with exhausting fury. The thick white liquid gushed from the seal around his cock as he fell back from power of the ejaculation. Released from his hold, Baraka collapsed forward dripping with sweat and his cum. Drained, they surrendered to the heavenly darkness and slept as they fell. The shadowed faces formed by the folds of the tent look down on the fallen angels and smiled at their contentment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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