Beauty’s World Ch. 02

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Big Tits

It had been two days since Daddy had left and Beauty was starting to get antsy. She hadn’t been able to stop the ache in her pussy no matter how many times she fucked herself to completion. She need a real cock in her pussy and fast. She dressed in her black cocktail dress and got ready to go to the club. She finished her makeup, grabbed her clutch, and headed down the stairs.

“Well well well, going out on the town, my darling Beauty?” her oldest brother, Alexander, asked from the kitchen as she passed.

“Yes, I am. Are you needing anything before I go?” she asked politely.

“As a matter of fact I do need some help. I seem to have some swelling going on and need immediate attention. I think you should come look at it and give me your opinion.” Alex smiled at her and gestured for her to come to the table.

Beauty slowly walked over to Alex. She knew what kind of swelling she hoped he was talking about. If it was she wouldn’t have to go out and pick up some stranger. She stopped next to him and placed her clutch on the table. “Where is the swelling at, big brother?”

“It is right here in my lap. Would you take a real close look at it for me?” Alex grinned as he pushed away from the table.

Beauty dropped to her knees in front of Alex and smiled at the enormous bulge in his pants. It seemed the Daddy wasn’t the only one hung like a horse. She pulled down his pants and licked her lips as he sex izle sprang free. He was almost as long as Daddy but he was thicker.

She wrapped her hand around his steely length and slowly began to pump her hand along his silky skin. She leaned down and licked at the head of his cock, tasting his pre-cum. Licking and nibbling at him she inched closer and pressed her tits against his inner thighs. She wanted to feel his balls against her tits. She pulled back and tugged on his pants until she got them off his legs.

Beauty looked up at Alexander as she stripped out of her dress. She leaned forward and nibbled at his tip. Her hand began a slow caress up and down his smooth hard cock.

Alex fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her away from him. “You honestly think I want it nice and neat? I know where your whore’s mouth has been. Now I want you to suck my cock like the whore that I know you are.” Alex dragged her head to his dick.

Beauty opened her mouth and let him shove his cock down her throat. She moaned as he started to fuck her mouth. She could feel her panties getting wet from her pussy juice. She loved feeling Alex in her mouth but she would have even more fun if someone was fucking her pussy while he fucked her mouth.

“Markus! So glad you could join us. Beauty thinks that she deserves to get a nice and neat fucking, even though we both know she is a dirty sikiş izle whore for Father. I think you should show her how a whore’s pussy is fucked,” Alex said, continuing to fuck Beauty’s mouth. Beauty’s pussy clenched with desire as her wish came true.

“I think that can be arranged. I love fucking a dirty pussy,” Markus said.

His voice sent a shiver of pleasure down Beauty’s spine. Beauty felt hands grip her waist and pick her up. Alex’s cock fell out of her mouth as Markus picked her up and bent her over the kitchen table. Alex grabbed her head and shoved his cock back in her mouth. Markus pushed her skirt up and ripped her panties off of her. She gagged as Alex shoved his cock into the back of her throat. She gasped as Markus shoved his cock into her pussy, causing Alex to move deeper down her throat. Soon she was being thoroughly fucked by both of her brothers. She could only moan in pleasure as both men did what they wanted to her.

“Markus, smack her ass. I think this dirty whore would like it,” Alex growled.

Beauty jumped as Markus’ hand came down on her bared ass. The sting of the blow flooded her with pleasure. She moaned as another blow came down on her other cheek.

“Fuck, everytime I smack her ass her pussy clenches around me,” Markus growled as he smack her ass again.

“I told you she was a dirty whore. She would probably be willing to fuck anything türk porno as long as she got fucked,” Alex said as he continued to fuck her throat.

Markus grabbed her hips and pulled them closer to him as he began to fuck her harder. “I’m gonna cum.” He reached around and started pinching and flicking her clit, causing her to buck and moan with pleasure.

Alex groaned as she moaned around him. “I’m going to cum. I want you to swallow it down like the dirty whore you are.” Alex started fucking her throat faster and faster. She was bucking and moaning as pleasure consumed her. She froze and opened her mouth wider around Alex as she screamed her release.

“Fuck!” Alex bucked into her and poured his cum down her throat. Beauty swallowed it down, moaning as she felt Markus slam into her over and over as his own climax was coming.

“Fuck me! Goddamn!” Markus tightly gripped her hips. Beauty knew she would have bruises later but she didn’t care. Markus groaned as his cock twitched and spewed his hot cum inside of her. She moaned as another climax consumed her.

Both of them pulled out of her. Markus rolled her over and kissed the top of her pussy. “I love your fucking pussy. But next time I want your tight little ass.”

“I guess that means that next time I get her pussy,” Alex said. He tweaked her nips before leaning down and sucking one into his mouth. “Unfortunately, I have to go to work and won’t be able to continue playing with my dirty little whore.”

“I wish I could stay and play too but I only came home for a change of clothes. I’m sorry, beautiful. If I had more time we would spend all day playing,” Markus said as he pulled away from her pussy.

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