Becky and Robbie Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – We Get It On

The moment had finally arrived when my twin sister, my soul mate and best friend, and I were finally going to consummate our strong bond of love for each other by the arrangement of our wonderful older sister.

Sharon told us to just take it slow and not rush things. She said that the first time would probably be a little painful for Becky when I broke her cherry, but that the incredible feelings would soon take over and the pain didn’t last long.

When she said that this was better even than oral sex, Becky spontaneously groaned, thinking, ‘How could it be better than that, it was so wonderful. Oh, my.’

She was still a little overwhelmed and hadn’t fully returned from her multiple orgasms.

Sharon said that if it would make us feel better she would leave us alone, but we both told her, “No. You have been here for us all along, what have we to hide now? Besides we know you really want to relish our love. I know you really want to be here when we make love for the first time. It’s really special and we want you here.”

Actually we both were nervous and felt that having Sharon share this tender moment with us would make it easier for both of us and besides it was a turn on having Sharon right there. She was so hot too and loved us so much! It was really cool for her to be so into us.

I couldn’t believe that this was all happening, fulfilling every fantasy I could imagine. I was so new to this whole wonderful sex thing.

As we continued our passionate kiss, Sharon helped us remove the rest of our clothes, which weren’t sikiş izle many anyway. We were too carried away to think about it, but Sharon really helped make it all happen. We were so happily absorbed in each other that Becky and I couldn’t think about anything other than each other.

We were locked in an intense kiss with our now naked bodies pressed together like our lives depended on it. Her breasts were swollen in excitement, the hard nipples pressing into me, as was my engorged cock pressing into her slick mound, spurring the intensity of our embrace.

We gently stroked each other’s bodies with great love, automatically exploring everywhere for the first exciting time.

I especially loved holding Becky’s firm ass cheeks in both hands and squeezing them hard as I pulled her onto my stiff cock, which pressed into her sex, as we ground ourselves together.

Realizing that the time was now, I rubbed the tip of my very wet and very stiff cock on the puffy lips of her moist love channel and pushed it inwards. Slowly I started to enter her very tight vagina, with the most incredible feelings overwhelming me.

God, I was so much in love and also so much in lust with this wonderful and beautiful soul mate of mine. It just felt so incredibly great. This had to be the best moment of my life.

As I reached her cherry, I felt the resistance and as I looked into Becky’s glazed eyes seeking permission to continue, she whispered erotically, “Oh please, dear brother of mine, please fuck me, please fuck me. I have never wanted anything this much. I love brazzers you so much. Just do it.”

I pushed hard between her swollen pussy lips and simultaneously pulled her two perfect ass cheeks firmly toward me. Feeling the resistance break, I slid fully into Becky in one very long intense penetration, both of us overwhelmed with the wonder of this incredible experience.

Becky gasped in pain and ecstasy, the pain adding to the passion of the moment.

Becky was just so happy, enjoying every second so much. It was the most wonderful feeling she ever had.

Now, she was a woman, my woman, now she had shared the most precious moment of her life with her one and only love of her life.

She was with the two persons who meant the most to her and now she had given her lover the best thing she had, her love and her body, together. This was surely the highlight of her young life.

Becky was on fire, nothing she had ever done, even getting her vagina totally and thoroughly ravaged earlier, was so wonderful as this intercourse with her lover. She and I made love for the longest time as we ascended the high peak of our most ecstatic sexual union.

Our coupling for the first time seemed to last forever as we basked in the aura of each others happiness and rode it to its climax. We needed each other so much, we were made for each other. Finally, we orgasmed together in fulfillment, bringing our ultimate bond to its wonderful conclusion.

As we descended from this incredible orgasmic peak, we held each other tightly, overwhelmed fake taxi porno with each other’s love.

Again Sharon, could only exclaim, “Wow, you guys really have something special. I have never seen anyone so much in love as you two. I am so happy for you.”

As Sharon’s words tapered off, Becky and I drifted into the most blissful sleep imaginable, waking up many hours later to the soft sounds of music.

Sharon was in the shower and I was still wrapped in the tight embrace of my wonderful sister, who smiled so peacefully as she slept. She looked so content as she lay there. I was happier and more content than I had ever been.

I couldn’t wait to wake Rebecca with kisses and my embrace and yes, now I really lusted to literally fuck the shit out of her again and again. You know that’s a guy thing, to think like that, but I really thought that she would love to engage in another intense sex session, i.e, get the shit fucked out of her. She would love it, right? She had to. I just knew she would.

So, I started kissing her pouty lips, running my tongue along them and in between her lips. As I continued kissing her lightly, she gradually awoke, a huge smile animating her face brightly.

“Hey, sis, do you love me?”

“Robbie, I love you more than anything, I never want to be away from you. I really, really love you Robbie and I want to fuck you forever.”

Then we made wonderful love again.

Just as Becky and I together reached another incredible climax, Sharon came out of the bathroom looking so radiant and happy to see our latest manifestation of love for one another.

She stopped and just watched us, transfixed, and then climbed on the bed with us and hugged us both and just held us like that. We all felt extremely fortunate to be able to share this wonderful moment together.

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