Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 09

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Marnie and Richard, Serena and Herbert are taken by their Master to The Cuckold Club. Another charity ball is attended, and a couple recognizes Marnie’s jewelry. Another couple is cuckolded by Richard and added to Andre’s cuckold list. This chapter contains anal, oral, lesbian, interracial, gay, public sex and group sex, including triple penetrations. The fantasy world they inhabit doesn’t have COVID-19 or STD’s in it. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for his editorial assistance.

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch 9 – The Cuckold Club

Our new bed and luggage was delivered the next day. We didn’t have time to put it together before we had our guests come over because I was working all day and Shasta and her family were busy. That night, Serena and Herbert Hampstead joined us at our home. They both stripped off as soon as they entered, Herbert still in his cock cage, Serena in the thigh high stockings similar to the ones my wife was wearing, but a different color, a deep purple which complemented her dark skin. Both of the women looked eminently fuckable and my cock was hard almost from the moment they entered.

Serena loved Marnie’s jewelry and asked her Master if she could be similarly pierced and bedecked.

“I’d expect nothing less,” Master replied. “I’ve scheduled something for you for Monday morning. You won’t be able to fuck for three days afterward, and I have plans for you this weekend. How did the cuckold do while we were gone? Was he sufficiently pleasing?”

“He was, sir. I even wanted him to lick me to more orgasms, but he said I only had your permission to have five orgasms, so that’s where he stopped. The poor man is practically frantic with lust.”

“I’ve instituted some new rules for Richard and Marnie. The same rules will apply to you and Herbert. Herbert may no longer fuck your cunt unless I’ve fucked it first. He may only enter you after I’ve deposited my sperm inside you, though he does have the choice of cleaning your cunt of my seed before he shoves his dick inside. He will have to suck me to an erection before I fuck you, and clean my cock after I deposit my seed inside you. In Herbert’s case only, that will even apply now you’ve decided to have children. Since you’ve gone off birth control, he’ll have to take a chance as to whether or not I or someone else impregnates you.

“Once I or someone else fucks you, he can try four or five times in a row to push our seed out of you and let his take root. Perhaps he can suck and scoop as much of my cum out as he can to give his a better chance. In his case, it will be ‘let the best man win’. I’ll have definitely pushed mine much deeper. The rules will also apply to any other women we allow him to fuck. My cum needs to go inside of her first, his will be second or third.”

So Master was going to make Herbert a full blown cuckold. He wouldn’t even know if the children he had would be his. It wouldn’t necessarily be as embarrassing for him as it would be me. His wife was black, so he’d have a mixed race child regardless of who the father was. If Marnie had one with Master, everyone would know I was a cuckold.

“I’m sure Herbert will be my obedient little cuckold slave and do exactly that,” Serena said. “Anything else?”

“If he’s had access to your ass in the past, he no longer does. Your ass is exclusively mine from now on; mine and whoever else I give it to. It won’t be Herbert.”

“Does that apply to me, Master,” I asked. “You didn’t say anything to me about doing the same.”

“No, you’re my favorite cuck boy and I believe you should have access to Marnie’s ass. You’ll have access to Serena’s as well. We’ll double penetrate her on occasion. Herbert won’t have access to any asses unless I expressly permit it. Of course, as far as men go, Herbert will more likely be the fucked, than the fucker, a recipient of a good ass fucking.

“Some of my women clients may wish to peg him as well. He and Serena will be joining me for some of my business engagements, where they’re willing to pay for more. I’m going to whore him and Serena out. In fact, Serena will be joining me for a gig on Friday night. She’ll need to be fucked more often by others. if her husband can no longer fuck her until I do and she’s controlling his cock cage.”

“Is that what you meant when you said I’d be busy this weekend, Master?” Serena asked.

“Part of it. We’re all going to attend a club here in New York on Saturday, The Cuckold Club. Both Marnie and you will be airtight from three bulls, while your cuckolds watch. Both of you women will undergo enema cleansing first so your cucks can clean the cocks of their wife’s lovers and lick the cum out of their bodies afterward. Now since Herbert has been such a good boy, let’s let him have his first orgasm in over two weeks. Let’s adjourn to the bedroom.”

We all went into the bedroom and the two women got into the bed with Master. Herbert and I sat on the ends, out of the way.

“Before I remove your cock cage, Herbert, I want you to orally pleasure, Marnie, ısparta seks hikayeleri Serena and Richard to an orgasm, starting with Richard. It will give him more time to recover before he’s allowed to fuck Marnie. When you’re done with them, suck me to an erection and I’ll fuck your wife. After I’ve cum in her, I’ll remove your cage and you may fuck her after you clean me up. You all have permission to cum once.”

“Yes, Master.”

Herbert gave me a very decent blow job. I wondered if Serena had made him practice on a strap on or something. He took his time and didn’t attempt to give it to me as fast as possible. He stretched it out for fifteen minutes when he could have finished me off in less than ten. He climbed onto the bed and licked Marnie to her orgasm next. She was very satisfied with his progress as a cunt licker and told Serena she should be congratulated for his training. He did his own wife next, and the slavish devotion he showed to his Mistress was clear. He looked at her with such love and affection. Her orgasm looked very nice.

Master was the next recipient of Herbert’s oral skills. Master seemed to appreciate them as much as I did. He’d been half hard in watching Herbert’s oral progression anyway, so Herbert didn’t have to work too hard to get Master ready to fuck his wife. Master put Serena’s legs up on his shoulders, bending her in two to maximize his penetration. Serena was so wet, even Master’s big dick didn’t slow down his deep thrust into her core. The sudden surrender of her cunt to her Master made her orgasm immediately.

“You didn’t have permission for that climax, slut.”

“Yes, Master. Unless you give me immediate permission, I’ll likely have another without it. I’m so close.”

“I want you to wait for it. Herbert, lick my balls.”

Serena was moaning, already close to her third orgasm in the brief time since we entered the bedroom. Herbert began licking the balls of the man who might someday impregnate his wife, causing him to build a more massive batch of cum to leave inside of his wife’s cunt.

“Please, Master. I don’t know if I can hold out much longer. You’re so big and so deep and I love the way you fuck me with your big cock.”

“Not yet,” Master groaned, enjoying the laving of his hairy sack.

Of course, Serena climaxed anyway. She had no control of the matter, Master did. He grunted in the convulsive grip of her cunt as she climaxed. He laid a good long fucking on her, making her cum three more times in the process, though she got permission for those three. Master left a massive load of his cream in her cunt.

Herbert quickly licked Master’s chocolate sucker clean and he unlocked Herbert’s cock cage. Herbert was on Serena like white on rice. As soon as his cock was released, it sprung up to his full magnificence, still only slightly more than half the size of Master’s resplendent mast. Herbert slammed into Serena’s cunt like a man gone mad, finally allowed an orgasm after seventeen days without one. Nor did he last long. A couple minutes and he was done.

Despite Serena’s arousal, he didn’t get her off again, much to her displeasure. She berated him for cumming much too early and for the size of his equipment, telling him it was no wonder he was a cuckold if that was all he could do. He did lick her to two more as he cleaned up her messy, cum drenched cunt. She remembered to ask for permission for each of them, receiving it each time. She reminded him that it was all he was good for, getting other men ready to fuck her, then cleaning up so the sheets wouldn’t be a mess afterward.

It was my turn. Master still lay between the two women, having fingered Marnie’s pussy while he’d watched Herbert’s pathetic attempt to please his wife. He was still half hard, never really becoming totally relaxed after his fucking like I would. I sucked on his cock while he ran his hand through my hair. When his prick was rampant, he rolled over my wife and positioned her as he’d done Serena, legs bent backward, cunt wet and wide open for his assault on her married pussy. She presented no more resistance to his prick than Serena had, well used to his stretching thrusts. She orgasmed for him on his entry, spasming wildly on his gifted prick, no permission asked for or granted.

He was able to fuck Marnie longer than Serena given he’d just cum. Marnie was able to cum more as a consequence. Perhaps he also lasted longer because I wasn’t licking and sucking his balls at the same time. She didn’t get permission for her second one, but did get it for the next five. Marnie had cum seven times on Master’s prick. His cock was positively lathered with her cum before he exploded in her cunt. I had to work hard to clean his cock, the stuff was clinging like glue.

“You can fuck your wife now,” Master said, “but you don’t have my permission to cum.”

I raised my eyebrows, not saying anything.

“You’ll be punished if you do,” Master said.

I pushed into the churned butter he’d left inside Marnie, teeming with his sperm. I started to fuck her. Given I’d orgasmed once tonight, I had more luck pleasuring my wife than Herbert had his. She climaxed twice as I fucked her before I needed to pull out or I’d cum. Master wouldn’t let me exit her cunt, pressing against me from the back, keeping me locked inside her as she fucked herself on my prick. Like the two women, I tried to keep from climaxing, but Marnie’s hot pussy fucking me, sent me over the edge and I gasped as I unloaded my balls in my wife.

“Clean it up,” Master ordered when I’d been drained.

I lapped at the mess both of us had left in my wife’s cunt, not much concerned he had made me cum. It was only once. I was getting very used to the taste of semen. Not too surprising as women had been getting used to it for years. Even Marnie had sucked me off before and after we were married. If she could get used to the taste of it, I sure could. It wasn’t the taste, it was knowing where it came from, another cock, that threw me off the worst.

He spanked Serena thirty times and Marnie twenty for cumming twice without permission. Both of them needed to cum again during their spanking. After Marnie got off his lap, I started to bend over it.

“No spanking for you. Tonight, I want you to fuck Serena’s ass while I fuck yours. Put a couple of pillows under her hips,” Master said.

You couldn’t really call Serena’s ass red, after her spanking, maybe a reddish/black, but she’d had the time during Marnie’s spanking for her bottom to cool down. I put a couple pillows under her hips, raising her ass for her fucking. I applied a generous amount of lube to her dark sphincter and more to my cock. I eased my way into her bottom, so tight and muscular. It felt good. When she seemed to have accepted my cock and pushed back against me, I gave her some slow strokes.

Master told me to stop, and when I did, I felt him applying lube to my back door. As my wife can probably attest, getting ass fucked by Master is a quasi religious experience. You tend to find God, even if you were leaning towards atheism. He’s so fucking big, but always gentle when he enters me, giving me time to get used to the baseball bat in my asshole. After I’d adjusted to his presence, I started to move in order to fuck Serena, and in moving inside of her, fucked myself in the ass, Master backing off just enough to give me room to stroke in and out of her. My cock was engulfed in her hot, dark depths, while my ass was stretched around Masters shaft.

We awkwardly found a rhythm that worked for all of us. Serena was cumming fairly often, and I was building towards a nice climax myself. There’s nothing quite like having your cock and prostate both massaged at the same time. It was during one of Serena’s orgasms and the clenching of her anal rim around my stiff shaft, that I felt my balls clench and a flood of fluid squirt deep in her bowels. My own orgasm must have caused my buttocks to clench which sucked the cum from Master’s cock. I felt it splashing into my rectum in hot spurts accompanied by his throbbing shaft expanding. When our mutual orgasms ended, we kind of rolled to the side so all our weight wouldn’t crush Serena.

“Herbert, make yourself useful and clean our dicks,” Master said.

“Right away, sir,” Herbert replied, and starting with Master’s cock, as he was obviously the one in charge, cleaned both of our shafts, and seemed to relish doing so.

“I could use a little entertainment. Why don’t you two ladies show us how to make love to another woman.”

Apparently, they were still aroused enough they had no problem getting into a sixty-nine and engaging in some lesbian sex. After watching them go at it for twenty minutes, all three of the men were hard again. Master had Marnie suck him off, Serena suck me off, and he allowed Herbert to masturbate. Given I’d cum three times already, I unloaded a surprising amount of cum in her mouth and down her throat. All of the sex I was having must be training my body to become erect easier and produce more semen.

Master told Marnie and me to take a shower and then we could sleep in the spare bedroom. He was going to sleep in the Master bedroom with the other two.

“No more cunt fucking unless I fuck Marnie first, but if you’re still horny and need a little relief, you may satisfy each other orally.”

I didn’t really expect to take him up on it, but after soaping her up in the shower, we went to bed and engaged in oral sex until I climaxed a fifth time. We dropped off to sleep quickly after that. When I woke up for work, Herbert and Serena were already gone and Master was showering.

“I’m going to start bringing my stuff over,” Master said as I was brushing my teeth. “Most of it is shit which I’ll give away, though I have a kick ass stereo system I’ll bring over, and some weight equipment for staying in shape. A few odds and ends and clothes will be it. Any chance Marnie can drive me to my old place to pick stuff up.”

“As long as you make sure she’s safe, if it’s a bad neighborhood.”

“She’ll be safe, although I’m sure some of the brothers will hit on her. Once they know she’s my bitch, they’ll leave her alone.”


That night, Shasta came over to help set up our new Alaskan King bondage bed. Master inaugurated the bed by fucking Shasta, then fucking Marnie. I did the usual clean up before being allowed to fuck her myself. I checked out the room we had set up for our exercise and saw a lot of free weights set up next to the bike and treadmill.

Victoria came over on Thursday night, but I could only watch Marnie and Vickie have sex since Master was working and I couldn’t fuck her without him fucking her first, though they took turns sucking my cock until I climaxed in Vickie’s mouth.

Friday night, Serena had her first prostitution gig with Master, helping him and another sex worker fuck a bi-curious couple. Master told me Herbert was staying home in his cock cage waiting for her to return and clean up any cum left behind. Alexandra came over to our house for supper, admired our new bed and Marnie’s slave jewelry, then Marnie and Alexa had sex. I watched them for awhile, but unless I was going to masturbate to my sister having sex with my wife, which seemed weird, I left them alone after a few minutes so they could have sex without me lurking over them.

Alexandra had a chat with me before she left, asking me how things were going.

“I can’t say I’m not having sex,” I replied. “Tonight is the first night I haven’t orgasmed at least once after work.”

“And the rest of it?”

“I’m dealing with the rest of it better every day.”

“Marnie told me you can’t fuck her cunt anymore unless Andre fucks her first.”

“That’s a true statement. We can still have oral or anal sex if Master isn’t here to fuck her cunt first.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“Like the submissive cuckold I’m supposed to feel like. That’s the purpose. It’s the purpose of Marnie’s jewelry, me having to get Master hard before he fucks Marnie, Master fucking her first, making me fuck her sperm filled cunt or lick his cum out of her before I fuck her. It’s all designed to make me feel the way I do, like a second class citizen. Master is taking us to The Cuckold Club tomorrow night. More activities to make me feel more and more like I yam what I yam, as Popeye would say.”

“You still haven’t used your safe words yet though, have you?”

“No. I figure the sooner I welcome the new reality, the easier it will be. If I fight it, it just stretches out longer. It’s gotten to the point I don’t mind sucking cock or swallowing cum, particularly Master’s. I guess I could say I’m more bisexual than I used to be. There’s something about licking a well fucked, raw cunt which is kind of a turn on. I get an erection most of the time when Marnie gets fucked by someone else, especially Master’s cock. I figure it’s my body’s way of telling me to accept it, and enjoy it. I have to admit, I love seeing her cum, to see the pleasure Master and others provide her. If you weren’t my sister, I’d have masturbated to the two of you fucking. It’s exciting.”

“You are a deviant little boy, aren’t you?”

“Aren’t we all. You helped create my initial submission.”

“Do you regret it?”

“Not as much as I felt I should. It’s not how I was raised. I felt I should have shouted from the rooftops it was wrong, and said something to stop it. I tried to resist, but as much as it bothered me, it also excited me. I knew Marnie was going to get her way because I couldn’t take a firm stand. Perhaps secretly I thought it would be hot watching other men fuck her. I don’t know.”

Alexa patted me on the cheek and pecked my lips. “I’ll talk to you later, bro. Maybe you can call on Sunday and tell me what happened at the club tomorrow night.”

“More fucking and sucking, I’m sure.”

Alexa laughed and left.

I went into the bedroom and enjoyed oral sex with Marnie until someone rang on our bell. I looked through the peephole and saw Shasta’s mother, Bernice, outside our door. I opened it. Since I’d been having sex with Marnie, my cock was proudly displayed.

“Bernice, welcome. How can I help you?”

“Is Andre here? Shasta told me I just had to try fucking him.”

“I’m sorry, Bernice, he’s working tonight.”

“He works at night?”

“A lot of prostitution occurs at night. You did know he was a sex worker, right.”

“I thought it was something he used to do, not something he still did. Would I have to pay for it?”

“I doubt Master would charge you, Bernice.”

“Do you know what time he’ll be home. I admit I was really looking forward to it. I’m so horny now.”

“I’ll text him and ask. It may take a while for a response depending on what he’s doing.”

“Thank you. Ask him if I need to pay for sex.”

I sent a text to Master. Bernice is horny and came for sex. Wondered what time you’d be back and if she’d have to pay for it.

He quickly sent back a response, apparently not busy at the moment. Not home until very late. Why don’t you have sex with her, cuck boy. Either you, Marnie or both, whatever she wants, and no, she doesn’t have to pay me for sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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