Blonde on the Bench

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There she was, a young woman from the local college, sitting all by herself on one of those benches inside of the busy mall. She was quite a cute girl, one whose beauty and sexual flavor caught my eye long enough for me to discover something else very interesting about her. She had dirty blond hair tied neatly in the back, wore a light jacket, and an extremely tight pair of blue jeans. The blue jeans, and what she was doing with them, is what caught my attention.

I am a middle-aged man in my mid forties, and very happily married. When this little hottie on the bench first caught my attention, I was standing in one of those lingerie stores, looking for something erotic to buy my wife so we could have fun later that night. I work in the corporate world, and having come to the mall straight from a meeting with some important clients, I was dressed quite neatly in an expensive suit and tie. Certainly I did not look the part of a pervert, which came in handy as I was standing by myself in a women’s lingerie store, looking out into the hallway at a young cutie sitting by herself on the bench.

As I’ve said, the girl on the bench first caught my eye because she was cute, and I totally love a girl in tight blue jeans. But as I was turning away from my brief perusal of her, something about her posture seemed unusual, and curiosity prompted that I give her a second look. She was sitting cross-legged on the bench, leaning somewhat forward, and most importantly was slowly rocking methodically back and forth. She did so mildly, and most people wouldn’t even have noticed it. But she was rocking herself with purpose, I was quite certain of it. Watching this for a few moments trying to piece it together, it was only when I looked up at the occupied expression on her face that I realized what she was doing. She was rocking back and forth, masturbating her clitoris against her tight blue jeans . . . in the middle of a mall!

Now, I remember when I was back in college I had the rare opportunity to watch a girl a few rows in front of me doing the same thing, right in class. She was doing it so slowly and subtly, no one in the class was any the wiser for it. I caught her doing it quite frequently. She turned me on so much whenever she did this, I had to go to the restroom frequently to relieve myself. Watching her get herself off that way, and brazenly doing it in class in such an exhibitionist way turned this into a total fetish for me. So my eye has become quite attuned in looking for and finding women doing such naughty things to themselves in public places.

Needless to say, when I caught a glimpse of this horny girl secretly satisfying herself in a crowded mall, I instantly forgot about buying hot neglige for my wife, and hid myself behind a rack of brassieres, where I could get a better look at this girl masturbating – without anyone seeing me leering at her!

A few women walking past her clearly did notice what she was doing. Some gave her dirty looks, others elbowed their girlfriend and pointed to her, and the two would smirk. For the ones who did recognize what she was doing to herself, I wondered if that was because they had done the same thing at one point in their lives too.

This young lady was rocking herself very slowly and secretively. She knew full well she was doing so in front of a mall full of people: that was the whole point! The subtle exhibitionist was having her fun. Every once in a while the focused look on her face would go away and she’d pan around to look at the passer-bys. No doubt she was checking to see if anyone was on to her, to see if security was coming, or if a group of guys who had caught on had stopped to watch. Maybe eskişehir escort she was also looking around to make brief eye contact with guys who were none the wiser that this girl they were checking out was actually rocking her way to an orgasm. How naughty she must have felt!

Feeling I was hiding behind this particular rack of sexy bras too long, to avoid suspicion I moved to another secure position and pretended to be looking them over. It was then I realized watching this girl getting herself off was getting to me as well: there was a considerable bulge in my thin dress pants which I simply couldn’t hide. That extreme prominence made things more interesting when an attractive saleslady walked up to me and asked me if I needed any help. I saw her steal quite a double take at my crotch and bulge. She smiled to herself, slightly embarrassed, and walked on to the next customer. She must have figured my hardon was caused by the skimpy female undergarments in the store and how they’d look on my lady. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time she’d seen guys with boners in the store. But in my case, I guessed she had no idea what was actually making me so hard.

Pretending to be shopping for knickers or evening gowns or whatever other piece of clothing was hanging from the particular rack I was hiding behind, I turned my attention once again to the girl on the bench. She was now extremely aroused by her show. She was no longer being slow and inconspicuous. Everyone else was still oblivious to what she was doing, but anyone who had actually taken the time to stop and observe her from behind a rack of undergarments could now put two plus two together. She was getting near. It was approaching: that glorious grand finale of self love.

Having watched this sort of thing many times before back in college, I was watching for the telltale signs. She was doing this in public, and would try to stifle both her sounds and motions as best she could. And how hard that must be! So I was on the lookout for any increased facial expression, grasping of the bench with her hands, slight tremor, and any change of pace to her rocking. She did not disappoint. Her eye lids started to close, first a squint, and then shut closed hard. Her hands indeed did grasp the bench, as her gyrations slightly altered, almost stopping completely. Her head dropped, her chin resting on her chest. But the most noticeable indicator of her ecstacy was in the way she pursed her lips together tightly, lest that orgasmic moan slip out into the crowded mall, giving up her game to everyone.

For a few seconds she sat there nearly motionless, with eyes closed still, basking in the glow as the last waves of orgasm washed over her, sending a few shivers and one fairly noticeable twitch her way. She took a deep and satisfied breath, her face grew flush, and at last she opened her eyes. They quickly darted all around in very guilty fashion, to see if anyone had witnessed what she had just done. She even turned her head toward the lingerie store where a certain well-dressed man with a total boner in his dress pants was hiding behind some very erotic clothing, and not paying them a stitch of attention. He did however anticipate her glance in his direction, and ready for it was found by her to be very absorbed with the price tags on a few skimpy items, and certainly not paying any attention whatsoever to anything happening out in the hall!

As she sat there for a while on the mall bench, soaking in what she had done, I actually did pick something out of the rack for my wife. The same cute salesgirl that had done a double-take at my bulging pants earlier happened escort eskişehir by again, and this time to my surprise took a not so accidental and very extended look at my bulging crotch. Her gaze lingered on it for quite a bit before she looked up at me with a smile. Her head quickly swung to the right, directly at the blond girl on the bench, and she said quietly to me, “I see her doing that every once in a while right there. It’s her favorite spot. God, I wish I was brave enough to do that! You’re the first guy I’ve ever seen who even noticed what she was doing. Kinda hot, actually.”

She turned her head back to me, took another playful glance at my bulge, looked me in the eye and chuckled, “And I see she’s made quite the impression on you!”

She had caught me red-handed being a total perv, ogling a young lady on the bench masturbating. Fortunately, she had been enjoying watching me as much as I was enjoying watching the girl, and clearly got a kick out of letting me know she was on to me. She playfully offered to ring me up, and as she started to walk to the register the back of her hand not so accidentally brushed against the stiff bulge in my pants. As she handed me my receipt, taking one more lingering gaze at my crotch she laughed, “I’m guessing you’ve got a little extra planned tonight for the Misses!” How right she was!

As I exited the lingerie store with an unstoppable erection, I caught my masturbating girl walking into the card store right across the hall. Now that she was standing, I very shamelessly stared at her exquisite and tightly blue jean covered ass. I couldn’t help but wonder how wet her panties were under those jeans after all that rubbing. She paused at the back of the store, and started to make her way through some cards. One voice in my head said to go home to my wife. But the other voice won out. I just had to let this girl know she had a secret admirer.

Trying to put on the distinguished and completely unthreatening demeanor of a well dressed middle-aged business man, I sauntered about the store until I had very innocently, though quite intentionally, wound up a few feet from the little hottie. I guess she noticed me glancing at her, because she sunk her head down and cutely blushed, her guilty conscience making her wonder if I possibly knew what she had just been doing. She probably always felt like that after her little shows on the bench. Her face still had that peaceful, relaxed glow of a woman who just climaxed. And the shy blush only made her look sweeter.

Reaching for a card right next to her, I said very softly, “Excuse me. I don’t mean to surprise or embarrass you.” Her eyes darted up to me in alarm, not sure if her guilty conscience was just playing games on her. I continued, “I just want to let you know that I did in fact see what you were doing on the bench out there.”

She turned her head away and stared wide eyed at the cards, realizing with apprehension that she had been caught masturbating; and worse yet, the man had confronted her on it! But I was, as I say, dressed very professionally, and spoke as quietly as I could with as unthreatening a manner as possible. I tried to put her at ease, “Please don’t worry. I’m not a cop, and don’t work for the mall, so you’re not in any trouble. I’m only a normal guy who’s just witnessed something very special. I’m not asking you for a date or anything like that. I just wanted to let you know, if you don’t realize it, just how incredibly erotic that was for me to watch you doing that. My heartbeat is still going crazy! I just want to thank you for the opportunity to experience that.”

While eskişehir escort bayan still looking straight ahead at the cards, grasping one tightly, her shocked look had melted to a more guilty pleasure, and a very naughty grin tried to stretch itself across her face. Her exhibitionism was being rewarded by confirmation that there really was an interested voyeur in the crowd. She finally turned, shyly, and got a good look at the man in the business suit, holding a bag from a neglige store. This last part certainly got her curiosity. As her eyes darted down to it, I had to answer her inquisitive look. “I was just stopping by to get something nice for my wife to wear tonight. But after what I’ve just seen you doing, I’m thinking she’s going to be getting a whole lot more attention tonight, if you know what I mean.”

She laughed quietly as we both continued to pretend to be innocently looking at the cards. I really have no recollection what category these cards were for. Birthday, wedding, funeral, graduation. I’m sure neither did she; we were both quite preoccupied and distracted. I now tried to pull myself away, as hard as that was to do. I wanted to know so much about her, how often she did it, why she did it, had she ever been caught? And how sopping wet were her panties right about now? Could she show me? I was dying to see that. But instead, I left her with one last compliment, “Well, I just wanted to let you know that you did indeed have a very interested audience today. Thank you again for the show. I’ve never seen a girl do that before, and it totally made my day like you can’t believe. My heart’s still pounding. Have a good evening.”

And with that I walked away. As I was exiting the card store I glanced back over my shoulder, and found this cute dirty blond in tight blue jeans was still looking at me. I can tell you we both exchanged very big and mischievous grins. My boner instantly returned. I directly exited the mall, headed straight home, and after a very passionate kiss which surprised Maggie, I led my wife hurriedly to the bedroom and laid her down. Looking up at me with a very curious grin, she asked what had gotten me so frisky? I then told her every single detail about what happened in the mall, from the time I first spotted the girl, to our glance and grin as I exited the card store. Both my wife and I now being exceptionally horny because of it, we got very busy that evening there on the bed, and revisited it as well right after dinner.

You see, when I earlier mentioned that I used to watch a girl in college cross her legs in class and masturbate . . . That girl later turned out to be my wife. And a female masturbating herself in public by crossing her legs and rubbing against her tight jeans not only has become my fetish, but my wife has done that very thing in public many times over the years, especially while I’ve watched others watching her!

A week later we went to the mall, my wife’s bottom wrapped in very tight jeans. And what are the chances, but she just happened to be sitting on that very same bench, rocking back and forth. From the card store I furtively observed the salesgirl in the lingerie store watching my wife with more than just casual interest. She had confessed to me last week that she “wasn’t that brave” to do it in public. Though she certainly got a thrill watching other women doing it, even if she didn’t know one of them was my wife. Needless to say, when I gave my wife the play by play when we got home, we were quite busy that night in bed again. An audience makes everything better!

With my hectic schedule, I never did see the blond cutie on the mall bench again. But my wife, the fellow exhibitionist, agrees with me: based on the grin this girl gave me as I exited the card store, she remembers that day as fondly as I do. As my wife pointed out, “It’s got to be flattering to a middle-aged man to know you’ve made a young lady’s panties all wet.”

I’ll never view mall benches the same way again – or salesgirls working in lingerie stores.

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