Brown Sugar Ch. 03

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I was able to keep myself together and not call Henri over the weekend, but did on Tuesday, thanking him for giving me the pleasure that he has given me.

Henri said: “Thanks baby, I loved what we do too. I told Althea that you took all of me again, and that you kept Cumming. She said that she would like to meet the man that could take my black snake. Let’s get together here at my place this weekend. Althea will be off, a friend of hers and mine will be in town, and can join us.”

I said: “I would like that, baby. Let’s do it. Call me with the day and time.”

He asked: “Are you sore?”

“Baby, you put it to me, and I can still feel where you were in me, but it doesn’t hurt now.” I told him.

He chuckled and asked: “Who is your Brown Sugar, baby?”

I purred: “Honey, who did I just call to thank for the good time. This ass of mine belongs to your black snake. Your body laying on mine makes me know who my Brown Sugar is. I am looking forward to more of you, baby.”

We ended the call promising to get together over the weekend.

On Thursday, during his lunch hour, Henri called me to ask if I could be at his place around 1PM.

“I would love to be there, baby” I said.

“That’s good, Marcus will be here, and we will be doing some ribs at the poolside.” He offered.

I asked: “What can I bring, baby?”

He said: “A six pack of O’Doul’s and a clean ass. Oh, and some more lube, we will be doing a lot of fucking.

Althea wants to see you get filled up, and I want to see just how much you can take.” That puzzled me, knowing that he knew that I could take all he had to give.

I went shopping on Friday, picking up the six pack, and two tubes of Astrolube. As I was in the checkout lane, I was pondering what Henri had said about seeing how much I could take. I would show him and Althea that I could take his thick ten inch cock, both in my throat and my ass.

On Saturday, I drove over to Henri and Althea’s place and rang the doorbell. Henri let me in, I noticed that he was naked. He took my six pack of O’Doul’s and we walked into the kitchen. As he put the beer in the fridge, he turned to me, and kissed me hard.

I asked him where Althea and Marcus were at, and he said: “They are in the bed, and will be out soon.”

He pulled me to him, held my face and told me: “This ain’t the place for making love. We will do that at your place. Here we are just going to be doing some serious fucking. This weekend you are my bitch, and don’t forget it. Marcus is my best friend, and we go back a long ways. If he comes at you, just remember that and treat him like he is my best friend. I share everything with him, and if he wants a little of you, give it up, he ain’t looking to take you away from me. Now get out of those clothes and get ready to party, baby.

I stripped, and he and I went out to the pool deck with a cold O’Doul’s. We were talking about his pool, and the beautiful weather, and Althea and Marcus came walking out.

I stood, to greet them. She was beautiful, as I had already seen, but naked, she was a Nubian Queen. She wasn’t shaved like the millennials, do, having a nice thick hair patch, as well as hair in her armpits. To my old school ways, shaved women look like they want to be seen as little, pre-pubescent girls, and I have never been into any of that. Her breasts were up, natural, and looked like full “B” or maybe “C” cups.

And then I saw Marcus, and caught my breath. His cock was nearly soft and 10 inches long, and as thick as my wrist.

I looked at it, then over to Henri and said: “Henri, you have a black snake but Marcus has a fucking Anaconda. That is some big meat.”

Althea hefted it in her hand, and said: “And this anaconda knows how to find a hole. He was all up inside me. This big thing is a crowd pleaser. Just wait til he puts it to you, baby.”

Marcus moved closer to me, and put his arm around my waist, looked at me and said: “I want some of that sweet white ass that Henri has been bragging about.”

Looking at his stiffening cock, I wondered if I could even get it into me, but it did look inviting, and I wanted to be sure to please Henri’s friend.

Henri put a long apron on, and came out of the house with a tray full of ribs. Turning to Marcus and I, he said: “Marcus, show him where the bed is and get friendly. I will be busy cooking for at least 20 minutes.”

Marcus turned me toward the house and said: “Let’s go, I want to put you in the bed.” As we walked through the dining room, I got some lube from my jeans. When we got into the bedroom, he didn’t shut the door, but turned to me and kissed me, hard, sucking my lip into his mouth. He took a nipple in each hand and twisted while he sucked a bruise on my lip.

He was hard on me , then released my lip and nipples to slap me on the ass. “Henri said this might get you wound up, baby. You need some big cock, don’t you.?”

Playing the role, I said: “Baby, please that thing is so big. Do we have to do it?”

That got things ankara escort started, and Marcus began slapping my ass, while we were belly to belly, cock to cock. “I am going to put this where you need it to be. I will have it in you as deep as we can get it. Althea got me off, and took the strain away, and now I can concentrate on fucking your nice white ass. I hope you are clean, because I am going to do some rooting.” he said, pushing me back, until I felt the bed behind me.

I sat down, and was looking at the biggest cock I had ever seen. Fully hard, it was longer than 12 inches, maybe even 13 inches. And thick, Oh My God, It must be nearly 8 inches around. I moaned: “Before you fuck me, can I put that head in my mouth? I don’t think that I can suck it into my throat, but I want to taste the head.”

I slipped my dentures out, and he held my head as he pushed it into my mouth. I had the head and about 2 inches of shaft and my mouth was painfully stretched. I knew then that my ass was going to get worked over today.

Marcus released my head, and I laid back, moving to the middle of the bed and spread and raised my legs, inviting him to come to me. I handed him the lube, and he put plenty on his big cock and squirted some from the tube directly into my ass, saying: “We gonna need plenty of this to get started, but by tonight, you will be able to take us on easily. Hold my cock and put it where you need it.”

He raised my legs and I lowered my ankles to his shoulders. Carrying such a large tool, he knew that he couldn’t just ram it into someone, and had to work his way in.

As he pressed, I pushed to him, relaxing my sphincter, but when he got inside, I was knocked breathless. I had been invaded, stretched, opened, and it was painful.

He stopped with just a few inches in, saying: “You have got me in there now, just relax and it will feel better. You are tight as hell, bitch, but I am going to fuck you. Henri said that you like black cock, and I am going to give you mine. You are carrying Henri’s mark inside you, aren’t you?”

“Yes Marcus, Henry has claimed me as his. He put his cock to the bottom of my ass pussy, and left his seed there. Please push it in easy. You are so big.” I pleaded.

He settled some of his belly on mine, and continued to push into me. He pulled back and pushed in getting deeper, with each stroke. I had my hands on his thighs, ready to try to stop him if he pushed too deep, too fast. As he spread the lube inside me, and as I adjusted to his size, he settled into a steady stroke, and I was beginning to actually enjoy it. I could feel that he was hitting places deep inside me, and wondered how much of him I had in me.

I asked: “Are you all the way in yet, baby?”

He laughed, and said: “Not yet, but I will get it all into you before I bust my nut. Your ass is made to fuck, just like a good pussy. Give me a few more strokes, and you will have all of me in you.

As he stroked, he pulled back, put his hand over my mouth, then pushed himself all the way into me. I felt his pelvis hit mine, his nutsack smacked by butt crack, and I tried to scream. He left it there, pressing against me, holding his cock deep into my ass. He took his hand off my mouth and said: “You have got it, now we can start to fuck. I am going to love this. Give it up to me, bitch.”

He bent my legs farther over, and began to give me the fucking of my life. As he pulled back, it felt like he was dragging my insides out of me, and when he pushed back in, he was re-arranging my ass pussy to suit his big cock. Adjusting to him, I was enjoying getting plowed. This was not lovemaking, but just plain fucking and we fit together well. I loved to take black cock, and he had a black cock to be proud of.

I looked up at him, and said: “I can take you. This is great, baby, take what you want. Fuck me, ohhhhh goddddd, fuck me. I want it.” As we fucked, Henri and Althea came into the bedroom.

I looked up at Henri and moaned: “He is giving me a ride to remember. I am gonna cum. I am so full of this big cock, that I could cum just from it laying in me.”

Henri told Marcus: “Pound that ass into the mattress. Let him know what he has inside him. Knock the bottom out of it.”

With that Marcus really began pounding on me. My knees were touching my shoulders, and my ankles were still on Marcus’ shoulders. Doubled in two, I was nothing more than an asshole with a body wrapped around it. I was taking cock like it was meant to be taken, but I thought of Henri and I and knew that as good as this fuck was, that I still loved having Henri laying on top of me, and that I was his.

Marcus fucked me continuously, but Henri and Althea went back out to the pool deck to attend to the cooking. As we fucked, Marcus relaxed his hold on my legs so I asked: “Baby, let my legs down so I can move with you. I want to fuck you. This is something that I never expected to get, and I love it. Lay on me, and give me that big fucker. Use my ankara escort bayan ass like you stole it, baby.”

Marcus is heavier than Henri, but having his body resting on mine was so sexy. Feeling him fucking me, pushing in to the bottom, having his crotch hair against mine, made me want to make this as good as possible for him.

He was my lover’s best friend, and I wanted him to feel special. I held his face, and pulled him to my lips. I kissed him, using my tongue to open his lips and find his tongue. He took the hint and pushed his big tongue into my mouth and on into my throat. I sucked on his tongue while I pushed my ass up to take all of his cock. This was passion, and I was going for all of it.

“Baby, I am feeling really good, deep inside, and I am going to cum. Fuck me hard, and give me more of that tasty tongue. Take me, Henri gave me to you to use, so take me hard, baby. I don’t care if I have to walk bowlegged, I love your big cock, and I need to feel you giving me your best. Fuck me hard, Marcus, fuck me.” I said.

He raised his head enough to look at my face and said: “You want all of this big cock? I can give it to you. Turn over, get on a pillow, and I will fuck you like you have never been fucked.”

As soon as I was turned over, with a pillow under my belly and abdomen, he was back inside me, with my legs spread, and his between mine. He started laying pipe, and tearing me up. He had the bed shaking, had me gasping for air, and had him panting. We were fucking, and there was no stopping him. I could only lay there and take it.

After a few minutes, he started snorting, and then jammed that big cock to the bottom and roared: “I am cumming, take it, bitch. Take this cock, take my load.”

Spent, he collapsed on my back, pressing me into the mattress, and saying: “Bitch, you know how to take cock. Henri taught you right.” I ain’t been that right in an ass before. I am getting more of you today and tonight. Let’s go out and see what they are doing with the ribs. This made me hungry.”

I rolled to him, and said: “Baby, that was one good fuck. I want more of you too. I hope I can walk.”

Marcus and I went out to the pool deck, and Althea was setting a bowl of slaw on the table, and Henri was pulling the ribs off the grill. As we sat down, Henri asked Marcus: “What did you think of that? Did he get you off?”

Marcus replied: “Brother, you got some hot ass on call with this one. I went to the bottom, and made him cum from deep inside. Althea, your orgasms ain’t got anything on his. He was cumming so hard that I thought that he would pass out. When I busted in him, I was balls deep and he took it like he owned it. I want to fuck him in the pool.

We ate and made small talk, and I began studying Althea. I decided that I wanted to have her sitting at the edge of the pool, and that I would be in the water, eating her. I wanted to work on her beautiful tits too. I caught her eye, and then began looking her over anew, letting her see that I liked what she had. She winked, and asked: “Baby, have you tried some black pie? Want some of mine?”

I told her: “Althea, I have had several black lovers, but you look absolutely edible. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t stick my cock in you, I just want to eat you, feel those beautiful breasts, and suck your nipples.”

As we finished eating, we each took our plates to the kitchen sink. As I turned to go outside, Althea had lingered, and turned to me. Pressing her breasts against my chest, we kissed, and she chewed my lip, just as Marcus had done. Putting her lips to my ear, she said: “Baby, seeing you watching me has me wanting to give it up to you. Let’s go get on the bed.”

When we got to the bedroom, I turned her to me, kissed her, giving her my tongue, pulling her nipples to mine. I reached between us, and felt of her thick crotch hair. I wanted to lay my nose in it.

Breaking the kiss, I laid on the bed with my lower legs off the end. She took that as a cue, and got over my face, and moved until I could kiss her nipples, and lowered her chest to my face.

She sucked one of my nipples into her mouth and pinched the other one, purring as we worked on each other. We were doing some serious foreplay, with each of us having rock hard nipples. Her aureola was beautiful, Much darker than her skin, and much wider than most that I had seen.

As we necked, she moved lower, licking through my navel, letting me lick hers, and then she moved to my cock, and lowered her pussy to my face. I said: “Let’s eat, baby, I am hungry again.”

She sucked, she stroked, and she took my 7 and a half inch cock to her throat. She knew how to give head.

As I licked and played her clit, she began to grind her pussy on my lips and chin. I had my arms around her waist, and my hands gripping her nice ass cheeks. She raised her mouth off my cock to say: “Baby, I squirt, go easy or I will drown you.”, and returned to sucking my cock.

I pulled her tighter escort ankara to my face, and increased the licking. As we worked each other over, I could tell that she was enjoying my cunnilingus, and making the most of it. When she pushed harder, I knew that she was about to orgasm.

Her thighs began to tremble, her belly convulsed, and she started to cum. I locked my lips on her clit and sucked it hard. That did it. She squirted, she moaned, she shook, and then she collapsed.

She rested on me than renewed the sucking on my cock, licking, and chewing it from top to bottom. She sucked me until I could no longer hold it back, and let her suck my load out of me. We were satisfied.

We walked out onto the pool deck, where the guys were facing the living room picture window, and watching a 56 inch TV screen that was showing a white chick using a strap-on to fuck a good looking black woman that was bent over a counter top. Both guys had hard cocks as they watched the big dildo slamming into the black woman.

Althea spoke first, saying: “This white guy knows how to eat pussy. I thought that I was going to drown him.”

I replied: “That pussy was meant to be eaten. I couldn’t give it anything but my best. I hope to eat some more of it today.”

Henri said: “I want you to eat some of this. Go get some lube and we’ll get things going.”

As I went into the bedroom to get the lube, I wondered what he had planned. He and I hadn’t used lube when I ate him before. I picked up the Astrolube and went back outside.

Althea was on her knees between Marcus’ legs, sucking on his hard cock, as I moved to Henri. Henri directed me to give the lube to Marcus, saying:

“He is going to need that in a minute. Get down on this thing, baby.”

I started on Henri, by licking His cock head and shaft, then sucked his nutsack in, getting first one then the other of his balls in my mouth. I had put my dentures in my pocket after I got fucked by Marcus, so my mouth was empty and ready for Henri’s cock and balls.

I moved to his cock and took it into my mouth, and began working it deeper into my throat. As Henri put his hands to my head to begin fucking my throat, I felt Marcus move behind me. I knew that they were going to put me on a spit,

Marcus, dripped some lube onto his cock then squeezed some into my ass, and pushed forward, getting the head of his huge cock into my swollen ass. He said: “Hold him, Henri, I am going to the bottom.”

Just as he pushed, Henri pushed my head down onto his cock, and I had both of them balls deep. Henri raised my head up a little, but Marcus kept his cock buried in my ass. Getting a rhythm, one would be at the bottom while the other was nearly out of me, then they would cycle their stroke, so that through it all, I always had a cock buried in me.

To say that I was getting fucked would be an understatement. These two knew how to work someone over. I was quite sure that they had done this with other partners. Every time that Marcus hit bottom, I moaned, feeling how he was rearranging my plumbing. He was an expert pipe layer, and I was loving what he was delivering.

This was not lovemaking. It was down to earth fucking, and very erotic. I was enjoying this introduction to satisfying two people at once. While my throat and ass were being plundered, both Marcus and Henri were making very contented sounds, grunting, sighing, and breathing heavily. Henri cum first, remembering to push my head off his cock to cum in my mouth.

Swallowing his load, I felt Marcus begin to fuck me even harder than he had been, pounding all the way to the bottom. And then he roared, grabbed a handful of my hair, and slammed into me, putting his load deep into my well fucked gut. We had done some fucking, and I was exhausted.

I looked around and saw Althea wearing a strap-on. Looking at me, she said: “Look at this, baby. If I fuck you with this, I will get off too.”

Moving closer to her, she showed me that the backside of it had a cock that was inside her, along with the nice, but not too huge, 8 inch chocolate cock on the front. That cock had an incredible bend to the left, that made it look very inviting.

“Baby, my ass is stretched, alive with feeling, and quite tender. Will I be able to enjoy it?” I asked, reaching out to touch it.

She said: “You will enjoy it, but I want you in the bed, on your back for this. Let’s go to the bedroom, baby.”

While Henri and Marcus walked into the pool, Althea and I went into the house, to the bedroom. I had picked up the Astrolube as I left the pool deck.

She had me lay on the bed and lay down beside me. Pinching one of my nipples, she said: “Henri said that you like role playing, being his woman when he fucks you. That sounded so good. I want to fuck you like that, sugar.”

“I want you, Althea. I want your brown sugar, and I want that black snake that you are wearing. Marcus has fucked me, but I want you to make love to me. I want your velvet chocolate breasts on mine ” I purred, as feminine as I could sound.

Using plenty of Astrolube on her cock, she moved over me and I pulled my legs way back, raising my ass to her. As she leaned into me, she guided the head to my asshole, and then she pushed into me. I felt how much Marcus had bruised my insides, and knew that this would be one hell of a fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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