Castaway Ch. 01

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Hey everyone, this is just the edited version of the series that I have been writing. There is a name change, if this is your first time reading, don’t worry about it, if not, the new name is Ali. If you have been following along, I’m just reposting the edited versions, then I will post the newest installment, chapter 6.



“Finally, I am officially on vacation!!!!

Jasmine squealed as she boarded the luxury cruise with her tickets and luggage. At 5’7″, Jasmine was a slim yet curvy 26 year old med school graduate. With long wavy natural hair and toffee colored skin, full lips and expressive almond shaped eyes, Jasmine though she was attractive, but not enough to realize the hungry stares that followed her where she went. Even now she didn’t realize the stares she garnered as she walked onto the mostly Caucasian ship. In her mind, she went to school with white people, college and medical school, so to be the only black girl was not a surprise.

“Here are my tickets” She said, handing them over to the check in station.

“OK Miss Jasmine you’re on the second floor, room 8001.”

“Thank you” She replied and made her way to her room.

After exiting the elevator, she walked down the hall, scanning the doors for her room. Having found it, she pulled her key out and tried to open the door.

“Hey! Who’s in there! This is my room that I paid for..”

The door was yanked open and diyarbakır escort a man in a towel stood, looking just as pissed. His abs heaved as though he had run from the shower… which he had, and his short military cut still gleamed with water. His dark brown eyes glared at her.

“I paid for this room, Lady, go back to the front desk!”

Momentarily stunned by this gorgeous, half naked and wet man, Jasmine stuttered a reply.

“I..I paid for this room, 8001,”

“Sorry lady, this is room 8002, your room is right there!”

He pointed at her room across the hall.

“Oh, my bad I’m sorry” She sheepishly replied and smiled.

Ali’s mind went blank as he processed that she was actually quite beautiful when she wasn’t trying to break his door down. Then he realized he was half naked.

“It’s no problem, I have to go” He said unintentionally slamming the door.

Well sorrrry! She thought walking to her room. Sitting on her bed she decided to take a nap before unpacking her stuff.

By the time I wake up we should be in Cancun!!! She thought and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Captain’s deck 23:00 Hours

“Hey captain, are you sure you can take the night shift?” The first mate asked.

“Boy! This is my ship and I’ve been running this cruise for 18 years. Go be with your wife since it’s your honey escort diyarbakır moon. I’ll be fine. And lock the door on the way out too.”

“Ok Captain, call me if you need me” he said as he left, locking the door with an audible click.

Captain’s deck 00:00 hours

The captain sat, watching the course the ship was set on, listening to a steady stream of information through his headset. The inside of the captain’s ear began to itch, so the captain took off his headset and reached to scratch it.

“AAAAAGH!” He yelled as a sharp pain ran through his chest.

Clutching his heart, the captain fell to the floor, accidently hitting the mast and setting the cruise off course and altitude.


Oh this margarita is beautiful. Jasmine thought in the midst of her dream, sitting in cancun on the beach. Why do my feet feel wet, I’m at the bar not the water. Jolting awake, Jasmine realized water was rising in her bedroom up to her waist. She struggled to leave the room with furniture blocking the door.

“HELP! HELP ME!” She screamed.

In the hall, Ali struggled to push through the people rushing towards the stairwell. He distantly heard someone screaming for help, and realized it was coming from room 8002.

“FUCK! This girl will be the death of me” He mused as he went to go help. He tried to push the door open, yet was diyarbakır escort bayan unable to.

“Hold on, I have to break the handle. Move as much stuff out the way!”

Jasmine complied moving as much as she could, then seeing the problem, and errant towel jammed under the door, she removed it and open the door, just as Ali rushed towards it, and instead hit the desk.

“AAAAGRGH!” He groaned as his felt the pain from his dislocated shoulder.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, but we have to go now!”

She helped him up and they ran into the hall to find it empty. As they ran upstairs to the main deck they realized that everyone had already left on the safety boats. She grabbed a life jacket and put one on him then tied them together.

“Can you swim!!!” he yelled over the creaking of the sinking ship”

“Yes, but my shoulder is broken”

“Ok, well just hold on to me!” She yelled as the water rushed up to meet them. The frigid water engulfed them, momentarily covering their heads.

“Wrap you hurt arm around me and help me paddle with your good arm. ” He groaned in response.

They swam like that for hours until the sun rose.

“Hey I see a beach over there!” She yelled.

Ali bobbed his head, his eyes glazed over and his body shaking. Jasmine swam them towards the shore and removed their jackets. Ali was shivering and his arm was at a weird angle.

“I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt!” She warned before she brutally jerked his arm into the socket. He screamed in his sleep thrashing around until the pain subsided. Jasmine looked around, realizing she was alone with a sick man on a deserted island. She quickly built a covering with palm tree leaves, and after removing their clothes to dry, she fell asleep with him in her arms.

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