Dakota’s Surprise Pt. 02

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Dear Readers, I hope you find this story interesting. Unfortunately, there is not that much sex in this part, but there will be more in future parts. Please consider reading the first part if you have not done so already. Special thanks to my reviewers who helped identify many errors, but I am sure a few still exist. If you would like to be on my team of editors, please let me know. I do read your comments as I want to improve as a writer and any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always welcomed.


Part 2 – The Convention


Girl before the mirror,

appraises her disguise

Neil Peart, War Paint


There, before her, was not Dakota her boyfriend but the best Batgirl she had ever seen. Dakota had on a black latex catsuit with a yellow bat logo perfectly formed over and between a pair of giant tits. A beautiful mane of wavy red hair flowed out from underneath a black face mask and cowl. She had a yellow utility belt and black over the knee platform stiletto boots that raised her a good five-inches. Rounding off the costume was a long black cape, which was pleated with metallic purple threads to give it a nice accent.

“Do you like it, Hailey?”

“I love it, Dakota! Oh my, you put a lot of work into this.”

“Yeah, and a lot of hunting at thrift stores and the like. You have a cool costume as well.”

“Ok, how did you get the boobs?”

“Breast forms feel them. They have a nice jiggle. I got them from a website specializing in transgender products. Um, yours are bigger today as well.”

“Hehe yeah, I padded mine up with some silicone inserts.” They each started to feel each other’s boobs. “I never touched another girl’s boobs before.” Dakota flinched a little when being called a girl, the thought had flashed across his mind a few times when wearing a dress, but he had never given it much thought before.

“Really, not even at a slumber party?”

“No, my friends in school we never did stuff like that. Never practiced kissing on each other or anything.” Hailey soaked in Dakota’s costume. “So um, what made you decide to wear a girl costume?”

“Well, all my life I have been called girly being so skinny and all, and I thought it would be interesting to see what it was like. I have practiced a bit at home, mainly so I don’t fall flat on my face in these boots, but I figured the comic convention would be a good place to try. Nobody knows me here, people are probably accepting of something like this here, and even if someone did figure out I was a boy or knew who I was, wouldn’t recognize me with the hood.”

“And with a rack like that, they ain’t going to be looking at anything else. Those are even bigger than mine!”

“Probably not, they are just a 36 C, but on my small frame, that works out to DD or something like that. At least I am going to be taller than you for a day.”

They had a good laugh on that. “So GIRLfriend, are you done in the bathroom? I need to put my makeup on.”

“Go for it Hailey, actually maybe you can help me with mine. I have practiced a bit, but a real feminine touch would be helpful. I have some fake eyelashes, but no clue how to put them on.”

The girls went to the bathroom and Hailey showed Dakota how to get done up right. Hailey chided Dakota about the cheap makeup she had purchased and explained that for a little bit more on some better brands, you get a whole lot of improvement in quality and it won’t smear as much. Dakota helped hold Hailey’s prosthetic ears while she cemented them in place.

What fascinated Dakota was to watch Hailey braid her hair. She was mesmerized watching her form a small braid on either side as it made its way towards the back and merge down into a larger mermaid style. She helped her girlfriend by holding some green satin ribbon as she carefully blended that into the braid. The same ribbon was used as a bow on the bottom to hide the more functional elastic holding it all together.

The two looked at themselves in the mirror. “This is going to be a hard day for me Hailey. Looking at you, it is going to be a challenge to not get an erection.”

Hailey stared at Dakota’s crotch. “Hey, yeah, um, what did you do with my friend?”

“Oh, he is tucked away for the day. I got these padded compression shorts that give me an ass. But, also, they hold my wiener in place fairly well.” She turned around and flipped up her cape.

“Yeah that is a nice ass,” Hailey’s hand reached out and felt it.

“Stop that,” Dakota playfully said while swatting her hand away. “You’re going to give me a stiffy. The two things I don’t want to deal with today are boners and bathrooms. Getting this off to go pee is not going to be easy.”

“Doesn’t the catsuit have an opening down there to pee from?”

“It does, but the padded shorts don’t work with that, so I have to take it all off…”

“Ugh, all in a day’s work fighting crime I guess,” Hailey quipped shrugging her shoulders.

The two made their final preparations, Hailey had a small pouch she carried erzurum escort as a purse with her phone and wallet. Dakota’s utility belt performed the same function. Soon they were walking out the door, holding hands to the convention center. There were all kinds of people heading to the convention hall, many were in costume.

Hailey started to feel Dakota shake a bit. “Hailey, look at all these people. I don’t know if I can do this. Everyone is looking at us.”

“I’m right here, just hold my hand.”

“E…e…ex…excuse m..m..me. Can I get a pic..pic..picture with you?” There was a very geeky high school boy next to them holding up his cell phone.

Dakota looked down (a first-time experience for her) at the boy and smiled. “Of course. What is your name?”


“Ok William, get your camera ready.” The girls got on either side of William, and Dakota took his phone and held it out for a selfie. Click. Handing the phone back to the boy “Is this your first comic con William?”


“Well, have fun today and get lots of pictures. Just do what you just did and politely ask and most people will say yes, ok?”

“Thanks, Batgirl, see you around.” And off he went.

Hailey looked at Dakota, “See that wasn’t so bad. You were poised and calm there with him.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I just saw so much of myself in him. That could have been me.”

In the final block leading to the entrance, they had three more people come up to them and ask for pictures. After checking their tickets, the girls entered the convention center. They had just cleared the doors when a man in an official-looking polo shirt, khakis, and a badge around his neck approached them.

“Hi Ladies, I’m Michael one of the convention ambassadors, welcome to the Springfield Comic-Con. Have you registered for the costume contest? You two look great and would do well I think.”

The two looked at each other, nodded their heads. “Sure, what do we do?”

“Follow me.” Michael led them to a registration table and after having a picture taken and given a contest badge. Hailey was registered in the Female Fantasy/Middle Earth contest and Dakota in the Female Superhero contest. Both of course were also registered in the best overall contest voted on by the convention attendees. “Make sure you are at the awards ceremony at the end of the convention today. That is when the judging will happen, and the votes are revealed. There are prizes to be won.”

The girls thanked him and headed to the main floor. Every few minutes they were hit up for pictures. A couple of guys tried to get grabby and Dakota swatted their hands away “Don’t make me get out the Bat cuffs” she would joke with them.

“Dakota let’s go get a coffee,” suggested Hailey after a while.

“Ok, I’ll come with you but no coffee for me. I don’t want to have to pee in a couple of hours if I can avoid it.” There was a line at the coffee cart.

“You don’t seem as nervous now.”

“No, you’re right. I feel strangely comfortable. It must be the costume. I feel free and alive.” While they stood in line Dakota notice a gangly teenage boy watching them from a distance. She noticed him follow them through the exhibit hall for a while. “Come with me Hailey” and grabbing her hand the two walked over to the boy. “Hi there, I noticed you checking me out. Did you want a picture?”

The boy looked at his shoes, too tongue-tied to say anything. Dakota took her finger and lifted his head to look into her eyes. “I don’t bite, and I’ll let you into a secret, when I’m not Batgirl, I am just as shy as you are.”


“Yep, what is your name?”


“So, Tucker, do you want a picture?”

“Yeah, you’re beautiful.”

“Aww, thank you. Ok hand your phone to my sexy elf friend here and she will take our picture.” Dakota put her arm around Tucker and leaned her head next to his as Hailey took a picture. Click.

“Ok,” said Hailey, “one more you two, in three…two…one…” Just as she was taking the picture Dakota turned her head and Tucker’s, so they were facing each other and kissed Tucker on the lips. “Wow, that was hot you two!” Tucker’s stood there dumbfounded.

“Did you get that on the camera?” Dakota asked

“Yup.” She handed the camera to Tucker.

“Thanks, Batgirl!”

“You’re welcome Tucker, will see you around ok? Enjoy the convention.” The boy stood there and watched the two girls walk away holding hands. They walked around the corner and found a bench and sat down.

“That was nice what you did there.”

“Thanks, hopefully, I boosted his confidence.”

“Well, you seem to be a lot more confident.”

“Yeah…” Dakota stared off into space a moment. “People here see Batgirl and not a small skinny boy.”

“Well, girlfriend, I think they are just looking at these massive tits.”


“Um, question. I just noticed that I have been calling you Girl, girlfriend, and using female pronouns with you today. Is that ok?”

“Oh, erzurum escort bayan my goodness, you’re right. I hadn’t noticed. Yeah, that feels right since I am dressed as a girl right now.”


The two of them sat just looking into each other’s eyes for a while and then eventually moved on and enjoyed the convention. They went to a couple of the sessions but mainly just walked around and checked out the various exhibit booths. And got hit up for a lot of pictures. A couple of boys tried to get their phone numbers, but they giggled at them and used some variant of the line “Superheroes and elves don’t use phones silly.”

Eventually, it became time to go to the main stage area where the costume contest was to take place. They showed their contestant badges and were led into a waiting room. They looked around. There were a bunch of people, including few Catwomen and Harley Quinn, but Dakota was the only Batgirl around. When the results of the Fantasy/Middle Earth group were announced, Hailey won third place. When the finalists for the Superhero round were brought out, it was clear that Dakota was the audience favorite. But she came in second to a so-so version of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Once all the various rounds were completed, all those who placed were brought back onto the stage. The MC instructed the audience to pull out their phones and use the convention app to vote on a winner. A brief video montage of the day’s events was shown, including many pictures submitted by participants. A big cheer went out when a picture of Batgirl kissing Tucker was shown.

“OK, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the results of the women’s competition. In third place, the winner of the Fantasy/Middle Earth round, Julie as the Sorceress.” A polite round of applause was heard. “In second place, the winner of the Sci-Fi round, Madison as Princess Leia.” A few cheers this time. “And now, our grand prize winner, by a landslide, your favorite, Dakota as Batgirl!” The hall was full of cheers for Dakota. She accepted her prize bag and blew the audience a kiss. As the contestants started to head off the stage, a Batman tapped Dakota on the shoulder.

“Nice costume you have their Batgirl, you want to come over to my Batcave tonight?”

“Sorry Batsy, but that elf over there already found cupid’s arrow and shot me up.” With that, she walked over the Hailey, pulled her in close, and planted her lips on hers.

“Well, both of you can come over if you like,” Batman replied.

“Sorry, I’m a one-girl woman. Maybe you should go find that Harley Quinn, she might put out for you.” Batman smiled and went looking for Harley.

“Dakota, why did you send him to poor Harley?”

“Poor Harley my ass, I know how she beat me. I smelled cum on her breath while we were standing next to each other and there were a couple of small cum stains on her shirt. I bet she blew a judge or two.”

As they walked out of the convention center and back towards the hotel, and several people came up and congratulated the two of them. There were many offers to go party with some boys, but Dakota turned them all down. “Sorry guys, I want to go back to my place and get these boots off.”

When one guy just wouldn’t stop, Hailey jumped in, “Look, buddy, you ain’t getting any from us so go away. Besides, it’s the wrong time of the month for us both, so you don’t want us right now.” Hailey liked the little lie at the end.

“Fine bitch,” he cursed then stormed off.

“What a jerk, thanks.”

“Ugh, guys can be such assholes.” Dakota was shocked at her language.

“Um, Hailey, did you forget something…”

“Sorry Dakota, yes I did, I’ve been thinking of you as a girl all day. I think you know what I said was not directed at you or all men.”

“I know.”

They walked the rest of the way to the hotel in silence.

“Ugh I need out of these boots, my feet are killing me,” Dakota whined as they entered their room.

“Yeah, now you know why I wear flats most of the time.” The two began to shuck their costumes. Dakota’s pecker was incredibly happy to be free, responded to seeing Hailey almost naked. She reached out and grabbed him and pulled him to her mouth. Minutes later she was rewarded with the sensation of cum shooting down the back of her throat. “After dinner, I want him in me.” He smiled at the thought of fucking her again.

They took showers and cleaned off all their makeup. As they were putting their jeans on Hailey saw her silicone pads and large bra on the floor. Instead of putting on her everyday bra, she grabbed the big one and put it on with the pads. She saw her boyfriend smiling at the sight of her cleavage. She pulled out a tight tee-shirt to help show them off. When they went out for dinner, she was the one getting all the looks. There were all kinds of people from the convention at the taphouse they went to, but no one recognized them there as anyone they had seen. They overheard a group of boys saying how hot Batgirl and her elf friend were escort erzurum and how they would like to bang them. The couple gave each other a knowing smile.

Their clothes did not stay on them long once they got back to the hotel room. Dakota came twice in her pussy and managed to get Hailey off once. They enjoyed each other the next morning before packing up and heading home. As they drove home, they talked some about the convention and what they had seen, and then about their forthcoming schoolwork. They paused for a passionate kiss in Hailey’s driveway as Dakota dropped her off, only stopping when her mom came out to greet them. That night Dakota spent the evening in a dress and contemplated her future. She liked being in the dress and the freedom and confidence that it gave her.

The following weeks the two returned to spending time in the library with their studies as otherwise they just ended up fucking like bunnies at his place. They began to get proficient at pleasing each other and helping each other reach orgasm. And each night, after Hailey left, Dakota would slip into a dress for the rest of the evening.

A week after mid-terms, Hailey told Dakota that she would be gone with her family to her grandma’s house for the weekend. Dakota thought this would be a good opportunity to explore his feminine side.

That Saturday morning, Dakota pulled out some new breast forms she had ordered, unlike the ones that went with the Batgirl costume, these were more proportional to her body. “Still perhaps a bit big at a C-cup for my slender body,” she thought, “but if I get to pick how big they are, I want them a size where I feel comfortable in them.” She put on a pair of nude stockings and a plain white bra and some white cotton panties. She thought about wearing a dress, but since she planned to do some shopping, she thought it would be better to wear a skirt and a nice top instead. She looked at herself in a mirror and sighed. She had been growing her hair out, but it was nowhere long enough to go as a girl. She pulled out the wig she had for Batgirl and put it on. This time when she looked in the mirror, she felt comfortable. She put on a bit of makeup but decided not to put too much on as she might explore a cosmetic counter at a department store and pick up some advice.

Dakota had made sure that her car was parked right by the stairs down from her place so she would not be seen much as she headed out. She had packed a couple of bags in the car with makeup and spare clothes in case she needed to fix or change things. She headed towards the freeway to go north to a neighboring city about 60 minutes away where there were several thrift stores near a mall in a clustered shopping district. The first store was a total bust on what they had. But she picked up a couple of items at the second store and hit the jackpot on the third store. She had found a bunch of dresses, skirts, and tops and took them over the changing room to try them on. She stepped out of the room at one point to look in the three-panel mirror.

“Oh honey, you have to get that…” an older lady saw her in a little blue skirt and grey top. “you’ll be beating the boys away for sure in that.”

“Thanks, I think I’ll need some heels to go with this. What do you think?”

“You do that, and you’ll have the boys in the palm of your hand.” The two women giggled at that.

As Dakota tried on other outfits, she realized how comfortable she felt and that no one said anything about her being a boy. She decided to head to the mall next. She walked around and checked out a couple of shops. She could see a couple of guys discreetly following her, quickly looking away when she turned towards them. Noticing it was past lunchtime, she made her way to the food court to get a bite to eat. As she approached one of the food vendors, one of the guys who had been following her approached her.

“Hi, my buddy over there is rather shy, but is wondering if you would like to join us for lunch.”

Dakota looked over to where the other guy was, and he quickly looked down at his shoes.

“Sorry, I hate to disappoint him, but I have a girlfriend. I am not really into the penis thing right now. Tell him that he is cute and if I were into penises, I would consider him ok? “

“Bummer, I’ll let him know.”

“Sorry, I hope he understands.”

The guy walked back to his buddy and the two drifted away. As Dakota finished her lunch, she saw the two of them sitting on the far side of the food court. After tossing her trash away, she walked over to their table and pulled the chair out next to the shy guy.

“Mind if I join you for a minute?”

“S..s..sure,” he said

“I’m Dakota, what’s your name?”

“Walter, and that is Sam.”

“Hi Walter, I just wanted to apologize for turning your offer for lunch down so quick. It’s just I have a girlfriend and not really into boys’ rights now, sorry. I wanted to tell you though in person that I do think you are kinda cute. I can tell you are shy; I know what that is like. I used to be shy as well.”

“Thanks” Walter could barely look at her in the eyes. Dakota used her index finger to lift his head, so their eyes met. She could see there was a scared shy boy in there. Impulsively, she leaned forward and placed her lips on his. Her tongue met his and they kissed for a minute. She reached down and grab his crotch and gave him a good feel.

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