Deliciously Dominated Ch. 01

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Chapter One

Las Vegas Escort

Hi. My name is Kaden Cross and I’m going to tell you a story. Now I must warn you, this story is going to be…*whispers* a bit erotic. It involves sex between myself and my wife, myself and my girlfriend, my wife and my girlfriend, and myself with the both of them. Yes, at the same time. Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Is this one of those kinky sex stories?’ The answer is… Yes. Yes it is. So, if that’s not your thing, I’d highly advise that you stop reading right now.

But, I digress. This story I’m going to tell has mystery and intrigue, murder and mayhem and… Okay, enough of that bullshit. It’s got a bit about me and my wife and how we met, but mostly is centered around how we met our girlfriend. Oh, my wife’s name, by the way, is Julie Rhoades. Well, It’s Julie Cross, now, obviously, but for the sake of everyone being able to keep up with the characters, we’ll stick with Rhoades. My girlfriend, you ask? Well, let’s wait until she’s introduced in the story to get her name, sound good? Awesome! I knew there was a reason I loved you guys!

Alright, down to the nitty gritty. Me! Now, as I said, my name is Kaden Cross and I’m an attorney. Ooookay, okay. Normally I would pause here for a few minutes to let you all rifle through your repertoire of witty lawyer jokes, but honestly, no matter what joke you pull out of your ass, I’ve most likely heard it a billion times. So, we’re gonna skip that part. *sigh* Okay, Jules, I’ll let them. Jules, that’s my wife, is furiously tapping me on the head letting me know that, in the interest of making everybody happy, she says you guys can get your jokes ready. But I’ll listen to them AFTER I’ve told the story, agreed? Good.

Okay, a little bit more about me. I’m a white thirty-two year old. I have sandy-blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a nose only a mother could love. I’ll get back to that in a minute. I’ve got a square jaw with a dimple on my chin, (My wife and girlfriend both love that. *wink*). I’ve got broad shoulders, a muscled torso and arms that looks like they were chiseled from stone, and muscled thighs and calves to match. Yes, I work out. A lot.

My height, you ask? Why does that matter? Did I ask you how old you are? OW! OUCH! SHIT! OKAY, WOMAN! I’M SORRY!! Jeez, you’d think I would have called you a cow the way she started wailing on me. Note to self, never write a story while your wife is standing behind you. OWW! FUCK!! NOT YOU, TOO!! *grumbles* damn women. *sigh*

Okay, there are two things about me that, in the past, *looks behind my shoulder to see if I’m going to get hit* women have been turned off by from the get-go. Number one, my nose. It’s hideously crooked, flat, and I can barely breath out of it some days. How’d it happen? Well, cue ten-year-old me climbing a tree at my grandparents house and slipping on a branch to fall to the ground ten feet below and landing face first on an exposed root. Grandpa found me about twenty minutes after it happened, unconscious, only because I didn’t come when Grandma called out the back door that lunch was ready.

They rushed me to the hospital where the doctors were amazed that I had no other injuries, not even a concussion, besides my broken nose. Oh, I had scrapes and bruises. Those were inevitable. But my beautiful nose decided to break my fall so the rest of my body could be spared. What a sacrifice. They did what they could to set the bone and open the nasal passages but without surgery, that my parents couldn’t afford, I’d be disfigured for the rest of my life, and here I am.

The number two reason most women are immediately turned off by me, my height. *mumbles* I’monlyfivefootfour.


OW! FUCK! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO!! Grrrr. I’m only five-foot-four! There, you happy now, woman!?… …You know what? Out! Both of you, so I can write this story in peace! No, no pouting. Get out.


*squealing in pain*

*squealing in pain that turns into a seductive moan*

*slams and locks door*.

Okay, where was I? Oh, me, right. Well, I guess that’s all the important information so let’s get the story started, shall we? It starts just after my high school graduation. I had taken some shared courses and CLEP’d out of a bunch of classes so that, by the time I started college in the fall, I started my sophomore year.

I first met Julie on the first day of biology class. I was late and she was sitting alone at the only double desk that had a vacated chair. I was immediately mesmerized by her beauty, with golden-blonde hair and blue eyes to match mine. A pert nose and full, luscious lips just begging me to bite. She had dimples on each cheek when she smiled and my heart just melted when she did. I was smitten. I was further smitten when I saw her body as she stood up to let me behind her to take my seat. She had what could only be described as a perfect hourglass figure with modest breasts, an ass that made me want to cry, it was so round and trabzon seks hikayeleri firm, and legs that went on for days.

Alas, she was about three inches taller than me so I put any thoughts of tapping that ass out of my head immediately. We hit it off as friends from the get-go and before long, we were inseparable. Well, at school, anyway. We had other lives outside of school but at school, we were the best of friends. My buddies all asked me when I was planning on hooking up with her but I just shook my head and said it would never happen, effectively putting myself in the friend-zone. They tried to hook up with her, though. Every one of them tried but were all shot down like world war one dogfighters going up against the Red Baron.

A couple of months into our first semester, one of my so-called friends actually grabbed her crotch after she shot him down for the third time. Needless to say, that didn’t go over well for him. She kicked him in the balls and gave him two black eyes. She knew how to box, apparently. I, seeing it happen, was already on my way over to stomp a mud-hole in his ass when she stopped me. Told me it wasn’t worth it, but, amazingly, right in front of the guy, she kissed me. Not on the cheek, but the lips! I was floored! I was stupefied! No way that just happened!! But it did. “Thank you, though,” she told me with a coquettish smile. I just nodded like a dumbass, absently licking her watermelon lipgloss off of my lips. She grabbed my hand and led me, numbly, to our next class.

After that day, our relationship changed. No longer was I in the friend-zone, but more of the boyfriend zone without actually being in the boyfriend zone. *SMACK* OW!! HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE!! OUT, GOD DAMMIT!! Fucking hell! *rubs head* I’m gonna get a concussion from those two! To clarify, yes, we were openly dating, but neither one of us wanted to pursue a committed relationship at that time because we weren’t sure what the future held for us.

*peeks over shoulder*




*giggling stops abruptly*

“But, we’re pregnant!” Jules says.

And? Pregnancy doesn’t absolve you of punishment, especially when you’re acting like impish little cretins!

“Fine. Just don’t forget to tell them about Becca Sanders,” Jules says with a pout in her voice.

“And Riley Jacobs!” the girlfriend added.

What the fu-…Seriously!?

“YES!” they both shot back.

*Door slams shut*

Humph. That ought to keep them from coming in here for a little while, at least. Those two are more trouble than those Cornish Pixie things from Harry Potter. *sigh* I guess this story is going to be more of my sexual exploits leading up to when I met our girlfriend, rather than just the story of the two of us leading up to when we met her. I better go back to just after graduating High School.

So, after high school, for my nineteeth birthday, my parents took a family trip to Vegas. My dad, being the ever easy-going guy that he his, set me up in a posh room at the Bellagio, by myself, gave me ten grand and told me the first escort would be arriving at ten that night. I was floored! Then I thought about it. ‘The first!?’ I had asked him. He just smiled and walked back to the car and drove off. Where they went, I had no clue. I didn’t see them all week. Mom would call every so often to check on me but more times than not, I didn’t answer because I was…well…busy.

So here I am, in Las Vegas, Sin City, all alone at the Bellagio Hotel and I was gonna lose my virginity that night. Whether I wanted to or not, apparently. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I wanted to, and I did. I just wasn’t given much of a choice. Not that I was complaining. Anyway, turns out dad paid for all my food for the week as well. Anything I wanted no matter how much or what it cost. I had an open tab in the kitchen and I was going to milk it for all it was worth. I ordered shrimp and lobster for dinner that night. I don’t know why, I was nervous about this escort that would be showing up in a few hours and wasn’t really hungry because of that. I ate, though, because I knew I needed to keep up my strength.

Oh, you wanted to know about me losing my virginity? Well, let’s just say I respected the hell out of my mom and one of the few things she asked of me was to wait until I was an adult before having sex. I had plenty of opportunities but when I explained to the girls my mother’s request, most of them just went, ‘Aww, that’s so sweet!’, before kissing my cheek then heading off to find a jock. One even took a nerdy guy from the chess club up the the bedroom at a party after I told her no. To be fair, she was quite drunk and didn’t have her girlfriends around to keep her in line. Yeah, she ended up pregnant and having an abortion.

Anyway, back to Vegas. I had eaten, showered and dressed in my best ‘fuck me’ clothes. Which to my sexually inept brain screamed basketball shorts and a polo. I know, right? Good thing I didn’t need to impress the nice lady because I could tell, she was not impressed by my choice of style and opted to quickly instruct me on how to dress to impress. Her version, by the way, was to just get my clothes off of me as soon as possible. I guess that’s the best way to dress to impress an escort. Maybe I should have just answered the door naked.

But I digress. When I answered the door, I opened it to see a short, petite blonde with a long face, green eyes, a small, sloping nose and a wide mouth. She was prettier than I thought she’d be, honestly. She had that sexy Sarah Jessica Parker-had-a-baby-with-Julia Roberts vibe going on. I know that’s not possible, but you get the idea. Shut up.

She was wearing a short, black strapless dress and her breasts looked like they were about to spill out of the top. They also jiggled when she walked. I smiled at her and introduced myself. Her name was Candy Cane, if you can believe it. I sure did. But, hey, I was a sexually repressed teenager with raging hormones. Can you blame me?

I shook her hand and led her into the room and before the door had even shut, she had managed to shimmy out of that tight black dress. My eyebrows disappeared into my hairline. She wasn’t wearing a damn thing under that dress! Her tits were massive! I’m not a boob man but I have to say, my first time seeing tits in the flesh (pun intended) had my cock straining in my shorts.

She seemed to notice and smiled. She was pretty fit, with a flat stomach and a simple bellybutton ring. Her pubic hair was trimmed short and in the shape of a thin arrow pointing down. Her pussy was hairless and wet already. Or maybe she had put some lube on before knocking? Didn’t matter.

Anyway, she proceeds to pull my shirt off and then kneel in front of me. She grabs my shorts and underwear and pulled straight down. My cock sprang forth and she immediately stood up.

“What the fuck?” she asks.

“I-is something wrong?” I ask her. Man, was I nervous all of a sudden.

“Well, no,” she says. “It’s just, I’ve never seen a cock so big.” She reached out to wrap her hands around it and squeezed slightly. Her eyes went wide. “And you’re not even fully hard!?”

“Um, no?” I say, unsure of where she was going with this. Was she going to leave? Was my cock too big for her?


Let me just pause here and say, up until that point, I had no idea what a monster cock was. She said I had one, and she fucked people for a living, so I guess she knew, but I didn’t. Oh, you want the deetz? Okay. Get ready to run. Fully erect, my cock is ten inches long and right at two inches in thickness. I can’t even get my hands all the way around it, never mind her small fingers. Okay, back to the story.


She knelt back down and grabbed it with both hands. As she started to stroke it, I moaned. A bit of pre-cum oozed from the tip and she, rather expertly I thought, reached up and used that for lube to stroke me further. The more pre-cum that oozed out, the more pleasure I received from her expert hands. She hadn’t even used her mouth yet and I was now hard as a rock. Then, she nestled the shaft in between her breasts and my eyes went wide. She started bobbing those beautiful mounds of flesh tightly around my cock and I about died from pleasure. It felt so fucking good. I wasn’t going to cum, though, because I knew I couldn’t. Not yet.


Pause again. Okay, y’all ready for this? My sexually deprived and naive brain had the audacity to think that if I was with a woman, I couldn’t cum until she told me I could. Yeah, you heard that right. I don’t even know where I got that from. I guess somewhere along the line of my sexual education the idea popped in my head and it just stuck. I mean, I never had a problem with premature ejaculation. Never even heard of it. But another one of my many talents allows me to cum whenever I want, as many times as I want. I can stave it off all night if I want, or I can cum time after time just minutes after each other, with one exception. But I’m gonna save that story for later, okay? I know, I know. Calm down. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise. Okay let’s get back to it.


So she’s bobbing her tits up and down around my cock and the pre-cum is oozing out the tip like lava from a volcano. My hips are bucking back and forth and she looks up at me with this expression that I later interpreted as ‘Are you getting close?’. Then she asks, “Are you gonna cum, baby?”

“Oh, shit,” I say in a groan. “If you want me to.”

She grins this shit-eating grin then stops, stands up, bends over, and grabs her ankles. With her legs spread apart she says in this dangerously erotic voice, “Slide it in, Daddy.” I get a view of this beautiful little pussy that’s so wet, her juices are leaking down her inner thighs. I’m not sure what to do. I’m dumbstruck by the beauty of the sight.

She looks up at me from between her legs and, seeing my expression, I guess, puts a single finger in her hole and moans slightly before pulling it back out. I’m not stupid, just in awe. That single insignificant motion breaks my reverie and I put the head of my cock at her entrance and push slightly. The head pops in and she moans.

“Oh, yeah, Daddy. Deeper, please,” she begs as she arches her back.

Why is she calling me Daddy? That’s kind of weird, isn’t it? I shrug it off and let her have her moment.

I slide in a couple of inches more and she moans again. God, she’s so tight! Is it supposed to be this tight?? It feels like she’s suffocating my cock, like she’s going to squeeze it off inside her. Is that even possible? But I’m committed now.

I give her a few more inches and she cries out, “OH, GOD!”

I stop immediately. “Are you okay?” I ask, concerned I may have hurt her.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy,” she says, moaning. Is she still roleplaying? “If I was in pain, you’d be the first to know. How far are you in?”

“Um, about half way,” I answer her.

“Then put it the rest of the way in,” she orders.

“A-are you sure?” I ask. “I don’t want to-“

“Just fucking do it, Daddy,” she gives me a guttural command as she looks back at me with a feral grin and braces herself on the door.

“Okay,” I say. “If you’re sure.”

She’s nodding now, biting her bottom lip, in preparation, I guess. I slide slowly all the way in. As inch by inch penetrates her she starts crying out, “OH, GOD! OH, FUCK YES, DADDY! OH, MY GOD I’M GOING TO…AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” she screams as my hips meet her ass and her lower body is shaking. Her pussy just clamped around my cock so tight I can’t even move it, even with the amount of lube her pussy is producing. She’s barely able to stay standing. “OH-oh-oh-oh go-o-o-o-d,” she stutters. She looks back at me and tries to smile but it comes across as painful. “C-can you…mmmmhhh…take it out, please?” she asks. “Slowly.”

I nod. “You, um, have to relax, though,” I tell her. “You’re so tight, I can’t move.”

I can feel my blush creeping up my cheeks. She relaxes in a staccato of muscle movements, pussy clenching and releasing around my shaft. I move out on the released movements and eventually, she pushes me the rest of the way out.

“Oh, God!” she cries out as my head pops back out of her pussy. She immediately collapses to her knees, holding herself up by the door. Her whole lower body is shaking.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I ask, moving toward her as if to help her up. In answer, she turns around and quickly grabs my cock in both hands again and starts stroking it while her lips pass over the head. “Fuuuck, that feels good,” I groan in pleasure. She takes me as far as she can, which is only a couple inches, but uses her hands to stroke me faster as she sucks on the head of my shaft. Damn! I’ve never had a blowjob before so this is new territory for me. Hell, I’ve never had my cock in a pussy before, either, but that was just in and out so I wasn’t able to get the full experience. This, though, was rapturous euphoria. “Fucking hell,” I say as I look down into her beautiful green eyes.

She looks up at me and pulls my head out of her mouth with a pop. “You gonna cum now, Daddy?” she asks with a coquettish smile as she continues to stroke me.

“God dammit, woman,” I say, breathlessly. “Yes, but only if you want me to.”

“Fucking hell,” she exclaims as she stops mid-stroke. “How long can you last, honey?”

My breathing is labored but I shrug. “As long as you need me to, I suppose,” I say.

She starts stroking me again, slowly this time, almost absently. “I was told you were a virgin, Daddy,” she says.

“I am,” I say. “Why do you keep calling me Daddy?”

“Those were the instructions I was given,” she says, shrugging. “Come in, fuck you til you can’t see straight, make sure to call you Daddy, then leave.”

“Fucking hell,” I say, rolling my eyes. “Look, as much as it’s growing on me, you don’t have to call me Daddy if you don’t want to.”

She shrugs again. “It makes no mind to me, Daddy,” she informs me. “I’ve already been paid. Although, if I knew you were this big, I might have asked for more,” she says, grinning, and winked.

“Well, then, I feel I should warn you,” I tell her. “I can go as long or as short as you want, I think. I mean,” I blush deeply. “I can’t cum until you tell me to, right?”

She stops mid stroke again and blinks. Then, she starts giggling. Great, now I feel like an idiot. “That’s not how it works, Daddy,” she says with a giggle. She starts slowly stroking me again. That’s a good sign, I guess. She leans in and kisses the head softly then licks around the opening slowly before pulling back and licking her lips. I moan in delight. “Every man I’ve been with has cum,” she tells me. “Some cum pretty quick, and some take a lot longer. But eventually, they all have to cum at some point. The pleasure is just too great to hold off an orgasm forever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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