Dennis, April, , Lorraine

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Dennis Peck was absolutely livid as he looked at his watch. Sarah, his new girlfriend, was 45 minutes late! That does it, he thought. I am dumping her sorry ass today!

He walked out of the bookstore, got into his pickup, and drove back to his apartment, quite ready to dump his detestable girlfriend. When he got there, he saw Sarah, sitting on the sofa, waiting for him.

“Where the hell were you, Sarah?” Dennis asked her.

“Not at that stupid bookstore of yours, that’s for sure! I’m sick and tired of your obsession with literature, especially your fascination with porn.” she answered.

“It’s not just porn, Sarah, and there’s nothing wrong with that, anyway. I’ve never cheated on you, so what’s the problem?”

“You want those girls, don’t you?”

“That’s only natural.”

“Well, I want a guy who only wants me!”

“So, you want me to be as obsessed with you, as you aren’t with me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, come on, Sarah! I’ve seen you looking at my roommate Jake. Hell, for all I know, you might be sleeping with him! In any case, you want several men’s attention all to yourself, and that’s not fair.”

“Fair or not, that’s what I demand.”

“In that case, you can fuck Jake for all I care, because it’s over between us.”

“Over, is it? Well, you can keep your stupid fairness, your intellect, and your pride, and shove them all up your own ass! I want to be in charge, and have 2 guys to myself, and yes, I have been sleeping with Jake!”

“Kiss my hairy ass, Sarah, because I won’t be your slave, to treat as unfairly as you wish! There’s the door! Only open it to leave, unless Jake invites you!”

Sarah stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door as she left. Good riddance, Dennis thought. I’ve had enough of her attitude. Jake will probably put up with her, since he’s an idiot. Well, he’s welcome to her!

That was it, Dennis reflected. His girlfriend of only a month was gone, and he really didn’t miss her at all. I don’t need any more girlfriends for a while, he decided. I’ll just get laid and have fun.

Just then, Jake walked in.

“Jake, your new girlfriend just left.” Dennis told him rather blandly.

“What new girlfriend?”

“Sarah. I dumped her because she wants to have both of us to herself. I know about her cheating on me with you, and I also know that she stood me up today. If you want her, she’s yours.”

“No way, man! I may not be as smart as you, Dennis, but if she wants both of us to herself, she can think again! I’m not stupid!”

“Well, I just gained some respect for you.”

“Thanks, man. I’m sorry I slept with her behind your back. Frankly, she wasn’t much good, anyway, so I thought I’d break it off, anyway.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty selfish in bed. I do like eating her out, but she is loathe to return the favor. I thought that she would get used to it, but now I don’t care.”

“Well, you know, man, we’re both rid of her now, so we can just laugh at her expense, can’t we? Let’s have some beer, man.”

Jake went to the fridge and took out some beer cans, tossing one to Dennis. They both thought it would just be the 2 guys, doing “guy” things for the afternoon, like drinking beer and watching TV. Boy, were they wrong!

Jake had several more cans, joking with Dennis about Sarah’s stupidity and selfishness, not to mention her obsession with fashion. She was silly, and would have been even more laughable, if she weren’t so damn pretty, and if she didn’t have such a delicious pussy.

Soon, Jake was pretty plastered, and he decided to take some aspirin and a nap, because he had a headache. Dennis was only by himself for a few minutes, however, before his other roommates, April and Lorraine, walked into the apartment.

“Well, Dennis, Sarah must not be here, if you’ve got beer cans all over the place. This is male group behavior for sure. Who was with you- Jake?”

“Yeah, just Jake. He’s got a hangover already, since he drank more than me. I think the dude may be an alcoholic. Anyway, he’s taking a nap. What about you, girls?”

“Lorraine just got dumped mersin escort by her boyfriend. He wanted to have a threesome, but refused to have both kinds. He only wanted 2 girls and a guy. Lorraine wanted both.”

“So, he got jealous?”

“Yes, he even wanted her to not fuck the other girl in the 3-way. That’s what a hypocrite he is.”

“Wow, Lorraine! Your ex is as awful as mine!”

“Sarah dumped you?”

“No, I dumped her, because she wanted both me and Jake to herself, plus she was cheating on me with him, and she stood me up.”

“Oh, my God! She’s terrible!”

“Thanks, Lorraine. Even Jake agreed. He told me he didn’t want her, either.”

“So he’s not one hundred percent moron, eh?”

“Guess not. We’re been drinking and joking about her quirks.”

“Say, would you like to have that threesome with Dennis, instead of your ex, Lorraine?”

“You mean me, him, and another girl?”

“Actually, I meant you, him, and me.”

“Oh, that sounds great! How about it, Dennis? What better way to celebrate our freedom from our evil exes, than to have a threesome?”

“April, is that why you don’t have a boyfriend? You want to fuck us?”

“Well, actually, I’m a swinger, and I just have trouble finding guys who’ll go along with the whole permanent sharing thing.”

“What guys are those? I’ve just never found a girl who’d share me, so I settled for Sarah. That was my mistake.”

“So, you want to have it? The 3 of us, roommates and friends, just being very nice to each other?”


“What about you, Lorraine?”

“Definitely. I’ve always wanted to sleep with Dennis, but I never got the chance.”

“We could do it right here.”


April began stripping first, starting with her sweater, then moving to her blouse, her skirt, her shoes, and then removing her panties. Dennis could not help but notice that she did not wear a bra.

April’s busty form, albeit it a little plump, was a pleasant contrast to the equally gorgeous Lorraine, who was tall and blonde, with long, wavy hair. They had all met at college during their freshman year, and now they were seniors.

Dennis had watched them play pool, joined in, and had a wonderful time, even though they whipped his butt at billiards. Since then, they had shared the apartment with him as well as Jake, whom they thought a little stupid. Dennis, however, they considered to be practically a genius, and they really admired him.

Anyway, Lorraine was now nude as well, and the two of them then waited for Dennis to disrobe, which he certainly did quickly enough.

When they were all naked, Dennis walked over to Lorraine, planted a kiss on her mouth, and told her that her ex was insane, for leaving her like that. He began to kiss her neck as well, and then he moved his tongue down to her breasts, kissing and licking them as well.

April could not stay a bystander for long. She got on her knees, cupped Dennis’s dick and balls, and started licking his genitals. Dennis’s shaft got very stiff in just seconds, and then April began to suck his cock, starting with the glans penis, and soon deep-throating him, taking in his 7 inch cock all the way to the base.

Dennis soon progressed to Lorraine’s belly, licking it all the way downward, until he reached her cunt, tasting the outside of it, while April gave him a much better blowjob than Sarah ever did during their relationship. He was both giving and receiving head, and he loved the combination.

Lorraine gasped, as Dennis’s tongue probed her vagina, teased her labia, and twisted around her clitoris. Her sweat began to pour down her pale body, and her blue eyes gave a clear expression of absolute bliss. She did not care that Dennis was having plenty of fun, as long as he gave her some time too.

April was just as satisfied for the moment, getting to perform fellatio on her secret crush, whom she had hoped to seduce since that first year. She was making her favorite guy in the world happy, and nothing pleased her more than that fact. At last, Dennis kocaeli escort was open to thinking of her as a possible lover!

As for Dennis, his growing arousal had reached the point that he had to cum soon, and he decided that he had to tell April before he did, so she could get a chance to take this load in another hole, if she desired. He wanted April to have this first wad, since she had stimulated it.

“April, baby, I’m gonna cum soon!”

“I’ve got you that hard? You want to cum in me?”

“I have to cum in a few minutes at the most.”

“Damn shame to waste this blast on my mouth! Spill it in my pussy instead, please!”

“Wait, I need to get the condoms first for that!”

“Screw the condoms! I want your sperm!”

“Alright, since you’re taking the risk, so will I!”

Still eating Lorraine, and making her muff quite moist, he planted her in front of him, while he slid April into a doggie-style position underneath him.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Lorraine cried out, as Dennis’s tongue kept manipulating her sex.

He had to put April under his coffee table as he pounded her cunt, while Lorraine lay on the sofa, receiving cunnilingus from him. He entered April with gusto, thrusting eagerly into her pussy, as she squealed, clearly pleased with his aggression.

Dennis’s torso was lying across the coffee table, while his dick penetrated April, and his mouth serviced Lorraine. The latter did not care what was happening to the former, and vice versa. Lorraine just accepted the extreme ecstasy of Dennis’s oral attention, while April tightened herself to keep the pressure on his cock.

Jake heard noises and screams from his bedroom, and instantly recognized them as April’s and Lorraine’s. Dennis was the only man in the living room, so Jake quickly put two and two together. Dennis was having a threesome with the female roommates, and driving both of them crazy with his prowess!

“Lucky bastard!” he muttered to himself, before falling back into his liquour-induced nap.

Finally, however, Dennis had to cum, and he released his semen like a geyser into April. That relieved him, and made it easier to concentrate on Lorraine’s pleasure. His mouth made its last circle around her twat, eating, licking, and nibbling it, until she completely climaxed, along with April, who was affected by the wonderful feeling of Dennis’s seed inside her.

“Alright, April, it’s your turn to be eaten, and mine to get fucked!” Lorraine told her.

“Well, I’ll to get hard again for that.”

“Easily solved. April, bend over.”

April thought that was a strange request, but she complied with it anyway, both out of curiosity and due to her willingness to please Dennis anyway she could. Lorraine began to lean over, spreading April’s ass cheeks, and commenced a session of anilingus. She rimmed both the inside and outside of April’s butt, moving her mouth over both cheeks, and licking the crevice between them.

This new sensation had April heaving and coughing, nearly choking in her need to breathe for a second.

“Oh, Madre de Dios! Fuck my ass with your tongue, Lorraine! Fuck it with your amazing tongue!”

Lorraine did as she asked, inserting her tongue into her roommate’s rectum, and sliding it over her crack repeatedly. Dennis got stiff again in less than a minute. He went over to Lorraine, to penetrate her pussy, but the lovely blonde stopped him with her hand.

“Not that hole! Fuck my ass!”

“Very well, then I’ll get the lube and start putting it on me.”

“Don’t need that much lubricant! Please, just put me out of my misery- fuck my ass!”

That kind of plea could never be refused, so after applying some lube, Dennis simply invaded his roommate’s delightful pucker. Her hips closed in on him, bucking back at him to encourage a ruthless reaming of her rear end.

Lorraine continued to eat April out, only now she had expanded her range to include the cunt, savoring her friend’s snatch, which she had always wanted to taste in the first place. April was sighing with apparent samsun escort ecstasy, as her best friend’s tongue gave her the best cunnilingus she had ever experienced.

Dennis was now screwing Lorraine’s posterior relentlessly, getting her into the situation where she had to focus on eating April, because her own ass was getting plundered so forcefully. He had seen such things as he was doing in adult videos, but never experienced them in real life. Now, he was the stud who got to shag the babes in a threesome!

This knowledge gave him the most intense adrenaline rush he had ever known, and he found himself ejaculating into Lorraine’s stretched anus, filling her bottom with his sperm. She moaned with delight at feeling this sensation, but kept licking April for a few more moments, until the fact that she had just taken her favorite male friend’s cock and cum in her sphincter, and was eating her other friend was finally enough to get her off.

Lorraine shrieked for about 3 minutes, and then her voice was joined by April’s. They both shouted their orgasms, until they came.

Now fatigued, the 3 of them all chose to just rest on the apartment floor. They were tangled when Jake found them, and he woke them with his laughter.

“Well, it seems that my lonely roommates could not keep their hands off each other anymore! Too bad I was asleep. I knew that you girls really liked Dennis. In fact, I think that you’re both in love with him!”

“That’s a little early to presume, Jake. We just had casual sex.”

“Casual sex to you, love-making to your new girlfriends.”

“I doubt that they feel that way about me.”

“Actually, Jake is right, Dennis. I am in love with you, and I have been for a while.” April told him.

“Wow, that is just the most wonderful coincidence!” Lorraine spoke up.

“How so?”

“I’m in love with him myself.”

“Oh, my God!”

“Well, Dennis?”

“What are you asking me? Do you want a relationship, the both of you?”

“Yes!” they both said.

“How am I supposed to settle this dispute?”

“There is no dispute, as far as I’m concerned.” April stated.

“What do you mean?”

“For someone so smart, you’re being willfully dense right now, Dennis. She means that we are willing to share you!”


“Yes! I am willing to share, so is she, so ‘we’ are willing to share you.”

“Damn it, Dennis! I knew that you were a lucky bastard!” Jake said with a laugh.

“Alright, I will be your boyfriend, both of you, but I’m not promising love yet!”

“That’s alright, Dennis, because you’re just in denial, and we know it. You’ll admit that you love us, soon enough.”

“You guys planned this, didn’t you?”

“Yep. Jake helped out by getting drunk. We wanted to have a great boyfriend. We both thought of you, and we didn’t want to lose our friendship over you, so we all got together and planned it.”

“Lorraine’s holding something back. Sarah is in on it, too. She just doesn’t know it. We set her up with you, knowing that she was horrible, and Jake slept with her to prove that she was bad. Of course, that was the easy part. We wanted to get you in a mood to have both of us. So, are we forgiven?’

“There’s nothing to forgive. This was well worth the annoyance.”

“Thanks! We really did mean well.”

“I know that you did, and I’ll give both of you a chance. But, no more tricks, agreed? The next one won’t be so justifiable.”

“Agreed.” they both said.

“Since we’re being honest, Dennis, I think that I should tell everyone the real reason that I am alone, without any women, except Sarah, which I didn’t enjoy. Dennis, April, and Lorraine, I’ve never told any of you, but I’m gay.”

“So, what about your bad boyfriend?”

“Made him up. He doesn’t exist.” Lorraine said.

“We both knew that we love you.”

Dennis just shook his head for a second, then smiled, while April and Lorraine approached, and each of them sucked an earlobe.

April whispered “By the way, you knocked me up last night. I won the straw contest with Lorraine earlier. I’m carrying your firstborn.”

Dennis shrugged, and headed to the bathroom. The girls followed him.

“You’re not taking a shower without us, buddy!” Lorraine told him, as she took out the towels.

Jake fell over laughing. It was just too funny a joke, and the only real butt was Sarah. She really blew it.

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