First They Were Just Friends

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Allison and Sierra were roommates their first semester at Boston College, now in their sophomore year, living together as roommates off campus. The two of them were practically inseparable, friends from the moment they spoke to each other, and both enjoyed the freedoms living off campus. Allison admitted her secret bisexuality to Sierra late in their freshman spring semester but it didn’t turn her away and they agreed to still move off campus together.

So here we are, a late summer morning in September, Allison was off from class today and no work while Sierra was off at class for most of the day leaving the apartment empty. Rolling her sleepy head off her pillow she responded to some texts and snapchats she got out of bed, Allison likes sleeping in the nude especially in the Summer, and early Fall. Her naturally curly dark blonde hair bounce over and flowed over her shoulders brushing her breasts as she walked into the kitchen to get something to eat and drink. Looking out the window from the kitchen aisle she could see it was going to be a beautiful fall day, dark blue, cloudless sky overhead with a cool breeze blowing through the open windows. Scrolling through her phone, Allison found herself going back and forth online sites looking at mostly pornographic content.

It had been a while since she’s had sex with anyone, and she’s been edging and teasing herself as a challenge she reforged from a follower online. Allison has forbidden herself to have that euphoric sense of pleasure now for over 2 weeks. But as she sat on the kitchen stool the cool plastic against her bare skin enhanced her desires and she felt her pussy lips start to swell more in sexual anticipation. Tweaking and pinching her nipples a soft moan broke from her soft pink lips and she hasn’t even touched her pussy. Allison decided to go back to her bedroom and edge Casibom for a few hours until Sierra came home.

But on the way to her bedroom, Allison paused, looking into Sierra’s room she saw her pantyhose she wore last night was still out and in a heap on the floor, and her thong she wore to bed was also on the floor. In a trance Allison walked in and picked up the soft lace blue thong off the floor, the fabric was still warm from body heat, bringing the fabric to her nose, Allison inhaled sharply the scent of Sierra’s cunt filled her nose. It was heavenly for Allison as she went back to her room and put porn on her laptop steaming it to her tv. Reaching over she grabbed a vibrator off its charger. Allison scrolled through the pages of screenshot stills from the videos finally selecting a decent length gooning lesbian video.

As the video started Allison inhaled the fabric more and more driving her mind wild as her sexual teasing made her pussy ache with the need to cum. The soft hum of the vibrator kicked on and filled room. Allison listened to the directions of the video and started to feel her body with the vibrating head, starting around her nipples working her way down to her freshly shaved pussy. The pulsing vibrating felt amazing to Allison as her moans filled the room as she mashed the rotating pulsing head a giant her aching cunt. Then suddenly backing off and shoving her fingers into her soaking wet cunt finding her g-spot and rubbed her clit as she hung Sierra’s thong from her mouth like a good submissive slut.

Allison’s door was mostly closed and didn’t hear her roommate return from her morning activities, and continued to edge and violate herself. Sierra walked down the hall towards the bedrooms and stopped hearing Allison’s familiar sexual moans, poking her head in the door frame she watched her roommate Casibom Giriş fuck herself senselessly with her thong that she wore the night before. Instantly feelings of horniness and embarrassment flowed through Sierra yet she was incredibly turned on by the sight of her roommate fucking herself silly like a slut. Subconsciously, Sierra ran her hand inside her leggings and felt her pussy was wet, very, very wet, slowly Sierra started to rub her clit and watch Allison, using her other hand pushing the door open more hoping not to get caught yet wanting to join her.

A moan left Sierra’s mouth and caught Allison’s attention who immediately locked eyes with her roommate with her fingers still knuckle deep inside her own cunt. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and kicked her fingers clean, turning the vibrator off, pausing the porno, she got up and walked to Sierra who was frozen in fear and sexual lust. Allusion ran her hand down her roommates body and pulled her close , taking her hand out of her pants and licking her finger clean before shoving her tongue down her mouth locking in a deep passionate kiss. Breaking her kiss with a giggle, she put the same thong that was hanging from her mouth into Sierra’s mouth and took her hand leading her to her bed.

“Lay down babe.” Allison purred. Pulling Sierra’s sneakers off and then her ankle socks then her oversized t shirt exposing her bare D cup breasts with bar piercings in each nipple. Leaving her dark blue leggings on, she was going to make Sierra beg to take her pants off. Pressing her tits against Sierra’s they locked lips again, Sierra pulled her legs up partially locking Allison in place. Allison broke free and let her mouth wander down her neck towards her nipples sucking and softly biting and pulling at each one listening to Sierra’s breathing deepen and her moans Casibom Güncel Giriş fill the otherwise quiet and empty apartment.

“Mhmmm fuckk.” Sierra moaned watching her roommate ravish her body with lust and hunger in her eyes.

“Can I take my pants off please?” She started to beg.

“Not yet baby.” Allison grabbed her vibrator and turned it on and ran it along the outside of Sierra’s groin.

“We’re going to get those pants nice and soaked in your cum.” Giggling in delight yet shaving not cummed yet herself she took great pleasure making other girls cum way before she does. Slowly intensifying the sensations from the vibrator, Allison teased and played with Sierra’s aching cunt as she fought back her orgasm yet begging to have her pants ripped off her. Alternating between her mouth sucking through the spandex leggings and the torturous vibrator, Allison made Sierra beg and moan and made her cum hard. It was the type of orgasm that rocked the bed, Sierra’s pretty pink toes curled tightly, her legs seized up and her body pulsed as waves of warm ecstasy flowed through her body and her juices flooded her pants and soaked the sheets of the bed. Flushing red from her orgasm she pulled back and peeled her soaked leggings off laying Allison on her back “my turn” she giggled as she spread Allison’s legs and and kiss her way up to her waiting pussy.

Finding her slit, she eased 2 fingers into Allison’s soaked pussy listening to her moan more like a slut, “I’m going to break you.” Sierra whispered, “I know your little challenge and I’m going to make you soak your mattress.” With that Sierra barrier her face into her friends soaked cunt and started to eat her out, licking sucking and fingering every possible inch of her pussy was loved by Sierra’s fingers and mouth. In the back of Allison’s mind, her thoughts were racing, did her roommate just come out of the closet as secretly bisexual and an incredible dominate lover and submissive little slut like her? To allusion it was a match made in lesbian heaven but she didn’t know what was to come.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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