Flying Orchid Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The First Day

I was so exited I could not sleep! Finally my dreams were about to come true. As soon as the alarm signaled 5:00 I was out of bed. Quick shower and breakfast later I was waiting at the entrance of the Orchid Garden ready to welcome my new trainer.

Kate arrived in a taxi, I was not expecting it but she had her luggage with her. She quickly told one of the construction workers to take it to the house and to my surprise he obediently did so without a fuss.

I swear the petite girl had so much presence that saying not to her was just not an option.

“Where will you sleep tonight?”

“Silence! You will not be talking unless you have my permission, follow me, we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

We entered the barn and headed straight for the tack.

“Did you take a shower this morning?”

Suddenly feeling self conscious I meekly nodded yes.

“Bad girl, ponies don’t take showers they are washed. Take of your clothes.”

I quickly undressed, fortunately despite a relatively early hour and it being May it was warm.

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

Apparently underwear was to be removed as well.

Once I was in my birth suit she quickly put my hair into a ponytail and grabbed a bridle. Without talking she put the straps around my head and tightened them.

Next was a collar with a D ring at the front and two at the sides to connect to the bridle.

Kate grabbed something out of her pockets and stood in front of me.

“This is something that was missing from your little collections over there, its called a ‘training bit’.”

“I understand that you mostly picked stuff based on appearance, but we need to think about practicality as well.”

She placed the bit in my mouth and quickly fastened it to the bridle. It felt weird. I have played around with bits before, but this one was on another level. It pushed on my tongue and restrained speech entirely.

“This bit has a spoon for your tongue and you will find that it’s fairly impossible to talk or ignore it. I guarantee that you will hate it, but it’s necessary.”

So far it was unpleasant but nothing extreme so I was feeling calm. However what came next was both exciting ad scary at the same time. Kate took my wrists and bound them together behind my back with thick leather cuffs.

Now it hit me. Up until that point everything was still a game, I could still undo the straps. But now there was no way back, I was at Kate’s mercy. I almost had an orgasm there and then.

“Easy girl!”

Kate held me and stroked my hair. She clearly saw what was going on and knew how to handle the situation.

After having calmed me down Kate told me to raise my leg as she put a heavy hoof-boot on.

“It may feel awkward at first, but as you train you will find that with a cart those will help you reach crazy speeds thanks to the momentum.”

She continued as she put the second boot on.

“A good cart will help you run faster, it can almost make you float giresun seks hikayeleri and allows to use the inertia to our advantage. But a bad cart will only hinder the progress. That’s why I am glad that you have left it up to me.”

Kate let me stand up as she went to fetch rains. I have tried to walk, but almost fell over after just a couple of steps.

“Careful! You have no idea how to walk in them yet.”

She attached reins to my bridle and tied them to a hook in the wall.

“We don’t want to give boys any wrong ideas now, do we?”

With that Kate put a chastity belt to cower me up. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t come with any intruders, but that’s probably for the best.

Lastly she attached blinders to the bridle to cut my peripheral vision.

I was nervous and in a state of bliss at the same time, it was so exciting. I tested my bonds a little, there was no give. Kate didn’t put a harness on me, or anything to hide my breasts, so walking outside would be vary interesting to say the least.

I was so lost in my thoughts that is didn’t notice that Kate was missing from my view for a while now. I tried to make a couple of steps and suddenly found myself falling…

… A pair of strong but feminine hands caught me mid fall and Kate softly whispered:

“I will always catch you if you fall, you just have trust me.”

After explaining the basics of walking in pony boots, Kate had me march around for almost two hours straight.

“Lift your knee higher! I said higher!”

I was running out of juice but it didn’t seem that Kate was ready to let me rest, so I slowly started slacking, raising my knees a little lower, walking a little slower.

“That’s it! If you don’t want to cooperate, I will make you”

I could not see what she meant but it didn’t promise anything good.


A crop laded firmly on my butt and stars rained from my eyes. I have never been spanked before. Suddenly all my tiredness was gone and I was prancing about like a good little pony I am!

“That’s better! I see you just need some discipline.”

An hour later and Kate decided it was time for a break. She lead me to a watering trough and fastened my collar to the ring on its side with a short lead.

“What are you waiting for?”

The bit in my mouth was very uncomfortable at this point and I was expecting her to remove it but no such luck. I tried drinking with it. It was messy and awkward but I’ve succeed.

Same affair with a feed bag. I was even harder then drinking but I managed in the end.

When I was finished Kate took my rains and for the first time lead me towards the exit.

No she couldn’t do that, not yet! I stopped in my tracks and pulled back on the rains.


“Bad girl, for that you will be punished”

Kate lead me outside. As expected construction workers everywhere were instantly eyeing me up and whistling.

Kate brought me to the nearest fence post and tied the reins to it.

“Listen up! This here pony is a bad girl and is being punished! Feel free to look ate her as much as you like, but if anyone so much as touches her I will have him castrated.”

And with that Kate left.

I didn’t see where she went but as the blinders and reins allowed me to look all I saw was hungry construction workers eyeing me up.

I felt scared. I tried to get away but the rains held firm and I have only achieved laughter from the boys. I was drooling heavily through the bit, but there was nothing to spare me from humiliation. Accepting my fate I just stood there my cheeks red and ears burning.

After what felt like hours, Kate returned and untied me. She walked me away from the house and the barn and brought me to a gazebo. She sat me down on a bench and tied my rains to the backrest. Finally she removed my bridle.

“What were you thinking!”

Unaffected by me exclamation Kate looked me in the eyes.

“Did I allow you to speak?”


“I want you to learn once and for all that no exercise that I make you do will bring you harm.”

I wanted to retort but she was yet to allow me to speak

“The boys knew I was watching and that I had a taser on me. There was also police on stand by down the road just in case.”

She shifted in her seat to come closer to me.

“If this is going to work you need to trust me. You may speak.”

“Thank you. Not gonna lie, It was a bit too intense for my first time. I was picturing it would be a little more private.”

“You have to get used to the attention, its part of being a pony girl. You have potential but there is a lot of work ahead of us. I will lead you back to the stable now and we will get you cleaned. After we are done we will have our first owner to trainer talk.”

“Okay, but there is no water at the barn yet.”

“Too bad, this should be top priority. Then you can take a shower after I release you.”

With that Kate took me back to the barn and removed all of the tack. I’ve quickly put on my daily clothes and made my way to the shower in the house. Warm water after a long day felt so good that I didn’t want to leave, but it was time for our talk.

Downstairs in the kitchen I found a note:

“When you are done meet me at the gazebo. I have also prepared a bite to eat for us while we are talking.


It seemed like Kate took a liking to the gazebo. Or simply found it the most convenient location with all construction going on around us.

As I made my way down there I’ve had a chance to gather my thoughts. Was this what I wanted?

Kate certainly seemed very good at what she does. But the first day was very intense.

“Hey Lilly! Quick the dinner is getting cold”

Kate was sitting at the gazebo with a few grilled sandwiches, nothing too fancy, but they did look very appetizing after all I’ve had to endure today.

“While we eat I would like to discuss a few things”

I nodded too preoccupied with a sandwich to make any verbal answers.

“Our stable has a very unusual arrangement so I would like to discuss how we will handle the duties of the day to day running of this operation. I have my ideas but you are technically the boss.”

The use of the word ‘our’ didn’t escape my notice, and it made be happier then I expected.

“Well the nature of my position makes it clear that I will be a very ‘hands off” owner. I would like you to handle most of the operation. I have even asked my lawyer to prepare the necessary paperwork last night”

“Good, that is what I was thinking as well. If you are okay with it I will take over managing the construction. I would like to have you pony full time as soon as possible. We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Once again she was so fixated on her goals. It was scary and cute at the same time.

“By the way, we have not discussed our goals yet. Are you sure the novice cup this year is a good idea?”

Kate straightened in her seat and looked me straight in the eyes.

“Lilly, I know you are the owner, but please leave such decisions up to me. I know what I am doing, and if I feel that you are not ready I will adjust our schedule.”

Not feeling like arguing, I simply nodded.

“By the way what is our budget situation like? I see that you have spent a lot of money on equipment and construction. If we need to make money quick we can focus on the show pony stuff instead. It’s not as lucrative as winning races, but its can be a steady flow of cash.”

I smiled, knowing the there was no issue on that front.

“No we are fine for a while. I will give you contacts of my accountant Felicia, she will handle the finances and allocate budgets. I am not really in this for the money.”

“Well a business is still a business, but I am glad that we are set. Do you have plans to expand the stable?”

Now that was something I have not thought much about. Up until this point it was all about my desire to be a pony girl.

“I don’t know to be honest. I think getting another girl to run a dual cart could be fun, but I am not looking to become the biggest stable around.”

Kate nodded.

“I understand. I think it would be best to keep you alone for this season, but I think it would be a good idea to get a second girl and maybe a third one in the future. It can get overwhelming for you alone after a while.”

It was getting later in the evening and the construction workers have already left as we headed back to the house.

“So where will you sleep? Your room is not ready yet.”

After a moment of silence Kate answered.

“Don’t worry about that, I have an inflatable mattress with me. I’ll just put it in the kitchen if the rooms are too dusty.”

We entered the house, which still looked like a mess.

“The top priority will be to get the barn finished a quickly as possible. When that is done you will be sleeping there, unless you need to fulfill you owner duties.”

Kate held my wrist.

“I permit you to take a shower tomorrow morning. I expect you down at the barn nice and fresh a 6 in the morning. Goodnight Lilly.”

“Goodnight, Kate.”

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