Helping My Aunt and Uncle Ch. 02

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Edited by BobaFetish


I awoke at about five in the morning. At home I always slept till my mom would come and wake me. I looked over at my aunt and uncle’s sleeping forms. I had never had sex before, and even though my aunt told me what we had done last night was not sex, it felt like it to me. I remembered last night, my aunt had jacked me off in the darkness to get my sperm for the baby that her and my uncle wanted. She had not just jacked me off like she told me. In the darkness of their room, she had licked the head of my cock and let me suck on her boobs.

I looked up at the ceiling, I’d seen a few girls’ boobs that I had dated. But I had never seen a girl totally naked in real life until last night. My aunt body was so hot, I had only seen her for a few minutes but that was long enough. I lay there still remembering how beautiful she was. How her pussy hair had been trimmed and was just as blond as the hair on her head. The images in my mind instantly made my dick hard again.

I looked back to my aunt’s body lying next to me, she was lying on her side between my Uncle Bob and I. She was under a light cover and her nice round butt was pointing towards me. I quickly became excited again, I wanted to see more of her. After all, last nights session had all been in the dark. I never really got to see anything that was going on. She was only naked for me to see for such a short time.

The first thing I had to do was grab my throbbing cock to relieve the pressure. I reached over and lifted the covers just a bit. My Aunt Cathleen never moved, I could see the fine lines of muscles in her back down to the hips. Just the sight of her naked back made my dick jump. I lifted the blanket higher to reveal my Aunt Cathleen’s small tight ass. The first thing I noticed was that she had a tattoo on her back, small vines swirled in and out of each other with small colorful flowers here and there. I had seen tattoos like this before on other girls but never this close up, and never with the girl’s ass in view. It was very exhilarating to see them both at once, I imagined what it must be like to be looking down on my aunt’s back as you were inside of her.

I looked at Cathleen’s ass just within my reach, but I knew from what she had said last night that I better not touch her. I was still looking at her back when she started to move. I quickly dropped the covers and pretended to be asleep. I closed my eyes just enough that I could just barely see, she rolled over and looked at me. I tried to breath slow and steady, and didn’t move. My Aunt Cathleen to my surprise lifted up the blanket and I knew she was looking at my hard cock. I fought off the reflex to swallow as she looked at me.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I pretended to yawn and slowly open my eyes. My aunt quickly dropped the covers and smiled down at me.

“You’re like every other young man your age, always waking up with an erection.”

I looked over at her.

“It’s just it has a mind of its own aunt Cathleen.” I said softly.

She smiled at me and I noticed that she still took great care to keep her boobs covered so that I could not see them. What was killing me was the fact that I knew her pussy was only inches from me and that idea made my cock all the harder.

“Well, last night I asked you how often you could cum- err, have an orgasm in a day. Let’s find out shall we?” She reached under the covers.

My aunt pushed my hand away from my cock as she took a hold of it under the cover. She slowly started pulling on it again, and boy did it feel good. It was morning now and the room was dark but I could clearly see. I looked down as the covers moved up and down as she worked on my cock.

All this movement woke up my Uncle Bob, and he quickly looked over at the two of us. As soon as he started moving, I notice my aunt started to act differently. Her smile kind of faded and she pulled the blanket up higher with her other hand.

“You two are getting started early I see.” Uncle Bob said as he sat up watching what my aunt was doing.

“We want to take advantage of every opportunity, don’t we Bob?” Aunt Cathleen said.

My uncle Bob reached over to pull the covers kocaeli escort off, but my Aunt stopped him and she instantly dropped my cock. She lay back on the bed with a huff.

“Bob, I told you that I’m not going to…” She started and he cut her off.

“I know your not doing this for me. Ok, I got that part, but how are you going to do this without me or the boy seeing you Cathleen. I mean, make sense Cathleen. Its daylight and I know that the boy wants to see you! I know I want to see you doing it as well. How are you going to jack off the boy without him seeing it? Uncle Bob asked.

She grinned and climbed over him and out of the bed, again for just a second I could see her nude back as she slipped into her pink silk robe. She turned and smiled at him in a mocking way. She walked to her dresser and pulled out one of those sleeping masks that people use to sleep during the daytime. She shook it in his direction.

“I have thought of that too, Bob.” She said flatly “He can wear this and I can take him into the bathroom, you will not be able to see and neither will he.”

Aunt Cathleen put her hands on her hips, and for some reason I found that when she was upset it turned me on. She looked so appealing when she was angry with my Uncle. I felt my cock start to pulse as I looked at her standing there in her short silk robe.

“Cathleen, that’s nuts, the boy will never go for that. I know I would tell you no if you asked me to do that.” My uncle told her.

She looked at him and I could tell she was about to explode and yell at him, but she slowed and I could tell that she was picking her words carefully. She stood up and ran her fingers through her hair, and then she smiled.

“Let’s just asked him what he wants to do.” She said. “Don, you know how I feel. I don’t really want this to turn into some kind of dirty peep show for your uncle. I know that this is strange and it’s hard to even explain how I feel. Would you still want to participate and help me and your uncle if you have to wear this mask and let me collect your sperm in the bathroom?”

I looked at her, she was still holding the mask at her side and it didn’t look very appealing to me. I had never really seen one before, but I had seen them on television. This one was just black, one side was flat and the other side looked like silk. I knew that I didn’t really want to wear that mask, but I did know that I wanted to let my Aunt Cathleen jack me off.

“That would be ok with me.” I answered slowly.

“See.” She said to Bob pointing a finger at him. “He understands.” She stated.

She held out her hand for me and I got out of bed and took it. She led me to the bathroom with my hard on bobbing up and down with each step. My Uncle Bob just huffed in bed as she closed the bathroom door. I didn’t really understand my aunt, not really, I just knew that I had a chance to let her jack me off again and I was going to take it. It felt really great just to have her touch my cock. If I had to wear a mask to do that I was willing.

I stood there against the wall, my Aunt Cathleen handed me the sleeping mask. I took it from her and watched her move around me in the small bathroom. She looked at me for just a second, her eyes traveled down my body to my erect cock. Her eye stopped there then she spoke without ever looking up.

“Thank you again Don, I’m sure you will not mind keeping this as decent as possible. I would ask you not to talk a lot about this with your uncle. It’s not that I want to keep anything from him, but I don’t want to encourage him. You understand?” She asked looking at me once again.

“Yes, I understand.” I said.

With that she opened her robe and took it off. My heart was pounding as I looked at her again. She grabbed my cock and held it.

“Don’t forget the mask Don.” She told me as she looked up at me.

I was still looking at the sight of her small hand on my dick.

“Oh, I forgot.” I said as I put the mask on.

My Aunt Cathleen was right, this mask made it where I couldn’t see anything. As soon as I had the mask in place I felt her pick up the pace on my dick. It felt really kocaeli escort bayan good and I leaned against the wall as my aunt worked on my dick. I had to admit that my uncle was wrong when he had said he wouldn’t go through with this. I would do this anytime she wanted.

I could feel her hand working over my cock; I felt her using the other hand again to hold my balls. I was hard as a rock and so turned on that I knew she was going to get another handful of cum, and soon.

“Move over here, Don.” I heard her ask.

I felt her move me around; I was at her mercy. I found I couldn’t see anything, and just walking was a chore. I felt a pressure on my cock as she kind of pulled me around by it. I moved a few steps to the side of where I had been. I heard her moving around and then she grabbed my dick again. This time she really started jacking it fast. She was pulling quickly now and I think she was sitting in front of me on the toilet. That’s when I heard the door open. I heard my Uncle Bob’s voice coming from my left. My aunt kept jerking me off, but she did slow down a bit.

“How’s it going in here? I got to get ready for work.”

My Aunt Cathleen never stopped working on my cock. Her hand picked back up the pace to what it had before, and her other hand that was pulling on my nut sac was driving me crazy. After just a few fast strokes I felt her point my cock in his direction. I found myself wishing I could see.

“Bob stop, I told you to wait outside. You can not watch this, I will stop if you keep this up.”

I heard the door close and just after that I felt that same warm feeling that I had felt the other night. I was sure it was Aunt Cathleen’s tongue. It flicked at the tip of my cock and I felt just the end of my cock wrapped in wet warmth.

“We have to hurry Don. Bob’s got to get ready for work.” I heard her say.

I felt more warmth and I was sure that I felt teeth on the end of my dick. I knew that she once again was not just jacking my dick; she was sucking on it. That very fact made me start to hump forward again. I wanted to feel more of that warmth and I was rewarded with the first sucking sound. It was a wet slurp, followed by a kind of licking sound. I reached out with my hands and found that I was holding onto my aunt’s hair. I kept pushing forward, driving my swollen dick toward the warm spot that felt so good.

I knew that I wouldn’t last too long, I felt my cock start to jerk and I kept waiting for my Aunt Cathleen to pull away from my hand. She never did and I felt her working eagerly on my cock. Her hand must have been a blur as fast as she was jacking me off, and all the wet sounds that were now coming up to my ears made me start to cum. I felt myself stiffen as I pumped out at least five good shots towards my aunt.

I felt her stop jacking and then I was alone again standing in the dark. I could feel my cock starting to grow soft again as I heard the door open.

“Bob, we are done, you can come in now.” She said. “And Don, you can take that mask off.” She added.

I reached up and pulled it down. She was standing in front of me closing her robe, she moved away from me and walked out into the bedroom. My Uncle Bob burst in and pushed me out.

“I got to get ready for work kid, now you give Cathleen hell all day, you got that?”

I walked into the room and found my shorts and pulled them on. I found Cathleen in the kitchen; she was busy already cooking breakfast for the two of us. I sit down and watch her move about. You would never know by the way she was acting that she had just pulled me off a few minutes ago. She sat a cup of coffee down in front of me.

My uncle Bob walked into the room and we both were rewarded with eggs and sausage. He gave her a big kiss and squeezed her as she sit down his plate.

“Don, now when I’m gone you just keep up the good work.” He told me.

“I will.” I said in between bites.

After he finished eating he was quickly gone. Aunt Cathleen and I were left alone. She walked back over to the table and sat down next to me with a cup of coffee in her hand. I knew she was about to give me that escort kocaeli speech again about how she didn’t enjoy this and how she just wanted a child and that it really there was nothing dirty about anything we were doing here, but she didn’t.

“So, just how many times do you think you can cum- err have an orgasm a day?” She asked as she looked down into her cup.

“Well at home sometimes, I jack off once in the morning and once at night.” I said.

“That’s all?” She said.

“Well, maybe more.” I added.

I didn’t to tell her that I jacked off every chance I got. I didn’t want to scare her or anything, and I really didn’t want to tell her that just sitting here looking at her half open robe that I was starting to get hard again. I figured there were some things that were just better left unsaid.

“Well, that Bob was right about one thing. Young boys your age really respond to seeing a woman naked. So I tell you what. You sit here and I will be right back.” She said as she stood and walked into her bedroom.

I finished my breakfast. I could hear the shower running and I was thinking that I needed one too when she walked in. She was dressed in a white t-shirt with no bra; I could clearly see her nipples sticking out of the thin fabric. He skirt was so short that as she sat down I could clearly see her panties. She sat down with her legs opened very unladylike. She looked at me and I felt a blush run to my face.

“From now on I will try and were outfits that help a young man to get aroused. That way you will get an erection more easily.” She grinned at me as she ran a finger over her breast. “What do you think about this one Don?”

“I err like it Aunt Cathleen, it’s very, it shows off your breasts very well.” I stammered.

“Do you like my tits err breasts, Don?” She asked.

“Sure Aunt Cathleen.” I answered

“I noticed that you look at them a lot.” She said moving from side to side.

I found that my Aunt Cathleen really liked it when I told her just how hot she looked. She seemed to really like it when she noticed I was staring at her, so I didn’t try and hide the fact that I was looking at her. I openly looked at the small patch of white panties I could see between her legs. I even lowered my head to table level to look in between her legs at her crotch.

“Aunt Cathleen, you told me to tell you when I was ready again, well…” I pointed down.

She giggled when she looked at my shorts and saw my dick was already looking like a tent pole under my shorts. She grabbed my hand and led me towards the bedroom. I was a little nervous, my Aunt Cathleen was acting very differently then she did when my uncle Bob was here.

She sat down on the bed and then opened her legs. She pulled me towards her until I was standing in between her legs. I looked down at how hot she looked as she pulled my shorts down and my cock jumped right out at her face. She quickly grabbed it and started pulling on it. My hard dick was inches from her face and she was focused on my swollen dick. She pulled it and I saw a large drop of pre cum run off the tip.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” She asked looking up at me with lust on her face.

“Oh, I forgot.” I said as she handed me the mask again.

That day my Aunt Cathleen jacked me off at least four times. Each one was a delight and when she was not jerking me off she would walk around in front of me showing off her body. She would pose and bend over in front of me. She would ask me if I liked her legs and ass. I was a walking erection.

She jerked me off in the bathroom, then she yanked me off in the bedroom again, and then she pulled me off in the living room. When my uncle Bob walked in my aunt walked right over to him and gave him a big hug and kiss. She had changed from the short skirt to a pair of jeans and when my uncle Bob asked how it went she told him that she had been able to get me to do it one more time. I was starting to think that my Aunt Cathleen did not want my uncle Bob to know what we had been up to.

I was sure he wouldn’t be upset if she had told him what we had been doing when he was gone. I think he wanted to see her doing these things to me, but for some reason she didn’t want him to know about it. I was sure she didn’t want him to know that she was sucking my cock each time to help me cum. I didn’t want to upset her, so I just kept quite about it.

We went to bed that night after my aunt had given me a long hand job in the bathroom away from the eyes of my uncle.

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