Her Mother’s Shopping Trip

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Whenever they were out together, the twins liked to generate attention by teasing people with their bodies, today was no exception. Bev and her sister, Sadie were blessed with amazing curves and striking features, from their jet black hair down to the tips of their painted toenails. The two sisters were forty years old, but time and age had been kind to them and they were actually at the peak of their attractiveness.

Growing up as twins, they learned at a very young age that a lot of people, including their mother, dreamed of seeing them naked together or pictured the two beauties in some stage of incestuous activity, whether it be hugging playfully with an innocent peck on the lips or writhing around with their mouths ground into each other’s pussies. So, at forty, the twins had their teasing games down to a science and were both turned on by exhibiting themselves in public.

Sadie and Bev had crossed the lines of moral sisterly affection long ago and now took any and every opportunity to fuck each other, whenever possible. In fact, all other sex paled in comparison to the heights of passion the two could generate between themselves. It was the perverted, illicit nature of the act of incest between them that made their encounters so intense and it had never really diminished since the first time it happened, years ago.

They were nineteen and still living at home with their widowed mother. The three were inseparable and all suffered from an insatiable appetite for any form of deviant sexual behavior, so after a long buildup of hinting and joking about it, the lid blew off of their shared, unrequited desire to do the unthinkable.

One evening while drinking and talking about fucking, the trio was so horny that one thing led to another and they ended up in mommy’s bed for an all night tutoring lesson. Over time, the women experimented with a lot of kinky games, always including elaborate fetish wear.

Virginia, their mom, was especially fond of dominance and submission and was equally happy whether she was being forced by the twins to suck her son’s cock when he came to visit, or tying her two daughter’s nipples together with twine and making them perform a tug of war, standing and masturbating, while she fucked a complete stranger off the street in front of them.

This arrangement lasted several years until her daughters relocated for college and Virginia remarried. They remained close, however, and suffered no ill effects from their alternative lifestyle.

Now, for the past few months Sadie had been plotting a new twist in her deviant sex life, she wanted to initiate her teenage daughter, Tina into their family tradition. The thought of actually following through with such a twisted, dirty coupling made her bald pussy drip any time it crossed her mind. Any time the woman had sex or masturbated, she fantasized about her daughter being there with her, watching or taking part in whatever nasty activities were going on.

Her sister had been hoping that Sadie would want to make it happen and was thrilled when she told her that she was ready to do it. Tina was visiting for the next couple of weeks and had celebrated her eighteenth birthday a week ago.

On her arrival, Sadie made sure that her sexy little girl would spy on her by showing her a sliding panel in the master bathroom that opened up to a two way mirror inside the woman’s bedroom. It was obvious the way Tina stared at her momma’s huge breasts that she shared a desire that must be hereditary and that she would take the bait.

The very first night home alone with her daughter, Sadie had one of the most explosive orgasms of her life while masturbating in bed, imagining the young girl watching from behind the mirror. Bev had arrived yesterday and the twins staged an evil display of dirty fetish sex for Tina’s benefit last night. They could hear the poor girl as she came, loudly on the other side of the wall.

But this morning the pair increased their boldness by stripping naked and slipping into their stockings in Tina’s room, right in front of her while she watched and fingered herself under the covers. The tension in the room and in the devious mother’s stomach was almost unbearable, just a few feet away; her own daughter had been pumping her sweet cunt while she and her sister flaunted their voluptuous bodies for her pleasure.

Bev’s twin sister burned with lust as she drove towards the mall, reliving in her mind the unmistakable scent of her tender daughter’s sex and the squishy, wet sounds of the teen’s fingers slogging into her hole. “I’m going to do it Bev,” Sadie blurted out as she reached between her legs to touch the dampness there, “I have to fuck my baby girl.” Just emitting the words out loud sent a shiver up her spine and made her stomach feel queasy.

Bev too became very excited at the prospect and urged her sister on while she watched Sadie draw her hand from under her skirt to offer two shiny wet fingers for Bev to taste. “Oooohh, adana escort yeahhh, let’s turn that little girl into a filthy little slut sis, I can hardly wait to watch her sucking your tits.” Bev opened her mouth in an exaggerated fashion as her sister slid the digits around her lashing tongue.

A man in a car next to them had to slam on his brakes to avoid crashing. He had been gawking at the two when a truck in front of him stopped suddenly. The girls laughed and steered the car into the mall parking lot. “Let’s have some fun, shall we?” Sadie quipped.

“Yeah, let’s go see if that cute little dyke is still working at our favorite shoe store,” Bev answered, as they pulled the car into a parking spot near the entrance to the mall.

The two looked incredibly hot as usual; Tina’s mom wore a red, slinky, knee length dress with a red mesh bra that had cut-outs that allowed her nipples to stick through. Under the dress she had on red, mesh crotchless panties to match her bra, red leather, 1940’s style pumps and a red satin garter belt with red, silk stockings.

Tina’s aunt was sporting a short, black leather skirt and a clingy, white button up blouse with a black, half bra that was open in front to leave her nipples visible through her shirt. Her long legs were sheathed in a pair of her sister’s black stockings with no panties and she strode towards the shopping center on tall, black, patent leather, platform heels.

As they strolled through the mall, Sadie was in her own little world, completely obsessed with dreaming up the perfect plan for seducing her daughter. She wanted the first contact to be unbearably nasty and wished to make Tina’s anticipation build up to the point that she would beg her mommy to do the most unspeakable things to her. Vision after vision played in her head while they made their way through the stores.

Every time she closed her eyes she relived the scene in her daughter’s bedroom a few hours ago. The intent look on her baby’s face, the slopping sounds and smell of her daughter’s fingers thrusting into her cunt as mommy’s big titties bounced around and swung back and forth a few feet from her face. The twin’s show had driven the teenage girl to orgasm and when she rolled onto her side away from them, embarrassed that they might suspect what she had been doing to herself. Sadie leaned over her daughter and gave her a tender goodbye kiss. What Tina didn’t know, was that her mom had her whole hand buried deep in her own slimy pussy when she kissed her.

Sadie had planned to be away today, she wanted to give Tina time to get comfortable in the house and to snoop through her things. Sadie imagined her little girl trying on her panties and nylons, fucking herself with her mother’s dildoes and finding, she hoped, the special room downstairs in the basement.

The girls found the shoe store and sure enough, the cute, skinny lesbian girl was at work that day. Her eyes popped out of her head when she noticed the twins searching the racks of shoes. “Can I help you?” the pretty young salesgirl asked, almost tripping as she flew over to see them up close.

“Yes dear,” Bev said quickly, “We’d both like to try a pair of these on, do you have them in a size six?” Bev held out a tall heeled, shiny, black patent leather shoe for the gawking teen to take from her hand.

“Well, I was just going to lock up the store for my lunch break,” The girl answered, “But give me just a second.” She went to the door, closed it, tripped the lock and flipped the “OPEN” sign over. “I’ll be right back,” The girl said, with her eyes glued to bev’s jutting nipples, which stood out like two rosy thumbs beneath her blouse.

Lynn, the shoe clerk, was twenty but her bespectacled fawn like eyes and thin, petite stature gave the appearance of a kid. Her short brown hair was cropped into a bob cut and she was wearing a tight, white Motorhead T-shirt with no bra and a short, pleated, plaid skirt. White cotton panties clung to her perfect little ass under the skirt and her thin, bare legs were perched upon White patent leather go-go boots. Her breasts were very small with large, clearly defined, puffy nipples about an inch and a half in diameter and length.

“Are you both a size six?” The impish clerk asked, when she returned, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

“What do you think, silly?” Bev replied, smiling. The sisters were seated side by side on a short, padded bench, hips touching, with a hand on each other’s knee. Their sleek, muscular legs were both crossed tightly in the same direction and their heels were kicking out in quick synchronized motions as if excited.

The nervous salesgirl pulled up a low stool in front of the twins and sat a pair of boxes on the floor next to her. Sadie and Bev bobbed their feet faster in unison as the girl withdrew one of the shoes from the box and handed it to them.

As the twins examined the sexy piece of footwear, oohing eskişehir escort and aahing over it like it was Christmas morning, the young lesbian at their feet used this brief opportunity to look them over at close range. Lynn paid particular attention to the women’s unusually long nipples, Bev’s were clearly visible through her white top and Sadie’s, though hidden, looked like they were going to tear holes in the front of her thin dress. Lynn had butterflies in her stomach and her pussy started to leak as she ran her gaze down to their curvy hips and thickly sculptured legs. She could see the dark tops of Bev’s stockings, as her skirt was shorter than her sister’s and the hem rested at mid thigh.

“Are you working all by yourself today, honey?” Sadie asked with a devilish grin, distracting the clerk from her voyeuristic trance.

“Uh yeah,” Lynn answered, her face turning beet red,” It’s really slow this time of day.”

“Ahh, poor dear,” Sadie cooed lovingly as she leaned over lightly grazed the side of the girl’s upper arm with her fingertips. “We’ll keep you company.”

“Ohh, put them on me,” Bev interrupted with an overtly sexual tone in her voice, uncrossing her legs and offering her right foot to the salesgirl.

“Y,you want m,me to….” Lynn stuttered.

“Why not,” Bev answered in a serious voice, “anyone that works in a ladies shoe store must have a bit of a foot fetish, c’mon, we’ll make it worth your while.”

Sadie watched with a fiendish smile as the girl took her sister’s ankle in her hand and pulled off her shoe; as she placed it on the floor next to her and retrieved a new one from the box, her legs parted slightly and Sadie caught a glimpse of Lynn’s white panties and could make out the impression of her pussy lips underneath. A small damp spot was forming in the cotton from the timid clerk’s arousal.

Sadie’s sister also noticed the wet panties and took the signal to let her left knee drift to the side, completely exposing her bare cunt to the inexperienced youth. Lynn’s index finger slid up along the seam on the back of Bev’s stocking as she guided the black pump over the dark, reinforced, nylon toes. Her eyes were locked on Bev’s slick opening as she lifted her leg up a bit higher and further apart to see the woman’s glistening, bald labia.

“Mmmm, god I love it!” Bev murmured sensuously in the empty store, bringing her knee up to her chest to stroke the shoe as if touching a lover. “Hurry sweetie, do the other one now, I need these so bad.” Bev pleaded as her twin, who was sitting on her right, leaned closer and began stroking her sister’s calf. The two were practically cheek to cheek, alternately admiring the shoe and looking at each as though becoming aroused and preparing to kiss.

Lynn reached her right hand under the bottom of Bev’s left leg at the calf, rather than her ankle this time, inching her stool closer to, and directly in front of her, so that Bev’s left knee rose higher in the air. As she slipped off the shoe with her other hand, she squeezed Bev’s silky, meaty calf and pulled her long legs open wider. Lynn’s face was flushed and her eyes were level with and locked onto her customer’s now open pussy lips that were swollen and stuck out obscenely from her smooth mound. She boldly opened her own legs to let the sister’s see her drenched panties as she took her time fumbling in the box for the other new black shoe.

“Ohhhh yeah,” Bev tilted her head back slightly, closed her eyes and moaned as if about to be penetrated. Her skirt was almost at her waist now with her feet in the air, and Sadie was gliding her fingers up and down the cleft between the thigh and calf on the inside of her sister’s bent leg.

As Lynn, ever so slowly, fitted the exotic stiletto into place, she stared at the woman’s clitoris as it was visibly growing and standing out from its hood. The frail brunette’s body was trembling with lust from the scene developing before her. Bev’s ample white thighs were so inviting, splayed apart as they were and framed by the black tops of her seamed hose. The moment drifted into an eternity, she felt her rigid nipples aching for attention as she sat there mesmerized by the woman’s musky sex. The entire area around Bev’s cunt was coated with a thick layer of oil and a large mass of the slippery juice leaked from the folds.

Bev dropped her feet to the floor, stood up adjusting her skirt with a wiggle of her mature hips and stepped over to a full length mirror to inspect her perspective purchase. Sadie still had her lovely dark eyes fixed on the clerk’s panties, which were now transparent in front from the flow of her secretions. Her sister was making a big show in front of the mirror in the back of the empty store.

Sadie watched with some amusement at the obvious effect her sister’s antics were having on the poor little waif at her feet. Bev was turning from side to side, posing seductively, when she brought her hands sakarya escort up and began squeezing her big tits and pinching her nipples instinctively, as if unaware that the girl was watching. “Mmmmmm, these are just delicious,” Bev purred.

While Lynn was distracted by the obvious attempts to taunt her, Sadie gathered the hem of her pretty dress up until it rested at mid thigh, just below her stocking tops and pointed her crossed leg at the girl wagging her foot, saying, “Did you forget about me?”

“Oh of course,” Lynn replied, swiftly scooting her stool over in front of the other twin for more of the same action. “I’ve seen you two before, in the mall, I mean, I hoped you might come in.” Lynn blurted, looking into Sadie’s smoky eyes for approval.

“We’ve seen you too, dear,” Sadie uncrossed her legs and assured her, “Why do you think we’re here? I have a daughter about your age, you’d love her. She is so sexy that I’m even turned on by her, do you think that’s weird?”

“No, not at all,” Lynn replied, opening the other box, “I’ve thought about doing things with my mom before. God, why am I telling you this?”

Bev, hearing the conversation, rushed to sit at her sister’s right side. She put her arm around Sadie’s waist and placed her other hand on her sister’s knee, waiting for the girl to tell more.

“Well,” She continued, “I still live at home, just mom and me, and sometimes she…..”

“She what, dear?” Sadie whispered as she lifted her left foot towards her.

“Well, she watches me, you know.” Lynn tenderly cradled Sadie’s ankle and slipped off her shoe, averting her eyes in embarrassment.

“Oh, tell us more baby,” Bev interjected, beginning to caress the inside of Sadie’s thigh, “Tell us how she looks at you.”

Sadie became very serious and attentive, here was a girl, just like her daughter, that was freely talking about sexual urges between her and her own mother. Sadie’s heart began to flutter, a moment ago, she felt in control, now she was completely at this tiny girl’s mercy, breathlessly awaiting more details and possibly some insight on how to seduce Tina.

Lynn went on, holding Sadie’s leg, looking up and down the silken appendage from her toe to the point where her thigh’s touched. Sadie parted her legs slowly to accommodate the girl’s view. “My mother looks at me like she wants to FUCK me.”

Bev’s mouth dropped open in shock at the seemingly timid girl’s bold confession and choice of words. Her sister was unfazed and dead serious. “Do you want to fuck your mommy?” Sadie whispered. With her eyes glazing over, Sadie brought her right hand between her sister’s legs, while her left hand thoughtlessly drifted up to tug at her distended left nipple, awaiting a reply.

“It’s all I ever think about.” The increasingly direct girl replied, looking deep into Sadie’s eyes as she watched for her reaction.

“Ohhhh god,” Sadie breathed, closing her eyes and reaching for the back of her twin sister’s head, drawing her close and preparing to kiss her. “Please tell us more.”

Lynn’s tone was wavering as she continued her dirty confession. She watched as the twin’s long tongues reach for each other and she began squeezing and massaging the back of Sadie’s calf while her free hand found the wetness of her own crotch. “I leave my door open when I masturbate or get fucked by my girlfriend at night and mother will come and stand in the shadows of the dark hallway adjoining our rooms, watching me. She doesn’t know that I can see her, but I can just make out the outline of her body. Sometimes she’ll be completely naked and I can see her rubbing her pussy and hear her breathing.”

Sadie was being driven mad by the images weaving through her brain, she was sucking her sister’s tongue with her eyes closed tightly, imagining herself and her daughter in the roles being described with such detail by this naughty new friend. She opened her satiny legs wide for Lynn, who was alternately licking the thicker material of her stockings at the toes, then rubbing the rapt woman’s foot across the long puffy buds jutting from each of her tiny breasts.

Bev undid the top few buttons of her blouse and lifted both of her heavy jugs out, leaving one hand there to twist and tug at her left nipple; while her right hand scooped a quantity of slime from her cunt, then began circling the sensitive tip of her erect clitoris.

Fortified by the effect this was having on the busy pair, Lynn resumed, “I have really dirty fantasies about my mom that I wish I were brave enough to try. My favorite is the one where she’s controlling me, forcing me to do all kinds of wicked things to her. Mmmmnnnff,” Lynn paused to stuff Sadie’s toes into her mouth, she had pulled her T-shirt up to expose her long, pink nipples and was pushing her panties into her tight hole.

“What does mommy do to her baby?” Bev momentarily disengaged from her sister’s mouth to ask, with a strand of slobber still connecting the twin’s lips.

Lynn sucked all five toes between her painted lips for a moment, stretching her mouth wide, while she fucked her fingers. Then she withdrew the toes and stared with fascination and hunger at Sadie’s overly endowed clit, which was now fully extended beneath the little red, satin bow at the opening of her crotchless panties.

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