He’s an Adult Now

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“Oh yes, Wes! Come inside me!” Jazz screamed. “Come inside my cunt!”

Jazmine Smith or as she preferred Jazz, was the young single mother of Weston. The looks of the very pretty 34 year old with shoulder length, fine blond hair hadn’t changed much when she had her son just over 18 years ago. She foolishly got lead on by an older, hormone infested boy who convinced her to give him her virginity.

“No honestly, Jazz. There is no way for you to get pregnant when you are a virgin.” He told the young teen. What he told her was true. She couldn’t get pregnant if she remained a virgin but once he popped her…

The boy’s family covertly moved away after that. They pretended to go on vacation but never came back. Weston was born into and raised by Jazz’s family; her father Dave and mother Marissa. When Dave and Marissa were killed in a head-on collision and with any other relative unwilling to help, Jazz had no choice but to raise Weston on her own.

Jazz and Weston moved away from the small town they were in to a larger city where Jazz got work as a bartender hoping for bigger money. The small little, cheap, two story townhouse they lived in was all she could afford. Jazz did her best to provide Wes. In return, Wes helped his mother as much as he could. He did well in school and as a star athlete, was hoping to get a sport scholarship so his mother wouldn’t have to pay for his higher education.

Weston was about 16 when he had his big grow spurt. He went from a fit boy to a strapping youth. At 17, Wes stood about six-one, one hundred-ninety five pounds. That summer, when Jazz saw him in helping out in the teeny garden in just his shorts, she noticed how built he was with broad shoulders, a six pack and strong legs.

One Saturday, Jazz returned from grocery shopping and found Wes sitting in the living room playing some Xbox with a couple of his team mates.

“Hi Tim and Gerry!” Jazz smiled at the young teens. “Wes, I bought some sodas if you guys get thirsty.”

As Jazz went to the kitchen, she overheard Gerry say, “You’re mom’s hot!”

Tim whispered, “Yeah, wow! She’s a real MILF!”

“Would you guys shut up!” Wes glared at his pals. “She’s my mother you know!”

Jazz smiled to herself. Not sure if it was because the two teenagers thought she was still hot or the fact that her son defended her honour. She went to upstairs to her bedroom to change. Stripped naked and standing in front of her full length mirror, her baby blues looked at her own reflection. While she was no longer as slim as she once was, Jazz was very attractive. She cupped and cradled her 35 C breasts and pinched her raspberry sized nipples. Her hands slid down over her belly noting she still done little to rid her remaining pregnancy weight. A hand continued downward to her smoothly shaven pussy and found her slit already wet. A finger easily slipped inside.

Jazz turned her back to the mirror and looked at her bum. It was still the smooth, tight, round butt she had as a teen. Her legs were still strong and shapely. When she wore stockings and garters, they would drop every man to their knees.

“Mom! The guys and I are…” Weston’s head popped around the open bedroom door. When he saw çanakkale escort his naked mother, he pulled back out. “Oh! Sorry, I…”

Jazz quickly grabbed something to cover herself. “Uh… It’s okay, Wes. I should have closed my door. What did you want?”

“Um… the guys and I are going to shoot some hoops. I’ll be back later.” Weston mumbled back and quickly ran downstairs. “Bye!”

Jazz was totally embarrassed that her son had seen her without clothes. Then she felt driplets roll down her inner thigh. “Gawd, I’m so wet! Good thing he didn’t catch me fingering.”

The tingling between Jazz’s thighs refused to cease. She opened the drawer on her night table and pulled out her 6-inch cock-shaped vibrator. She jumped on her bed and pushed the toy between her spread legs and into her hot, soppy hole.

Later that afternoon, Weston had returned home alone. His shirt and shorts were soaked with his stinky sweat and planned to have a shower. He pushed his wet shorts to his ankles and kicked them off. Jazz was in her bedroom gathering her dirty clothes. “Wes, I’m doing laundry. Let me have your wash.”

Weston did not hear his mother call out as he struggled to pull the soaking wet, sticky tee over his chest and head. Jazz pushed his slightly ajar bedroom door open. “Wes! Did you hear me? I’m doing a wash…”

The shirt was stuck over his head as he turned to the voice. Jazz’s stared at his cut body. Her mouth dropped when she saw his cock. It was thick and uncut; hanging about beautiful eight inches. She just stood there staring.

“Mom! I’m changing!” Wes shouted at his mother.

Jazz’s concentration was broken and she retreated out shutting the door behind her. “Sorry Wes!”

Later, Weston chuckled as his mother. “Well guess we’re even now. I saw you naked so it’s only fair.”

“You know Wes, when Tim and Gerry were here, I heard them talk about me.” Jazz said. “What do you think? Am I a hot MILF?”

“Mom!” Wes taken aback by his mother’s question.

“Well, you can tell me.” Jazz continued.

“Uh… Well… Okay…” Weston hesitated. “Yes, you are. Tim and Gerry aren’t the only ones who keep saying it either.”

Jazz couldn’t help but keep thinking of her son’s cock. That night as she went to bed, she thought who would be the lucky girl he’s fuck with that thing. She fingered herself to sleep.

Next summer came quickly. The now eighteen year old Weston graduated top of his class and was well on his way to getting a full sport scholarship. His summer job was working for some lawn care company mowing grass. The work was hard and Wes came home dog tired. He often just ate dinner, showered and went to bed.

It was going to be a hot, stinking, humid summer and it was just after Canada Day; Weston’s birthday. The house was like an oven inside without any air conditioning. The only night time relief was a slight breeze which blew through the bedrooms but only if both doors were left open. Wes was already asleep when Jazz walked by his room. He had kicked off his covers and laid on his back in bed naked. From the doorway, Jazz stared at her son’s cock light by the moonbeam through his open window. çanakkale escort bayan

“God dammit, Jazz!” She swore under her breath. “That’s your son.”

Jazz changed into her flimsy, baby doll night gown. It was pretty much lacy and see though. The panties were tiny thongs. She laid in bed but failed to fall asleep. Her mind raced with thoughts of Weston’s manhood. She recalled Wes’s shithead of a father. He was nowhere near the size of their offspring. Her pussy became very wet.

“No! Stop thinking of it!” Jazz reprimanded herself. “Water. I need to get some water.”

She poured herself some water from the upstairs bathroom and started to walk back to her room. She could not help but look at her son’s cock again.

“Uh… Uh…” Moaned Wes quietly. His hips thrusted. “Uh… Uh…”

“He’s having an erotic dream.” Jazz watched in amazement. Her hand slid inside the waistband of her thong and found her slit dripping wet. Her fingertip diddled her clit as Wes continued to dream.

Wes’ movement became a bit more vigorous. Jazz matched him until she saw his cock spew out his white hot sperm onto his chest and belly. Jazz’s knees buckled when she came at the same time.

She shook herself back to reality and scurried off to her own bed.

Next morning, an embarrassed Jazz said little to Weston as he left for work. “Mom. Can you do some laundry for me please? I’m running out of things to wear for work.”

Jazz collected her dirty cloth and went into Weston’s room to collect his. She decided to change his bed linen as well and started to strip the bed. There was a huge, dry, crusty stain in the middle. “Holy shit! How much can he cum?”

There was a wad of crumpled paper on the floor. Wes had missed the waste basket. Jazz picked it up to toss it into the trash when she noted something beneath some used tissues. Carefully she pulled it aside with a cautious finger and exposed a used condom. It was tied closed but it was filled it white cum.

His new girlfriend, Shannon was over a couple of days ago while she was out. “I guess they did it then, but oh my gawd she must be good. Look how much she made him cum!” Jazz thought. “At least Wes is more responsible than his father ever was.”

That night was another hot stinker. An exhausted Wes laid naked and uncovered in his bed. A naked Jazz walked by his room again. The urge was overpowering. Instead of just observing, she entered Wes’ room. She sat on the edge of his bed and stared at his wonderful tool. Something seemed to guide her hand to it. She wrapped her fingers around his girth and felt it grow bigger and bigger until her fingers could not reach around to touch anymore.

“Oh…!” Moaned Wes in his sleep. His hips started to thrust again; Jazz’s hand stroked him opposite to his thrusts.

A bead of pre-cum glistened in the moonlight. She wanted it. She needed it. Carefully she licked it with her extended tongue. “Mmm… Delicious!” Jazz’s mouth opened wide to taste her son’s cock for the first time. She stretched her lips engulfed his knob and swirled her tongue to lap up more leaking juice.

“Mom?” Jazz heard. “MOM! What are escort çanakkale you doing?”

“Sh… Wes. Relax.” Jazz said then went back to sucking Wes’ cock. While it has been a long while since the last time she did it, Jazz was a naturally talented cock sucker. Her abilities made Wes abandon any of his concerns.

“Oh Mom! That feels nice. Uh! Oh fuck!” A more relaxed Wes groaned. “Take more… Please!

Jazz shifted. She stretched her mouth open and took more of his fully hardened meat into her mouth. She was about halfway down and had five more inches to go on his rock hard shaft. From that angle, she managed only another three inches. Determined, Jazz had Wes part his legs so she could kneel in between. She took hold of her son’s muscular butt cheeks so she could pull her face further down. His meat was huge but she was undeterred and pushed her head down until his sparse pubic hairs tickled her nose. She rested her chin on his big balls as she choked with him down her throat.

“Oh gawd, Mom! I thought Shannon was a good at sucking cock but wow!” Told Weston to his gagging mother. Jazz backed off about half way to get a breath then swallowed him again. “Oh gawd! Oh fuck! Jeeze!”

Jazz used her hands to massage Wes’ sack as her mouth worked the upper two-thirds of his dick. Her spit drooled out of her mouth, over his balls and into his ass crack. Wes felt her finger use it as lube to invade his rear hole. He took a deep breath as she pushed it inside. “Oh GOD! Ooooh…! Mom, I want to cum. Can I cum in your mouth?”

Jazz stopped and pulled of suddenly. “No. I don’t want you to cum yet. I want to feel your cock inside me first! I’ll let you cum on my face!”

Without waiting for Wes’ response, Jazz mounted herself on top of him. His kielbasa sized sausage easily penetrated Jazz’s cock starved cunt. It was a feeling she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Certainly nothing this big had ever been inside of her. While she wanted it to last, her body desired it reward. Leaning forward, she held Wes by his wrists over his head. Her feet were hooked onto his thighs as she grinded herself into her son. From grinding to slowly rocking back and forth to rising and slamming down on Wes’ cock; in and out, she knew her orgasm was almost there.

“Mom! You’re going to make me cum.” Warned Wes. “We aren’t using protection! I’m not wearing a rubber!”

Unrelenting, Jazz continued to fuck her son hard ignoring his concern. Wes’ balls tightened and knew what was about to occur. He gave his mother one last warning. “Mom! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum inside you!”

“Oh yes, Wes! Come inside me!” Jazz screamed. “Come inside my cunt!”

Wes’ balls exploded like a megaton of TNT. His pisser sprayed out his cum like a firehose at a five alarm fire.

“Uuuh…! Uuuh…! Uuuh…!” Grunted Wes as he continued thrusted upward to fire his load into his mother’s womb.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Jazz thrashed about on her son. “Fuck! Oh G…A…W…D!”

With that, Jazz collapsed on Wes’ heaving chest. His cock pulsed inside of her; her body reacted with a jerk at each mini-orgasm it caused.

Finally garnering enough strength, jazz managed to roll off her son. Immediately, white cum flowed from her gapped slit.

“Mom! Mom! What did we do?” Wes called out. “Well I know what we just did but Mom…”

“Sh… Wes. It’s okay.” Jazz purred. Her soft hand that rested on his chest moved downward over his muscled belly and found Wes was still rock hard. She stroked it. “Still feel like cumming on my face?”

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