Hey Big Brother Ch. 03

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Ok I read the comments, thought about it and agreed. Darren should NOT have been added to the mix. so I took a crack at erasing him. Hopefully this is much better. Feedback is always welcome. I enjoy knowing what you all are thinking. Enjoy!


Matt watched her skirt swish as she walked. Enjoying the view of her ass. He whistled softly. She blushed.

“Shut up you my ass is not that amazing.” She snapped she paused at her doorway and took off her skirt and then she spun around walking backwards unbuttoning her shirt as she walked giving him her best come fuck me look. He followed her into her room and shut the door behind him. He watched her undress and drop her clothes on the floor beside her bed she hopped up onto her bed and looked at him. He looked back as he slowly began to undress himself. He sat down beside her and pulled her into his lap kissing her hard. She kissed him back willingly. He spun her around so that her back pressed against his chest and groped her tits while he was biting her neck and bouncing her in his lap. She moaned.

“You like that?” He whispered nipping at her ear. She nodded unable to speak. He grinned and leaned down to bite her neck again. She jerked in his lap and whimpered.

“Stop teasing me I want you inside me again. Deep inside.” She pleaded. He moved her back onto sakarya escort the bed and then covered her. He kissed his way down her body and paused at her stomach. He looked up at her and grinned before lowering himself off the bed and licking her wet pussy. He smiled when she sucked in her breath and moaned at the same time. He teased her wet clit with his tongue inhaling her scent deeply, it smelled better than the first time. He sucked and nibbled on her clit listening to her moaning growing louder. He kept it up until she was right on the brink and then stopped. She protested.

“Oh did that feel good baby?” he asked. She moaned in response. He got back up and put the tip of his dick against her opening he slowly guided it in and shifted a little bit. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. He started to fuck her as hard as he could until she was screaming his name.

“Yeah you like that don’t you, you dirty girl.” He tried not to laugh at the look on her face. She glared at him and then started rocking her hips in a circle. He moaned and tried to hold her still.

“Matt. Oh Matt cum inside me. Please.” She begged. He tried to ignore her and gritted his teeth trying to last but he couldn’t. He groaned as his seed spilled into her in one hot rush. She moaned with him and izmir escort sat still. He looked down at her and pulled out flopping onto the bed beside her.

“What’s the matter Matt? Worn out already?” She asked. He turned his head and laughed.

“Why? You ready for round two?” He asked mockingly. She giggled and nodded.

“I could fuck you forever. You’re so good in bed it blows my mind. How come we never had sex before?” She punched his shoulder.

“You where too young.”

“Too young?” She asked. He nodded.

“Yeah. I wanted to wait until you where old enough I would have been here for your birthday but my commander was being a douche bag so I couldn’t get the time off I’m sorry I missed it I heard it was one hell of a party.”

“Forget the party. You wanted me that whole time?” Sarah asked in amazement.

“I’ve wanted to fuck your brains out since my mom first brought you and your dad to the house. Do you remember that?” He asked.

Sarah thought for a few minutes. She looked at him strangely at first, and then a wide smile broke across her face.

“I remember you stared at me like I was the only girl on the planet for that entire night.” She teased. Matt grinned.

“Well I wouldn’t take it that far.” He frowned as the thought occurred mersin escort to him. He had to keep her. No matter the cost.

Sarah pressed her body against his and he looked up seeing she had straddled him. He cupped her tits in his hands and sat up a little to play with them with his tongue. She moaned.

“You like that too? Wow you’re a kinky little girl. I love that!” He slammed into her. She gasped and started riding him while he suckled her tits. Her moans mixed with his.

“Sarah. God I love you’re pussy.” He whispered. She bit her lip.

“Oh yeah? Who’s the kinky one now?”She moaned. He raised his eyebrows.

“Still you baby doll.” He rammed her making her ride the entire length of his cock. Her moaning got louder and he knew she was going to orgasm again. He waited for it and then when he felt her spasms he started slamming into her as hard as he could until he felt her gush. He made her ride out her orgasm and by the time one stopped another started. He looked up at her flushed face and cupped her tits again pinching the nipples a little. He made her ride that orgasm out too before he let her stop. He kissed her mouth slipping his tongue between her teeth. She panted against his probing tongue and kissed him back. He let her up for air and laughed.

“Who’s tired now?” He asked. She rolled her eyes and lay on his chest. He smoothed her hair back and ran his fingers lightly over her back loving the feel of her soft, warm skin. They lay like that for a while and Matt was almost asleep when she got up. She kissed him and made a motion toward the bathroom door. He nodded and lay his head back down falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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