If I Did It- – -And I Did Ch. 02

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Sometimes people ask why. Why I’m attracted to cocks. Why I like to dress in women’s clothing. Why I like to be humiliated. Why I sometimes such a slut. There’s a lot more but those are the most common.

After David and a couple of years of just his cock I went through a couple of year dry spell. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I liked dicks. I dated girls and had an easy time with them. I’m five-nine and 145 with a long legged short torso body. I guess I’m decent enough looking. But after a dozen or so semi relationships and fuck buddies I was craving cock and I just didn’t know how to go about getting it.

When I was in my senior year of college I was lucky enough to have parents who paid for an ok apartment. No roommate necessary. I started assembling panties. I found after that time with Jeff and David, that I liked wearing girls’ underwear. Not just for sex but for all the time. I loved the feel of it. I tried French cut panties, thongs, tap pants and pretty much every kind you can buy. I wanted to try other girl stuff but was reluctant as I thought my desire for girl clothes was weird. I was still having a reasonable time with girls but I was nuts for cock and didn’t know where to get it without being stupidly obvious.

I had found an adult book store near the university. After driving past it two or three million times I finally worked up the courage to go in. I was interested in some porn DVDs. The place was seedy and the smell of disinfectant, cum and pee kind of permeated the atmosphere. When I got there the place seemed to be empty although there was a few cars in the parking lot (I had parked a block away and walked back so no one would see me). The DVD section was divided into categories. Since the display area was empty I went directly to the gay and bi sections. After looking through tons of titles I found a gang bang video that appeared to feature a boy who looked kind of like me who, on the cover, was surrounded by five big guys who appeared to me threatening him. I picked it out and as I was heading for the cash register I spotted the transvestite/she male section. I perused the titles and was fascinated by some of the “girls” on the title covers. Not knowing anything about how crappy TV videos can be I picked one at random and took ataşehir escort both titles to the register. The clerk asked if I wanted to preview them before I bought them. I had no clue as to what he meant but told him that I wanted to see the TV film. He collected five bucks and told me to go to booth number 3. I again had no clue so he directed me through a curtained doorway.

I was in a dark hallway with numbered doors on both sides. There was a few guys kind of hanging in the hallway. They were all older and a couple of them looked pretty unpleasant. I went down the hallway until I found door number 3 and went inside. As soon as I closed and locked the door the TV video I was previewing came to life on the screen which was behind a clear but stained Plexiglas panel. The booth was maybe 4 x 4 and had a bench on the back wall facing the screen. I sat down on the bench to watch the video. Without going through a detailed description of the action on the screen, suffice it to say that it was tepid. But I was rapt by the guys dressed like girls! In short skirts and lingerie. Make up. A couple of them looked incredibly hot. I was sitting back watching while rubbing my hard cock through my shorts and panties (red satin bikini). I was into the film when I noticed a flickering light through a hole in the wall. The hole was about or close to waist high. I bent over and looked through it to see the lower half of a guy in the next booth. He was sitting on his bench but was naked from the waist down. He was slowly jacking his cock up and down while he watched his movie. I could see his screen and he was looking at a gay scene of three guys. In my naivety I couldn’t figure out what the hole was there for. But I figured if he could sit there naked I could take off my shorts and sit there in my panties.

I took off my shorts and t shirt and was sitting there with a spectacular hard on watching a dressed guy do a blow job to a hot looking young guy. I had my cock out of my panties and was jerking on it when I saw a finger waving through the hole in the wall. I didn’t know what it meant but I was watching and wondering. The fingers were withdrawn for a few moments and then came back again. I didn’t understand the universal language then but I got it when the fingers were replaced avcılar escort by a mouth and a tongue wagging at me. The guy wanted me to put my cock on his tongue! I was so hot at this point that without thinking about it I stood up and approached the mouth. I laid my cockhead on the tongue and then into the hot wet mouth. Fucking unbelievable! The guy was sucking my cock like a pro and had now drawn me through the hole so that my length was on his side of the thin wall and I was pressed up against it. The hole was big enough so that my cock and balls fit through it. After a few minutes of this fabulous cocksucker I was close to cumming and didn’t want to do it yet so I gently pulled back so that all of me was on my side of the wall. I was panting and touching my red head when his cock came through the hole into my booth. It didn’t take a fortune teller for me to figure out that he wanted me so blow him and of course I was craving a cock in my mouth so much that I went to my knees and hungrily engulfed him into my mouth.

It had been a couple of years since I’d sucked on David’s cock but I knew what I was doing from giving him hundreds of blow jobs. I slathered my tongue all over the head and ran it up and back on the super sensitive glans. In seconds the entire length of his cock (maybe 6-6 ½, cut and kinda thick) was in my booth along with his tight balls. I swallowed his length into my throat and used my muscles on the head milking at him while I cupped his balls in my hand. I pulled back with my mouth until just the head was in me and caved my cheeks in as I sucked it. I heard him moan from the other side as I squeezed his nuts slightly and took him in until my nose was against the plywood wall. I was fucking him in and out of my face when he suddenly pulled back disappointing me no end! I sat there on my knees waiting to see what would happen when I saw his mouth again. This time he was whispering to me. I leaned forward to hear and he said he wanted me to open my door and let him in. I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I wanted his dick again so I told him OK and I unlocked the door.

Seconds later he was in my little room with me. 35 or so. Six feet and decently built. I was ashamed to look up at his face from my place on my knees on the floor.

“You’re ataşehir escort bayan a good little cocksucker bitch arentcha!” he said to me as he dropped his pants and exposed his hard cock. “And you’ve got some hot little panties on too. I bet you’re just a little pussy slut. Look up at me pussy slut!” I raised my eyes up to him and as I did he started slapping my face with his cock. I was insane with lust and made motions with my mouth opening and closing trying to get him into me. He teased me. “Want my cock dontcha bitch! Work for it you little cunt!” He finally let me have it and I went back to work on him sucking and salivating all over the cock I was in love with. I was bobbing my head up and down on him when he put a small bottle under my nose. I breathed in and felt like someone had smacked me in the head with a powerful rush of passion. I didn’t know anything about poppers but the smell and it’s after effect got me so hot that when he held my head with both hands and plunged himself into my throat gagging and choking me I loved it. “Fucking little cock boy! Suck my cock like the puke cunt you are! Yeah! Little fucker you love my dick!” And I did! I had my hands on his ass cheeks pulling him in closer as he held my head and fucked my face like it was a girl’s cunt or a boy’s ass. I was insane for it! All of a sudden the head of his hot cock seemed to swell and as it went on an outstroke he pulsed shots of hot cum into my mouth. I held his cheeks and wouldn’t let him pull out until I’d gotten all of it out of him and he roughly pushed me away.

“You filthy little cocksucking punk! You liked it didn’t you! You fucking loved it you bitch!” And I did! I couldn’t believe that I’d missed it so much! He hitched his pants back up and handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it. “Call me fuck face. You’ll be sorry if you don’t”

He left me on my knees in the booth. I pulled the door closed and sat there to collect myself just a little bit. I was thinking that I loved being used and abused by men. I knew that made me submissive. I also knew that I liked the feel of women’s clothing or at least women’s panties. And I knew that I wanted to try more fem clothing just to see how it all felt. As I sat there I thought about the fact that though I was a submissive cocksucker, I was also in control just before and during the cumming part. During those moments I had absolute and total control over the guy. And I liked that a lot!

Stay tuned for part 3



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