James , Jasmine Ch. 03

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Wednesday – Paris

James awoke with a smile on his face. He was in Paris, things were going well with Caresse, and he was finding himself totally enthralled by the young lady sleeping across the hall. And the day ahead was surely going to be a full and most interesting one. He bounded out of bed and was showered, shaved and dressed in no time. He took his laptop and headed downstairs to have a coffee in the dining room, awaiting Jasmine’s arrival.

She came down shortly after he did and his eyes scanned the length of her beautiful frame. She was dressed in a stylish spring dress – the thin orange and yellow fabric hugging her lower torso, but flaring out in a flouncy tightly pleated skirt around her long lean legs. James couldn’t help but notice the tight seductive bounce of her bust line as she strode towards him, her long tresses flowing over her square shoulder. He was amazed every time he saw her – such stately elegance and beauty wrapped up in one lithe package. Yet, despite her wholesome good looks, there was a naughty young lady underneath, as he was slowly discovering – day by day – to his delight.

“Good morning, kind sir,” she greeted with a broad smile, her pearly whites framed by lovely lush lips. It was hard to believe that this gorgeous young lady was the same person he’d been stroking to orgasm only a few hours earlier. James loved the dichotomy and returned her smile.

“Bon jour, Jasmine,” he replied, pronouncing her name as the French did, with the accent on the second syllable.

“So, we have a busy day today, don’t we? Tell me all about it…boss,” she said with relish in her sweet soft voice. She ordered breakfast and coffee and focused in on his agenda for the day. Neither of them alluded to the incredible night they had just shared, preferring to think toward the wonderful day, and night, that lay ahead.

“Well, we’re off to Caresse to finalize plans and our contract extension. I think we’re good on both accounts and it should be a pleasant day of planning their next moves. I may focus on the contractual arrangements; you may need to deal with some of the design issues. I’m sure they’ll seek out your opinions on the fonts, styles and colors that might be most appropriate for the American market.”

Jasmine smiled as she sipped her coffee and James found his eyes traveling down to gaze into the dark supple cleavage that was subtly exposed, but almost begging to be noticed. He didn’t want to appear to be leering, even though he was, and his eyes returned to hers as he continued. She smiled knowingly.

“We’ll actually have the afternoon free, I think, so we’ll have to decide how to spend our time for a few hours. We could sight-see…or spend some time together back here at the hotel,” he added with a glint in his eye. Jasmine remained silent and just gave him that sweet smile that made him melt each time he was witness to it.

“We’ve been invited to dinner with the Caresse staff later tonight – not until 8 or so. Then there was talk of everybody going dancing at a nearby club. So we’ll play it by ear as the evening goes. I do know we don’t want to be out too late as we have an early train tomorrow morning. But we’ll have to spend an appropriate amount of time with our hosts – so clubbing later tonight is definitely on the agenda.

“Oh, good,” Jasmine said. “I love to dance. That will be so much fun!”

“That’s the rough outline of our Mecredi,” he said with a wave of his hand. “I’m sure we’ll find some time – I hope we will, anyway – to spend on our own. I look forward to that. Last night was incredible,” he added, finally broaching the subject they’d both avoided.

“Oh, James. It was. I hope you were able to take care of your, um, condition,” she laughed.

“Actually, believe it or not, I did not. I was tired and decided to hold off and enjoy today, or tonight, even more.”

“Oh no,” she said with concern. “Well then, we’ll have to pay extra special attention to you later. Speaking of, who makes the rules tonight?” she asked with a devilish undertone to her question.

“I suggest we make the rules together. But I do have a suggestion. I think once we leave Paris, there will be no rules – all systems will be go,” he said jokingly. “But my suggestion for later today is that we focus on explorations of,” he paused, “an oral nature.” He smiled at his use of words.

“Oh my. Sounds so formal – like a science experiment,” she said, as she put her cup down in the saucer. “But I must say I’m really enjoying our long slow seduction, James, and I’m happy to make it one more step before we leave Paris. I like your idea. A lot.” They looked at one another deeply. “And, to tell you the truth,” Jasmine added in a whisper, “I can’t wait to have you in my mouth, James.” James hadn’t expected such a forthright comment, but he should be getting to know this about Jasmine by now. She could be very blunt and to the point. He liked that.

“And I could say the same, young lady. I can’t wait to taste you, to lick you, to drink you in,” he added in the same low tone. He realized, as he said it, that they better Beylikdüzü escort back off before they lost themselves and didn’t get to their meeting at all. He cleared his throat, sat up straight and Jasmine did the same.

“Glad we got that settled,” she said with a giggle. They finished breakfast, grabbed their briefcases and headed out to the car waiting for them, once again, under the porte cochere of their hotel.

They entered the Caresse offices a short time later and were shown right into Pierre’s office. He greeted them warmly and James could already sense a growing connection between Pierre and Jasmine. She seemed to light up as Pierre kissed her gently on each cheek and smile at his deadly good looks. James let his mind wander to what might lay in store for them in St. Tropez when they would visit Pierre and Nicole in a few days. He just as quickly realized he shouldn’t let himself daydream at this critical moment. He ear-marked those thoughts for later, regained his composure and got his business game face back on.

The day went smoothly and James and Jasmine found themselves mostly on separate tracks. James spent the next few hours dealing with the contractual side of things. And, interestingly, it was Nicole who handled the financial dealings. Pierre, as it turned out, was much more involved with the artistic and design side of the business, so he and Jasmine headed down the hall to meet with the graphic designers, photographer and models.

Jasmine was thrilled to have a little one on one time with Pierre and knew James would feel the same way about spending time with Nicole. As she entered the studio she was shocked to see several of her own photo boards leaning against the wall.

The assembled group studied and discussed styles and colors as two models jumped in and out of various lingerie combinations, not bothering to worry about privacy. Both of them were stunningly beautiful, but one of them really caught Jasmine’s eye. She looked to be in her early twenties; a tall, slender, but buxom, blond who looked to be of European descent. Her lush body was flawless and she seemed to notice Jasmine eyeing her, as she smiled back to acknowledge the attention. What really struck Jasmine was her skin; it appeared almost translucent. She could only imagine how smooth it must feel to the touch. She also had deep beautiful blue eyes that seemed full of promise.

Given that the photographs in the ads would be in black and white, the approach had a bearing on the selection of the garments to be used. Solid blacks and whites, or combinations of both, seemed to make the most sense. They spent time looking at various combinations and were making significant headway when Pierre went off to the other side of the room to take a phone call. Jasmine suddenly found herself seated next to the model that had caught her attention.

“Hi,” she said in an accent that Jasmine immediately pegged as Eastern European or Russian. “My name is Sophie,” she said with an extended hand. Jasmine took her hand and felt her strong warm grip.

“Jasmine,” she replied. “My pleasure.”

“Your photographs are beautiful, Jasmine,” she said, immediately opening up to her new friend. “You have modeled before?” she inquired.

“Um, actually…no. I, well, I had to step in when the model we were supposed to shoot didn’t show up. It was a last minute thing.” Sophie seemed to be taken aback and reacted like she was in disbelief.

“Well, you look as good as anyone I’ve ever seen in this lingerie, I must say.” She paused briefly before continuing. “Are you here with James?”

“Yes,” Jasmine replied. “Do you know him?” she asked with a quizzical expression.

“Well, we were introduced at dinner last time he was here. He’s a very interesting man, I must say. Very sexy,” she added softly with a conspiratorial grin. “But he was all business on that trip. I couldn’t even get him up on the dance floor,” she said with a laugh.

Jasmine began to put it all together as she recalled James mentioning how their hosts had sat him down at dinner next to a lovely model. She even further admired his fortitude now that she was seeing the very model James had been paired up with. She was a lovely female specimen and surely worthy of any lingerie that Caresse might care to share with the world. Jasmine could not stop looking at the taut smooth curves of her exquisite body and the glowing radiance of her beautiful face.

“I hope you’re having more fun,” Sophie said, with a bit of prurient curiosity showing in her innocent comment. Jasmine could feel Sophie’s eyes taking her in while they talked and she was feeling drawn to this lovely exotic woman.

“Well, actually, we’re having a wonderful time. As you might have heard, his partner was injured and, so, he invited me to fill in for Paul.”

“Well, wise choice, I would say. Maybe I’ll see you later tonight at dinner,” she said with a smile that seemed to say much more.

Just then Pierre returned and they got on with the work to be done. The rest of the afternoon flew by and soon Jasmine and James Beylikdüzü escort reconnected in Nicole’s office. Plans were laid out for the coming weeks – including a return trip to Paris in a couple months – and James and Jasmine gathered up their things to depart.

They finalized arrangements for later in the evening and Pierre wrote out instructions for their visit in a few days to St. Tropez. Several times she caught Pierre’s eye and felt his gaze capture her attention. His sparkling eyes seemed to look straight into her soul. They departed with friendly two cheek kisses and subtle touches. James felt on top of the world as they left the offices and headed back downstairs – with much to still look forward to as the day unfolded.

They wended their way back to the hotel around two and made plans before separating. James needed to tend to some communications back in his room and Jasmine was interested in using the gym. They decided Jasmine would come to his room around 4:30 and they would see where things led; still having time to enjoy themselves and get to dinner with time to spare. They parted ways with a gentle hug that did little to telegraph their true connection.

James returned to his room, made a few phone calls, answered some important emails and then took a short nap before hopping in the shower. At precisely 4:30 he heard a soft knock at his door.

He opened the door and gawked at the vision of loveliness leaning against his door jamb. She was wearing a short and very revealing silver silk slip and impossibly high heels, barely covered by a black satin robe. Her hair was up in a very casual way and exposed the huge hoop earrings dangling from her earlobes. She had on just enough make-up to highlight her intoxicating eyes and luscious lips.

“I’m glad you answered quickly, James. I didn’t want to be caught standing out in the hall like this in the middle of the afternoon,” she said as she sauntered into the room with a confident air. James just stared. “I wasn’t sure what the dress code was for this get-together, so I just threw something on,” she joked. She let the robe fall from her shoulders and onto the floor in a small satin heap as she turned to look at James head on.

“I’m going to bet that Missy had a hand in this selection,” he suggested as he ogled the way the expensive satin lay across her sexy body. Her legs looked so smooth and lengthened by the heels; her ass pert and perfect.

“Yes, she did. Good observation, James. The only thing I couldn’t decide on was whether to wear panties or not,” she added as she spun for James’s approval.

“And what did you decide?” James queried.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out,” she answered with a mischievous grin. Knowing her flair for the dramatic, he was wagering she had on something tiny and sexy – one more miniscule layer to remove.

James poured them both a glass of red wine and they toasted the late Parisian afternoon and the adventure about to unfold. She seemed to be enjoying walking back and forth in her heels and skimpy garb, so James settled back on the bed to enjoy the show. He sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back on his elbows, spread his legs, and took a sip of wine as he gazed in awe at the lovely woman striding and swaying before him.

“Mmm, walk back and forth for me, Jasmine. Let me look at you.” He watched keenly as she smiled and showed off for her lover. “God, you’re beautiful,” he seethed.

“Mmm. Thank you, James. So you like what you see?” she asked impertinently as she strutted her amazing body across the length of James’s room once again; her soft tits bouncing seductively and her lovely ass twitching tightly under the sheer short garment. She smiled knowingly at James as he ogled her form; her own arousal surging at the sexual power she was exerting at that moment.

“God, I want you,” James murmured.

Jasmine smiled warmly as she slowly approached him. She put her glass down on the bureau, placed her hands high on his thighs and leaned in to whisper in his ear, her lovely floral scent scrambling his senses. “Then you shall have me,” she whispered breathlessly in his ear.

She stood back up, grabbed a pillow and threw it down between his feet. She locked in James’s gaze before reaching across to slide the left strap of her slip, and then the right, off of her slender shoulders. She lowered the bodice of her slip, inch by inch; the fullness of the upper slopes of her breasts straining for release. She hissed with delight as her distended pink nipples emerged, rock hard and tipped toward the sky. With a flourish, she then reached down and pulled the slip up and over her head, her tits jiggling seductively with the movement. Her picture perfect breasts were now on full display, defying gravity. James could also now see that she was, as he’d suspected, wearing the tiniest of thongs, silver to match her now discarded slip.

She leaned forward to place her hands on his thighs again as she bent over to kneel down. Her soft natural breasts hung and swayed like full fleshy pendulums from her slender Escort Beylikdüzü torso. James couldn’t speak; he just watched as she knelt between his legs and slowly slid her hands up along the tops of this thighs.

“You are wearing far too many clothes, James. It’s unfair,” she teased in a little girl voice. The growing bulge in his slacks gave testament to his gathering arousal. Jasmine circumvented his visible excitement and reached up to begin unbuckling his belt, after which she lightly grabbed his zipper and began to slide it down over James’s hardening mass. She grabbed his pants and boxers all in one grip and pulled down. His turgid cock lay full and lanky across his thigh as she exposed it. She threw his clothes aside and reached up to unbutton his shirt. James could have helped, but he was enjoying the feel of her full breasts rubbing against his dick, now growing and thickening by the moment. He finally assisted in pulling his shirt off and leaned back to enjoy the attention.

“Oh, James,” Jasmine whispered. “You have such a nice big cock,” she cooed, breathing on his now fully erect member as she spoke. She gently blew along his length from a few inches away, then made eye contact with him as her tongue emerged and she gently licked the bulbous head of his raging hard-on. She cradled the engorged tip of his cock with her tongue, sliding it back and forth across his frenulum as she stared into his needy eyes. James felt like he was watching one of those up-close point of view porn movies, except it was his cock being washed with his lover’s slick tongue. As Jasmine stared into his eyes, she opened her delicate mouth and gently enveloped the straining head of his cock. Her mouth was so warm, so wet, and so incredibly soft. Her technique was slow and deliberate, just the way James liked it.

The sight of this gorgeous woman looking up at him with her lips languidly locked around his rock hard penis – it was a sight he knew he would never get tired of. He watched intently, taking in every little detail: her slender manicured fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft, her other hand gently cupping and kneading his bulging ball sac, her cheeks hollowed from sucking, the little whimpering moans that made it sound like nothing had ever tasted better. But it was her deep green eyes that entranced him, each time she looked up to see him watching her; the tip of his hard dick firmly ensconced between her soft lips.

She pulled off and began to lick her way down James’s quivering shaft, lower and lower, the rivulets of her gorgeous mane tickling his inner thighs as she descended. He felt her swirling tongue lather his smoothly shaved balls and a groan erupted from some deep dark place in his core. Jasmine was moaning herself and the slurpy sound of her testicular explorations was a complete turn-on for both of them. She took each big ball in her mouth, one at a time, swirling her tongue around the circumference before letting it pop out of her mouth with a moan – first one, then the other. She returned his gaze with a fat ball in her mouth, then, letting go of his rigid shaft, she shook her head back and forth, causing his rock hard cock to shake back and forth like a meaty metronome. James stared in amazement as his cock rocked the opposite way from her twisting head. She stopped to swirl her tongue before disengaging.

“Mmm, your balls are so smooth, James. I love that you shave them. Makes them perfect for sucking,” she added as she opened her mouth wide and engulfed his left ball once again. James groaned.

“God, I love to have my balls sucked, baby.” She giggled with his testicle encased in her mouth and James felt it vibrate through his crotch. “Really gently.”

“Then so it shall be,” she said quickly, before re-engaging in her ball sucking exercise.

Jasmine let his nut pop out of her mouth with a flair, then flattened her tongue and began to again lick her way up the underside of James’s hardened root, one slender hand again cupping his glistening freshly shaved balls, while the other remained wrapped around the base of his rigid rod. The vision of Jasmine sucking his cock was almost too much for James to comprehend. He flashed back to meeting her that very first day when she was making a presentation. Now she was between his legs, sucking his dick – in Paris.

“God, that feels so good, Jasmine. Don’t stop,” he commanded.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” she said after letting his erection fall from his mouth for a second. “I’ve wanted to suck your cock since the moment we landed in Paris,” she added, before opening her mouth wide and descending three or four inches down James’s rock hard member. He groaned in appreciation – her technique was perfection – long, slow, warm and wet – and no teeth, all lips.

He knew most women took pride in their oral skills. Hell, everyone, man or woman, wants to feel that they excel in that department. But James often found that many younger women had watched too much porn and seemed to feel that they had to be aggressive and rough. He had always appreciated a woman who handled his cock with care; who acknowledged that its hardness sometimes belied its sensitivity. He much preferred a soft feathery touch, whether from his lover’s hand or mouth. And he’d always hated to feel the rough edges of a woman’s teeth. Jasmine seemed to know this intuitively.

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