Jogger In the Woods

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“This isn’t something I usually do. I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Same here,” I answered as the young man let me lead him off of the trail that wound through the woods of the State Park, and although I had no idea whether my new-found friend was telling me the truth or not, I had been.

I didn’t do this sort of thing usually, at least not since I was his age, which I guessed to be 19 or so, since he was going to be a college sophomore come fall. Since I was three times young Taylor’s age, we made an unlikely pair, but this wasn’t love, just lust.

The lust was mine, and although our paths had crossed a couple of times over the last few days while jogging through the park, today was the first time that we had spoken. The conversation was brief, and while he was briefly taken aback by my rather crude comment that followed our sharing notes about the weather, he barely blinked when he responded.

“I would really like to suck your cock,” I had blurted out in a totally uncharacteristic move on my part, a result of standing close to the reed thin runner who had to be a half foot taller than my 5’9″ and finding myself drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

The look on his face, along with the fact that he didn’t haul off and belt me in the mouth after hearing that, confirmed that my “gaydar” was still Beylikdüzü escort working at my advanced age.

“Like, I’m all sweaty man,” Taylor had said with his hands on his bony hips.

“I can see that,” I had replied while watching beads of sweat cascading off of Taylor’s modest spray of golden armpit hair, and assured him that if he gave me the chance I would make him perspire even more.

“But where? I’ve got a roommate, and he’s kinda…”

“Back there I guess,” I said as I gestured toward the forest, and to my surprise when I started walking back into the woods Taylor followed.

We walked for awhile as I tried to find a place that would give us the privacy we needed, and after the forest blocked our view of the path we had come from, I assumed that the reverse would be true.

“Here,” I said, leaning my young friend against a pine tree that was much wider than he was, and after I went to my knees I reached up and pulled down his light blue shorts.

“Nice,” I said as I looked at the athletic supporter and ran my hand over the damp elastic.

The bulge was more modest than I had expected, and after I peeled down the soggy jock I was surprised at the size of his cute cock. It was almost as little as mine, which would have been a first for me, but the minute I touched the Beylikdüzü escort tiny wrinkled tube and felt how rubbery it was, I knew that unlike me, Taylor was a grower.

Easing the supporter all the way down his slender yet muscular legs, I let my hands run through the light dusting of hair on his calves before going back to his cock.

I pulled on the stem, which was moist and warm, and after I pulled on it a couple of times he began to lengthen. My hands worked the balls that hung loosely in a long pouch as my mouth enveloped Taylor’s dick, and I heard him groan as his hands slid through my scalp.

My tongue flicked at the conical head of his circumcised member, teasing the tip of it before nibbling at the tender opening. Longer and longer his milky white dick grew, the skinny tube soon becoming fully erect, and soon my lips were then gliding down a sleek seven inches of sweet manhood. I was almost able to take all of him in my mouth, with the tiny tuft of brown curls brushing my nose with each forward lurch of my mouth as I strained to reach the root of his member.

My hands were between Taylor and the tree, cupping his tight ass cheeks while my fingers were digging into his butt. My lips swooped up and down the length of him while out on the path the sound of joggers going by made the moment Escort Beylikdüzü even nastier.

I pulled my hands off of Taylor’s ass and busied them elsewhere, with my left hand milking his balls while my right hand nudged my running shorts down a bit so I could get at my cock. My dick was hard and dripping, and it only took a couple of pulls on my little friend before it was spitting a load onto the grass.

Above me, Taylor was breathing heavier and rubbing my neck, urging me to go faster, and then he groaned gutturally. I felt the surge of his orgasm as it traveled along the length of his dick a split-second before the warm spunk spurted into my mouth and throat.

I took his load willingly, letting his hot cream coat my throat as I kneaded everything out of his balls that he had to give. Soon, his manhood was wilting in my mouth, and when his long arching prong had become a little wrinkled tube once more I pulled myself to my feet.

“I’ll do you man,” Taylor said before noticing the cum around our feet as I pulled up my shorts quickly. “Oh.”

“Thanks, but it was good for me too,” I said as I watched Taylor pull up his jockstrap and shorts before we made our way out of the woods.

“Well, I think I’m done for today,” Taylor said as we got back to the trail.

“Me too.”

“Look man, that was really cool,” Taylor said. “Maybe I’ll see you around here again.”

“Could be,” I said as Taylor nodded and turned, jogging down the path with those ripping muscles in his legs making my dick tingle as he departed.


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