Julia’s Sexual Adventure – Day 01

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Julia had just reached her 45th birthday. It was a lonely one, as her husband of twenty years had passed on three years earlier. He had appeared healthy, but unknown even to him had suffered from a congenital heart defect. The end was both swift and surprising; he phoned her to say he wasn’t feeling well and was on his way home. Three hours later she was desperately trying to find out what had happened to him when a police car pulled up outside.

She had only ever known one lover; John and now she had lost him. Sex had been enjoyable but their respective lack of experience meant that it was always pretty straightforward.

Very occasionally Julia would masturbate, but always felt both embarrassed and guilty afterwards. She never committed this act when her husband was alive.

Billy — their son — was now off at University, only returning home for the holidays. So, she spent most of her time alone. She hadn’t worked for many years, both she and her husband had believed in the need for a parent (usually the Mother) to be at home for a child.

Left comfortably off Julia was, however, bored. She needed something to occupy herself and finally decided to complete the education that she had abandoned so many years before. Having made up her mind she became determined to go back to college and obtain her degree; a BA in English.

Julia made a number of applications before she was finally accepted for an interview at a reasonably local institution. But, the morning of the appointment became one of trial and tribulation. First; she overslept — not by much, but enough to put her ill at ease. Then, the washing machine broke during a spin cycle. She had to extricate the sopping clothes and then spend time hanging them out on the line (at least the weather was in her favour). Then, when she returned indoors, she discovered that there had been a localised power failure and the clocks had stopped.

Originally, Julia had scheduled herself just over an hour to get to the college (it was only a twenty minute drive away, but she didn’t want to take any chances). However, by the time she was ready to leave she only had thirty minutes left. Naturally, the day going the way it was, the car refused to start.

Julia felt like crying. Clearly, she wasn’t meant to go back to education.

Just as she stood looking forlornly at the unfamiliar workings under the bonnet of the vehicle, she heard a loud engine noise. Looking up she recognised Steve, one of Billy’s old school friends. He was a motor mechanic and nowadays rode a powerful bike.

Steve took in the scene and turned his bike around, pulling into the driveway behind the car. He dismounted and pulled of his helmet, his long, light brown hair catching the sunlight. His smile was almost as bright.

“Hi, Mrs Gill,” he said. “Having problems?”

“Am I glad to see you Steve! The car won’t start and I’ve got an interview in about twenty five minutes.”

It took Steve no more than three minutes to ascertain that the problem was not easily fixable.

“Sorry, Mrs Gill. I can fix it, but it would take me an hour to get the part. You’ll have to get a minicab.”

“But there isn’t time!” she wailed. “It’ll take at least ten minutes for one to get here.”

Steve scratched his head. “Well, it’s up to you, but I could always give you a lift on my motorbike. I’ve got a spare helmet on the back.”

Julia had always hated motorcycles and had expressly forbidden her son Billy to even ride on one, let alone buy one. But, it was her only hope of making it on time. It only took seconds to make up her mind, but the questions it then raised were still to be answered. She had considered that she should feel and act confidently in this interview and as a result had relied upon ‘power dressing’, which meant a suit consisting of skirt and jacket. But, for a reason she couldn’t readily explain, she had donned stockings and suspenders. How would she be able to maintain her modesty straddling a motorbike?

It was an ungainly process and she hooked her handbag over her shoulder to keep it out of the way. Steve had started and then turned the bike around, waiting for her to get on, but there was no way she could mount without parting her legs. Fortunately, the skirt was lightweight and pleated, meaning that she had some leeway. In the end, she placed a foot on the pedal grabbed the hem of her skirt, front and back, between her legs and then swung her knee over. Once on, she attempted to tuck the material under her legs to keep it secure. Steve took off almost straight away, forcing her to grab around his waist for security.

Steve drove quickly, but safely, managing to use the bike’s power and narrow profile to make up time. Meanwhile, Julia held on tight, leaning forwards against him. With her knees parted and her body leaned forward, she was pressing her pubic area into the leather seat. At first, the fear of riding as a pillion passenger was all that occupied her mind, but as she became more used to it she also became aware of the vibrations Beylikdüzü escort she was feeling.

By the time that Steve pulled up outside the college entrance, Julia was beginning to succumb to the effects of her journey. Much to her surprise she was feeling aroused. She stepped off, feeling a little dizzy and took off the helmet. She smoothed her hair which she had fortunately tied in a ponytail, before thanking Steve and hurrying inside.

After all the problems of the morning, the interview went unbelievably well. As part of her application she had been asked to include a short essay. The man interviewing her had been very impressed and told her that this meeting was a mere formality. When she left no more than thirty minutes later she was already assured of a place.

Julia walked out into the sunshine wearing one of the biggest grins of her life.

“Congratulations!” called Steve.

She was confused; firstly because she had not expected him to hang around, but also because she couldn’t understand how he knew.

“I assumed from the way you came out skipping and smiling that you got accepted?”

“That obvious, huh?”


“Well, it’s not absolutely certain yet — not until I get the confirmation letter, but that should be put in the post later today.”

“That’s brilliant! Good for you.”

“I owe you a great deal for getting me here on time, Steve.”

“I tell you what, how about we go get something to eat in order to celebrate?”

Julia thought for a moment before replying. She hadn’t had anything to celebrate for a while — and moreover, nobody to celebrate with. At the back of her mind a little voice was reminding her that Steve was the same age as her son, but the front of her mind was telling her that it would be nice to be seen with a handsome young man. She was about to embark on a new academic life, why not try starting afresh with her social life?

“Um, OK then. Where shall we go?”

“I know this lovely little pub by the river. It does nice, simple food.”

It was only then that Julia remembered the earlier bike ride. She climbed on, clutching at her skirt. Steve took off quickly again, but this time she didn’t have enough time to trap the material under her legs. The folds flapped in the breeze as they drove. She clung on tight again and leaned into him. Every now and then she caught a glimpse of her own stocking tops and hoped that nobody else did.

Just about the time that she started to enjoy the feel and smell of Steve’s leather jacket, she also began to feel the sensations that the earlier ride had engendered. Not that she had ever experimented in that way, but she imagined that the thrumming must be similar to how a vibrator would work. It was certainly doing something to her now and she was beginning to enjoy it. Her skirt flapped even more as they drove down quiet country lanes and she was shocked to be able to see her panties. The white cotton gusset was darkened where her pussy had leaked.

By now Julia was gasping. The wonderfully familiar tingling was beginning in her core and starting to spread. The pub came into sight just then and by good fortune Steve made for the far entrance. This meant that he was able to park quickly. Had he pulled into the nearer one, he would have had to drive slowly across the unmade up parking area. Those extra seconds might have tipped the scales for Julia. As it was, when he switched of the engine she was almost at the point of orgasm. She slithered from the bike and had to hold on to prevent her legs giving way.

Whether or not Steve knew what was happening to her she wasn’t sure. But she took her time and made out that she was fumbling with the clasp of the helmet in order to try and get herself under control. She took hold of Steve’s arm as they walked across the car park, legs still weak. Her panties felt totally soaked.

The inn was fairly relaxed and nobody seemed to be concerned that Steve was dressed in leathers. When they sat down at a table he took his jacket off to reveal a white t-shirt. Maybe it was just a size too small, but it seemed to form itself to his muscles. Julia mentally noted that he was a far cry from the gangling youth that she once knew.

Steve wouldn’t drink alcohol — not even one — as his job depended upon being able to drive, but he insisted that Julia should celebrate with some wine. He told her it was his treat and bought a bottle of a crisp white that she enjoyed.

During the meal they talked about reminiscences from Steve’s youth and friendship with Billy. Eventually, they got onto Julia’s ability to make any of his friends welcome when they turned up — even the time when they (as a joke) all turned up — unexpected – on the doorstep one evening at 8pm. Julia was unfazed and welcomed them all in — about seven or eight young men — and promptly asked if they’d eaten. When they shook their heads meekly she then proceeded to cook and serve hamburgers and chips for them all.

“I remember that,” she said. “I thought Beylikdüzü escort it was odd that you all just turned up like that.”

“Well, we did it a few times. Usually to someone who had said that they didn’t want to go out that evening. In your case it backfired.” He paused and then continued, “To be honest, we talked about maybe turning up again when Billy wasn’t even there.”

“Oh, why?”

A lopsided grin broke out on his face, “Just to see you, of course.”

“To see me? Why?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Julia shook her head vaguely.

Steve sighed, “Because we all fancied you like mad!”

Julia searched his face to see if he was being serious. “An old woman like me?”

“Old? No. Mature? Well, maybe. I would just prefer to say ‘an older woman’.”

She was still wondering if Steve was joking, but was flattered by the idea.

“I suppose you lads must be prone to teenage crushes. I’m sure it didn’t take long to wear off once you discovered girls of your own age.”

“Um, no.”

It was as if a vacuum had instantly been formed around them, sealing out the rest of the world. Julia was still trying to decide if she had understood him correctly when Steve spoke again.

“I’ve certainly never stopped fancying you and I’d be surprised if the others have. I mean, you’re incredibly sexy and good looking.”

“Steve!” she exclaimed. “You’re making me blush!”

“Are you blushing from embarrassment or pleasure?”

That hit home. Yes, she was certainly feeling embarrassed. She was also pleased; it was a long time since anyone had paid her a compliment, let alone admitted to being attracted to her. But, the level-headed realist inside her advised caution.

“I appreciate your compliments, Steve. But you can’t honestly expect me to believe that a twenty one year old handsome, strapping man like you can get turned on by me, a forty five year old woman?”

He paused a moment and took hold of her hand before speaking. “An attractive, beautiful woman with a figure any younger woman would die for?”

He pulled her hand towards him and rested it on his crotch.

“Yes,” he whispered. “And does this prove it?”

Steve’s hand was still covering hers, but her palm could feel the heat of his erect manhood through the leather trousers. It felt big, strong and powerful, matching the look of the rest of his body. She was shocked, but didn’t want to take her hand away.

Reality came back slowly. Fortunately, the area of the pub they were in was deserted and nobody had seen their intimate contact. Julia took her hand away and placed it in her own lap, acutely aware of the feel of her suspender clasp through the material of the skirt. She longed to take his hand and place it there as he had done with hers. The thrill she felt from thinking that merely served to remind her of the dampened state of her knickers.

“I… I don’t know what’s come over me.” She instantly regretted the double entendre and made it worse, “I mean… it must be the bike ride.”

“So it had an affect on you, did it?”

She blushed again.

“Don’t worry, it’s not unusual. Most of my girlfriends enjoy it too.”

Suppressing a desire to grit her teeth, Julia said, “Do all motorbikes do that?”

Steve smiled. “No, not all of them, this one just seems to… resonate that way.”

He stared at her with a slight smile on his face.

“What?” she asked, wondering if she had inadvertently dribbled some food on her chin.

“So how close did you get?”

Julia frowned, not quite sure of his meaning. Then the light dawned.

“Oh! Oh, er…um…” she coughed to silence.

“I bet it was real close, huh? The way you had trouble standing up when we got here.”

The merest hint of a nod answered his question.

“And how do you feel now?”

“I… I can’t tell you. It’s not right. I can’t… I need to…Oh.” Julia looked wretched.

Steve smiled sympathetically. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I feel the same and I couldn’t stop from pushing. Perhaps if you’re that desperate you’d better go and take care of business.” He nodded towards the door leading to the Ladies toilets.

Julia fled through the opening, hoping that nobody else would be in there. She raced through two doors and then stepped into one of the two cubicles (both of which were luckily unoccupied). Having pulled up her skirt, she frantically tugged at her panties — and heard a rip as they came down. She pulled her foot out of her shoe and through the leg hole allowing her to part her legs properly. She felt every sensation, including the coolness of the floor on her stockinged foot. But these were all forgotten when her fingers reached her pussy. Her left hand bunched into a fist and she bit down hard to stop herself from squealing.

The pubic hairs were already matted with her lubricating juices, the pussy lips were gaping. But she didn’t get as far as penetrating her burning tunnel – her orgasm was almost immediate. Once more, the feelings of Escort Beylikdüzü guilt and shame came over Julia when her body had calmed a little. This time was even worse; to masturbate in a public toilet — and then to have a young man sitting waiting for her, knowing what she had done!

Julia looked down at her panties. There was no way she could put them back on; not only were they wet and damaged, but they had been on the floor. She screwed them up tight and pushed them into one of the many compartments in her handbag. She used toilet paper to mop between her legs and wished she could leave the cubicle to wash properly. But she daren’t risk being discovered like that at a basin. When she exited, she looked to see if there was an alternative way out, one that would mean she could avoid seeing Steve. But she was out of luck.

Feeling sick and faint, Julia walked back out into the bar and tried to concentrate on moving normally. She could see Steve watching her as she approached. She sat back down.

“Oh!” she said. Her pussy was still tender.

“Feel better?” he asked.

She averted her eyes and replied earnestly, “Honestly, I’ve never, ever done anything like that in my life before. I feel so ashamed.”

“Why feel ashamed? You were in need of release, so you found it.”

“Yes, but in a public toilet?” she hissed.

“Better there than out here where somebody might have seen you. Somebody other than me that is.”

Even his words seemed to have an erotic affect on Julia. Was he saying that it was all right to masturbate in a public place as long as only he could see? Did he mean that he would want to watch her doing that? She asked herself how she would feel about it and discovered that she was either still aroused or becoming so all over again. She was having difficulty concentrating on his words as he spoke, continually thinking about him in sexual terms; what he would look like naked, how she would feel if she was sitting naked next to him right now.

When his words finally began to filter through, he was saying, “You know, I think I should probably take you home now.”

The tingling anticipation of sitting astride the bike again was almost unbearable. She walked arm-in-arm with Steve across the car park and then watched as he fired up the motorcycle. He climbed on and then patted the seat behind him. Careless of whether anybody saw her stocking tops or not, Julia swung her leg over and sat down.

“Ohhh!” she said.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’d forgotten…”

“Forgotten what?”

She leaned in closer to him, feeling the soft warm leather pressing against her pussy.

“That I had to take my panties off,” she whispered. She couldn’t believe that she had just told him that.

He looked back over his shoulder and said conspiratorially, “I guess my seat is about to get a soaking then?”

Julia quickly put the helmet on in order to hide her reddening face. Steve put his hand on the knee pressing against the outside of his thigh and ran it backwards, up under her skirt and onto the naked flesh above her stocking top. She shivered from his touch and wrapped her arms around his chest.

Steve donned his helmet and gloves, put the bike in gear and took off. He drove slower than before and deliberately took a more meandering route back to Julia’s house. Most of it — fortunately — was on empty country roads. With her skirt flying, she pressed hard against the motorcyclist’s back and gave in to the vibrations that were making her want to hump the seat. It was about half a mile from home when she began a long, low moan that ended in a primal yell that Steve could hear even through the helmets and over the noise of the engine.

Far from feeling the relief from an orgasm, the delicious massaging of the slippery leather seat just kept on stimulating her. She had to hold on tight to prevent herself falling off. The last four hundred metres was along the local roads leading to her house. She hoped nobody was watching as her skirt blew around revealing her legs and, maybe more.

Steve had barely parked the bike, when Julia dragged him from the drive to the front door. She scrabbled in her purse for the front door key, dropping it twice in her haste. Once inside, she slammed the door and pushed him against the wall. She hadn’t kissed a man since her husband, but her lips now felt afire and the only way to quench them was to join with those of the handsome young man in front of her.

They kissed. It would have gone on for longer but for two things; the need to breathe and the need for sexual gratification. When their mouths parted Steve rotated so that Julia was now against the wall and dropped to his knees in front of her. He roughly pushed her skirt up to her waist, paused as he looked at her exposed and hairy pussy (she hadn’t felt the need to keep it trimmed) and then moved his head closer.

Julia’s eyes flew wide. She looked down in shock; he was actually licking her down there! Her initial feeling of disgust lasted no more than a second as she gave way to his expert tongue. She felt it slither from the bottom of her slit right up to the top, where it concentrated on that delicate little hood. He sucked and nibbled at it before delving between the puffy, swollen lips.

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