Kevin’s Roommate Ch. 04

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Sarah stood in the den as she gazed at Brad. Brad was her brother’s roommate and from what she had just seen a few minutes early, they were more then just friends. Kevin was standing with his hands on his hips staring back and forth between his sister and his boyfriend.

“Your boyfriend from summer camp?” Kevin repeated the words and tried to remember what Sarah had told him of her time at camp. He recalled that she had met a guy and they had made out, but nothing further. They had planned to keep in touch, but had forgotten to exchange information and since dating between counselors was strictly forbidden, there was no way they could ask the camp for each others’ phone numbers.

“Let me explain.” Brad jumped up and walked towards Kevin. This made Sarah pout as she began to glare at him.

“No. Just forget it. You said you never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Am I just your little amusement until you find someone better?” Kevin didn’t wait for an answer as he stormed upstairs to his bedroom. Sarah and Brad were left stunned and staring at each other.

A little while later Kevin heard a knock on the door. He got up and saw his sister at the doorstep. “Please let me talk.” Kevin didn’t answer as he walked back to his bed.

“Brad didn’t tell you about me because he wanted to forget that summer. Every time we kissed there was something not right. He dropped off the face Beylikdüzü escort of the earth and I hadn’t heard from him since. He is falling for you. I’m not sure why since you’re geeky and annoying, but anyway. He went home a little while ago and says he’ll be home tomorrow if you want to go over. Otherwise, he’ll pick you up Tuesday at 10am.”

Sarah turned and began to walk towards the door.

“Wait! He’s falling for me?”

“Yes, silly. You didn’t see it in his eyes? He desperately didn’t want to hurt you and I went in and blurted out about the summer and he was glaring at me. He got very mad at me for bringing that up and figures after the year is over he’ll never see you again. Good night.”

Sarah left the room and Kevin was left alone to think about what had happened. Since Josh had trampled on his heart two years ago he figured everyone was out to get him. At that moment, he understood that Brad was embarrassed about Sarah and was it true that he was falling for him. He tossed and turned and only slept for a little bit. He was thankful when the sun rose.

The next day, he went over to Brad’s house. He borrowed his parent’s car and was stunned as he pulled into the gated community that was on the edge of town. They had never talked about money and Kevin realized that this was probably why. Brad’s parents’ house was more like a mansion and as he walked Beylikdüzü escort up the front steps, he got nervous. After knocking on the door, he heard movement inside and when the door opened, he saw Brad standing there in only a towel.


“Hi yourself.” Brad grinned and let Kevin in.

“My sister told me what you said last night. I need to tell you about Josh.” As Kevin spoke, he couldn’t help but glance down at the towel. It was barely covering Brad’s legs and with everything that was going on right now he realized his cock was hardening in his jeans.

Brad led Kevin upstairs to his room and sat down on the bed.

“Josh was a guy who I liked in high school. He liked me back and we secretly began dating. He was a year older and I fell for him hard. We did nothing more then kiss, but that really made me realize that I was gay. A month before graduation he told everyone that I was gay and that I had tried to kiss him. He went to prom with this slutty girl and I spent the last month of school getting evil looks since Josh was captain of the football team and was a star student. I was just this quiet geeky guy who had tried to turn him gay.”

Kevin looked up and saw that Brad’s face was full of concern.

“I will never hurt you. I have no more secrets other then the fact that I loved sleeping next to you that first and only time and us not talking Escort Beylikdüzü the last few months was killing me.”

Kevin leaned up and kissed Brad. It was an aggressive kiss. He pushed Brad onto his back and yanked away the towel. He dropped to his knees in front of the bed and wrapped his mouth around Brad’s cock. He had never done this before, but it felt right. Brad’s moans urged him on and he began to play with Brad’s balls. It was such a unique feeling to feel someone else’s balls and he did exactly what he liked on himself on Brad. Brad sat up and watched as his boyfriend sucked his cock.

“I’m close. Stop.” Brad began to pull Kevin up, but Kevin nodded and continued to suck. He tried to deep throat a few times and on the third try he felt warm salty liquid in his mouth. Brad was cumming in his mouth and all he could do was swallow. Brad was thrashing around and when he finished, he looked down and saw Kevin blushing.

“God you’re sexy.” Brad pulled Kevin up and after fumbling to undo his jeans, he latched onto his cock and began to suck. Kevin could only close his eyes and moan. This was his first blowjob and he was going to blow his load soon. He tried to warn Brad, but Brad was rubbing that spot under his balls and he could barely speak. He lifted up his hips and came in Brad’s mouth. Brad swallowed all of it and then sat up. Both of them grinned and kissed each other. They could taste each other’s cum on their lips.

They spent the rest of the day exploring each other and discussed anal sex, but decided to wait a bit. Kevin got home late and snuck into his bedroom, hoping everyone was asleep. He fell asleep immediately.

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