Letters from a Shared Wife 01

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Let me know via PM on the Bulletin Board if you want to read more “letters” from this wife about her adventures with her husband.

My Dearest Husband,

This will be the first of many letters where I express my love and adoration for you and the life that you have given us. Not many people would understand the relationship that we have, especially the sexual aspect of our marriage. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that we love each other, we are happy together, and that we are both sexually fulfilled in our own respective way.

You truly are the love of my life. I could never imagine making my journey through this lifetime without you by my side. I knew you were different than all of the other men that I had dated the first time we met. Your kindness, meekness, and eagerness to please me quickly won my heart, my mind, and my love. It didn’t hurt that your family was extremely wealthy, either.

The concern that you showed for my happiness and pleasure was evident when you were so forthcoming about the physical deficiency that you have. Not every man would do that for a woman that he is sexually attracted to. Despite the warning you gave me, I was still shocked by the diminutive size of your penis the first time that I saw it. Even in its erect state due to your desire for me, it was significantly smaller than all of the other men I had slept with – even while they were flaccid.

I felt extremely guilty when I told you that it didn’t matter to me. Because it did. It was sweet that you were so eager to place yourself inside me that very first time. I didn’t have the heart to tell you that I never felt the slightest sensation of penetration. I was rescued by any awkwardness that I felt when you climaxed in mere seconds. My guilt was compounded when I decided at that very moment, as you lay panting on top of me after your climax, that I would continue having sex with the other men that I frequently slept with while you and I dated.

You had no way of knowing at the time that I needed to have a big cock to truly satisfy me. Nothing would ever be able to substitute the feeling of being stretched both wide and deep by a man’s monstrous phallus. Nothing would ever be able to replace the sensation of a man’s deep, copious insemination into my womb.

I was so determined to present a sweet, innocent persona to you after we met. I shuddered at the thought that you might ever find out how skilled of a fellatrix I was. That’s why I lied to you at first and told you I detested giving blowjobs. I withheld that pleasure from you in order to keep şırnak seks hikayeleri you from being suspicious of how I obtained my skills.

I had been quite selective about the men I allowed to fuck me, the main criteria being that they had to have a large cock. But I was much less selective about the cocks that I sucked. Sucking cock was truly an addiction for me. It was a sport. I started fellating men even before I lost my virginity. That’s when I discovered that my lack of a gag reflex drove men mad with lust for the attention of my mouth.

Connoisseurs of wine seek to taste, compare, and contrast all of the varieties and vintages available to them. I was the same way about cum. I thirsted for it. I craved it. I wanted men to be in awe of my thirst for cum and my skill at sucking cock so that, in their minds, I eclipsed their former lovers, their girlfriends, and on many occasions even their wives.

Despite my addiction to sucking cock, my love, receiving a large cock inside me regularly was something I knew I could not go without. I even risked losing your love for me to satisfy that need. That’s how much of a slut I was.

I thought I lost you when you caught me that first time. You assumed I was asleep that morning after working my overnight shift at the hospital. The fact that you used your key to come into my apartment just to leave me flowers is a testament to your thoughtfulness. I wasn’t asleep, though, was I?

That was the first time you saw me with Jim, a fellow nurse and co-worker of mine. Many months earlier I had noticed the outline of his long, flaccid cock through his scrub pants. He was much older than me – almost old enough to be my father. He was also married, which complicated my efforts to get his cock into my mouth. Eventually I was able to seduce him. His wife disliked sucking his cock, but I was practically begging him to let me drop to my knees for him.

I must have swallowed a gallon of his seed during those months leading up to him fucking that first time. His cock was so big that it felt like a baby’s arm with a clenched fist inside me. I convinced him to come to my apartment after our shift together so that he could fuck me. That’s what you saw.

The memory is as vivid as if it happened yesterday. He was pounding my tight little pussy incessantly as I lay in the missionary position on my bed. I was climaxing repeatedly from the assault of his cock on my womb. In fact, I was in the throws of one of the most powerful orgasms of my young life when I happened to glance over toward my bedroom door and saw you standing there.

My first instinct was to push Jim off of me and run to you, to beg you for your forgiveness, to tell you Jim meant nothing to me. You were my true love. Yet my lust and desire for sexual pleasure won out over my sensibilities. From you vantage point you could obviously see how wide and deep Jim’s big cock was stretching my pussy with each powerful thrust. You could obviously see how his large balls were slapping my ass, too.

I realized you were staring directly where Jim and I were joined together. Then I realized your pants were pulled down and you were massaging your little erection with your fingertips. Jim made one final deep thrust into me and began filling my womb with his mature seed. That’s when I saw you begin to ejaculate and spew your own cum outward from your body and onto my bedroom floor. I lost sight of you when Jim pressed his tongue into my mouth and began to kiss me passionately. Once again my lust overcame me as I tried to milk every drop of Jim’s seed from his spent cock with the walls of my pussy.

Jim quickly left after that, leaving me exhausted and my pussy battered, sore, and full of his thick cum. I lay in my bed unable to move. Tears began forming in my eyes because I truly believed that I had lost you forever. Surely you realize how surprised I was to hear you enter my apartment door a few minutes after Jim departed. I fully expected you to yell and scream at me when you entered my bedroom and saw me still laying naked on my bed, my body covered in a sheen of perspiration, my pussy gaping and leaking another man’s cum.

Then you amazed me. You sat on the edge of my bed. You wiped a tear from my eye. Before I could even say anything you kissed me softly. Then you began licking and kissing down my body until your face disappeared between my legs. I could feel the warmth of your breath against my pussy. I felt the tip of your tongue press against my clit.

I can’t describe the emotions I experienced when I then felt your tongue glide upward from my anus toward my clit. Shock? Confusion? Guilt? All of these. But also lust, pleasure, reassurance, and joy. Your mouth and tongue worked on my pussy ravenously, almost urgently. The nectar of my renewed sexual arousal flowed out of me plentifully along with the cum that Jim had just freshly deposited inside. I could hear the slurping sounds you made as you consumed it.

I told you that the orgasm Jim gave me was one of the most powerful of my life up to that point. The climax I had while you licked me clean of another man’s cum was actually the most powerful. It was you who gave it to me. I had never felt so loved and adored in my entire life.

It was so endearing how you hurriedly lowered your pants and tried to press your little erection into me immediately after that. Surely you knew that, while I could feel your thrusts against my body I never felt any sensation of you ever being inside me. I only felt the warmth and wetness of your cum leaking down across my anus because I was too loose to hold you inside me when you began to climax mere seconds later.

You then crawled up beside me. You held me and kissed me tenderly on the cheek. Your breath smelled like my pussy and Jim’s cum. You began to verbally pour out your emotions and feelings to me. It saddened me to hear your accounts of how every girl or woman you had ever been with ridiculed your small penis. One told you to stop dating women, that you would forever be a disappointment, and that you could never please a woman.

That’s when you professed your love for me. You acknowledged that all women have deeply ingrained sexual needs. They seek out large cocks not just for the pleasure they provide, but because their instinct to procreate make them favor a deep insemination. You told me that, if I would love you and be with you, I would never go without the pleasure of a large cock. You assured me that I would always receive the sexual pleasure I needed and deserved by allowing me to have other lovers, and that you would even find them for me if necessary.

I began to cry new tears, but they were tears of happiness and joy. I kissed you passionately and professed my love for you. Then reality hit me. I suddenly realized that I was ovulating and that the millions of sperm Jim had just ejaculated into me would be seeking my free egg. One might be fertilizing my egg at that very moment. I was so very fortunate that never occurred. Jim revealed to me that he had a vasectomy years earlier. He told me when I was sucking his cock in a maintenance closet at work later that same night.

Despite my fear and apprehension of becoming pregnant I continued to lay beside you as you caressed my long hair. That’s when I knew I would marry you. That’s when I realized that you would give me everything in life that I had ever wanted.

More of my letters to you will be forthcoming, my beloved. I want to reminisce for you about many of the sexual experiences we’ve shared together throughout our marriage. I want you to realize, if you don’t already, just how much sexual pleasure I have experienced because of your love and support.

I am a slut. That is true. But I am your slut, forever and always.


Your Wife

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