Liberating the Goddess Pt. 01

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They had been driving since noon. Soon enough the sun would set behind the towering mountains and the gathering dusk would envelope the narrow twisting road.

“How much longer? Driver-jee.” Sheela was getting tired. They had got off the aircraft at Bagdogra almost four hours ago and had been driving to the Aroen Valley National Park which they should have reached in three and half hours. But then, keeping time on these roads was not easy.

“Another ten minutes, Mem-saab.”

Sheela and her husband Subho, short for Shubhodeep, were sitting at the back of a powerful Toyota Fortuner, while their son Rudra was sitting up front next to the driver. Sheela was just a shade over forty but was dressed more like a teenager in ripped jeans and a loose sleeveless top that showed an occasional glimpse of a sports bra. She knew that Subho, who was almost twenty years older, viewed her as a trophy wife and it was important for her, for a variety of reasons, to play the part. Which was not difficult at all because of her sharply chiselled face, the flawlessly smooth, milk_&_cocoa skin and a headful of black and bouncy hair that could come down to her waist. But the clincher of course was her gym that had given her elegantly sculpted biceps and abs that had long forgotten about the child that she had once borne.

And it was against these abs that Subho was rubbing his palm in the cover of darkness of the back seat. Subho too was a handsome person but that was with the help of a lot of medical technology! As the CEO of a mid-size company it was necessary for him to fit into the young and hip Mumbai society. He was past sixty but a quick glance would have made you think that he was a good twenty years younger. His transplanted hair was dyed jet black, the crows feet around his eyes were regularly removed and frequent facials kept his cheeks taught. Then of course there were these vitality drugs including, on special occasions, the blue pill! After the long flight, he had initially fallen asleep in the car but now after a refreshing nap, he had slid his hands into Sheela’s dress and was feeling the nub of her nipples! He had also tried to push his hands into her pants as well but his ardour had been damped when Sheela had given a sharp on his knuckles along with a wink-and-glance towards the front seat.

In the front, it was not as if Rudra was unaware of what his parents were up to but the sights and sounds of the mountain road were more interesting. They should have been on this trip on his eighteenth birthday but the dratted pandemic had delayed everything. In the meanwhile he had completed two years of his 5 year law program at the National Law School at Calcutta Living with his mother, he shared her fitness regime and had grown up as a tough young man. But his childlike face and an ever smiling demeanour hid a mind that was sharp-as-a-nail and an encyclopaedic memory that his teachers loved and admired. There was little that he missed and his curiosity took him very often to the dark and hidden corners of the world around him, but just about enough so that he could always come back without making a mess. His dream was a career in law enforcement. Not in the police but as a private investigator. So today, he was looking forward to his delayed, but long awaited birthday gift.

Shubho’s office had booked an ancient hunting lodge once owned by the local zamindar. This had been refurbished and was now operated by a modern travel company. It was a small two storied house set deep inside the dense jungle. On the ground floor there was the lounge, or darbaar, the dining room and a few guest rooms while the upper floor was a large, single suite, formerly used only by the owner, but now available of course to any guest. Adjacent to the suite was a private terrace that, in the past, was used by lazy guests as a safe shooting platform to kill a few innocent animals that might have wandered into the grounds. The suite had two bedrooms, one large, one small, connected to a hall that opened out on the terrace. One end of the hall had a large bookcase while the other end was a bar, both of which were well stocked. Rudra and Subho were sitting on two large sofas in the middle. In front of them was a low glass topped table with an ornamental bottle of Rémy Martin XO and three half filled brandy snifters. The three of them had had their dinner and were now waiting for the brandy … and more!

“Why is Ma taking so long?”

Rudra was getting impatient. Sheela had dropped hints but had not told him exactly what she had bought for him! Would it be a Glock? A Sig? Or a Walther? Whatever it was he was desperate to wrap his hands around it, and let off a few shots in the darkness of the terrace!

“Oh, she must be packing your gift in the best possible way.” Subho smiled. Obviously he was in on the secret but wouldn’t give it away.

“Subho, I am ready …” Sheela called out from the bedroom and on cue, Subho got up and switched off the lights, plunging the room in pitch darkness. Rudra saw the shadowy figure of his mother emerging Nişantaşı Escort from the bedroom and just as she was in the centre, the lights came back on …. And what a sight it was!

Sheela was standing in the middle of the room with a tray in her hand. On the tray was a Glock 26 9x19Parabellum sub-compact pistol — something that he had been dreaming about ever since he had got a gun license on his eighteenth birthday. Normally, he would have jumped on it but for the fact it was being carried by his mother, Sheela who was totally nude!

Yes, his mother did not have a stitch of clothing or any makeup on her. Smiling coyly at him was his mother Sheela who was totally nude from head to toe, except for that lustrous cascade of her tresses that barely covered the nipples of her left breast. Plus of course that dense mat of her pubic bush, wild, wanton and unshaved, through which he could clearly see her luscious lips.

Rudra was so totally taken aback by the suddenness of the situation that he could barely speak, and it was his father who broke the ice.

“Hey Rudra, what are you going to do with your gun and the girl?”

But Rudra was still tongue tied. There were a million things that were firing inside his head but this was not the first time that he was seeing his mother naked.


Growing up in their flat in Calcutta, Rudra had always been closer to his mother, simply because more often than not his father was not there. What helped bring them even closer whas their shared interest in online games like Call of Duty and CounterStrike that they would play from their own computers. Subho was already running a big company when he got married, rather late in life, to Sheela in what was possibly a shotgun marriage. Sheela was barely eighteen at that time and suddenly she had found herself being married off almost against her will by her father who had business relations with Subho’s father. There had been rumours of some deal going sour but all this had been quickly shoved under the carpet. What had mattered more to her was that since most of Shubho’s plants and customers were around Bombay, he spent most of his time there. Sheela had wanted to move to Bombay with him but for reasons that had become obvious later, he was never keen about that. Except of course when there would be an important public event where there would be press coverage and he could show off his stunning wife for the benefit of his Page 3 image.

Rudra had his own bedroom but when he was small, really small, he would sleep with his mother except of course when Subho was in town. Then, Sheela would lull him to sleep in his own room and then quietly go to where Subho would be waiting impatiently. When Rudra grew older, it did not take him too long to figure out the reason for his mother’s nocturnal disappearance. An AC duct that connects the two rooms helped him by giving full access to the coital opera that would play out whenever his father was there! Night after night he would hear his father’s grunts, his mother’s squeals and even some shrieks that he could not really figure out. Then there was the metronymic thud of the bed against the wall. What was a little puzzling was that on the morning after a particularly noisy night, Sheela would be rather quiet and one day, Rudra had, in all innocence, asked her.

“Ma, why were you and Baba making such a noise last night?”

Sheela was taken aback by the question, because she had no idea whatsoever that Rudra could hear them. But she thought that she would ride out the sudden storm

“What noise dear?”

“You were screaming, ‘It hurts’, ‘It hurts’ and then ‘Please not in the back, please'”

For a moment Sheela was stunned. Subho had taken her in the anus last night and that too without an ounce of tenderness. It was no less than a rape and it had hurt like hell and now it had been heard as well. For a moment, Sheela thought that she could divert the topic into safer channels but then all of a sudden she felt a stiffening in her spine. Rudra was not so small anymore and thanks to school and the internet it was more likely than not that he would be aware of the mechanics of sex. It would stupid and futile to dodge him.

“Rudra, my dear, I know that you are old enough to understand that there are certain things that adult couples do that cannot be discussed very easily with children.”

“Were you having sex?”

“I see that you have already figured that out yourself.” Sheela smiled. “Yes, your father was making love to me as all husbands do to their wives.”

“But Ma, when you love me I do not get hurt! I do not scream like that.”

“This is different, sweetheart,” Sheela was breaking out in cold sweat. “But come, finish your breakfast. You have to go to school. We will discuss this some other time.”

She might have wriggled out once, but Rudra was quickly learning to connect Pendik Escort the dots and the hormones in his body were not idle either. Helping along was Shankar, a yog-exercise trainer whom Sheela had appointed to help them get their bodies in shape. Five days a week, he would arrive in the morning and push mother and son through a combination of aerobic and yogic exercises that was really invigorating. But beyond the exercise, Rudra could see that his mother really enjoyed the attention that Shankar lavished on her. Shankar was a little past middle-age and a competent and friendly soul. Rudra thought that he spoke a little too much but Sheela indulged him because he was the fountainhead of local gossip. Shankar’s problem in life was his wife who was a terror. She had a razor sharp tongue that made his life far more miserable than what it would have ever been and so, no wonder, he was a little infatuated with his client.

While exercising, Sheela would wear a small slip that barely covered her soft, elastic sports bra and a pair of very loose shorts. There was one exercise where Sheela would kneel and bend forward on her hands while Shankar would press her hips down to the floor. In another, she would be on her back with legs raised and Shankar would kneel between her thighs and push them apart. These were two movements that Sheela loved the most. When Shankar was handling her on these two movements, Rudra would see a smile that would wash over her face and also hear a barely audible moan of pleasure. In the push down, Shankar would move his hands from her hips to her butts and Sheela would enjoy the way that they were squeezed. The second one was even more exciting. With her legs up in the air and her shorts bunched around her crotch, Shankar would spread her legs and slide his hands down till his thumb would almost be at her lips! A little more and his fingers would have slided in. Not only did Rudra hear his mother sigh with pleasure but a patch of wetness that would darken the spotless white of her pants.

Rudra was now of an age when these sights and sounds would of course lead him to masturbate in his bed. Sheela would smile while changing the sheets but little did she know that it was she who was the primary driver for her son’s wet dreams.

His father’s visits to Calcutta were getting increasingly infrequent and uncertain. Subho would reach the city unannounced, finish his business meetings, then drop in at home for dinner, and more, and then leave for Mumbai in an early morning flight. On one such visit, Rudra had returned home a bit late and at the dinner table he had found that his father was a little too boisterous while his mother was very subdued. Realising that his room would be the best place to listen in to their sounds of sex, he had retired early but unfortunately everything was quiet. After his mother had come to know about the AC duct ‘intercom’ between their rooms, she had on subsequent occasions tried to keep silent but all to no avail. Once his libido was afire, Shubho just could not keep silent but today, there was something amiss. Rudra had tried to pass time by toying with a novel but eventually he had dozed off till all of a sudden, he found himself being shaken awake.

It was his mother and in the dim light of the room he saw that she was wearing a tiny negligee that barely covered her body. But what was even more alarming was a large bruise — it had not been there in the evening — on her left eye.

“Ma, what happened to your eye.”

“Nothing, nothing, don’t worry,” she tried to gloss over the fact, “but I need you to do something very urgently.”

“Tell me Ma, tell me what you want.”

“Can you, … , will you, …” she stuttered in hesitation. She could not bring herself to say it.”

“Relax Ma, relax. Tell me what you need and I will get it. No problem.”

“How can I tell you, dear .. you are my son.”

“Which is why you can tell me anything … anything in the world.” Rudra was very calm and comforting.

“Can you please get me a packet of condoms from the cigarette shop in the corner?” Sheela blurted out in one breath.

“Of course, that is easy!” But Rudra’s heart was racing. This was something that he had never done. “Which one?”

“Anything, I don’t care.”


The next day was a Sunday but even then, Subho did not stay back. Which was good as otherwise it would have been difficult for mother and son to talk about the matter.

“Thank you kid, for helping me out last night.”

“I always would, but why that bruise on your face? Did he beat you up?”

“Long story kid, but I think it is time for you to know about it.”

“Tell me, Ma”

“You should know by now that I am not the only woman that your father lives with. He has others in Mumbai which is why he never takes us there.”

“How do you know? Have you asked him?”

“These are things that you get to know very soon and yes, he hardly cares to deny it either.”

“So why don’t you get a divorce Rus Escort or separate?”

“Why should I lose access to his huge wealth? Would you know how hard we have to struggle if we have to live as comfortable a life as this… why should I give it all up?”

“But does it justify getting beaten up in the night?”

“Last night was a mess-up. I was not prepared for his arrival and did not have condoms.”

“To get beaten up for not having condoms?”

“I was beaten up for refusing to have sex with him.”

“I am sorry, I should not be asking this, but why would you refuse to have sex with him?”

“Because I could not run the risk of unprotected sex!” Sheela burst out. “Oh god, why am i discussing my sex life with my own son?”

“Were you afraid of getting pregnant and having another baby again?”

“No dear, I can always have an iPill to stop pregnancy but I was terrified about getting a disease.”

“Disease? You mean an STD?”

“Aha, you know the term! Good. Yes, your father is sleeping around with so many women that you never know what germs are sitting on his prick!” Inadvertently, Sheela had let loose the p-word.

“Aha I like that image … of little germs decorating his prick, like toony lights on Kalipujo!”

“Don’t be ridiculous kid, but thanks for the condoms anyway.”

“Did you like the orange flavour or the chocolate flavour?”

“Kiddo, these are not toffees that I eat one after the other. Your father can barely get his tool hard and stiff just once.”

“Oh, Ok. But what about that bruise on the eye? I think it is spreading.”

“There would be one more on my back. I had fallen on the floor. It hurts.”

“You should have called me Ma, I would have gone and pulled you out of the room.”

“I know dear, but when you have conditioned yourself to be fucked — oh sorry for that word — so long, you really cannot rebel so easily.”

“I don’t know, Ma. But my blood boils to see you hurt like this.”

“Thank you dear.” Sheela suddenly hugged her son to breast. “There is at least someone who thinks about me.” She sobbed.

Rudra felt the full volume and softness of his mother’s breasts as they squashed against his chest and then all of a sudden he felt a new hardness in his loins.

“Don’t worry Ma, I am always there for you.” He had meant to kiss her on cheeks but Sheela suddenly moved her head and Rudra’s kiss landed on his mother’s lips. For a split second, the world came to a halt and then it moved on again as Rudra pulled his face back.

“I know sweetheart, you are the light of my life. Had it not been for you, I would have left your father long ago. There were many who wanted me but without you.” It was Sheela’s turn to throw a kiss and this time, Rudra took it, deliberately, on his lips. Was he getting ideas?

“Come, let me take a look.” Rudra led Sheela to her bedroom and helped her undress. Sheela unwrapped her saree from her body and then turning away from her son, she removed her blouse and bra to reveal an ugly bruise that spanned her back.

“Let me rub some Volini on your back.” Sheela lay face down on the bed and Rudra rubbed the ointment across her back. When he reached her lower back, Sheela, on her own, raised her buttocks and Rudra removed first her petticoat and then her pantie as well leaving her on her face, totally naked from neck to heel. The bruise continued right down to her thigh and Rudra lightly and lovingly ran his fingers along it, gently massaging the ointment. But for Sheela there was a new sensation that was suddenly making itself felt. The pain was fading and getting replaced with a new pleasure. A little shiver ran through her body. She gripped the bed sheet, spread her legs and rubbed her crotch, her pubis on the bed. Rudra noticed it, placed his hands on her thighs and gently pushed them apart. Sheela gave a whimper of pleasure and, possibly involuntarily, raised her buttocks and for the first time Rudra had a glimpse of the red, puffy lips of his mother’s cunt and a thin line of liquid that had leaked out of it.

“Are you OK, Ma?” Rudra did not wish to take advantage of his helpless mother.

“Yes, dear. I am fine.” Sheela was breathing heavily. “Can you please leave me alone for a few minutes.”

“Yes, Ma … should I put your petticoat back?”

“No. Just leave. Just leave me alone.” There was a sudden desperation in her voice.

“Ok Ma, I am leaving …” Rudra walked out of the room but at the door he looked back and saw that his mother had taken a pillow, gripped it between her legs and was rubbing her pubis against it in the throes of a massive orgasm.

Rudra realised that his mother’s mind was in some kind of sexual turmoil. So he spent the day outside the house, with his friends, to give her some private space and time to sort things out. Happily, at dusk, he got a WhatsApp from his mother asking him if she should order pizza for dinner tonight! He was quick to agree.

When he reached home, Sheela was waiting for him in the lounge. She was dressed in a floral cotton kurti – a loose, short top – and knee long cotton shorts tied with a cord around her waist. She had gathered her hair together with an elastic band and was sitting in front of the TV with the news on mute. Next to her, on the centre table was a bottle of Talisker, two empty glasses and a packet of Marlboro Red cigarettes.

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