My Neighbor’s Wife Ch. 02

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Big Cock

A dildo replaced her tongue, slamming into me hard and fast; Her mouth sucking furiously at my clit. I rode that cock in her hand as if it were the last. And just as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared.

“Arrghhhh… what are you doing to me woman!”



I opened my eyes, having trouble focusing. Though it had nothing to do with the lighting, and everything to do with my current state. Raven was gone. No sooner had that thought registered, Shane appeared from behind the curtain stroking his hard cock, with a feral look about him.

“You’re MINE now Mikkella.”

He sauntered towards me, completely naked, and moved with a cat like grace, as if he were liquid where I knew he was hard. His ice blue eyes raked over my body, beneath the black silk veil of his hair, which I knew he wore down just for me. It stopped at his nipples, which made one gaze lower, over his taught muscles, ataşehir escort and perfect V shape to his powerful thighs.

A small shudder worked its way from my toes to my shoulders in anticipation.

Shane unlocked my legs, and massaged as he bent them back and forth. I could feel the head of his dick when he pressed my legs to my stomach, but he’d retreat before I could lock them around him.

He released my hands, and helped me sit, only to pick me up and slide me down, inch by glorious inch onto his hard sheath. I was so hot I almost came right there! I locked my legs behind him, and began to rock slowly as he took my mouth. His tongue squaring off with mine, as he walked towards the nearest wall and pinned my hips still.

“I need you hard, and fast,” I moaned into him.

“How hard Mikk?” he said into my mouth, before thrusting up with all his strength. “Like that? Or..” Shane led my hands to a handle above avcılar escort us. Once I had it, he let go of my ass and using the wall, he pushed up into me so hard I cried out as he lifted me with the power of his dick alone.

“Or is that how you want me?” His ice blue eyes locked with mine in challenge.

“Again..” Was all I could manage.

Shane thrust up again, this time I met him, and held his cock, grinding down into him. I held my weight by the handle above, and waited for him to pull back. As he did he took a nipple between his teeth, and bit hard enough to make me wince, then drove himself deeper into me. Pleasure and pain rippling throughout my body.

“But there will be nothing fast about tonight.” He rumbled, followed by another powerful plunge.

He gyrated his hips in controlled powerful thrusts. Removing him self painstakingly slow, till only the head was in – waiting a breath before driving into ataşehir escort bayan me again. I could feel my muscles spasm around his cock. Like mini orgasms grasping the length of him, trying like hell to hold on just long enough, but he wouldn’t let me get there.

“Look at me Mikey,” he whispered against my face, nipping along my jaw. “I want to watch you, watching me, make you cum.”

I opened my eyes, but it was so hard to keep them that way.

“If you close them, I won’t let you cum,” he taunted. Pushing him self so deep I felt his balls slapping against me.

My eyes shot open and glared at him.

“Do your worst.”

Shane took the bait and picked up the pace, our eyes locked. His hot hard meat pounding my insides – lifting my body with every thrust. Sweat slicked skin slapping, our moans getting louder….

He dropped us to the floor still inside me. I was on top and in control. I locked my legs around his, pinning him down so he couldn’t stop me, and ground down on him so hard and fast…. Never losing eye contact….. watching his cock glide in and out…. Nails raking down his chest, as the sweet heat of passion claimed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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