My Surprise

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“OK, you ready?” I ask as I position you so that you’re facing towards part of my surprise.


I remove your blindfold and await your reaction.

You blink at the light a couple times, then realize you’re standing on a beach staring out towards a very colorful sunset. “Wow, Em, it’s beautiful.”

“Hmmm, not as beautiful as you.” I wrap my arms around your waist from behind as you turn your head and our lips meet. I close my eyes and savor the taste and feel of your lips massaging mine. “Come on.” I take your hand and lead you over to a blanket, low wooden table draped in a small, rose patterned table cloth, and a picnic basket that I have set up a couple feet away. Already, two candles are set in the center of the table, their flames flickering in the cool, gentle breeze. Next to them is a portable radio and an ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne. “This is a private beach a friend of mine owns,” I explain as we sit down next to each other on the blanket, “While he’s away on vacation he said I could use it. There’s nobody around for miles except you and me.” I wink and pull out the champagne bottle, and two glasses from the basket.

The sound of water gently lapping at the sand, crickets, and Seagulls calling in the distance are the only sounds.

Pouring the champagne, I look out into the sunset and inhale the scent of your perfume mixed with the fresh ocean air. The temperature is just right, the ocean is calm, the sky is clear, except for a few small clouds towards the sun that are lit up in a rainbow of colors, and I’ve got the worlds’ most beautiful girl right next to me. This evening is perfect. But not even the beauty of the sunset can compare to the sparkle in your eyes as I hand you your champagne.

“Em, you’re the most wonderful girlfriend in the world. This is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me.” Leaning forward, you kiss my lips again. I want the kiss to go on forever, but you pull away smiling, and take a sip of your champagne.

I, too, take a sip of champagne and sit my glass on the table. Pushing the play button on the radio, soft romantic music starts to flow from the speakers. I pull out some of your favorite sandwiches and chips from the picnic basket and set them on the table in front of us. Neither one of us says much as we enjoy our meal, watching the sun as it slowly sinks beyond the horizon. By the time we finish our dinner and 2nd glass of champagne, only a small fraction of the sun is still peeking above the water.

“It’s so nice out here. I wish this night could never end..” You say.

Looking up, there’s already a star overpowering the last of the suns rays and shining down on us. “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight. Hmmm,” Pondering over what I could wish for, I glance to my right, over at you. Dressed in shorts and a tank top, topkapı escort I watch you lean back on the blanket and prop yourself up with your elbows. Your beauty nearly causes me to forget to breath. “I guess there’s really nothing left for me to wish for now that I have you. You’re everything I could ever ask for and more.”

I reach back into the picnic basket and pull out some fresh, ripe strawberries and a small container of whip cream. “Ready for dessert?” I grin and lean back on my right elbow so I’m facing you, placing the bowl of strawberries between us, and holding the whip cream with my right hand. I remove the lid and pick out the biggest, ripest strawberry I can find. You giggle as I dip it into the whip cream then slowly move it towards your lips. As you take a bite out of it, I “accidentally” smear a little whip cream on your lips, giving you a cream mustache. “Oops. Here, let me get that for you.” I lean over and kiss you, gently trailing my tongue over your upper lip tasting the strawberry and cream. “Mmm, my favorite dessert.” I say smiling.

After taking turns feeding each other strawberries, and moving the containers out of the way, we lay back on the blanket. You rest your head on my chest and I hold you close in my arms. The sun is now completely set, and for a few minutes we are silent, staring up at the stars and full moon. “There goes a meteor!” You quickly point to a shooting star with a long greenish tail.

“Yeah, I saw it too. It’s great out here isn’t it? There’s gotta be a million stars in the sky. You definitely don’t get a view like this in the city.”

“Anywhere is great as long as I’m with you.” You reply and look up at me.

I smile and begin kissing your lips again. Only this time the kiss doesn’t end so soon. Keeping you in my arms and not breaking the kiss, I lift your head off my chest and lay you back on the blanket, keeping my hand behind your head, feeling your silky hair between my fingers. I slowly and softly run my other hand up along your side and stop at your breast. Our kiss intensifies as you pull my body closer to yours. I move my hand over your breast and gently give it a squeeze. I open my mouth a little wider and let our tongues massage each other. Slowly, I move my hand back down your side and lift your tank top up a little, holding onto you and rubbing your stomach with my thumb.

You move your hand along my cheek and down to my chest where you undo the first button of my sleeveless shirt. You begin working on the second button and I start kissing your cheek, trailing my lips down to your neck then giving it soft kisses. Gently brushing my lips over your soft skin, I move back up and find your lips with mine again. By now you’re on the last button, and you push the shirt off my shoulders. I raise up to take the shirt off the rest of the way and help you remove yours. We kiss again and both unclasp each other’s bras at the fatih escort same time. After tossing them to the side, we continue to kiss as I lay you back down. Again I start kissing your neck, then trail down your chest where I give each nipple a gentle kiss, making them hard and you moan softly. I kiss my way down further and stop at your belly button, unfasten your shorts, and gently trail my tongue over your stomach some more.

“That tickles.” You giggle.

I grin and begin pulling your shorts down. I stop to quickly remove your sandals, and pull your shorts the rest of the way off. I kick my shoes off as well, and start kissing your legs. I begin at your calves, kiss your knees, and continue trailing my lips and tongue up to your thighs. I can tell your panties are already wet from your pussy’s desire. The scent of you intoxicates me and I kiss your clit through your panties causing you to moan again. I hook my fingers in the elastic and pull your panties off, tossing them aside with the rest of our clothes. Quickly undoing my own shorts, I pull both them and my panties off at the same time.

Both of us naked now, I lay over you and give you another deep, passionate kiss. My hand finds your pussy and I press a finger softly against your clit. Your body jerks at my touch. I move my head back down to your breast, where I softly plant kisses everywhere except your sensitive nipples. My finger begins trailing up and down the lips of your pussy. You are completely soaked. I give your left nipple a quick lick and press the tip end of my middle finger into your tight pussy hole. Inside your pussy is so soft and warm… I lick your right nipple, flicking my tongue back and forth, then closing my lips around it and gently sucking. My finger slides completely inside you and I gently massage your throbbing clit with my thumb. I move back over to your left nipple and begin sucking on it, very gently catching it between my teeth, and running my tongue back and forth against it. Finally, I slide another finger inside of you and continue fingering you for a few minutes while I enjoy having your tits in my mouth.

You begin trembling as you climb to orgasm, but then I stop rubbing your clit, slowly pull my fingers out of your pussy, and lick them clean. You moan again, this time in disappointment and the need to cum. But I want to make sure you have an orgasm you’ll never forget. I give both your nipples a final kiss and trail my tongue down over your stomach and kiss all around your pussy. My mouth is watering and my taste buds long for the taste of your sweet cunt. Using the tip of my tongue, I lick your outer lips, trailing softly around your clit. You spread your legs further, exposing your beautiful pussy to glisten in the moonlight. I slide my tongue into your hole, then lick back up, stopping just before I reach your clit, then lick back down again. I repeat the process, this time my tongue circling eyüp escort completely around your clit once more.

“Fuck me Emily. Please, fuck me.” You beg, and begin to massage your clit yourself.

I kiss the back of your hand, but then playfully slap it away. “That’s my job.” I wink again, but you have your eyes closed and your head back, thrusting your pussy upward towards my hungry mouth. I lick one last circle around your clit before finally closing my lips around it. You moan louder this time, and I suck gently for a few seconds, then start slowly moving your clit around with my tongue. Slowly, I insert two fingers back into your hungry pussy and move them in and out while my tongue continues to tease your clit. With every thrust of my fingers and flick of my tongue, I feel your pussy getting hotter and wetter. I lick from my fingers back up to your clit a few times before focusing completely on your clit again. Using my tongue, I massage your clit in a circular motion, occasionally stopping to suck on it a few seconds. Once again, you start to reach orgasm. I feel your pussy squeeze around my fingers and pull them in deeper. And once again I stop massaging your clit, and slow down the pace of my fingering before you can cum.

“God, please make me cum Em. Please! I’m gonna explode.” You continue to beg me.

I ignore your pleas, and begin to massage your tits with my free hand. I pull my fingers out of your pussy and rub your clit gently. Squeezing your nipple between my fingers with one hand, I run my other hand back down along the outer lips of your pussy, and position my mouth back over your clit. I quickly begin sucking your clit and flick my tongue back and forth over it at the same time. This time you begin to cum a lot quicker. I push my fingers back inside your awaiting cunt, and continue massaging your breast. Your pussy spasms around my fingers, and I suck even harder on your clit as you press it into my mouth as hard as you can. My fingers massage your pussy from the inside as it contracts and gets even tighter. I use my tongue to spell out our names over your clit.

Now that you’ve finally managed to cum, it seems you can’t stop as my tongue massages your clit as hard and fast as it can. Finally, your screaming and moaning subsides, and I feel the warmth of your pussy juices flowing over my hand. I give your pussy a couple last licks, then lick your cum off my fingers. “Mmm, you’re finger licking good.” My other hand is still playing with your breast as I come up and lay back beside of you.

Despite the coolness of the night, I see a few beads of sweat glistening on your face. You roll over and kiss me, long and hard. Now you’re laying on top of me, your nipples and clit matching perfectly against mine. The feeling is Heaven. You start giving small thrusts of your hips, so that our clits are softly massaging each other now. I moan as you slip your tongue past my lips and continue grinding. My pussy is now beyond dripping, and I know it won’t take much for me to cum. You must know too, for you pull away, giving a mischievous grin saying, “Now’s payback for all that teasing you gave me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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