Overachiever’s Adventure Pt. 01

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I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.

The chair is a little too hard, and my ass is telling me maybe I’ve been sitting a little too long. The walls are a cold shade of blue — maybe sky blue? And the room is a bit drab. The linoleum floor is also blue, and in need of a mopping. Safe color choices.

It’s a little chillier in here than I’d like, and the light is a bit dim. No windows, just the door behind me and another door to the left behind the desk. Both of them windowless, and both metal, painted in yet another uninspired color. Also, it smells a bit musty. I guess this office doesn’t get much action.

I’m sitting before a drab office desk, too large for the space, metal, and probably bought at one of those places that buys all the crappy furniture from failing businesses and then resells it to other start-ups that will eventually also fail. Behind the desk is an over-enthusiastic “executive” chair. Gussied up and over-padded on the outside, but crap on the inside and painfully uncomfortable, I would imagine.

No, this isn’t where the action happens. I’m guessing that the real action takes place behind the other door I passed by on the way to this shithole office. That door was not drab at all.

Tall and wide, with an arched top. Wood so dark and intense you can almost smell it’s history, Wrought iron pins holding the slats in place and heavy intense hinges and handle. No lock.

A dignified door. A sensual door, if there can be such a thing.

It’s odd that the desk has nothing on it, no computer or lamp, no calendar, pencil cup, or even loose sheets of paper or file folders. Just the cool gray formica writing surface and one cheap pen. There’s also no file cabinet, or any other furniture in the room. It’s clearly not anybody’s office, just an impersonal, anonymous room.

My ass is cold on this god-awful cheap office chair.

But my pussy is warm..

I may be starting a new adventure today, and to hear MJ describe it, it should be interesting….

I’m here thanks to MJ; Mary Jane technically, but she hates the parochial nature of that, so she’s MJ instead. She’s an overachiever like me. We met our freshman year, last year. Two former high school valedictorians and sports stars who are currently overachieving our way through one of the top east coast colleges. I’m overachieving in a design program, she’s overachieving in the business school.

And we both have always gotten any guy we wanted….

It didn’t start out so well between us — we immediately identified each other as potential rivals for freshman-dorm floor dominance.

The old competitive drive carried over from high school, until half way through the year we realized how silly that was, and we how much we actually had in common. We both need to be constantly in control, we are both way above average in IQ, athleticism and looks, and we both have the ability to take control of any room we walk into.

We never said it out loud, but both realized we could be more powerful as a team, and we love power,

We aren’t completely alike however. I’m black and a city girl; intense and expressive in my look; neat cornrows, big brown eyes, and well-thought-out skin art and colorful in-your face jewelry. I have a strong physical presence, intimidating.

MJ is a small town girl – she doesn’t need much help to be gorgeous. Full sandy colored naturally blond hair, super-pretty face dominated by piercing blue eyes. Flawless almost translucent skin, like one of those 16th century white girls from the paintings.

But she also tans, and then she’s even more gorgeous. When she blushes or exercises, her cheeks show adorable rose hues. And those beautiful lips – full and expressive. She also has strikingly beautiful hands – long slender fingers and perfectly shaped nails. I always notice people’s hands, and I love hers.

I have a big round but firm ass, her’s is tight and athletic. We are both tall and fit.

I’ll tell you more about our tits later…

So, as our friendship deepened, we ended up as roommates this year. We’ve begun to get bolder in talking about personal things. First was the usual college girl stuff, then we shared how we were always expected and encouraged to do our best in everything; and how we took that encouragement to heart and always strove to excel.

We shared about being born with an unusual personal drive that adds fuel to the fire of parental encouragement. We always seem to end up as group leaders, all-state athletes, club or class presidents, employee of the month – that sort of thing; you know those annoying people that seem to naturally excel at everything they try?

Eventually, talk turned to sex. We both are experienced, but neither of us has ever been slutty.

We both love to fuck, but there’s a problem with that, with the guys around campus here and back in high school. I say boys, because that’s what they seem like to me.

Man bodies, man cocks, but boy brains.

We both could always have the pick of whatever guys we wanted in high school. bursa escort We never looked dreamily at certain guys, or desperately hoped someone would ask us out like the other girls.

If we wanted a guy, we would just take and then quickly control him – even if he was someone else’s boyfriend…um..ESPECIALLY if he was someone else’s boyfriend…

….then cast him aside and break his heart once we got bored, which was usually pretty soon.

I guess it was the thrill of the hunt more than the actual relationships that drove us. And quite frankly, 90 percent of guys were too intimidated to ask us out, and the other 10 percent were narcissists who were too dumb to realize that we were way out of their league.

The latter guys were teased and led on, and spent lots of money, and never even would got a tit squeeze from me, although they always thought they were making progress.

As you’re probably starting to understand, MJ and I like to dominate others, especially guys, and sometimes we enjoy slicing things up with a little humilation. People need to know where they stand in relation to us,

So I was once again bitching to her about how we are surrounded by “boys”. Even the over-achieving athletic or academic guy stars at this school fall into that category.

They don’t have a clue as to what makes us tick sexually, and don’t seem to care, or even be aware that they don’t know. It seems like they are just so happy to be having actual sex; that’s enough for them.

Can you imagine how frustrating it is to get with a really hot guy with an athletic bod, and 2 seconds into it realize he not only doesn’t know what he’s doing, but doesn’t really care as long as he gets to empty his load? MJ and I certainly do.

Which means we’ve been pretty sexually frustrated. We’ve had sex with guys, but haven’t really gotten FUCKED or got to FUCK someone properly.

I know how to make myself cum and that helps, but sometimes a girl just wants to be taken to another world, and that hasn’t happened with any of these losers with 19 year old bods and 12 year old minds here, not even the seniors.

Which brings us to a week ago Friday morning. MJ goes missing in action overnight and finally shows up around 10:30 with unusually mussed up hair, no makeup and it appeared she had somehow lost her bra, or at least that’s what the two bumps peeking through her untucked blouse seemed to imply.

She was grinning ear to ear and her cheeks were as rosy as I’d ever seen them. She had fire in her eyes, and a look of smug satisfaction.

When she burst through the door to our room in that condition. I took one look, and let out a hearty guffaw.

“Damn girl,” I blurted out between belly laughs, “I’m not sure what all happened to you, but I’m damned interested to find out!”

She plopped backwards onto her bed and let out a long sigh, staring dreamily at the ceiling.

Yup, she’s definitely braless, unheard of for her. Her nipples were poking through her blouse enthusiastically. I’d seen her nearly naked but never had caught sight of her nipples. I’m sure they are as creamy and beautiful as the rest of her.

Do I smell sex?

She suddenly bolted up so that her face was about a foot away from mine. Her beautiful blue eyes were big and intense.

“Well, you know how we’ve been talking about feeling kinda -um,- frustrated?” She started in.

I nodded and she went on with a wry grin – “well, I’m not frustrated today!” Her voice cracked a little with enthusiasm.

“Ha,! – I started laughing again, and then we were both laughing together and hugging.

I pulled back to look at her;

“So you met mister right? Or maybe mister “hit the right spot?”

She laughed – “well not exactly, but I did get taken for a pretty wild ride….”

“Oh my god! You finally found a man instead of a boy at this lame-ass school, and had a crazy one-nighter? Can I borrow him?”

“Well, not exactly that, either,…..um…but I can tell you that its no one-nighter – I’m definitely going back”

“Giant cock? – did you get stretched out?” I giggle. She blushes…

“Jeez, no! Average – well, actually just right.”

“You got yourself a sweet fuck buddy,…?”

I was getting a little confused. I guess she saw that in my face.

“Ok, I’ll tell you….but don’t judge me, ok?”

Now I was really curious.

“You know Tracy, that junior girl from my advanced Econ class?….”

“Yup,..” I replied, “super-girl like us, Tracy?”

“Yeah..” She replied, “well she told me about this “thing’….”

“Um,….ok…and so? This “thing”?

“Well, she does this “thing” with a guy or sometimes a few guys or even girls,…..um,…have you ever heard about that stupid “50 shades” business?

“Bondage?!?, you’re into bondage now?”

She took a breath and sighed,

“well no, not exactly. I kinda guess maybe, but it’s not like the fake shit you see on the internet, or just about leather or whips or “Hurt me, hurt me” or that lame ass shit. It’s more…..psychological..”

I bursa escort bayan was a little concerned. “Are you ok? Is someone fucking with your head?”

“No, no, …it’s not like that, it’s kinda like letting go of control, but also being in control, and in a safe situation. It’s safe, don’t worry. It’s hot, but I’m not an idiot”

I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“So you’re somehow getting off on getting tied up and letting some random dungeon master and his friends ride you?”

“NOOOOO….arghhhh!” she said in mock exasperation.

“It’s more like a game, or maybe even a kind of dance. But I will tell you this; I came like 15 times last night”

Her eyes lit up and she produced a big grin, while at the same time turning beet red with embarrassment..

She had been a naughty girl and was obviously both embarrassed and at the same time feeling really proud of herself.

Yup, I definitely smell sex.

“But you said psychological. Is he torturing you, or verbally abusing you?”

She looked up at me.

“NO!, …..well sometimes yes, but only if we agree that that is one of the rules on that day?”

“So who is your new “Christian Gray”?… some hot senior?”

“I told you, it’s not like that lame ass movie, and he’s someone you’ve seen, but I’m sworn to secrecy” she giggled.

“Secrecy?! – Isn’t that how child molesters and stalkers groom their victims?”

“Arrrgh” she rolled her eyes.

“Ok look,” she said “I scored 40 points higher on SATS than you, remember?” She had. “Technically, I’m smarter than you!”

“I’m not an idiot! And Tracy heard about if from her friend Jaz– you know that super amazing senior that we both have a girl crush on? Well, Jaz has been onto this since she was a sophomore. and does she look like a Stockholm syndrome victim to you?”

She had me on that: MJ was indeed 40 points “smarter” than me, and Jaz – actually she is beautiful sultry Jasmine, – is one of the most together and sane people I’ve ever met.

“So it’s safe?”

She nodded.

“And you might do it again”

She nodded enthusiastically and said; “No, I WILL do it again.”

She laughed at her wit.

“Um,….would I…um… like it?” I was surprised to hear those words come out of my mouth.

“I don’t know. It’s not for everyone. And he, — they- vet people pretty closely. He doesn’t want anyone to have an unpleasant experience or suffer psychological consequences from this. It has to be completely agreed to by all parties….”

“He – or they — “vet” people?”

“Yeah, its to make sure you’re the right type, that you fit the profile”

“What’s the “profile”?” I was getting confused again.

“You, me, Tracy, Jaz….girls who have always been successful, and often are beautiful and very intelligent, who have strong egos, and are not likely to be emotionally intimidated or damaged”

“So, Super-girls?

“Yup. And guys. Overachieving super-guys are involved too, but they have to meet that same criteria”

She was explaining calmly now.

“How do they – or he – know if someone is right?”

“He has access to academic and application records, so those are reviewed closely. But you also have to be referred by someone who is already involved. Tracy referred me, and Jaz referred her”

“So you could refer me?”

Why did I just say that? Was I actually really interested?

She made a mock “whaaa????” face and giggled. “Really?!?!”

“I suppose I could, but you have to really think about this. Do you have the time for it, without affecting your studies? Are you feeling ok about yourself – psychologically, I mean? How’s your self-esteem? Is everything ok at home? Would you rather have something edgy and purely sexual, or would you prefer to get into a legit relationship?”

“They like girls…um….and I guess guys too, who are super busy with school and extra currics who don’t really have time or the desire for a partner, or to chase down and cultivate fuck-buddies, but still want to explore and express themselves sexually.”

I replied; “well, you know everything is going fine with me, and you also know I have no interest in getting serious with guys – or even managing fuck-buddies – until I get myself graduated and get my career on track. My only real issue is that I can’t get decently fucked!……”

“…and besides, I’d just end up getting sexually frustrated with the sorry pool of fuck partners around here.” I sighed.

“Oh, trust me, you definitely wouldn’t be frustrated OR disappointed…”


She giggled and nodded.

“Yeah, I actually do know all of that about you, and suspected you might be intrigued. But listen; I’ll only get you into this if you are really sure you’re interested and mature enough to handle it. It’s not something to dabble with, or try out. You kinda have to go all in. Again, they don’t want any collateral damage here.”

“Ok, I’m in!”

Those words surprised me by flying from my mouth and plopping onto the floor. escort bursa They just laid there for a minute…- did I actually just blurt that out? I guess I did.

“Whoa – slow down, cowgirl…”, she giggled again.

“Think about it for a few days and then let me know.”

So here we are, a week and a half later, and after thinking and thinking and thinking about it, I’m now sitting in this miserable room, waiting for my “interview”.

I’m wearing a red dress with a high cut below that shows off my legs and a scoop neck that shows off my cleavage. I have biggish, but not sloppy tits. No bra, by the way. Heels – um correction, “slut heels”, thong panties.

This is what I was directed to wear today. I didn’t own the dress, thong or the slut heels, so MJ and I had to go to the mall to buy those.

I was also directed to bring clothes to change into. Jeans, a tee shirt, bra, panties, and sneakers. Those are in one of the lockers in the hall, along with my book bag, iPhone, and Apple watch.

The key is around my wrist on one of those curly wrist lanyards. I guess they asked for the change of clothes so that they could see how I look in different outfits.

A really odd thing is that I was told to be sure to pee before this meeting. Not sure what that’s about, but I did.

The door behind the desk opens. In comes a man I don’t recognize. Behind him is MJ, and, whoa this is a surprise – Tracy. They are both smiling and dressed in sexy but normal street clothes. Tracy smiles and gives a little “hiya” wave.

Both MJ and Tracey are overachievers like me, but also so hot. I’m no lesbian, but I might make an exception for either of them after a few glasses of wine. Mmmmmmm….

“Good afternoon, Miss King. You already know Miss Kelly (MJ) and Miss Karlsson (Tracy)?”

I nod and smile at them. They smile back and stand on either side of him as he sits down and plops a folder onto the desktop.

“Ok then, — thanks for coming, and let’s get started.”

I look him over. He is relatively tall, and about my father’s age. He had probably been quite handsome as a younger man, and still is, considering his age. Not someone who would get your attention at a bar, but not repulsive either.

Tracy said I’d recognize him, but I have no idea who he is. Maybe he’s not the actual guy.

He starts in.

“So this is just a screening. I will not be involved with you after today, but it’s my job to see that you meet the criteria required to be a part of this group.We are very selective. I’m also involved with other administrative aspects, but you generally won’t see me after today, unless like these two young ladies, you refer someone else. In that case you would be expected to attend their screening”

I nodded.

“Your academic and athletic records are impeccable. You really led the state in scoring for 3 of your 4 high school years? That’s very impressive. And academic all-state?”

I blush, but nod and smile proudly. He was referring to high school field hockey. Not exactly a black girl’s sport, but what can I say – when I set my mind to something……

“Your SATS are very impressive – although not as impressive as Ms Kelly’s though. He smiled at her, acknowledging that 40 points really means almost no difference when you get to our tier. She smiled, and I smiled back at both of them

“And you certainly go above and beyond regarding looks. You are a beautiful woman and you know how to dress and make sure your hair and makeup are accentuating your natural beauty”

I notice his green eyes and salt and pepper hair. Very neatly groomed. His only drawbacks are his minimal paunch and his sausage fingers. Again, not repulsive, but not someone I’d ever hook up with.

My naughty brain realizes that those fat fingers could substitute for a dick, in a pinch. Shame on me.

“So I think we’d love to have you if you are interested”

I nod. “I am.”

“Very good. Now you understand that this is not something to be undertaken lightly? We don’t want anyone who is just curious or out for a cheap thrill. What we do can be very fulfilling and fun, but it’s also a bit serious as well. We find that most young people learn a lot about themselves and grow and mature as both sexual beings and as people”

Hmmmm…when he says “sexual beings” I feel my pussy tingle a little bit. My body is somehow reacting in a positive way to this – without my permission.

“You feel good about yourself? Everything’s ok back at home? No interest in a romantic relationship at this time? Oh, and by the way, if you do find yourself interested in someone, you’d of course be free to pursue that. Again, we want to help you grow as a person.”

I nod. “Yes, I really am in a good place, and no, no interest in a relationship. No time.”

“Yes, Misses Kelly and Karlsson have attested to that, as has the private investigator we hired to look into your past and keep an eye on you for the last few days.”

Whoa. They really are serious about this. I guess my face is showing concern.

He chuckles. “Don’t worry, she didn’t tap your phone or spy on you in the shower. She is just a trained psychological interpreter who observed your facial expressions, and how you interacted with friends and instructors or others on campus, that sort of thing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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