Surreptitious Love Ch. 131

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Chapter 131 — A Massage with Hanh und Casey

Last week, I had finally deflowered Casey, after she had only had anal intercourse with her boyfriend for a few months. Being Christian and rather voluptuous, while her sweetheart’s young cock was rather small, they had always ended up ‘doing it in the back’, as she usually put it. Using her backdoor regularly had — together with her soft, large body — led to a flexible sphincter that Casey didn’t need to stretch specifically before any medium-sized cock could enter it. We had seen it again at the old hotel a few days ago, after I had given her a tour of that stately old pile of bricks.

Casey and I wanted to meet at ‘our’ empty Art Deco hotel again this week — to do something ‘insane and crazy’, as she had put it — but our blind masseuse Hanh reminded me that I hadn’t been at her bower for what felt like forever. Ever since her girlfriend Mira had had to leave to go back to the Philippines to get medical attention back in late February, Hanh had been a bit lonely. As she was blind, Hanh couldn’t just dress up, go out, embrace the world, and find new friends and lovers. When I told Casey about Hanh and her art, which even included pussy massages, we agreed quickly to skip the old hotel and see Hanh, instead. Naturally, the latter seemed super happy when I told her that she was going to meet a young woman of her generation who, unlike Mira, spoke Vietnamese.

Hanh was the godchild of Charlie’s aunt Yen; I had met her at the latter’s house about two years back, and together we had conceived the idea that Hanh could include her exclusively female customers’ treasures in her treatment, which since then had viva voce become a veritable success. Of course, Hanh could massage Casey’s formidable pussy this week and, perhaps, even include her anus. I chose not to discuss the latter point beforehand, though; somehow, I felt it would be better if that happened spontaneously. Or as I was afraid that my limited Vietnamese would only lead to all kinds of misunderstandings, as Hanh and I had to communicate via a translation device.

Pretty much everyone among our orgy-circle friends had been to Hanh’s over the years, apart from Hoang and his girlfriend Thanh, and I promised Casey a sensual feast, as Hanh was an excellent, experienced masseuse and open to all kinds of shenanigans. As young and petite as she was, Hanh had quite a bit of sexual experience under her proverbial belt, since — as she had told my dear slender, beautiful Anna once — intercourse had been a kind of sport at the School for the Blind, because there hadn’t been ‘much as else to do’. Sure, many of the common pastimes of young people: going to the mall, watching movies, reading, or playing video games — were much more difficult or impossible for folks who lacked eyesight.

Giving massages had developed in Hanh a tender understanding of every nook and cranny of the human body, which was absolutely priceless. Curiously, Hanh also seemed to have a lower inhibition threshold when it came to sensual exploration; perhaps, as she couldn’t see the immediate reaction of the people she was treating. Of course, I couldn’t be sure if that would be the same with Casey, but I had no reason for doubt. Like the vast majority of young Vietnamese women, Casey was kind, sensitive, and pleasant; of course, particularly to those who treated her well. Two days before we would go to her parlor, Hanh asked me if we, perhaps, couldn’t go to the old hotel, of which she had great memories. Naturally, I promised to get the gang together for the following week but found it better to meet just the three of us, first.

So, on Thursday, I went over to the show home in the ‘burbs to pick up Casey, where I also bumped into Thuy. But when I asked the ladies where Hoang was, they only chuckled and told me that he wasn’t going to be there today, since Thuy needed to keep working through her long lunch break. Technically, that could also mean anal intercourse, but I didn’t want to fling another corny joke at them. But it was true: I sometimes still thought of Thuy’s flat, soft anus dent — the way I had seen it at the pool eight weeks back at Charlie’s farewell party — although I had come to appreciate Casey’s welcoming sphincter in the meantime.

Casey had just gotten over her period, but I didn’t know where Hanh was in her menstrual cycle. Perhaps I would ask her later and Casey could translate. Sometimes, Hanh wasn’t feeling well, anyway, as the nerve disease she was suffering from — Neuromyelitis optica — hadn’t just taken the light of her eyes but was also affecting her spinal cord. Well, Hanh was an endearing young woman, for whom one could only wish the best. Every day, Casey grew keener and keener to meet Hanh, she said, as she had never encountered a blind person of her own generation, and I added to her excitement when I told her that we — provided everything went well — would frolic together at the old hotel the following week.

Casey was wearing a short-sleeved, brightly colored blouse, which güvenilir bahis was cut like a men’s shirt, and comfortable black pants, which seemed tailored. She had her hair in a bun and, for the first time, wasn’t wearing a mask in the office. While she was packing up her things, Thuy got a Tupperware container out of her bag and was going upstairs to fix lunch for herself. I went outside to have a quick smoke, after I hollered goodbye to Thuy. Somehow, I was still expecting Hoang to pull up, but perhaps the two of them really were taking a break today.

Casey came out of the building when I was almost done with my ciggy, and we both got on my motorcycle, as she wanted to save on gas. Even in Vietnam fuel had gotten more expensive. I asked her where she wanted to eat, but she replied that it was my turn to pick. As I couldn’t think of anything better, I stopped at a noodle place in the same street as Hanh’s house. We could choose between two kinds of noodles and six kinds of meat, including frog, which made up a dozen of choices. In the end, we both settled for chicken, but with different noodles.

“Hey, Ben…” Casey whispered. “Nguyet came to the office on Monday, just before I went home for lunch… with a man… who was definitely not a customer…”

I asked her to describe him briefly, but it didn’t sound like Vu. That guy apparently was in his thirties; it had probably been the dude Nguyet had talked about over lunch the day I had met Casey. But hadn’t they broken up, because he was still living with his ex-wife? Well, anyway, perhaps she had reactivated him.

“Did the two of them — or the four, if we include Thuy and Hoang — go upstairs?” I chuckled.

“I don’t know… like I said, I went home for lunch… but Mrs. Nguyet seemed pretty happy… and next month, she’ll trade offices with Mrs. Thuy, so that we’ll work together again…”

“Could you imagine having sex with Nguyet?” I asked out of sheer exuberance.

Casey had asked me the previous week what I found so fascinating about Nguyet, and I had given her a very detailed and graphic account of her proclivities and, at points, voracious sexual appetite. Knowing Nguyet, a threesome with Casey seemed imminent. Or even a foursome. With Thuy. Or Hoang. Or a five-some, with both. At the old hotel.

“Well, Ben, in principle, yes… Mrs. Nguyet definitely is… I don’t know what the word could be… alluring? But let’s wait a few months… I mean, she’s my boss…”

“I understand… but what if she proposes it? As your boss?!” I was curious.

“You know, Ben, I can’t do it upstairs at the model home…”

‘We just did, two weeks ago…” I reminded her, but I knew what she meant: “But what about the old hotel?” I asked to prepare Casey for the moment Nguyet would ask, which sure as hell was bound to come.

Casey smiled and cocked her head coquettishly, before she cast her eyes up at me: “I think I’ll like the afternoon with the blind girl today better…” she replied diplomatically.

“Oh, yeah, you’ll love it… Hanh is really dexterous with her hands… and super cute… beautiful, actually… Thuong, your friend from church, too?”

Casey had told me the previous week that her backdoor predilection could be traced to the anal masturbation sessions that had started with a girl from her church youth group. As far as I knew, they had met at Thuong’s house after school, who owned a slim dildo.

“I haven’t seen her for a while… she’s at university far away, in Hai Phong. No, I wouldn’t call her beautiful, but ‘feisty’ perhaps…” she told me, using air quotes. “And she’s funny… she always has crazy ideas…”

“That’s almost better than beautiful,” I laughed. “Did you stimulate each other’s butts with the dildo or your fingers?” I was curious.

I wanted to be able to imagine everything better, but Casey played it down: “Both, actually… but we didn’t do it very often… and it hurt sometimes, because we didn’t always have proper lubricant…”

“Egg-white might have worked, too…” I tossed in.

I wasn’t sure if that had even registered with her, as she was looking past me, requesting the bill, so that ‘we wouldn’t let Hanh wait’, Casey told me when the lady was approaching. Of course, I took care of the check and then we got up. During the short ride to Hanh’s house, Casey asked me if she needed to take another shower at Hanh’s.

“You know, I really took my time this morning… back there, too…” she insisted.

“Well, you could tell her that you showered this morning… but I think it would be better if we just showered again. I mean, it’s a nice and warm day… but yeah, tell her that you’ve washed your butthole thoroughly if you want her to massage it… and if Hanh doesn’t wanna do it, I would…” I chuckled.

Standing downstairs in the hall, Hanh’s aunt came out of her massage room and greeted us. Casey wanted to step inside right away and was confused when I told her that we were going upstairs. I slipped out of my flip-flops and then waited until Casey had taken off her Converse sneakers. güvenilir bahis siteleri We kissed briefly on the way up and could hear faint music coming from Hanh’s room. Her door was ajar, and when I slowly pushed it open, it creaked and Hanh came out of her bower, which was adjacent. Of course, she had heard us approaching.

I gently touched Hanh’s arm to let her know where exactly we were and said ‘hi’. Casey did the same and then watched amusedly how Hanh kept feeling her hand and arm. She had her eyes almost closed, like she was tired, and I realized how long I hadn’t seen her. Her lion’s mane had grown quite a bit. She had incredibly thick hair, which framed her lovely face nicely. The last time we had met her had been about three months back, at a charming little farewell orgy for Mira at the old hotel. Charlie had been there. Hanh was wearing one of her standard masseuse outfits, which was basically a one-piece swimsuit with a sewed-on miniskirt. I found it endearing and hot that she was barefoot and not wearing a bra, even though she knew she would meet someone new today.

But then again, Hanh was at home here, and a massage was inherently sensual. Casey would undress, of course, so there was no need for prissiness or superfluous decorum. And Hanh and I had had multiple ribald encounters, here at her place and Charlie’s aunt Yen’s house, which had included a plethora of heart-warming debauchery, including pissing and period sex.

“If you want to wait with the pussy massage, Truc, you just tell Hanh or put your panties back on after the shower…” I told Casey, using her real name to not confuse Hanh.

When Hanh had decided to offer snatch massages about two years back, Yen and I had come up with a ‘code of conduct’, of which a laminated copy hung on the wall, near the massage table. And another next to the shower, as I saw now. But Casey only shook her head and began to undress. Well, what else could we do?

To begin our sensual play, however, I took the monumental task of unbuttoning Casey’s shirt away from her. Today, she was wearing a bra — and not an undershirt, for a change. To celebrate our first outing at Hanh’s, she seemed to have picked the hottest piece of lingerie she owned: her bra was of an intense auburn, which drove me insane right away, since her emerging areolae were of a similar color.

Since Hanh was still standing next to us, I took her hand and put it on Casey’s supple, pliable belly, where she immediately began to feel the soft flesh. I wasn’t sure if Casey was really embarrassed about the few superfluous ounces of fat she had there or if she had had just been coquettish two weeks back, but Hanh giggled appreciatively, and I saw in Casey’s face that she clearly enjoyed the tender treatment. When Hanh unbuttoned Casey’s pants, the latter nonchalantly took them off, and I saw her auburn lacy panties.

As the two of them seemed to have clicked well, I left them to their sensual exploration and undressed. It was endearing to watch Hanh explore the area around Casey’s underwear and to hear them talk quietly. Apparently, Hanh had asked Casey for her name, and a gentle conversation ensued, which sounded wonderfully similar to the birds chirping outside the open window. I went to piss, and when I got back, Casey was already standing in the shower. I joined her, and she turned on the water.

“Shall I wash you?” I offered.

“We’ll do it together,” Casey replied quietly, and we soaped our hands.

While Casey was washing me quickly, I watched Hanh getting ready for the massage; of course, she knew where everything was and put the few things she needed in a row near the edge of the long board along the wall, before she tamed her mane with a hair hoop. Perhaps as she anticipated me taking part in the massage, she adjusted the table upwards by three or four inches.

When Casey turned and offered me her butt, I soaped my finger and gently rubbed her anus and crack. When I playfully entered her sphincter with my fingertip, however, she bent sideways and giggled, reminding me that she was already ‘clean inside’. As the day wasn’t too hot and we both had taken a shower already at home, we left it at that quick wash, rinsed, and turned off the water, after Casey had played with my cock for a bit. When we were drying ourselves, I asked Casey if she liked Hanh, to which she nodded vehemently.

“Yeah, she’s so tiny… kinda droll, but also really beautiful, you’re right…” she replied and asked if Hanh understood English.

“Not really. She may have picked up some from her former girlfriend, who was a teacher at the school where I work… but that young woman had to go back to the Philippines for surgery… Hanh and Mira were only together for eight weeks or so…”

“Is she coming back?” Casey wanted to know, sounding a bit concerned.

I shrugged shoulders, as I truly couldn’t say: “I don’t know… we all want Mira to come back, but we’ll have to see how her surgery goes…” I replied eventually, while we scooted to the massage table, where Casey lay iddaa siteleri down naked, without putting her panties back on.

A few days ago, Casey had told me that she had been keen to receive a proper massage for a long time, as that kind of luxury wasn’t in her family’s tight budget. I had asked her when her birthday was to perhaps gift her a voucher for two massages, like I had done for Mira and Nguyet, but hers wasn’t until the end of June.

As soon as Casey had settled in, the two girls picked up their charming conversation again, and it looked like Hanh wanted to give her the full treatment.

“What time do you need to be back at the office?” I asked Casey.

“Half past one.”

It was already after 12, but then I didn’t want to be pushy and just watched how Hanh was familiarizing herself with Casey’s body, after which she asked our voluptuous friend to turn over on her belly. Hanh oiled her fingers and went down to Casey’s feet, partially since podology was her specialty. I asked if it would mess up things if I took part in the massage, but after Casey had asked Hanh, the latter suggested I massage Casey’s back in the meantime.

Casey put her head on one cheek and closed her eyes, while I was oiling up my hands and then started near her shoulders. I tried to be gentle and vigorous at the same time, pressing my thumbs in her tissue here and there. I varied the pressure here and there and tried to cover every bit of the landscape. As her butt cheeks looked absolutely delicious and enticing, though, I incorporated them in my tender yet brisk treatment right away, enjoying the girls’ quiet conversation, which seemed in sync with the traditional music that was still coming from Hanh’s bedroom.

At some point, I positioned myself directly in front of Casey’s head, at the smaller edge of the table, to massage her shoulders, which brought my half-stiff cock near her face. She must have been aware of it, as she knew I was naked, but she ignored it for now, moaning excitedly, though, when I pressed my thumbs under her shoulder blades. Slightly disappointed that she hadn’t taken the bait, I stepped to the side again to treat her arms a bit, but then Hanh asked how far I had proceeded, and Casey turned around.

Well, her front was more exciting, of course. Casey’s bush was heaving, and her soft belly was sending invitation after invitation to be stroked and caressed, just like her large flowing breasts, which were resting on her upper arms. I took some more oil and playfully formed her breasts in all kinds of shapes, which had become one of my favorite pastimes. When I twiddled her nipples, her whole body responded and was swinging and swaying now. I couldn’t be sure if Hanh was aware of what exactly I was doing, but she certainly knew that Casey and I were on our way to some form of sexual gratification. Casey’s tender moaning and groaning surely hadn’t escaped her.

“Hey, ask Hanh how she’s feeling… she looks a bit pale,” I panted.

After a bit of slightly somber talk, Casey told me: “So-so… she has toothaches… and her period… but she’s going to the dentist later this afternoon…” she added.

“Well, next week, she’ll be better,” I replied to spread some optimism.

“But she also said we should go ahead with whatever we wanna do, but she doesn’t have the energy today…”

Listening to the two of them, I was reshaping Casey’s tits into pillow corners, which I then twiddled and twisted. She was watching my hand for the whole time and seemed amused, but when I took one of her amazing boobs in my mouth, she reminded me:

“Hey, it’s a massage” she chuckled quietly.

Not deterred, I kissed her bellybutton and stuck my tongue inside it, until she requested I come closer to her face again.

“Ben, remember?” she asked, yet it took me a few seconds before I recalled what she was referring to.

Well, yes, the last time at the old hotel, she had taken my cock in her mouth — for the first time ever — but it had been directly after my shaft had been inside her ass for twenty minutes. She had told me that today she wanted to try it again when my rod was clean to be able to compare. And so she turned her head to the side and opened her mouth a bit for me to enter. As soon as a third of my rod was inside her mouth, I began to thrust gently, and when I looked at Hanh, she seemed to know exactly what we were doing. She smiled and continued massaging Casey’s strapping legs, but I noticed that her nipples had grown stiff under her cute little massage outfit — regardless of her period and toothache.

“Do you want Hanh to come closer so you can touch her? She probably would…” I asked Casey quietly.

“Any time… but she seems busy… I’m not sure if she feels like it today…” Casey replied.

Hanh was still standing next to Casey’s sturdy thighs and was getting closer to her pussy. I caressed Casey’s face a bit after she had taken my cock back into her mouth and put a strand of hair behind her ear. She seemed to prefer my washed cock to last week’s savory tasting and experimented a bit with her tongue, before she took my purple glans between her lips and sucked formidably. I pulled my foreskin back, so that her tongue could go around the groove at the bottom and began to play with her boob again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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