The Deal

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It was the noise that had woken him up. Jonah grumbled sleepily as his eyes scanned his room, looking for the source of the noise. His brows furrowed as he looked at his window. He didn’t remember leaving the window open last night. He blinked, eyes blurry with sleep, as he stared ahead. Somewhat belatedly, he noticed his sister, Madison, her long blonde hair and her short sparkly dress. She was trying to keep out of sight but her ensemble was so eye-catching, he was almost shocked that he didn’t notice her sooner. His eyes couldn’t help but wander up her long legs to her perky ass. From his current vantage point, he could just barely see the thin strip of the lacey thong between her legs. She must have used his window to sneak out, he thought to himself.

“Oh, mom and dad are going to love this.”

Quickly, she turned towards him, her eyes wide. He guessed that she was surprised that he’d spotted her. He was tired but he wasn’t blind. She hadn’t even done a particularly good job of hiding. She rushed towards him. As she moved, he could easily smell the booze that she’d been drinking earlier, it wafted around her like cheap perfume. Seeing her up close, it looked like her make-up was a bit smeared. It must have been an eventful night.

“Jonah, no. You can’t tell them. Please. I’ll be in so much trouble. They’ll never let me hear the end of it.”

He scoffed, propping himself up on an arm.

“Is that so? You better give me a good reason why I shouldn’t and fast.”

“I-I-,” Madison stuttered, trying to think of something quickly. Giving up, she settled for begging.

“Jonah, please. I’ll do anything.”

That seemed to grab his attention. He looked her up and down, a sly smile on his face.

“You’ll do anything, really?”

“Yes. Just don’t tell them. Jonah, please. Tell me you won’t tell them.”

It seemed to Jonah to be the golden opportunity. He’d known for a long time that his sister was hot, but it was just a fact of his life. The sky is blue, the fire is hot, and his sister is hot. He didn’t ever think that he’d be in a position to do anything about it; she was his sister, after all. Yet, here the perfect moment was, gift wrapped like a present on Christmas morning.

“Suck my dick.”

Her shock was obvious. Jonah returned her bewildered expression with a grin.

“We can’t do that. I’m your sister.”

He shrugged, seemingly unbothered by the incestuous ramifications of his demand.

“You said anything, didn’t you? Either you get to it or you get the fuck out of my room and let me go back to sleep.”

This was the price for his silence and she could take it or leave it. It was also a test. artemisbet yeni giriş He wanted to know how badly she wanted it, if she would let him push her into this. Really and truly, he had no intention of telling their parents that she had snuck out of the house to go clubbing with her friends, but he didn’t have to let her know that. He’d always had a mischievous edge to him. His mother said he’d taken after his father’s side of the family in that way. When he found a situation that he could exploit to his advantage, he just couldn’t help himself.

“Fine,” she replied after a moment, her voice small.

He didn’t waste any time, swinging his legs out from under the covers and placing his feet on the floor. In their current position, she was basically already between his open legs. The silhouette of his hard on was easily visible through the thin fabric of his boxers. Hesitantly, she reached a hand out and tugged down his boxers, releasing his thick rod from its confines. She stared at it, intimidated by its size. She wasn’t a virgin by any means and she’d given her fair share of blow jobs. She’d just never sucked a dick as big as Jonah’s before. She didn’t have a clue how she was going to get it all in her mouth. She felt a warmth blossom between her legs as she stared at it.

“Sometime tonight, please,” he huffed at her.

Madison jolted like she had been woken from a trace. She took his dick in hand, running her fingers along the thick veins. Growing bolder, she ran her tongue around the tip, teasing his cock with her tongue. A satisfied sigh slipped through Jonah’s lips at the sensation and his shoulders slumped. Leaning forward, she took him deeper into her mouth, relishing the taste of him on her tongue. As her confidence grew, she began to pick up speed and the room was filled with the soft gluck, gluck, gluck of her ministrations. His hand rested on top of her head as he guided himself deeper into her throat. She sputtered around him as she tried to take his girth. Tears welled in her eyes, further smudging her make-up.

Ashamed as she was to admit it, this had really turned her on. She loved being told what to do in the bedroom and felt a rush being used for the pleasure of others. The longer she sat with her head between his legs, the wetter she found herself. Already, the thin fabric that covered her cunt was soaked through with her juices. Taking Jonah’s thick dick in hand, it was hard not to imagine what it would feel like inside of her, splitting her in two. Without even really noticing, she had slipped a hand between her legs to rub her cloth-covered cunt. The movement seemed to grab Jonah’s attention. artemisbet giriş When he saw what she was doing, he groaned.

“That’s so hot. Take ’em off. I want to watch.”

Despite having his dick in her mouth, she found herself blushing. She found his words harder to deal with than the act itself, they felt more intimate somehow. Here was this man that she’d known her entire life, and she’d never known that this side of him existed. She was aware in an abstract way that he was attractive with his dark hair and dark eyes, but he’d always just been her brother. She complied, lifting up her but and sliding the soiled thong from between her legs. She tossed it somewhere into the depths of his room. It was going to be a bitch to find later but she wasn’t too worried about it. She was finding it pretty hard to focus on anything other than the tingling between her legs and the hungry look in Jonah’s eyes. Madison opens up her legs a bit wider, giving her brother a perfect view of her pretty pink pussy. The juicy flesh seems to glisten in the low light. She sinks her fingers into her tight cunt as she resumes sucking Jonah’s dick. He was definitely enjoying the head, but as he watched Madison finger fuck herself on his floor, he found himself wanting something else.

“Fuck. Come here.”

She blinks at him, doe eyes wide with confusion. He couldn’t really mean what she thought he meant, right? Of course, he did mean exactly what she thought he meant. Using her surprise to his advantage, he pulls her off of the floor and into his lap, right onto his waiting hard on. He grinds against her and his dick easily slides between her folds, teasing her eager hole.

“Wait, wait, Jonah! This isn’t what we agreed to,” she tells him frantically.

She was soaked and had just been fingering herself in front of him, but this seemed like too much. As her mouth continues to protest, her body begins to rock against him. She shudders as his cock teases her entrance again. Jonah pays her words no mind, instead, he sets his attention to pulling her dress from her shoulders, revealing her perky tits. Her dress sat uselessly around her waist, pushed up to reveal her ass and pulled low to show off her tits. He took one of her rose bud nipples between his fingers and tugged at it until it drew to a stiff point. Ever gracious, he extended the same treatment to her other breast. How much time had he spent thinking about Madison’s tits? She loved padding around their house in nothing but a tight threadbare t-shirt and tiny athletic shorts. Jonah understood wanting to be comfortable but pressed up against the thin fabric, he found her tits almost artemisbet güvenilirmi impossible to ignore.

“We can’t. I’m not-.”

“Just go with it, okay?” he finds himself telling her.


Just a few minutes ago, she’d marveled at the size of his dick and now it was right there, rocking against her waiting hole. Finally, the thick mushroom tip of his dick found its way into her entrance. She gasped at the intrusion and Jonah couldn’t help but chuckle in response. With how wet she was, he found it quite easy to slide his whole length inside. The feeling of her tight walls around him was almost breath-taking. With his hands on her ass and waist, he begins to bounce her up and down on his dick. Madison doesn’t think she’s ever been so full before. Thrust after thrust, she just couldn’t get enough of the sensation of him stretching her open. She slips a hand between their bodies to caress her lips, feeling where they are connected. She rubs slow circles around her clit but quickly speeds up, matching the pace of his thrusts.

She rests her head on his shoulder as he pounds into her. At first, the idea of kissing him is just too weird, but she gets caught up in the moment. As their lips lock, he finds he can taste the liquor that she had earlier. She finds herself moaning into his mouth and he continues his onslaught. He captures her lip in his teeth and she claws at his back, leaving ribbons of red on his skin. It didn’t ever feel this good when she fucked her boyfriend or hooked up with people at the club. The knowledge was almost too much to bear. Sex this good was just down the hall? How were they supposed to do anything else but fuck each others brains out? They couldn’t, though. It was just going to be a one time thing and she was going to live her life knowing that the best dick she’d ever experienced belonged to her older brother.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” she mumbles against his lips.

“Do it,” he orders her. ” Cum on your brother’s thick cock.”

A few more thrusts and she finds herself falling over the edge into orgasm. Her whole body seemed to shake around him as he frantically continues to thrust into her, chasing his own orgasm. He finishes, shooting his seed deep into her unprotected cunt. They stayed like that for a while, his dick nestled deep inside of her. He had no clue if she was on birth control and he hadn’t bothered to put on a condom, he hadn’t exactly anticipated ending the night by fucking his sister.

Eventually, she got off of his lap and Jonah tucked his slick dick back into his boxers. She looks like she wants to say something to him, but he shoos her away so he can go back to bed. Somewhat dejected, she quietly pads back to her room. His cum leaks down her legs as she walks through the dark halls of their home. Madison didn’t know why she felt so weird all of a sudden. It wasn’t like he was ever going to cuddle her to sleep. What if their parents found them?

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