The Magazine Girl Ch. 04

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The following week brought colder weather, portending frost not far off. I noticed wisps of clouds scudding by, little sails in a row way up high. The finches squabbled at the feeders, vying for the fresh seeds Gwen had poured in. I was trying to determine whether I needed the yard man back one more time or not.

I heard the screen door slam. Mighty Miss had a flimsy in her hand and looked concerned.

“This payoff good through date is wrong if you’re closing this this coming Friday.” Her hair was tied back and she’d found one of my coat shirts to drape around her shoulders. It was kinda like a kid playing dress up, except she wasn’t trying to wear my shoes.

“That’s OK. Figure the daily amount, multiply the days including day of closing and that’s your answer. Then remember to change the HUD accordingly.” I thought. “Be sure and check for the wiring fee as well on the payoff.”

She nodded, lips pursed and went back inside. I had started teaching her the tasks related to real estate closings and she was picking it up pretty good. She’d worked with numbers in her past job and was a quick study, plus she enjoyed being useful. Getting a paycheck helped too I imagined.

I was still thinking about our fourth room encounter a few days ago. It just made my blood run young. Then last night I had come home from the courthouse to find Gwendolyn making a pot roast, windows all steamy, plates and silver laid out and an empty tumbler waiting for me on the counter. She turned to me, wearing a long sleeve shirt, mainly unbuttoned and second hand jeans that she’d poured on somehow. She tipped her lips up to be kissed, then hugged her head to my chest.

“I missed you.” She gave me a squeeze. “Hungry?”

I patted her bottom and chuckled. “Depends on what’s offered.” I sat at the table, chair pushed out.

Gwen poured me a finger, slowly setting the glass in front of me. She made sure I got a nice long comfortable view of her glories. “I think you’re in corrugated.” Little grin fighting to get out.

“I am rough around the edges.” Chuckling, I pulled her down to my lap, giving her a hug. That was us. If you’d looked in the window you’d have seen two people quiet and content. She’d washed her hair. A hint of lavender wafted up at me just before she stood to check the oven.

Maybe that partially explains my reverie. I think some folks have never attained contentment. If you do experience it, you’re reluctant for it to leave. It’s more than rising from the table, belly full or seeing the first rays of a new day as the mountain fog burns off. It’s when you look around yourself and want for nothing.

In my moment, standing as I was by the koi pond, I knew utter contentment. If or when you get those times, bookmark them, never lose that memory. Keep it. Write it down. It’ll always be yours, never to be taken, in this life to the next.

The wind was picking up now, moaning around the eaves troughs and bending the cedars. Trails of animated leaves scurried over my shoes in their haste to pile up along the rock wall. Up in the sky a hawk circled, indifferent to the dark purple line looming to the west. I got the wheelbarrow and loaded wood. I decided the yard men needed to come back, at least for all the leaves.

That night the storm arrived. I finished shaving, turned out the light and headed to bed only to stub my toe as I went around the dresser. I gave a manly grumble and a little lump in the bed giggled. As my eyes adjusted, I could just see a form deep in the covers, no head showing.

“Someone’s in my bed.”

“Huh-uh. Nobody here.” Another giggle.

Lightning zzzzted, followed by a tremendous crash and boom.

The little form gave an honest to God squeak. “Get in the bed! QUICK!”

I couldn’t get the bedclothes down. They were being held steadfast by someone who wasn’t in my bed. All I could do is tickle the form in hopes of gaining entrance, which I did. Peals of laughter ensued. I’d never heard my blankets laugh that much. Banking on immediate helplessness, I quickly scissored into the bed.

Another thunderous boom, rain flailing the window. Little Lump jumped above me. “Don’t like storms. Hold me.”

Her head was under my chin, hair tickling my arms. She straddled me as always, knees alongside my ribs. We listened to the dervishes outside, their furies slowly subsiding only to bedevil the next county up with pounding skies. We could still hear the sullen mutters of thunder when she kissed me. Gwendolyn paused for air before kissing my deeply, stirringly, needfully. My sudden arousal from her siren’s kiss pressed up against her taut belly. My hands found her nakedness under cover of the night’s urgency, breasts insistent on being touched, caressed and stroked. Her breath caught as did mine at her nipples response, resonating the signal for wetness for acceptance, of imminent coupling, undeniable in it’s mounting want.

Impatiently, she pushed my pajama bottoms down, giving her freedom to lave me with her flow. I could feel her lips mardin escort spread, her girl bottom assiduously working to rub her swollen puss up and down my hardened shaft. Still we kissed, our tongues an exotic ballet of desire, ever growing, leaving us gasping in our need. She would pull down my cock, flipping her little pearl over the head on her descent, petting, petting. I felt jism well out of me, spurting my slickness as her clit rode over. A note of impatience escaped her lips and she rose higher, only to partially impale herself. Her orgasm started, undeniable, unstoppable, her juices sluicing onto me as she arose. Together, we slammed together, me rolling her onto her back, deeply within. Holding myself above her with one hand, I grabbed her soft girl ass with the other, bringing her up to me as I mounted her. The sounds of our breathing and our cries carried us aloft in our consummation as I possessed her tightness, her wet seeping into my holding palm. She still hadn’t stopped contracting and coming when I could hold out no longer, my gushing seed spilling deep within her, filling her, my manhood sated and the man worn out.

I lowered her down to the bed. She squeezed me inside, hugged me outside. No words. Just the wind, soughing in the cedars. She had a dreamy smile shadowed in the nightlight.

I was still deep inside and was reluctant to leave. Again. Contentment. Sleep.

The new day came and brought more rain. Cat emerged from under the bed, stretching, her paws extended. She then clawed the bedpost for a moment just to annoy me. A girl in a white terry cloth bathrobe scuffed in wearing one slipper. I watched as she looked around, under the bed, over by the dresser. Everyone loves a good mystery. As she looked under the dresser, I poked the missing slipper out from under the covers with my foot. Evidently in her haste to play hide and seek last night, she’d worn them to bed.

The slipper fell off the bed, onto Cat, still engaged in annoying me. Cat ran out of the room.

“If you’re looking for your slipper, the cat brought it in. It’s right down there.”

“But how did it know…?” Green eyes gray in the rain washed dim light.

“Gotta give credit where credit’s due.” I yawned, sat up. “You been up long?”

“Yep. Got the coffee going and took an aspirin. My visitor showed up, so I’m not real hungry just yet. Message on the machine changed the closing from three to four. Someone named Katie Ann wants to stop by around ten. Says she wants to meet me?”

My PJs were around my ankles, making movement less than graceful. Gratefully, Gwen went off to the kitchen, leaving me to extract myself and my creaking back in peace. Some of the Biblical characters were said to have relations even unto their 90th year. They must have had better backbones back then. Ouch.

I was choosing a tie when the Mouse appeared with steaming elixir in my Felix the Cat mug.

“So who’s Katie?”

“She’s a wedding planner. We go to Chamber meetings together every month. I’ve known her for about five, seven years. You’ll like her.”

“So how does she know about me?”

“Dunno. You want some cheese grits and eggs?” I started rummaging in the pantry.

“I’ll do it. You’re moving like you’ve been kicked by a mule.” A sly grin. “Bet I know why!”

“Over exuberance.” I winced as I sat down. “Greenspan coined that one. But I’ll smile every time it hurts. It was worth it, you.”

The eggs started crackling in the pan. Miss Terry Cloth with two slippers came over with a big hug and a glass of orange juice. “Your tie’s got a spot on it,” She whispered. “I’ll get you another.”

I was preparing to start marking up hundred year flood plains, when the gloomy weather suddenly departed and the sun broke through. As if on cue, I saw Katie’s car rounding the cedars to pull up in the turn around. I walked out to greet her as my little cook dashed to dress.

Katie is a hugger. Everyone gets a hug from Katie and a beaming smile to go with, “How ARE you?” I imagine birds land in her outstretched hand and she can change the weather like she just did and all on a whim. She had crows feet at the corners of her snappy blue eyes and the look of a preserved gal that has spent a little too much time poolside. She had highlights in her shoulder length perfect hair, gray sweater over a yellow blouse that hinted femininity without broadcasting. Her slacks, impeccable in charcoal over sensible flats. Her working disguise was perfect, except I’d seen her in a cocktail dress at a reception. Made an old gent’s breathing difficult.

Moving on.

We walked back up to the house, catching up. I’d done her articles of incorporation after her business had caught on and she needed to start hiring some help. From what she told me, it seemed like she was looking to hire again.

“Ted, I ran into Mattie at the bakery and she told me you know a girl that can sing Irish songs in Gaelic. Is that really true?”

“Yes indeed. mardin escort bayan Seems to be adept at it. Says her grandmother was from Belfast and taught her some of the old songs.”

About that time, I pulled on the screen door that was stuck, swollen from the weather. I tugged harder and it popped open, banging me in the forehead. Gwendolyn appeared at that moment, in office casual. They both fluttered over me as if I’d survived the Hindenburg. In the midst, they introduced themselves while I went looking for my readers which were out in the grass, somewhere.

The two of them went off to the living room. I heard their voices recede around the counter as I stole away to my office to nurse my wounds. After while, I heard my resident bird singing something lovely. After more discussion, they emerged, new best friends, (Everyone is Katie Ann’s best friend) and with a peck on our cheeks, she rushed off.

The clouds moved back in as she left the driveway. Figures.

“She wants me to sing at weddings and such.” My warbler, leaning out from the attack screen door. “D’ya think that’s good?”

I grinned wryly at her, “I think you’ll enliven any wedding, especially among the groomsmen.”

She made a moue, “You think?”

“Just put your elfin magic on them, they’ll be smitten. Have you got any dates to sing?”

“One. A week from Saturday. At the UMC In Blairsville.”

My Own Little Surprise

We went to the wedding as planned. Katie Ann came over and we all piled into my old Caddy. The trip was less scenic with the trees bare and crops in the valleys harvested. It meant Thanksgiving would be soon, an abundance reckoned, relateds welcomed and treasured friends embraced.

The wedding went well. We were amazed at the songs Gwendolyn sang, as was everybody. She sang one in Gaelic and the other in English during the ceremony to a hushed gathering of seventy people. Katie and I sat at the back. She held my hand as her eyes misted up. I think she was missing her husband, gone only a year ago. Pancreas, I had heard.

The shadows from the cedars darkened the drive upon our return and the barometer was falling. It would freeze tonight, and the wind was picking up. Katie Ann and I sat at the kitchen table having a bracer while Gwen left to change.

“She is a lovely girl. I’m SO proud of her! And so YOUNG! Everyone just LOVED her!” Katie Ann’s hands described little arcs and dips to punctuate her enthusiasm.

I grinned. Just watching her is worth folding money. She went on about other events and plans to get Gwen involved. Also she mentioned that Gwen and the pastor’s son, (the organist) seemed to get on well.

About then, Gwen came in and started rummaging in the fridge. “We’ve got this leftover pot roast and all. That sound good to everyone?”

Katie Ann demurred. I already knew she didn’t eat red meat from our monthly lunches, and I volunteered to cook something else.

“No, I had enough at the wedding. I’m going to go home and put my feet up. One more time dear, you did WONDERFUL, I’m SO proud of you!” Katie Ann got her coat off the rack, hugged us and left, the screen door on the porch now working just fine.

Gwen turned to the stove and I went into the study to load the fireplace. Snugly home on a cold night, we. Until the kitchen door opened. It was Katie Ann, still here, concerned, rubbing her hands briskly.

“It won’t start, won’t do anything. What’s wrong with my car?”

As is known, all men are universally gifted in analyzing auto repair problems and thus I was expected to immediately divine the difficulty and render the vehicle operational. I went to put my shoes back on. Katie Ann following, “I didn’t mean to make you come outside. I just thought you might know what to do, I’m SO sorry.”

I could only grin. There IS a reason for the male of our species.

Her car had a bad starter, best as I could tell. I offered her my car to get home, but she declined. I went back in to get my keys and tell Gwen that I was going to run Katie Ann home, be right back.

It was dark now as the Caddy smoothly sailed down the deserted highway, the hollows already sprouting tendrils of fog and the moon pouting behind the high cirrus. The instrument glow was enough to illuminate her face. I could tell she was looking at me.

“Is she important to you?” She paused only for a moment. “Don’t answer, that was rude of me, wasn’t it?”

I started up an answer, I don’t know what. Katie has always been direct.

She cut in. “Her life is just starting. Ours, on the other hand…”

I knew she was thinking of Sam, her late husband. And, she was thinking of me. She said a lot by just sitting there, looking at me, then glancing out at the pines and dappled moonlight on frosted fields

I sighed. “It’s just a moment. What you and I are both doing is giving her a fresh start. She’ll fly soon.”

“We’ll do our best to keep her busy, won’t we?” Katie Ann patted my escort mardin arm as we pulled into her drive. I parked and turned to her just as she went to give me a peck on the cheek. Instead our lips met.

“Oops!” She regarded me in the twilight of the car. “Maybe not oops.” She drew my mouth back to hers and kissed me deeply, lightly touching my chin. Her tongue sought entrance and her other hand rubbed my neck, then down my arm.

It was delectable. Her lips were so soft and full, her tongue teasing mine, coaxing my response. I put my arm around her shoulders, drawing her closer. She moaned ever so softly, almost unheard. There is a moment that transpires when you transit from kissing lustily to kissing lustfully. It was all unplanned.

We kissed as lovers, hands exploring, little sounds here and there. Suddenly I was unzipped, her cool hand releasing me from my boxers. Katie Ann shivered as I rubbed her through her panty hose. She reached under her skirt, pulling them down to her knees. I felt the denseness of her forest, the odor of her increasing need. She broke from our gasping kiss only to envelope me with those soft knowing lips, squeezing my scrotum just so. Her adventure was only momentary. She returned to our kiss and my hand resumed it’s play. In what seemed like only moments, her eyes went wide, my looping circles on her pudenda drawing out her pearl for caressing. Her breath caught once, twice. She stared into my eyes as she gasped her body’s betrayal, then hugged me tightly as she fell off the edge with a long soft moan, her hips shaking.

The woman’s wetness coated her soft inner thighs, fluid expiation of mortal need. Katie Ann sighed into my chest, “It’s been so long. So long.”

I let the thunderstorms in her mind depart, watched calmness return to her countenance and saw the sparkle in her eye. My foot was still on the brake, never had a chance to put the car in park, much less turn it off. I stretched, did put the car in park and carefully zipped back up.

“I should offer for you to come in. Maybe?” Looking out at me from under her perfect bangs.

“Maybe. Or maybe we should say, to be continued.” I smiled over at her as she perched on the edge of the seat. “You are truly amazing, Katie Ann.”

“Well, walk me to the door. The security light didn’t come on.” This said as she wiggled her pantyhose back up.

I had to hide my laugh. Up here we don’t even use keys. What’s a security light? We walked up the gravel path and we bid adieu with another soul searching, longing kiss. She reached down and adjusted me, giving it a little tug through my trousers.

“See you soon.” A naughty smile. “Sleep tight?”

Back at the House

Gwendolyn was sitting at the table eating upon my return. She got me a plate, while pointing at her own.

“I waited on you like one pig waits on another. I got hungry.” Then, in a little voice, rubbing one slipper over the other she said, “I was bad. I ate ALL the carrots, so there’s none for you.”

I acted all put out, huffing and puffing.

Mischievously, out of the corner of her eye, “I’ll make up for it, you want.”

Such a ham. We both started laughing and we ate our dinner, me without carrots.

Later, I was brushing my teeth when the little red fox came in wearing only a long shawl and whacked me on the butt. She ran out laughing, with me in hot pursuit, growling like a caveman, chasing flashes of her naked ass through the house, round and round with her shrieking with mirth. I was in my boxers and slippers and kept sliding on the hardwoods, never to quite catch her.

At last, I caught her on the stairs, grabbing her shawl, pulling it away. Gwen was on the first step. She turned around to me, beautifully nude, nipples taut from the chill, begging my kisses. I ran my hands along her curvaceous sides, cupping her soft round bottom, feeling my hardness bolt with lust. We kissed eye to eye, she on the step, me on the landing rug. With both hands she grasped me, after shrugging my boxers down. Gwen slapped me on my buttocks again, stingingly, a challenge. I responded on hers. She gasped.

“Again”. She pulled my member, tugging the end and slapping my balls.

I slapped a few more times, harder as she jacked me almost violently, patting my balls, now tight with lust.

I reached down to her red blaze to find her engorged, ready. Her want streamed anew with each slap I administered, her eyes now in middle distance as she worked me as a tool of her wants.

Suddenly, she grasped me, introducing me to her flow, wetting me with her nearly incoherent need to slap her swollen clit with my engorgement, over and over, her hips jerking almost uncontrollably.

In inspiration, I began worshiping her breasts, licking and biting, still slapping her reddened ass, hearing her breathing breaking, holding, struggling anew to withhold her orgasm, her spiraling arousal.

I had no idea. This was her sex. This was what she really wanted.

I bit her, she bit back, teeth bared. Her arousal dripped down her thighs, spotting the step she stood on.

I made to enter her. She cast her hips, refusing entry. I forced her head back as I kissed her deeply. She softly bit my tongue, making my juices coat her palm, slicking me in my own growing need, only to abuse her needful clit with her manhandling.

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